Chapter 72 – Spider Queen

This second-tier assassin has a very advanced stealth ability, and Su’en’s current perception is not enough to easily capture him.

But he didn’t even think about looking for that guy.

Because those countless red eyes can weave a spiritual net that covers the entire cave, making it impossible for anyone in the dungeon to escape.

Now all they can do is see who is lucky enough to survive.

Sure enough, as Su’en expected.

Just as countless red eyes lit up, there were numerous “spiritual attacks” prompts appearing on his body panel, like a wave of widespread coverage, one wave after another. Even if he didn’t directly face the monsters, he would still be affected to some extent.

Su’en was unaffected, but the assassin was not so lucky.

Almost at the same time the spiders blocked the exit of the nest, in the void more than ten meters away from Su’en, the hooded figure was also affected by the shockwave of the spiritual attack, revealing his figure once again.

This guy was also extremely alert, as if he immediately noticed the abnormal spiritual fluctuations around him, he directly took out a potion and stabbed it into his waist.

Su’en looked at the guy stabbing the potion and immediately saw his spirited appearance, and guessed what it was: “Awakening potion? Quite vigilant…”

However, the duration of the awakening potion is very short, as long as he is still trapped in this space, sooner or later it will be a dead end.


Those who can advance to the second tier of their profession have some means, more or less.

Probably because of Rena’s baiting, this assassin also keenly noticed that the red eyes of those spider monsters cannot be looked at directly.

Faced with such a dangerous situation, the assassin immediately lowered his head and focused his gaze on his feet.

Su’en looked at this guy’s small movements and secretly admired him.

Professional killers indeed have amazing intuition.

But in this way, his field of vision was reduced by more than 90%, and even a second-tier professional would definitely suffer.

And the moment the assassin lowered his head, his hands trembled, and two short blades with flickering lightning appeared.

He ignored the large spider that fell from above, and instead rushed towards Rena not far away!

“Tsk tsk… he can’t even save his own life, but still wants to kill the target. Seems like a fanatic. But I just saved her with great difficulty, I can’t let you kill her so easily…”

Su’en was slightly surprised by the assassin’s choice, but also felt that it was just right.

If the enemy’s target is not himself, then he can also free up his hands to fight back.

Seeing this, Su’en grabbed something invisible with one hand and instantly pulled it straight.

And at this moment, a large spider that fell from the ceiling above Rena suddenly disintegrated in mid-air, as if it was cut into large pieces by an invisible blade.

Upon closer inspection, there were steel wires as thin as hair strands surrounding Rena.

The bodies of the ghost-faced spiders were very fragile. When they fell from a high place, their bodies touched the wires just like touching a blade. In an instant, they were easily cut into pieces, leaving behind a trail of green blood on the wires.

Seeing this, a hint of doubt flashed in the assassin’s eyes, and his sudden attack instinctively stopped.

The dark environment and the inability to look up high made it impossible for him to determine what the wires were.

He was still wary after being tricked by that puppet just now. His intuition told him that this “guide” dared to confront him head-on, there must be other means.

Actually, he didn’t guess that Su’en was actually gambling.

These wires couldn’t stop a second-tier professional at all, and he was betting on the opponent’s cautious mentality.

At this moment, the assassin hesitated, but Su’en didn’t show any hesitation.

He manipulated the wires with one hand, and his other hand had already pulled out a flintlock pistol. Without giving the assassin a chance to attack, he fired several shots at him.

As expected, the assassin’s nerve reaction speed was already at its peak.

He caught a glimpse of the direction of the muzzle, leaned back to avoid the first shot, and then performed several consecutive backflips, perfectly avoiding this round of gunfire. Even the “curved trajectory” hidden in the last shot only grazed him and did not hit him.


Su’en didn’t expect to injure him, as long as he could create distance, his goal would be achieved.

Because at this time, the monsters on the ceiling had already launched their attacks.

That “strange” one obviously also knew that the second-tier assassin was the most threatening among the three, so it mobilized the large spiders to surround the assassin.

Faced with the tide of monsters, the assassin’s methods were also extremely sharp. He threw flying knives with his hand, piercing through several spider monsters in one go, even stronger than the damage caused by the flintlock pistol. With a single slash, he could easily cut off half of a large spider’s body.

