Chapter 21 – Li Youwei’s news


In the backyard of the Li Residence, the sound of something falling into the water echoed, splashing water over a height of more than one zhang.

“Oh, the eleventh time.”

By the lake, Slovenly Zhang sat there gloating, drinking and making sarcastic remarks.

“Old Zhang, your mouth really annoys people.”

Li Ziye climbed ashore in a sorry state, panting and lying on the ground, saying, “Why hasn’t Old Qin come back yet? It’s been almost ten days.”

“Perhaps things didn’t go smoothly.”

Slovenly Zhang sighed softly and said, “The Imperial Academy is the territory of the Confucian Scholar. Under the heavens, who can take things away from the Confucian Scholar?”

“I’ve heard you mention the Confucian Scholar more than once. Is he really powerful?”

Li Ziye asked in confusion. Among the people he had encountered, the most powerful were this old man Zhang and his Fairy Master. He didn’t know much about other experts.

“He is not just powerful.”

Slovenly Zhang sighed and said, “In the capital of Great Shang, the Confucian Scholar is the number one person.”

“So powerful?” Li Ziye exclaimed.

“In the capital of Great Shang, the Confucian Scholar has never been defeated because it is the gathering place for scholars in the world. With the abundant fortune of the Confucian School, the Confucian Scholar, as the teacher of scholars in the world, can rely on the fortune of the Confucian School and no one can match him.” Slovenly Zhang explained.

“What is fortune?” Li Ziye asked in confusion.

“It’s something intangible.”

Slovenly Zhang thought for a moment and said, “It’s like the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. You can’t see or touch it, but it really exists. Only when you reach the realm of the Confucian Scholar can you harness the power of this fortune. Ordinary people cannot do it.”

“What about you and Old Qin?” Li Ziye asked in surprise.

“We can’t do it.”

Slovenly Zhang said calmly, “Our realm is not high enough.”

“Aren’t you both Sword Immortals? Is there a higher realm than Immortal Sword?” Li Ziye asked in confusion.

“There is.”

Slovenly Zhang said calmly, “The human body has five viscera, corresponding to the five divine techniques of cultivators. Opening each divine technique will lead to a completely new realm. Therefore, the path of cultivation actually has five realms. Both Old Qin and I have opened the fifth divine technique, which is the realm of the fifth realm warrior. As for the title of Sword Immortal, it is just a common name.”

At this point, Slovenly Zhang paused and continued, “According to legend, there is a higher realm above the fifth realm. When a practitioner condenses the five vital energies and gathers the three flowers, they can ascend to the heavens and become an immortal on the day of great achievement.”

“Why does it sound so absurd?”

Li Ziye exclaimed in shock, “Is it really possible to ascend and become an immortal?”

“I have never seen it.”

Slovenly Zhang said indifferently, “Actually, I also think it’s absurd. For thousands of years, only the Confucian Scholar may have reached a realm beyond the fifth realm.”

“Then isn’t the Confucian Scholar invincible in the world?” Li Ziye exclaimed in disbelief.

“At least in the capital of Great Shang, the Confucian Scholar is unbeatable.”

Slovenly Zhang nodded and said, “However, the Confucian Scholar rarely leaves the capital. No one knows the true extent of his realm, whether he has surpassed the fifth realm or how much he has surpassed it.”

“What about the first generation Sword God from a thousand years ago?” Li Ziye seemed to remember something and asked.

“He should be at a similar realm as the Confucian Scholar.”

Slovenly Zhang thought for a moment and said, “It’s been too long, and no one can be sure.”

“I envy them.”

Li Ziye sighed and couldn’t help but worry, “The Confucian Scholar is so powerful, nothing will happen to Old Qin, right?”

“That won’t happen.”

Slovenly Zhang shook his head and said, “The Confucian Scholar is not a bloodthirsty person. Besides, with Qin E’nuo’s strength, even if she can’t win, she should be able to escape.”

“Young Master.”

Just as they finished speaking, a servant boy hurriedly walked over from outside the backyard and said anxiously, “A letter has arrived from the capital.”

Li Ziye, upon hearing this, looked surprised and reached out to take the letter.

However, soon, Li Ziye’s face darkened and a strong chill filled his eyes.

“What happened?”

Slovenly Zhang sensed that something was wrong. He had been in the Li Residence for so long and this was the first time he had seen this kid so angry.

“Sister Youwei has encountered trouble.”

Li Ziye stood up and said in a deep voice, “Old Zhang, I need to go to the capital.”

What should have come finally came. They couldn’t hide from it.

“Now?” Slovenly Zhang asked in surprise.


Li Ziye nodded and turned to walk towards the study.

His father should have received the news as well.

In the study, Li Baiwan sat there with a gloomy expression. The smiling face he always had was now filled with killing intent.

With a bang, Li Ziye pushed open the door and walked into the study, saying, “Old Li, I need to go to the capital.”


Li Baiwan did not stop him and said in a deep voice, “Be careful in the capital. Remember, no matter what you do, the Li Family will always be your strongest backing.”


Li Ziye replied and turned to leave.

Half an hour later, in front of the Li Residence, the carriages gathered.

Except for the carriage at the front with Li Ziye, each carriage behind was filled with potent medicine, gold, silver, and jewels.

Of course, there was also a carriage filled with fine wine.

It was prepared for Slovenly Zhang.

“I’ve worked hard my whole life.”

