Chapter 67 – Pretend not to see

Su’en looked at Rena, who was still stunned, and knew that he was not clear in his instructions, so he felt it necessary to explain: “Take off your clothes quickly, leave nothing behind. Clothes, equipment, storage ring… take them all off! The smell of the burning powder can only disturb the monsters’ sense of smell for a minute.”

Take off my clothes?

Rena was a little surprised at first, but in the next second, her cleverness naturally made her understand Su’en’s intention.

In fact, when they were escaping earlier, Assistant Rosa had already guessed this problem, which was that these black dog monsters might be relying on their sense of smell to locate their “prey”.

But those monsters started chasing them as soon as they appeared, without giving her any chance to catch her breath.

And they had also tried, even the highest-grade “odor-removing potion” had no effect at all, which made them doubt their judgment.

Hearing the words “take off your clothes,” she naturally guessed that Su’en was thinking the same way.

Originally, she had no hope, but she was shocked to find that Su’en’s method actually disrupted the monsters’ perception abilities!

Calculating the time, those distorted monsters should have already broken through the rubble, but none of them rushed into the smoke to attack her. It was obvious that the smoke was really effective!


After Su’en finished speaking, he had no intention of staying in place.

He quickly took out a bottle of odor-removing potion and one of his own clothes from the storage ring and placed them on the ground. Then he turned around and ran to the end of the corridor to hide.

It wasn’t because he was being a gentleman and avoiding Rena changing clothes, but because he wasn’t sure if the powder would be one hundred percent effective against those black dogs; he also wasn’t sure if the scent that attracted those monsters was something external or Rena’s own scent.

So he could only give it a try.

If it was something external that attracted the monsters, Su’en wasn’t sure which item it was on her, and he didn’t have time to try them one by one, so he could only ask her to take them all off.

If it was Rena’s own scent, when the burning of the powder ended, it would be her death sentence.

Run a little further away to avoid being affected.

Now it seems that the powder is more effective than expected.

Not only was Rena shocked, even Su’en himself was amazed by the fact that the burning smoke from the powder really disrupted the black dogs’ sense of smell.

This burning smoke powder was obtained from the memory fragments of that mysterious pharmacist, the “Disgustant for Distorted Monsters”.

Originally, Su’en thought he was just ignorant and hadn’t heard of such a miraculous medicine.

But now, after harvesting a large amount of knowledge of alchemy from Jack’s memory fragments, he realized that even the Black Tower Academy had no records of this special medicine.

So there are only two possibilities: either the memory fragments he obtained happened to be missing this part, or the powder is really high-end to the point where even the Black Tower Academy doesn’t have it!

Su’en felt that the second possibility was more likely.

Otherwise, Assistant Rosa should have thought of this method too. She must have had a lot of advanced potions on her, and if she had this “Disgustant for Distorted Monsters”, she wouldn’t have been chased so dangerously.

This also made Su’en even more curious about the origin of that mysterious pharmacist.


Su’en walked without leaving any traces of water, and now it was Rena’s turn to make a difficult decision.

Take off all her clothes?

Although she knew that this was the only way she could save herself at the moment, she still had some reservations in her heart.

She had never changed clothes in a strange environment before, let alone with a strange man urging her.

But there was only one minute left, and she didn’t have any room for hesitation.

Rena was extremely decisive. After a moment of hesitation, she bit her silver teeth and directly took off her night vision goggles and gas mask. Then, without any hesitation, she pulled open the hidden zipper on her combat suit at her chest, “zip” it down to below her abdomen, exposing a large area of white skin in the air.

Her talent as a “Catwoman” gave her a liquid-like delicate figure. She quickly took off her sleeves, and then her one-piece shapewear… like shedding snake skin, she quickly took off the entire combat suit. Her snow-white and beautiful body was exposed in the air without any cover.

Then, her close-fitting sports vest, seamless underwear, jewelry, hairpin, storage ring… everything was taken off.

Rena took off everything she could take off from her body, and then poured the “odor-removing potion” on herself, quickly covering her naked body with the oversized clothes.

Finally, she was no longer exposed to the air, and the feeling of shame instantly disappeared.

Because of the talent of the “Catwoman”, her night vision ability was not bad.

Even if she didn’t deliberately look, she could still catch a glimpse of the end of the tunnel with her peripheral vision, and the figure of that person was still there. She couldn’t help but feel a slight blush on her cheeks, and the shyness spread from her face to her slender neck, turning it pink.

With a turn of her head, she pretended not to see.


Su’en watched Rena undress and change clothes so decisively, and praised her in his heart: “Smart choice!”

If this woman hesitated, he would turn around and leave without hesitation, letting her fend for herself.

Someone who couldn’t distinguish the situation didn’t deserve his help. That would only harm himself.

Seeing Rena decisively take off her clothes, Su’en finally didn’t turn his head away.

He held the runic fire gun and guarded the entrance of the tunnel, his gaze fixed on the graceful figure in the smoke.

It wasn’t that he deliberately watched the girl change clothes, but he was observing the distorted monsters.

