Chapter 24 – Tao Yaoyao

In the capital city, Li Ziye and Mu Yao strolled around for half a day, meeting their “old friend” and having a pleasant conversation.

During their stroll, Li Ziye noticed the ten imposing mansions located in different directions within the capital city.

Even without getting close, they could feel the powerful oppression emanating from them.

The ten Martial Kings of Great Shang!

Li Ziye secretly noted the positions of the ten Martial Kings’ mansions. He knew that if the Li Family were to confront the royal family in the future, they would have to face these formidable Martial Kings of Great Shang.

Half a day later, Li Ziye and the Third Prince parted ways and prepared to return to their respective residences.

However, while passing by one of the Martial Kings’ mansions, a woman walked towards them from the opposite direction.

She was dressed in red, with a beautiful face and captivating lips that were almost intimidating to look at.

Upon seeing the woman, Li Ziye instinctively felt a strong sense of danger.

A Rakshasa!

Li Ziye’s heart sank. Before coming here, he had deliberately studied the information on all the forces in the capital city of Great Shang.

Especially the ten Martial Kings, which left a deep impression on him.

Among the ten Martial Kings, the Rakshasa was the only woman. Although she was a woman, her strength was extremely formidable, ranking among the top Martial Kings.

Legend has it that the Rakshasa was ruthless, and anyone who offended her would meet a tragic end.

As Li Ziye’s mind was in turmoil, Tao Yaoyao also noticed the young man in front of her.

Immediately, a smile curved on her red lips.

Is this the Li Family’s legitimate son that Confucian Scholar mentioned?

Qin E’nuo’s disciple, he doesn’t seem to have anything special about him.

Except for being good-looking.

In front of the Rakshasa’s mansion, Li Ziye suppressed the waves in his heart, said nothing, and silently walked forward.

Seeing this, Tao Yaoyao’s face revealed a playful smile.

She was certain that this young man recognized her identity.

As they passed each other, Tao Yaoyao stopped in her tracks and smiled, “The legitimate son of the Li Family?”

Li Ziye ignored her, quickened his pace, and wanted to leave this troublesome place.

He didn’t want to confront a Martial King so soon.

“Li Ziye!”

Seeing the young man walking faster, Tao Yaoyao lightly stepped forward, her figure flashing like a shooting star, instantly blocking his path.

Li Ziye’s expression changed, but he forcibly suppressed the turmoil in his heart and continued to pretend not to recognize her, asking, “Who are you?”

Tao Yaoyao smiled charmingly and pointed to the mansion beside her, saying, “This mansion belongs to me.”

Seeing this, Li Ziye’s face showed a shocked expression, and he quickly bowed, saying, “So you are the Rakshasa, my apologies for the disrespect.”

“Stop pretending.”

Tao Yaoyao sneered, “You don’t look like it at all. Didn’t Qin E’nuo teach you to greet your elders?”

“I really didn’t recognize you as the Rakshasa before, my apologies.”

Li Ziye still refused to admit it and said, “Rakshasa, do you know my master?”

“Not only do I know her.”

Tao Yaoyao said lightly, “She is my enemy.”

Li Ziye’s heart trembled at her words. Damn it, am I this unlucky?

Old Qin, are you trying to kill me?

“What’s wrong, scared?”

Tao Yaoyao teased, “Don’t worry, I won’t make things difficult for a junior like you.”

“Rakshasa, you are magnanimous. I admire you!”

Li Ziye complimented respectfully, then his eyes turned, and he said respectfully, “I just arrived in the capital city today, and there are many things to arrange in my residence. I will take my leave now.”

After speaking, Li Ziye bowed again and turned to leave.

This is not a place to stay for long!


Behind him, Tao Yaoyao said lightly, “Did I let you go?”

Li Ziye’s footsteps paused, and he reluctantly turned back.

Old Qin, save me!

“Where is your master now?” Tao Yaoyao asked.

“She is in the capital city.”

Li Ziye decisively betrayed Old Qin, then thought for a moment and added, “She is probably in the Imperial Academy.”

“The Imperial Academy?”

Tao Yaoyao frowned and asked, “What is she doing there?”

After speaking, Tao Yaoyao looked at the young man in front of her and said, “I heard that you created your own sword technique at the age of ten, is that true?”

“It’s just a rumor, definitely a rumor.”

Li Ziye immediately denied, saying, “How could I create a sword technique at the age of ten? Rakshasa, please don’t believe these rumors.”

Tao Yaoyao looked at the person in front of her and said, “You must have some skills, otherwise, Qin E’nuo wouldn’t have accepted you as her disciple. Today, I will test what Qin E’nuo has taught you.”

As she finished speaking, Tao Yaoyao raised her hand and slapped it forward.

Before the palm strength of a Martial King-level expert arrived, the bone-chilling palm wind had already rushed towards Li Ziye.

Li Ziye was startled, and his figure instinctively moved, swiftly gliding nine steps away like a startled swan.

“Feixian Art?”

Tao Yaoyao’s expression changed, surprised.

Qin E’nuo actually taught this kid the Feixian Art. Has that woman gone mad?

Everyone in the world knows that the Feixian Art is the most difficult cultivation technique, both in terms of mental cultivation and techniques.

Did Qin E’nuo really give up on her three-year agreement with the Old Ancestor of the Vermilion Bird Sect?

This doesn’t seem like her style.

Nine steps away, Li Ziye looked at the changing expression of the Rakshasa, suppressing his anger, and said calmly, “Rakshasa, I don’t know about the grudges between you and my master, and I don’t want to get involved. Now, my master is in the capital city. If you have any business, you can go find her. There’s no need to take it out on me, a junior. It’s beneath your status as a Martial King.”