Seeing the barrels of wine being loaded onto the carriage, Slovenly Zhang sighed unhappily.

“Old Zhang, there is even more fine wine in the capital. As long as you want to drink, I will buy it all for you.”

In front of the carriage, Li Ziye promised solemnly.

“It’s good that you have a conscience, kid.”

Slovenly Zhang sighed with emotion and then boarded the carriage.

Li Ziye followed suit and the convoy set off, heading towards the outskirts of Yuzhou City.

Li Baiwan stood in front of the Li Residence, watching the departing convoy with a complex and unusual expression.

Both he and Ziye knew the dangers of the capital, but now, there was no way to avoid it.

Others had already reached out to them. Did they have to do nothing and let others slap them in the face?

The Li Family didn’t want trouble, but they weren’t afraid of it either.

Even if it was the royal family!

Half a day later, outside Yuzhou City, the convoy rumbled past. Li Ziye and Slovenly Zhang sat facing each other in the front carriage, neither of them saying a word.

Slovenly Zhang continued to drink his own wine. He had come on this trip to protect this kid’s safety, and he didn’t care about anything else.Li Ziye closed his eyes, taking advantage of the free time during the journey to continue cultivating the mental method of the Flying Immortal Technique.

It had been half a month since he opened his first Divine Hidden Technique, but he was still in the early stage of the first realm, far from breaking through to the middle stage.

The carriage rumbled, and dust flew up from the rear of the convoy. Those who were now traveling with the team were all trusted members of the Li Residence. Even the most ordinary maid had a clear background, thoroughly investigated by the Li Residence in secret.

Although Li Ziye had always resisted going to the Capital City, he was not entirely unprepared.

He didn’t want to go, but he had been preparing for this day all along.

The sky was getting dark as the sun set in the west.

The convoy stopped and set up camp on the spot.

In the team, a dozen men took turns patrolling, alert to any possible accidents.

The night in the wilderness was cold, and bonfires were lit in the camp for warmth.

Li Ziye sat in front of the bonfire, watching the dancing flames, silent.

Slovenly Zhang tossed over a jar of wine, saying, “Have a drink to ward off the cold.”

“Thank you.”

Li Ziye took the wine, took a swig, his left hand clenched tightly, a chill flashing in his eyes from time to time.

“When you get to the Capital City, you need to be more careful. There are hidden dragons and crouching tigers there. It’s not like Yuzhou City where you can do as you please,” Slovenly Zhang reminded.

“I know.”

Li Ziye took another sip of wine, feeling the warm breath in his belly, and said, “The wine is good.”

“Monkey wine.”

Slovenly Zhang calmly said, “Drink it sparingly, I don’t have much.”

“I didn’t expect you to have such a good thing hidden.”

Li Ziye took another gulp, wiped his mouth, and tossed the remaining wine back, saying, “I’m done drinking, I need to practice my sword later.”

“Actually, you don’t need to be in such a hurry.”

Slovenly Zhang reminded, “Everything should be done in moderation. If you train too hard, your body may not be able to handle it.”

“I understand, I’ll be careful.”

Li Ziye nodded, “Old Zhang, with my current cultivation, what are my chances of winning against a martial artist of the Third Prince’s level?”

“No chance of winning.”

Slovenly Zhang told the truth, “The Third Prince has already opened his second Divine Hidden Technique, a whole realm higher than you. In the path of Martial Arts, each realm is a world apart. The possibility of defeating him is extremely small.”

At this point, Slovenly Zhang paused slightly, then continued, “You started late and don’t have an advantage in talent. It’s normal to be behind the Third Prince. Take your time, as long as you can master the Flying Immortal Technique, your future martial arts achievements won’t lose to anyone.”

“I’m afraid I can’t wait that long. Enough talk, time to practice.”

Li Ziye said softly, then picked up the Pure Jun Sword beside him and continued to practice the second move of the Flying Immortal Technique.

In front of the bonfire, Slovenly Zhang watched the young man practicing his sword in the wilderness, a hint of surprise flashing in his aged eyes.

Going to the Capital City now was indeed a bit early.

However, he had high hopes for this kid.

Because this guy was ruthless, not only to others but even more so to himself.

To put it bluntly, this kid was a madman.


In the wilderness, the sword light broke through the air, and a huge rock shattered at the sound. The young man danced with his sword, improving bit by bit, slowly but visibly.

At dawn, Li Ziye was so tired that he could hardly move, but he forced himself to sit cross-legged, taking advantage of the moment when the spiritual energy of heaven and earth was at its strongest during the day and night transition, to cultivate the mental method of the Flying Immortal Technique.

Half an hour later, everyone packed up their belongings and prepared to set off.

Li Ziye slowly opened his eyes, exhaled a turbid breath, and clearly felt that the sea of true essence in his chest’s Divine Hidden Technique was much stronger than before.

“It seems that the more exhausted I am when practicing the Flying Immortal Technique, the better the effect.”

Li Ziye clenched his fist. If this was the case, he wasn’t being hard enough on himself.


Slovenly Zhang shook his head helplessly, then bent over and got into the carriage.

If he had been half as diligent as this kid in his youth, he wouldn’t have lost to that charlatan from the Western Regions in that competition.

Not far away, Li Ziye walked over, and before getting into the carriage, he glanced at the east, a chill flashing in his eyes.

Sister Youwei, I’m coming.

No one can bully the people of the Li Family.

Not even the Royal Family!

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