Chapter 76 – Musketeer Inn

Su’en had been traveling through time for a while now, and he had always been cautious about being discovered as the original owner.

During this time, he had actually gained some understanding of the inner city. Just like the top 500 companies in the world, many of the major families in the inner city also had industries in the outer city and were well-known.

But strangely enough, he had never heard of the “Leijia” family’s origins.

He had thought that the original owner should come from a low-key hidden family, but he never expected to hear an unbelievable answer from Rena: there was no “Leijia” family in the upper-class society of the inner city!

This puzzled Su’en.

Whether it was the information on the retina or the mysterious wanted order, they all indicated that the original owner’s identity was definitely not simple, and definitely not from some unknown small family. If it was a hidden family, others might not have heard of it, but as the daughter of a top financial conglomerate, Rena should have heard of it to some extent.

Su’en thought for a moment. In this situation, either the “Leijia” family used a different name in the inner city, or… the original owner’s identity might be even more mysterious.

However, before he could think too much, Su’en suddenly felt a sense of being stared at by a venomous snake, causing him to break out in a cold sweat.

He immediately realized what was happening and exclaimed in his heart, “They’re here!”


Su’en finally experienced the horror of being backlashed by the Black Scythe for the first time.

He felt a slight chill in his chest, as if an invisible grim reaper had silently cut through his body with an extremely sharp blade. Before he could feel any pain, he suddenly saw blood gushing out from his chest. In an instant, his skin split open, revealing a wound about a foot long that pierced through his chest and abdomen, exposing his internal organs.

Rena, who was next to him, was carefully confirming the surgical instruments for the third time when she was caught off guard and sprayed with blood.

Because she had anticipated this, she looked at the wound on Su’en’s chest that appeared mysteriously and was only slightly panicked. She quickly activated the “Life Conversion Array” by pinching the sorcerer’s seal.

As the hexagram array lit up with a green light, Su’en felt a surge of vitality entering his body.

Looking at the exaggerated wound on his chest, Su’en was not shocked, but rather delighted.

Compared to cutting off his head or throat, the chest was the least fatal position. And although the wound was deep, it just missed his heart and didn’t go down another two inches to the most critical position.

It could be considered extremely lucky.

The rest of the surgery became thrilling but safe.

Although the environment in this crude sewer was harsh, it had the best emergency medical equipment from the Black Tower Academy, as well as Rena, an intern doctor with perfect theoretical knowledge.

For this type of non-lethal wound, Su’en didn’t even bat an eyelid.

The only unexpected incident was probably the small mistake caused by Rena’s nervousness.

“Ah… Mr. Su’en, I’m sorry, I… this is my first time handling a wounded person alone, and my hands are shaking a bit…”

“It’s alright. If one time is not enough, just give a few more injections.”

“I’m very sorry, please bear with me!”

“By the way, did you administer anesthesia?”

“Ah… I’m sorry! I was too nervous and forgot.”

“Forget it, just sew it up like this. It’s almost done anyway…”


Occasionally, Su’en could use his mediocre medical knowledge to give some instructions to Rena and comfort the intern doctor who was full of guilt because of her own small mistake.

Perhaps because of Su’en’s calmness, Rena gradually found the feeling of being a doctor and smoothly completed the second half of the surgery.

Indeed, this girl’s perfect score in the assessment was not obtained through connections, but through her own abilities.

Half an hour later, the surgery was completed.

After stitching up the wound, Rena originally wanted to give Su’en a bottle of “Advanced Recovery Potion” to accelerate the healing of the wound.

But Su’en stopped her.

Now, even the shirt on Rena’s body belonged to Su’en, so naturally the potions did too.

Su’en didn’t have the financial ability, and for this kind of injury, a bottle of intermediate potion was enough.

The advanced ones were reserved for life-threatening situations, and it would be a waste to use them.

The backlash from the sealed object was thrilling but safe, and Su’en’s heart finally relaxed.

He didn’t stay in the sewer for long. After the wound had healed a bit, he led Rena to follow the map of the route extracted from the memory of the Ghost-Faced Spider, making their way up.


There had been many cases of missing personnel on Green Street before, and Su’en now knew what it was. It was the Ghost-Faced Spider in the sewer, a distorted monster that could bewitch people’s minds.

The two of them followed the spiders’ route to the surface, and after dealing with a few foolish monsters along the way, they finally saw the lights on the street through the cracks in the sewer.

With a “clang” sound, the manhole cover was pushed open from below.

Su’en climbed up and then pulled out the dirty Miss Rena.

The surroundings were filled with colorful lights, and dazzling neon lights illuminated the entire block.

Su’en looked at Rena’s wrinkled brow finally relaxing, and he was very familiar with the surroundings. It was a corner of Green Street.

Finally, they were safe.

Both of them let out a sigh of relief at the same time.Rena was visiting the chaotic and dirty entertainment district of the outer city for the first time. She looked timid and afraid, but couldn’t help but sneak curious glances. Her beautiful black eyes blinked, reflecting everything in front of her: staggering drunks, scantily clad prostitutes, and gangs chasing after people… everything was so fascinating.

Su’en was familiar with almost every corner of Green Street. He found a small corner in an alley to hide his conspicuous sickle.