Taking off the combat suit meant that Rena had almost no defense. After all, he wanted to save her, in case she didn’t have time to change clothes, he could still help by shooting.

However, with just one glance, his gaze inadvertently caught a glimpse of a hint of spring.

“Black hair? It’s rare…”

Su’en had strong eyesight and could see almost everything clearly.Previously, his view of Rena was obscured by a gas mask and night vision goggles. He had no idea what she looked like, only that she was probably not unattractive.

Now, seeing her clearly, she was even more beautiful than he had anticipated, stunning even.

She had beautiful, long, straight black hair, and her black pupils shimmered with a captivating golden glow. Her figure was impeccable, even without the shaping effect of her liquid suit, her chest and hips were still perky. She exuded a pure aura that was unique to young girls…

Her chest was proudly full, her waist slender, further accentuating the impressive proportions of her hips and legs…

Her skin was as smooth and lustrous as porcelain, glowing faintly in the dim firelight, making her seem more like a warm jade sculpture. The smoke from the burning powder swirled around her curvaceous figure, adding a touch of hazy beauty, a sight as smooth as silk.

Su’en raised an eyebrow slightly, watching Rena’s deliberate movements to cover herself, and chuckled to himself, “Ah, so she noticed me…”

Even when discovered, he didn’t avert his gaze, his expression remained calm throughout.

Because his focus was always on the sprawling tunnels, not the girl changing her clothes. The seriousness on his face didn’t fade in the slightest, but rather, as the smoke dissipated, his brows furrowed even more.

After all, it seemed that the “Mutant Monster Repellent” had successfully interfered with the black dogs’ sense of smell, but that didn’t mean that once the smoke from the burning powder disappeared, the black dogs wouldn’t come chasing again.

Moreover, the source of the crisis was never just these black dogs…


Clearly, Rena also realized this.

She quickly changed into Su’en’s clothes, leaving all her belongings behind and fled from the changing area.

But she didn’t immediately approach Su’en, instead, she stopped at a safe distance at a fork in the road. If the monsters were to chase her again, she could run.

However, there probably wouldn’t be a chance to escape.

Without her battle suit, without any equipment, if this attempt failed, she was essentially on a path to death.


A minute later, the yellow smoke from the burning powder dissipated.

At the end of the tunnel, more than a dozen ferocious liquid black dogs had gathered. They seemed to have lost their way, spinning in place. The corrosive liquid on their bodies evaporated, corroding the tunnel into a pitted mess.

But as soon as the smoke cleared, they seemed to have picked up a scent, excitedly pouncing on the pile of clothes Rena had taken off. More than a dozen black dogs tore and twisted together, finally merging into a huge black monster, blocking the entire tunnel.

Fortunately, they didn’t seem to have any intention of pouncing on Rena in the distance.

Seeing this, Su’en finally let out a sigh of relief, “I’m glad I bet right, the source of the smell is external. It wasn’t a waste to use a high-priced drug that works for a hundred thousand miles.”

As for Rena, the girl who was saved, a look of relief spread across her face, as if a heavy burden had been lifted.

It was then that she turned her gaze to the man who had saved her life in the nick of time, her expression somewhat complex.

She felt she should say thank you, but something seemed to cross her mind, and her cheeks flushed.

Su’en looked at Rena, guessing that a young girl being naked in front of a strange man would probably feel uncomfortable.

But he wasn’t a nanny, nor a suitor, there was no need to cater to her girlish feelings.

He waved his hand, signaling her to follow, and said curtly, “Follow me!”

With that, Su’en took the lead and walked into the depths of the dark tunnel, without any intention of waiting for her.

His attitude was clear, it was up to her whether she wanted to follow or not.

Rena, in the distance, watched as Su’en coldly walked away, a look of surprise crossing her pretty face.

But his indifferent attitude somehow made the awkward atmosphere less awkward.

The surrounding darkness swallowed everything like a monster, making Rena, who was without her equipment, feel insecure. After a moment’s thought, she followed him, running barefoot to catch up.


The two of them walked, one in front of the other, Su’en showing no intention of accommodating her, walking at a brisk pace.

The wind blew through her thin shirt, making Rena feel a chill run through her body, a moment of shyness. She wanted to say something, but looking at the cold figure in front of her, she swallowed her words.

Finally, after a long walk, Rena broke the awkward silence, saying, “Mr. Su’en, thank you for saving me.”


Su’en remained cold as ever.

He didn’t want to get too involved with her, after all, she might be an old acquaintance of the original owner.

But he was curious about something, and after a moment’s thought, he asked, “How do you know my name?”

Rena timidly replied, “Aunt Qian told me. She said you’re a good shot, calm in handling things, and that if I ever got into trouble, I could seek your help.”

She paused, then added, “I didn’t think it was necessary before, so I didn’t mention it…”

Su’en listened expressionlessly, not caring about the details, and asked again, “Is Aunt Qian your real aunt?”

Rena nodded, “Yes.”


Having satisfied his curiosity, Su’en didn’t speak again.

He could guess the rest.

After the brief conversation, the two fell silent again.

In the dark tunnel, only the sound of their footsteps and breathing could be heard, which was somewhat eerie.

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