Chapter 22 – Forced marriage

The capital city of Great Shang, Li Garden.

Li Youwei arrived at the newly acquired property in the capital city, serving as the foundation of the Li Family in the capital.

Originally a fresh and elegant house, it had become somewhat gloomy and polluted due to the appearance of a person.

Chen Yifei, the son of the Martial Prince.

In the capital city of Great Shang, there were countless powerful clans. However, if we were to talk about the most powerful person, it would undoubtedly be the ten Martial Princes.

Great Shang valued martial arts, and the title of prince was bestowed upon those skilled in martial arts. How glorious it was.

It could be said that the ten Martial Princes of Great Shang held half of the power of the entire Royal Dynasty of Great Shang.

And the Martial Prince of Xuanyu, who was one of the ten Martial Princes, held immense power.

What was even more terrifying was that the sister of the Martial Prince of Xuanyu, who was Chen Yifei’s aunt, had entered the palace as a concubine in her early years and gave birth to a son, who was now the prominent Third Prince. This made the already illustrious Xuanyu Martial Prince’s family even more untouchable.

Therefore, Chen Yifei’s status was not far from that of a prince, if not comparable.

At a banquet hosted by the Third Prince, Chen Yifei saw Li Youwei for the first time and was amazed by her beauty. For many days, he had been pursuing her relentlessly, and even sent a marriage proposal in a grand manner, causing the entire capital city to know about it.

This was already a blatant forced marriage. The Crown Prince of the Martial Prince sent a marriage proposal, and in this capital city, who would dare to refuse?

No one expected that Li Youwei would dare.

In front of everyone, Li Youwei unhesitatingly threw away all the marriage gifts sent by the Crown Prince of the Martial Prince.

Chen Yifei was furious and sent someone to snatch her when Li Youwei went out of the residence for errands.

If it weren’t for the skilled experts secretly arranged by Li Qingzhi to protect Li Youwei, perhaps she would have suffered a great loss.

The situation escalated, and everyone in the capital city of Great Shang was waiting to see how this farce would end.

“Yifei, don’t go too far in everything. The Royal Family and the Li Family cannot tear their faces apart.”

In the residence of the Third Prince, Mu Yao looked at the man in front of him and advised. His cousin’s actions in these days had gone too far.

“Cousin, they are just a merchant family. Is it necessary to hold them in such high regard?”

Sitting across from the tea table, a young man with a handsome appearance but a pale complexion said disdainfully.

“The Li Family is not an ordinary merchant family. Their business has spread throughout Great Shang, and their wealth is astonishing. Even the court has to be wary of them to some extent.” Mu Yao said seriously.

“Cousin, no matter how rich the Li Family is, as long as I ascend to the throne, this world will belong to me, let alone a Li Family.” Chen Yifei said indifferently.

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

Mu Yao’s expression changed slightly, and he said in a deep voice, “This world belongs to the Emperor. Only the Emperor’s words count when it comes to succession.”

Upon hearing his cousin’s reprimand, Chen Yifei was startled and realized that he had misspoken. He dared not say anything more.

Mu Yao looked at the frightened look on the man’s face and sighed softly, “Yifei, it’s not that I’m being strict as your cousin, but there are dangers at every step in this imperial city. If you make a wrong move, it will be irreparable. Although the Empress is favored in the palace, she is still controlled by the Empress in every aspect. It’s not as glamorous as it seems on the surface. So, try to avoid trouble outside, understand?”

“I understand.”

Chen Yifei nodded and replied softly.

Mu Yao shook his head helplessly, picked up the tea in front of him, and took a sip, hoping that his cousin would truly take his words to heart.

Half an hour later, Chen Yifei left the residence of the Third Prince. The submissive appearance he had just now disappeared, and he showed a disdainful expression.

“What a thing. He dares to lecture me just because of his identity as my cousin.”

Chen Yifei muttered to himself in a low voice, then got into the sedan chair and said, “Go to Li Garden!”