Rena waited quietly without peeking.

But when she saw Su’en climbing down from the rooftop through the drainpipe, she was prepared to be led by him to the street, but she resisted internally.

She bit her lip and weakly suggested, “Um… Mr. Su’en, can I find a place to take a shower first?”

The Green Bean Princess couldn’t stand the stench on her body anymore. With her life no longer in danger, the first thing she thought of was taking a shower.

Su’en glanced at her and pointed to the “Musketeer Inn” not far away, where pink neon lights were shining, seemingly asking if it was okay.

Rena looked at the obviously suggestive pink lights and bit her lip, but nodded.


Ten minutes later, the door of Room 304 at the Musketeer Inn was knocked.

Su’en had already seen the black panther motorcycle downstairs by the window and knew who it was. He opened the door.

Qiantiao walked in quickly, her furrowed brows relaxing a bit when she saw Su’en.

After receiving the news that the trial team had been attacked, not only was the Cross Society in an uproar, but a large number of top professionals from the inner city had also been dispatched to search the underground dungeon. According to the surviving students, the incident had happened several hours ago. With the delay in the news, everyone thought Rena was probably in grave danger…

But suddenly receiving a message from Su’en, Qiantiao felt an overwhelming joy as if she had won a bet!

They actually survived?

How did they manage to do that?

With an incredulous mood, Qiantiao rode her motorcycle at full speed to arrive. Now she finally saw living people in front of her, and her anxious heart finally calmed down.

She looked around the room and saw no one but Su’en.

But she heard the sound of rushing water coming from the bathroom, as if someone was taking a shower.

Su’en looked at Qiantiao with a puzzled look and shrugged.

Qiantiao’s expression suddenly became strange.

What’s going on? Weren’t they assassinated… why are they taking a shower?

And at this moment, the bathroom door opened, revealing a head. Rena couldn’t open her eyes because her wet hair was blocking her vision. She hugged her chest with one hand, closed her eyes, and complained, “Mr. Su’en, why is the hot water in this hotel sometimes hot and sometimes cold?”

Su’en responded indifferently, “For an 80-dollar hotel, having hot water is already good enough. This is the condition in the outer city…”


Rena was scolded and lost her temper.

She hadn’t noticed that there was another person in the room and continued, “Can you please bring me my clothes? This bathroom is too small, there isn’t even a changing room…”

Su’en: “…”

Upon hearing this, Qiantiao’s face suddenly became very strange.

She came here with the mindset of encountering a killer, but instead of seeing the enemy, she witnessed this scene.

What… is going on?

Seeing Qiantiao’s puzzled expression again, Su’en spread his hands and explained, “Just came out from the sewer. This young lady found it dirty, so she came to take a shower first.”

Qiantiao’s curiosity about Su’en instantly disappeared when she realized it was him.

She naturally trusted the person she had chosen.

And at this moment, another puzzled head popped out near the bathroom door as Su’en seemed to be talking to someone else.

Rena rubbed her eyes and saw Qiantiao, her face suddenly showing joy, “Auntie!”

After seeing a loved one in such dire circumstances, this girl was so excited that she almost forgot she was naked and almost ran out like that.

Qiantiao looked at the unharmed young lady and finally breathed a sigh of relief.


“Ah… Auntie Qiantiao, will your clothes be too loose if I wear them? They seem a bit revealing…”

“What should we do then?”

“I… I… Can I borrow another piece of clothing from Mr. Su’en?”

“Another one?”


After taking a shower, Rena, the young miss, finally felt fully revived.

Qiantiao looked at Rena wearing a men’s shirt, with her long legs exposed and wet hair, and sighed: Isn’t this revealing enough?

But she didn’t mind.

She was just very puzzled. How did these two become so familiar in such a short time in this world?

They were not strangers in the room, and the three of them began to exchange information.

Su’en briefly explained what had happened in the underground dungeon.

Everyone knew about the events before killing Jack, so they all spoke truthfully.

As for what happened after killing Jack, they avoided the important and focused on the trivial.

He didn’t mention encountering Daniel, the second-tier assassin, or the Spider Queen and the sealed creature…

He only said that they were searching for an exit and happened to come across Rena, the “lost lady,” who led them out. As for how she escaped from the pursuit of the shape-shifting worms, that was for Rena to explain herself.Rena, the young lady, was very cooperative throughout, only saying one sentence: “Yes, that’s right, just as Mr. Su’en said!”

Whenever she encountered something vague, she chose to feign amnesia: “Ah… I’m too nervous, I forgot.”

Listening to this story full of holes, Qian Tiao wore a helpless expression the entire time.

Although she guessed that things might not be so simple, she didn’t ask further.

The fact that this young lady was still alive was the greatest fortune.

No matter what Su’en had done during the process, he was the greatest contributor.

After their collaborated testimony, Qian Tiao gave Su’en a definite answer. She and the high-level members of the Cross Society would handle this incident. Su’en, the guide, would be an irrelevant “invisible man”.

This was exactly the outcome Su’en wanted.

He had managed to keep the scythe, obtained the implant materials, and the future looked promising.

He didn’t want to change his identity now…

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