Chapter 71 – No conditions to win, create conditions

Su’en discovered the assassin who appeared out of thin air behind him, but instead of being surprised, he had already anticipated it.

He decisively opened his leather jacket, and two puppets, one emitting a creepy howl and the other grinning, flew towards the enemy. Their hands cracked open, revealing the black, poisoned dagger blades.

The assassin staggered, seemingly not realizing why he suddenly lost consciousness for a moment. He bit his tongue and instantly regained his clarity. At this moment, he saw the poisoned blades already poking in front of him, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

With a “clang” sound, sparks flew.

The assassin blocked the dagger of one puppet, but felt a moment of confusion: not good!

Instinctively reacting to the crisis, he made an extreme backward movement. At this moment, the dagger of another puppet had already passed by the assassin’s cheek, accompanied by a slight corroding sound, and a seam was cut open at the edge of his hood.

“This puppet is strange!”

The assassin noticed something fishy and was about to reach out, but suddenly saw the two puppets flying back like lightning.

Unable to land a hit, he promptly withdrew.

At this moment, Su’en, as the controller, also revealed a hint of regret on his face, thinking to himself, “Second-tier professionals are indeed not so easily injured…”

The assassin across from him also showed a hint of seriousness in his eyes: this is not an ordinary puppeteer!


In fact, ever since Su’en saved Rena from the assassination attempt by the shape-shifting worms, he had been trying to reconstruct the entire assassination process in his mind.

He had already suspected that there might be a mole in the trial team.

But the mentor, Auguste, should be fine.

Otherwise, the assassins wouldn’t need to go through all this trouble to kill Rena. With his mentor’s identity and the strength of a second-tier professional, there were countless opportunities to directly kill Rena.

Instead, the reason why the assassins chose to attack in the underground cave and went to the extent of putting a special scent on Rena and using shape-shifting worms to chase her… all of this was probably because of the protection provided by Auguste along the way, which led to this plan.

Moreover, Su’en also discovered a suspicious point.

That is, he was certain that Auguste had always been near the trial team, but this powerful individual died without making any noise, which was somewhat puzzling.

After all, the mentors of the Black Tower Alchemy Academy were carefully selected strong individuals. Even if the second-tier mentor Auguste was ambushed, he couldn’t possibly fail to send out a warning signal.

He didn’t understand why before, but now that he knew the fact that Daniel was the mole, it perfectly filled in the missing piece of Su’en’s puzzle.

In Su’en’s mind, he could even reconstruct the entire battle process.

At that time, Daniel left the trial team, actually to secretly attack Auguste. Because of his role as an assistant, it was easy for him to launch a close-range surprise attack and then use his special talent, the “Forbidden Magic” ability, to seal Auguste. But with his strength, he couldn’t kill a second-tier professional. Therefore, Su’en concluded that there was at least one more second-tier professional in the assassin team who was skilled in stealthy surprise attacks.

That’s why when the stealthy assassin appeared behind him just now, Su’en wasn’t surprised at all.


Facing a second-tier professional, especially an agile-enhanced stealthy assassin, the firearm had almost no effect.

Having witnessed the feat of “Red Devil” Gelong cutting bullets with his sword, Su’en didn’t think that as a “firearm master,” he had any chance of winning against a second-tier professional.

Therefore, he decisively gave up the firearm and revealed his professional ability for the first time: controlling puppets.

But Su’en was not an ordinary puppeteer.

The reason why “Eccentric Puppeteer” was so bizarre was mainly because of the various strange rune puppets he created.

The two puppets beside him, one with a red and white smiling face and the other with a blue and gold crying face, were exactly two types of basic eccentric puppets, the “Howling Doll” and the “Sneering Doll.”

These two little things didn’t look like the stiff dead objects in a puppet show. Under Su’en’s skillful manipulation, they seemed to come alive, dancing happily with their limbs, their joints twisting flexibly, and even the expressions on their eerie faces were lifelike, blinking, grinning, angry, and howling…

They were like two ghosts dancing in the darkness, emitting a sinister and eerie laughter…

As soon as they appeared, a terrifying aura instantly enveloped the surroundings.

Of course, these cuties were not just cute in appearance; their curse effects were also extraordinary.

Both of these eccentric puppets were mental curse objects, one was a sonic attack that affected people’s consciousness upon hearing the sound, and the other was a visual attack similar to these spider monsters, causing hallucinations when looking at the smiling face.

After Su’en knew that he would be fighting, he carried the two dolls on his back to be prepared for any unexpected situations.

Although his puppet-making skills were just at the beginner level, the two eccentric dolls were of low quality and had a small attack range. But it was enough to temporarily control a target in close combat.

That’s why the stealthy assassin stumbled and revealed himself just now; that guy’s consciousness was affected by the two eccentric puppets.

…….”He’s disappeared again. His talent must be related to stealth, either Talent C-025-Chameleon, Talent B-077-Invisibility, or even the rarer Light Absorber…”

Su’en squinted into the darkness, once again losing sight of the second-order assassin.

He dared not be careless. His two puppets continuously emitted psychic waves, one laughing, one crying, to ensure he wouldn’t be killed up close.

However, despite the strong curse properties of the puppets, their power was still a rank lower.

Su’en didn’t believe these two odd puppets could save his life in front of a second-order assassin.

After all, facing an assassin skilled in stealth, their attack methods were not limited to close combat. Assassins were also proficient in various long-range weapons.

No matter how cautious, the current situation was almost a death sentence for Su’en.


In a one-on-one situation, Su’en indeed had no chance of winning, but there were more than just the two of them in this cave!

The dark underground of Old Lingdun was not human territory, but the domain of mutated monsters.

If there was no chance of winning, then he would create one!

Su’en had caused such a commotion in this cave, the Mutant Ghost Face Spiders hiding in the dark were already starving.

He caught a glimpse of the dense spider swarm overhead and sneered, “Heh, let’s see who can survive in the monster swarm…”

Potions to shield monster perception were hard to find, but bait to attract mutated monsters was easy to come by.

Fresh human blood, corpses… were the best things.

Daniel’s body on the ground was still steaming with blood, and the few “inducing potions” that Su’en had smashed earlier were also emitting a pungent smell.

Since the monsters were enemies, and the assassin was an enemy, wouldn’t a three-way battle be good?

“He” enjoyed the feeling of dancing on the edge of a knife.


Su’en knew almost all the characteristics of the monsters and had targeted countermeasures, but the second-order assassin knew nothing.

This was a mutated monster, which meant it had never been seen in the outside world.

Its psychic attacks were unpredictable and gave no room for error. Once controlled, it was a dead end.

At this moment, these spider monsters didn’t disappoint Su’en.

These eight-legged creatures hung upside down from the ceiling, moving extremely fast.

The first thing they did was not attack the three humans in the space, but scurried to the entrance of the tunnel, spewing spider silk, and blocked the escape route in the blink of an eye.

“Sealing the entrance? This is not the wisdom a common mutated monster possesses. There is indeed a ‘strange’ one hidden in the monster swarm…”

Seeing this, Su’en raised an eyebrow.

He had always felt a chilling gaze from the darkness, intermittently watching him. Now, seeing the spiders’ unusual behavior of “blocking the door”, he immediately guessed that there was a “strange” one among this Ghost Face Spider swarm!

However, it was just what he wanted.

He had no intention of escaping in the first place.

Whether he gambled on the door or not, there was no difference. He couldn’t run, and the assassin was also limited.

Perfect for a three-way battle.

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