In the residence of the Third Prince, a servant hurriedly approached and reported, “Your Highness, the Crown Prince has arrived at Li Garden again.”

Mu Yao narrowed his eyes upon hearing this. This kid was truly beyond redemption.

If he pushed the Li Residence too far, the consequences would be much more severe than he imagined.

In front of Li Garden, Chen Yifei got out of the sedan chair and walked towards the mansion in front.

“Your Highness, our young miss said she doesn’t want to see any guests today.”

In front of the mansion, two servants stepped forward to stop him and said.

“I am your future brother-in-law, not a guest.”

Chen Yifei said with a smile on his face, pushing the two aside and continuing to walk forward.

“Your Highness, the young miss has said that she doesn’t want to see any guests today. Please don’t make it difficult for us.”

The two servants hurriedly blocked his way again and said.

“Get lost!”

Chen Yifei’s smile disappeared when he saw this, and he shouted.

The faces of the two servants changed, but they still stood in front, refusing to let him pass.

“You don’t know what’s good for you. Come, beat them for me!”

Chen Yifei’s expression turned cold, and he shouted.


Four burly men behind him stepped forward, forcibly pulling the two servants away, and started punching and kicking.

Chen Yifei snorted coldly, then stepped into the mansion in front.

In Li Garden, Li Youwei was sorting out the accounts of these days in the main hall. At this moment, a maid hurriedly walked in and said anxiously, “Miss, the Crown Prince has come again.”

In the hall, Li Youwei frowned lightly upon hearing this and said, “I know, you may leave.”


The maid took her orders and turned to leave.

“What do you think? Should I step in and get rid of him for you?”

A red-clothed woman in the back spoke lightly.

“No need.”

Li Youwei shook her head and said, “After all, he is the Crown Prince of the Martial Prince. If you use force against him here, we will also be in trouble.”

Hong Zhu nodded, no longer saying anything, and a cold light flickered in her eyes.This Prince Xuanwu is really persistent. If it weren’t for the Tower Master’s intervention last time, Li Youwei would have been in danger.

That’s why the Tower Master sent her to protect Li Youwei personally.

Speaking of which, Li Ziye should have received the message too. It’s about time.

But that kid is not as easy to talk to as her.

“Young Sister Youwei, I’m here. Why are you always avoiding me?”

At this moment, outside the main hall, that annoying voice sounded, followed by Chen Yifei walking over with a smile on his face, looking frivolous, and reaching out towards Li Youwei.

“Prince, please behave.”

Li Youwei took a step back, avoiding his hand, and calmly said, “This is Li Garden, not the Prince’s mansion. Li Garden has its own rules, so I hope the Prince won’t overstep them.”

“Rules? Haha.”

Chen Yifei laughed loudly and said, “In this Great Shang Capital, no one has ever talked to me, Chen Yifei, about rules. Miss Li, you are indeed different. How about considering the matter I mentioned? As long as you agree, I will immediately marry you in a grand procession.”

“I have already made it clear to the Prince that I have no intention of getting married yet. Prince, please leave.” Li Youwei said calmly.

“If you won’t drink a toast, you will drink a forfeit!”

Being rejected again, Chen Yifei’s face instantly darkened, and he said, “Capture this ungrateful woman and bring her back to the mansion.”


With a command, four burly men rolled up their sleeves and walked into the hall, ready to capture someone.

Behind Li Youwei, Hong Zhu saw this and stepped forward, her expression indifferent, and said, “Prince, are you sure you want to resort to violence?”

Only then did Chen Yifei notice the woman behind Li Youwei, and his eyes showed a hint of surprise.

This woman in red clothes was no less beautiful than Li Youwei. Where did Li Garden find so many stunning beauties?

“May I ask the name of this lady?” Chen Yifei asked with a frivolous smile.

“Hong Zhu!”

Hong Zhu said lightly.

