Chapter 77 – Some aftermath matters

Qian Tiao led Rena out of the “Fire Gun Inn”.

Having gotten rid of such a hot potato, Su’en also felt relieved.

He didn’t expect that a normal trial guide mission would cause so many accidents. After several fierce battles and more than ten wounds of varying sizes, he felt exhausted.

Thinking that Qian Tiao and the guild officials would handle everything, he didn’t have much to do, so he decided to rest in the inn for the night.

However, he didn’t stay in Room 304, but opened a new room next door.

Just in case something happened and someone traced him, he would have room to react.


The next day, Su’en woke up on time from his meditation due to his biological clock.

He looked at the time and realized it was time for the daily street patrol. Without much to prepare, he checked the bullets in his gun and walked out the door.

There were no signs of anyone breaking into Room 304 next door, so he thought things should have been resolved properly.

At exactly seven o’clock, at the abandoned building.

The members of the Cross Society responsible for Green Street had already gathered together.

Su’en greeted a few old birds and squatted on the roadside to listen to their chat.

“Hey, did you guys know? I heard something big happened at the Tube Building yesterday. Many professionals from the inner city came, and it was quite a scene.”

“I heard about it too. I heard that dozens of transport vehicles came, and it seemed like they were going to war.”

“Hey, do you guys know why? Could it be that there was a powerful mutant monster in the underground dungeon?”

“Not sure. I heard that the incident had a high level of confidentiality, and several guild officials went there…”


Su’en listened on the side without saying a word.

Not many people knew about Su’en acting as a guide for the Black Tower Academy’s trial team, and with such a big accident happening, the news had been kept under wraps.

No one knew that Su’en, one of the people involved, was squatting next to them.

Before long, Captain Kay also hurriedly arrived on his motorcycle.

This was the first time Su’en remembered Kay being late. He explained that he had just returned from headquarters.

Without saying much, the group started their daily street patrol.

The guild members still flirted and joked with the street girls as carefree as ever, then walked through the bar street and the casino street…

Kay took the opportunity to walk side by side with Su’en and said apologetically, “Sorry, brother. I didn’t expect this matter to cause such a big mess.”

“It’s alright.”

Su’en smiled.

Kay did have good intentions. If nothing unexpected happened during this mission, it would be a good opportunity to make money.

Kay seemed to be unaware of the full story and thought that Su’en was just a “bystander” in the incident. He pouted and said, “Those wealthy magnates in the inner city are getting more ruthless. I heard that this time it was because of a family feud. They sent assassins to kill a student, which disturbed the young masters and misses of the trial team, causing such a big commotion… Luckily, nothing major happened. Otherwise, if it happened on Green Street, we would have been implicated too…”


Su’en nodded in agreement without explaining.

Probably because the top-tier consortiums didn’t want the scandal to spread, not even Kay knew that it was the daughter of the Reyes family who was targeted for assassination. And this time, two students and three accompanying mentors died, but the news didn’t leak out.

When Kay said this, he also felt bored, “Forget it, let’s not talk about it. The higher-ups of the guild don’t want us to discuss these things too much.”

After a pause, he looked at Su’en and asked, “Brother, are you still going to the Crimson Stronghold?”

Su’en nodded with a smile, “Yes. I received news that tonight’s gladiatorial fight at the Crimson Stronghold will be lively. I definitely have to go and see…”

Kay pouted, looking disappointed, and said, “I probably won’t be able to go. The officials said that there might be a big upheaval because of yesterday’s incident, so they asked me to stay in the district…”

Su’en and Kay were already quite familiar with each other, so they spoke without any barriers. Su’en even said teasingly, “Oh, then you go on your street patrol, and I’ll go watch the gladiatorial fight, okay?”

Kay rolled his eyes, “…”

This was the trouble of being a captain, there were so many things to deal with.

This was also the reason why Su’en refused when Kay said he wanted to recommend him as the vice captain, so that he could become the captain in the future.


Su’en was already a regular customer at the arena. He walked familiarly into the casino and greeted some familiar gamblers before arriving at his usual spot next to the octagonal cage.

Listening to the advance information revealed by the betting girls, he learned that there would be professional gladiatorial fights tonight, and there would be three consecutive matches. It was said that the gladiators were from the inner city.

Others didn’t know the reason, they just wanted to watch the excitement.

But Su’en guessed that after the failed assassination of Rena, the high-level members of the Reyes family had started a purge. And with this kind of excitement, it would probably last for a long time.Then it was the repetition of “work” every day, placing bets, shouting, and reaping.

Su’en didn’t know why, but he wasn’t very interested in watching the matches today.

Later, he realized that it was probably because he had lost interest in reaping from the corpses.

In the underground dungeon, he reaped the souls of two Black Tower Academy assistants, a second-tier professional, and an elite student… gaining a lot of knowledge.

Compared to those high-quality fragments, the power increase that the arena could bring him, even as a professional, was not much.

It was like winning the five million jackpot a few times and then winning a few hundred or thousand prizes. It was hard to get excited.