Even though he didn’t dare to look directly at the red eyes of the monsters, he relied on his keen hearing and the movement of the spider legs near the ground to dodge with ease. He was like cutting melons and vegetables in the midst of the spider swarm, without any disadvantage.

But… the attack methods of these ghost-faced spiders were not limited to this.Not to mention there is a cunning creature commanding in the dark!

At this moment, the large spiders on the ceiling suddenly raised their abdomens, and white spider webs gushed out.

When the spider silk is thin enough, it looks like threads; but when it becomes as thick as a thumb, it turns into sticky glue!

Although the assassin dodged the first round of spider silk with his agile body movements, he found that the sticky spider silk was already everywhere on the ground after landing. It was like stepping into a swamp, and his movements were instantly restricted.

Realizing the danger, the assassin panicked a little. But at the first moment, he chose to kill Rena instead of escaping. At this moment, the cave had already been sealed off by spider webs… it was difficult to escape.

Bombs and incendiary bombs were thrown around like they were worthless, but in the wave of monsters, it was futile…


On the other hand, Su’en faced the same situation.

Originally, these spiders would be more deadly for him as a first-tier professional without any equipment.

But facing the overwhelming spider webs, he did not dodge or avoid them. A faint blue cold flame suddenly rose from his body.

When the spider webs touched the cold flame, it burned up like flying fluff. Before it even touched Su’en’s clothes, it had already been burned to ashes.

This was the Alchemy Secret Technique – “Mushi”!

This was also why he blindfolded Rena.

One was to prevent her from being controlled by the spiders, and the other was to prevent her from seeing his abilities.

If he hadn’t extracted this skill from Rosa’s body before, Su’en would never have chosen the tactic of a “three-way deathmatch”.

Because of the existence of the cold flame, Su’en didn’t have to worry about the spider webs at all.

He also freed up his hands, dual-wielding guns, and shot at the spiders around him.

He single-handedly formed a network of firepower, making it impossible for the fragile large spiders to get close.

For a while, severed limbs and broken arms flew in the air, and green spider blood splattered all over the ground…


At the same time, because of the defense barrier woven by steel wires around them, the large spiders were temporarily unable to approach Rena.

But this did not prevent them from spitting spider silk from a distance.

Rena was extremely frightened at this moment.

She could hear the dense sound of gunfire and grenades in her ears… and she could also hear the high-frequency sound of the monsters’ joints moving. Even if she didn’t open her eyes, she could guess that there were a large number of monsters around her, staring at her intently.

She stood there alone, feeling helpless.

Just now, she was drenched in the foul-smelling spider blood, and now she was covered in sticky stuff…

But she couldn’t open her eyes, and she couldn’t move around.

She could only stand there, trembling, allowing the occasional spurt of spider webs to tightly bind her.

However, luckily, the spiders seemed to have the habit of storing food. They saw Rena not running away and not attacking, so after being tightly bound by the spider webs, they didn’t attack her again!

Rena, as the bait, didn’t know why she was temporarily safe…

But she could also hear that the battles in the directions of Lein and the assassin were extremely intense.

Suddenly, she heard the sound from one side suddenly disappear.

Rena’s heart instinctively skipped a beat, praying, “The gunfire is still there, Mr. Su’en should not have encountered any danger…”


At this moment, Su’en had gone crazy with killing.

The spider monsters were much larger and clumsier than the flying moth monsters before. They were just crawling creatures, making them easier to hit.

He almost shot one head with one bullet, and even when using alchemical bullets, he could kill a group with one shot.

The spider’s two killer moves, mental control and spider webs, were completely useless against him. So Su’en was like a killing god, killing and maiming hundreds of monsters in a short period of time.

Around him, the bodies of the spider monsters had piled up into mountains, and more spider monsters kept crawling over the “mountain of corpses” to offer their heads.

Su’en’s face showed no panic, because although there were many spider monsters in this nest, he absolutely didn’t believe that there were more of them than his bullets!

But just as he was killing, suddenly there were no more monsters.

The large spiders seemed to have received some signal and receded like a tide.

Su’en looked into the distance with a puzzled look, only to find that the battle on the other side had already ended.

The “cunning” creature hiding in the dark looked at the casualties of its lackeys and finally appeared in person.

At this moment, Su’en was looking at the second-tier assassin as if he was dumbfounded. The assassin stood still in place.