“Hong Zhu, what a nice name. How about coming back to the mansion with me? As long as you serve this Prince well, I guarantee that you can have whatever you want in the future.”

With these words, Chen Yifei reached out his hand and touched the beautiful face of the woman in front of him.

Seeing this, Hong Zhu smiled brightly on her face, not even dodging, and looked at Li Youwei behind her, saying softly, “That’s possible, but you have to ask him first.”


Chen Yifei was taken aback and subconsciously looked behind him.

But in Li Garden, at some point, a young man dressed in a cloud brocade robe appeared. He didn’t say a word and walked step by step towards the main hall.

Behind the young man was a slovenly old man who didn’t look particularly special.

Chen Yifei frowned and said, “Where did this wild brat come from? Don’t delay this Prince’s business, go away.”

Li Ziye ignored him and walked into the main hall, coming to Li Youwei and Hong Zhu’s side, and whispered, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

Li Youwei showed a gentle smile on her face and said softly.

“If you didn’t come, there would have been trouble.”

Hong Zhu smiled charmingly, afraid that things wouldn’t be big enough, and added fuel to the fire.

“Is that him?”

Li Ziye turned around and asked.

“Yes, Prince Xuanwu. His father is one of the ten martial kings of Great Shang, a big shot who is not easy to mess with.” Hong Zhu smiled.

“He has a good father.”

Li Ziye nodded and said, “Actually, I also have a good father.”

Chen Yifei looked at the two of them harmoniously and his expression became even more gloomy. He looked at the four people and shouted, “What are you waiting for? Capture them!”

“Capture them?”

Li Ziye smiled, a smile that sent chills down one’s spine, and said, “Old Zhang, lend me a hand. Ten jars of intoxication and death.”


Upon hearing this, Old Zhang grinned and swiftly appeared in front of the four people.

In the blink of an eye, the four of them felt a blur before them, and in the next moment, they were all hit hard and flew out, spitting blood.

Seeing this, Chen Yifei’s face showed astonishment and a hint of fear.

Li Ziye looked at him, still wearing a brilliant smile on his face, and said, “You can leave on your own, or should I help you?”

“Insolent! I am Prince Xuanwu. If you dare to disrespect me, I will make my father execute your entire family.” Chen Yifei shouted angrily.

“Then shall I help you?” Li Ziye smiled and reached out his hand, grabbing the Prince’s throat. The smile on his face disappeared, and his tone became cold, “I’ll wait for you to see if you will execute my entire family first, or if I will torture you to death first!”

With that, Li Ziye lifted the Prince Xuanwu and kicked him out.

With a loud bang, Chen Yifei fell heavily to the ground, sliding more than ten zhang away.

“Cough! Cough! Cough!”

Outside the main hall, Chen Yifei covered his throat and coughed violently, looking at the young man in the hall with fear, and said, “You wait, all of you wait for this Prince.”

After speaking, Chen Yifei struggled to get up, staggered, and ran towards the outside of the mansion.

“Young Brother, you are too impulsive.”

Inside the main hall, Li Youwei spoke softly to Li Ziye, who was leaving in a sorry state.

“Because she bullied Young Sister Youwei.”

Li Ziye’s tone was gentle as he said, “I have already restrained myself. Look, I didn’t kill him.”

“You…” Li Youwei looked helpless and didn’t say anything more.

“Heartless person, just now, I almost fell victim too. Why doesn’t anyone come to comfort me?” Hong Zhu said with a pretended taste.Upon hearing this, Li Ziye showed a smile and said, “I thought Sister Hong Zhu did this willingly.”

“Looking for a beating!”

Hong Zhu glared with her almond-shaped eyes, raising her hand as if to strike.

Meanwhile, in the various mansions of the Capital of Great Shang, the news of the legitimate son of the Li Family appearing in the Capital City spread rapidly.

In the mansion of the Third Prince, Mu Yao’s expression changed instantly upon receiving the news.

Li Ziye is here.

So fast!

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