But as he continued to gamble, Su’en felt his arm being embraced by a gentle touch. He turned his head and saw a gambling addict woman with a face full of excitement leaning towards him.

Without any hesitation, she boldly hugged Su’en’s shoulder and asked, “Su’en, which side do you think will win the next match?”

Su’en didn’t mind and replied, “I bet on the red side.”

Upon hearing this, the woman called the betting attendant and shouted, “Red side, ten thousand.”

Su’en was already used to it. This gambling addict woman probably wanted to try her mysterious gambling technique again.

While the arena match hadn’t started yet, the woman took out a well-crafted silver mechanical box and handed it to Su’en, saying, “Here, take it.”


Su’en looked at her with confusion but still accepted the box.

It was heavy in his hands, as if it contained something valuable.

The woman explained, “It’s a thank-you gift from Rena. She thanked you for taking care of her in the underground dungeon.”


Su’en listened and suddenly realized. He was also curious about what kind of gift a top-class heiress like Rena would give. He was about to open it, but the woman stopped him with a firm grip.

She leaned in close and whispered, “If you open it here and let people know you have this thing, you’ll probably end up dead on the street tomorrow.”

The consequences were so severe?

Upon hearing this, Su’en became even more curious about what was inside the box.

Although he didn’t know what it was, it was definitely valuable.

However, it seemed that beating around the bush was not the woman’s style. She directly revealed what the gift in the box was and said, “That girl doesn’t know how to choose gifts. If these two famous guns appear in the outer city, who knows how many murders will occur.”

“Famous guns?”

Su’en’s eyes lit up as he thought to himself: Oh, that girl is quite thoughtful.

If she had given him something else, he would have thought it was unnecessary. But for a gunman, “famous guns” indeed had an inexplicable attraction.

Moreover, these were firearms that even the gambling addict woman valued so much. They must be extraordinary.

At this moment, the woman took out another box.

This time, she didn’t hide it and directly opened a corner of the box, revealing a stack of green banknotes, saying, “This is five hundred thousand in cash. It’s also a thank-you gift.”

After a pause, she added, “The young master of the ‘Leonard Family,’ Charlie, sent someone to ask if you were interested in becoming his personal bodyguard in the inner city.”

Su’en looked at the box of money and immediately thought of the chubby student who looked like “Michelin.”

That guy who knew how to handle things would never disappoint.

Su’en accepted the box of money with a smile and said, “I’ll take the gift, but being a bodyguard is not for me.”

The woman raised an eyebrow and said, “I knew you weren’t interested, so I rejected it for you. Being a bodyguard in the inner city is not as good as following me.”


Su’en smiled and didn’t say anything.

He had previously thought that the woman was just a gang member, but now that he knew she was Rena’s aunt, he realized that this big shot’s background was not simple either.

But he didn’t ask any further. This matter didn’t need to be asked to be guessed. It was probably related to some unpleasant past of the woman.


At this time, the arena match had already ended.

The blue side won, contrary to Su’en’s guess.

The woman lost ten thousand yuan, pouted, and then turned to Su’en, asking, “What will you bet on in the next match?”

Su’en knew he couldn’t persuade her, so he directly replied, “Still the red side.”

Upon hearing this, the woman raised an eyebrow and beckoned to the betting attendant, doubling her bet on the blue side, saying, “Blue side, twenty thousand!”

Su’en looked at her helplessly. This gambling addict woman’s mystical gambling technique was at work again. She probably wanted to go against the unlucky guy.

During the break, the woman said, “Things have been roughly taken care of, and you don’t have to worry about anything. Rena took care of everything herself and sent people to clean up the traces in the underground dungeon. However, there was a little trouble during the cleaning process. Terrifying distorted monsters emerged from the underground, causing some casualties. The entrance to the basement of the apartment building has also been sealed off, preventing anyone from getting close…”

“Okay.”Su’en breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this.

The fact that he killed Jack was not exposed, and no one from the inner city came to question him. This was the ideal outcome.

From now on, he would still be a member of the Green Street Gang, a small transparent under Captain Kay.

At this point, Qiantiao glanced at Su’en with a slightly teasing look and said, “It is said that in the elite class of the Black Tower Academy, an old second-order instructor and two quasi-second-order assistants died in the underground dungeon. So some people speculate that there is at least a second-order professional among the assassins. But they still couldn’t kill Rena…”

Su’en listened with a calm expression, as if he had no connection at all.

It was normal for outsiders to speculate on this point. As long as those assassins were not fools, they must have been confident before taking action, so there must be a second-order professional involved.

But the fact that the assassins were so well-prepared and still couldn’t kill Rena made this matter “mysterious.”

Qiantiao retracted his probing gaze, seeming to not care about the truth, and smiled slightly. “Now, high-level aberrant monsters have been found in the dungeon, so everyone has concluded that the problem lies with those monsters.”


Su’en also pretended to suddenly understand.

Thinking about it, no one would probably believe that an ordinary member of an outer city gang could deal with a killer group that had at least a second-order expert, even if he was a “firearms expert.”

This way, the blame could be shifted to the monsters, and the logical loopholes in the situation were also filled.

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