A spider spear easily pierced through his skull, and with a stab, it went through like skewering meat, leaving him dead without any resistance.


Su’en also looked at the monster, identified it, and his face instantly became serious. “This is going to be a big trouble…”

Fortunately, it was only a first-tier strange creature;

Unfortunately, it was a “Lord-level monster”.If “weird” is a special term humans use for the boss among the mutant monsters, then the lord monster is the boss among the weird. It’s roughly equivalent to a super high rank between “gold+” and “legend-“.

The zombie-type weird that Su’en and his team encountered at the subway hub station before was merely a “black iron level”, two or three grades lower than the one in front of them now.

Such monsters are extremely rare, usually only a small chance of appearing in a super large-scale mutant monster group.

The chance of a wilderness hunting team encountering such a monster in the wild is about the same as winning five million in a lottery.

But once encountered, it almost always means a total wipeout.

“Lord monsters” often awaken some special abilities, possessing the power to crush peers and even higher-ranked weirds.

Just like this first-order lord in front of them, who easily killed a second-order professional.

Su’en guessed that there would be a “weird” here, but he was not surprised by black iron or silver.

But he didn’t expect it to be a lord.


This big boss is half-human, half-spider.

Its upper body is a naked female body. The skin is white and tender. Although the chest only has the soft outline of a woman, lacking a cherry-red point. Even so, it is still extremely sexy and charming, making people unable to look away.

Its face is also extremely beautiful, the kind that makes people instantly aroused with desire, wanting to press it down and rub it on the ground.

However, the lower half of its body is somewhat chilling, a huge and hideous spider body, eight spider legs shining with metallic luster… its ferocity fully displayed.

[Mutated Ghost Face Spider Queen (Lord)]

Detailed explanation: Lord-level Ghost Face Spider, possessing powerful mental control ability; due to mutation, its body has undergone extraordinary changes, bloodline regression, rank limit increased by 270%. The spider body’s flesh and tissue are extremely tough, possessing high intelligence, compound type of extreme poison, and extremely fast movement speed…

Looking at the row of “top configuration attributes” introduction, Su’en didn’t need to fantasize, he definitely couldn’t beat it.

But he didn’t intend to surrender, he raised his hand and fired two shots.

“Bang”, “Bang”!

The armor-piercing alchemical bullets made two charred dents on the skin of the Spider Queen, and then, there was no more…

The bullet heads fell to the ground, making two crisp sounds, “clang”, “clang”.

“Holy shit, its skin can block ‘armor-piercing bullets’?”

Seeing this, Su’en’s expression changed drastically, and he couldn’t help but complain in his heart, “This can’t be killed at all…”

But since he had to face it sooner or later, he didn’t feel any regret, his expression was as calm as ever.

In an instant, he thought of something and muttered to himself, “I can only try that…”

At this time, his two shots successfully attracted the attention of the Spider Queen. A strong wave of mental power hit Su’en like a wave, making him feel dizzy.

Even from this distance, looking at his continuously weakened mental power panel, he knew he could only hold on for a few more seconds before being completely controlled.

The mental power level of this lord monster had completely crushed him.

At this moment, the scenes in his eyes alternated between reality and illusion, one moment it was a dirty monster cave, the next it was a paradise that fulfilled all human fantasies, everywhere he looked there were beautiful…

His body also quickly became hot, his lower abdomen was already so restless that he couldn’t suppress it with reason, that urgent need to unleash the power of the wild, made his will collapse rapidly.


Su’en felt his consciousness gradually becoming confused, the evil arc at the corner of his mouth getting higher and higher: “It’s a life-or-death gamble…”

It wasn’t completely unexpected, he just didn’t think he would really have to use this last resort.

While he still had a bit of reason left, he didn’t hesitate at all, his right hand took out a potion and jabbed it into his neck.

At the same time, he raised his left hand, made a grabbing motion in the air, the steel wire in the mechanical glove quickly retracted, and with a “whoosh”, it grabbed an item soaked in the sewage not far away.

Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a big black scythe.

At the same time, the last bit of reason in his eyes disappeared, completely turning blood red. It was at this moment of losing his reason that the bursting lust was instantly suppressed.

At this moment, with the black scythe in hand, Su’en was like the god of death descending.

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