“You little brat sure knows how to talk. Fine, you can go. I don’t want people to say that I bully the weak.” Tao Yaoyao waved her hand.


Li Ziye bowed and turned to leave quickly.

“An extraordinary person beyond fate. Confucian Scholar, what exactly do you mean?” Tao Yaoyao watched the young man’s departing figure, a glimmer of light flashing in her eyes.

Previously, when she went to the Imperial Academy, Confucian Scholar mentioned this legitimate son of the Li Family several times and said some things she couldn’t understand. That’s why she was so interested in this young man.In this world, there were not many people who could catch the attention of the Confucian Scholar. The last person who was repeatedly mentioned by the Scholar was that scholar.

Fu Jinglun!

A young man who was once full of passion and knowledge.

Now, he is the Temple Master of the Divine Oracle Temple, the largest teaching institution in the Western Regions, and the second most influential person in the Nine Provinces!

The number of times the Confucian Scholar mentioned this legitimate heir of the Li Family, Li Ziye, was even more than Fu Jinglun. Does this mean that Li Ziye’s future achievements will surpass Fu Jinglun’s?

Li Garden, Li Ziye returned at sunset.

There was still a thin layer of cold sweat on Li Ziye’s face. Apparently, encountering the Rakshasa King on the road was beyond his expectation.

“Younger Brother, what happened?”

In the inner courtyard, Li Youwei saw the unusual expression on his face and asked with concern.

“I ran into the Rakshasa King on my way back.”

Li Ziye didn’t hide anything and told the truth, “We exchanged a move. If the Rakshasa King was just testing me, I wouldn’t have been able to return today.”

“The Rakshasa King?”

Upon hearing this, Li Youwei was shocked, “Why did she attack you?”

“It seems to have something to do with Qin E’nuo.”

Li Ziye answered, then asked, “Sister Youwei, I haven’t had a chance to ask you, how are the negotiations going?”

“They’re still ongoing. Your Second Brother is also investigating the Zhangsun Family, the Merchant Alliance, and the forces behind the Yin Family Money House. However, it’s certain that these three families have intricate connections with the royal family.”

Li Youwei said solemnly, “You guessed right. The royal family wants to interfere in our Li Family’s business and then disintegrate the entire Li Family without a fight.”

“Dealing with a tiger is naturally fraught with danger.”

Li Ziye nodded, “What about Second Brother? Has he taken action?”

“Not yet.”

Li Youwei shook her head, “He should be waiting for an opportunity. The day after tomorrow, I have an appointment with them to continue discussing cooperation. Since you, the legitimate heir of the Li Family, are here, you should go with me. Otherwise, they might take this opportunity to make trouble, saying that our Li Family doesn’t respect them enough to let a woman negotiate with them.”

“That’s fine.”

Upon hearing this, a cold light flashed in Li Ziye’s eyes, “I’ll take this opportunity to meet these big shots in the Capital City.”

“Kid, are you done talking?”

At this moment, Slovenly Zhang’s voice rang out in the inner courtyard, “If you’re done, come and do something useful!”

Upon hearing this, Li Ziye said, “Sister Youwei, I’ll go first.”


Li Youwei nodded in response.

Li Ziye walked towards the room in front of him. Inside the room, steam was rising and the smell of medicine was pungent.

“You said this Qin E’nuo, we’ve already arrived in the Capital City, but she still hasn’t come back.”

Slovenly Zhang looked at Li Ziye who was walking towards him, complaining while throwing medicine into the wooden barrel, “Now it’s good, all the dirty and tiring work is left to me, an old man.”

“I’m also looking for Old Qin, aren’t I?”

Li Ziye said helplessly, “In the next few days, I’ll find an opportunity to go to the Imperial Academy to see if there are any clues about Old Qin. You’ll have to bear with it for a few more days.”

“I guess there’s no other way, take off your clothes.”

Slovenly Zhang said unhappily.

Li Ziye nodded, quickly took off his clothes, and then.

Stepped into the medicinal barrel.


The next moment, a miserable scream echoed in the room, making the quiet night even more eerie.

However, the servants of Li Garden, who were brought from the Li Residence in Yuzhou City, were already used to it.

In fact, if they didn’t hear the Young Master scream a few times a day, they would feel like something was missing and couldn’t sleep.

Half an hour later, Slovenly Zhang walked out of the room with a tired face, covered in sweat, as if he had done something very exhausting.

A quarter of an hour later, Li Ziye staggered out, barely able to walk steadily.

The night passed without a word, and the next day dawned.

In front of Li Garden, four young men dressed as scholars appeared, asking to see Li Ziye.

In the inner courtyard, Li Ziye was surprised when he heard the servant’s report.


People from the Imperial Academy?

They’re really fast!

Li Ziye walked out of Li Garden. The four scholars saw him coming and politely saluted, “Young Master Li, please come with us to the Imperial Academy.”

“Lead the way.”

Li Ziye agreed without asking for the reason.

Upon hearing this, the four scholars were stunned. They thought that the legitimate heir of the Li Family would disagree, or even resist with force.

The Imperial Academy had sent the four of them together just in case.

Soon, the leading scholar came back to his senses and politely said, “Young Master Li, please!”

Li Ziye nodded, then stepped forward.

Imperial Academy.

In the Enforcement Hall, four law enforcers sat quietly. The seat at the head was empty, with no one sitting in it.

Above the law enforcers was the Law Master, but the Law Master of the Enforcement Hall would not show up for ordinary matters.

Before long, the four scholars brought Li Ziye in, saluted respectfully, and then turned and left.

Inside the Enforcement Hall, Li Ziye looked at the four law enforcers of the Confucian School, grinned, then bowed slightly and saluted, “Junior Li Ziye, greets the four law enforcers.”

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