Chapter 66 – Stop talking, take off your clothes quickly

The characteristics of the spider’s corpse looked similar to several types of deformed spiders, but not exactly the same. It seemed to be another type of mutated monster.

Su’en used the Eye of Omniscience to firmly determine and immediately revealed the information.

[Mutated Ghost-Faced Spider]

Explanation: A mutated creature of the beast species that excels in mental control. It prefers dark and damp environments and its venomous fangs can release deadly blood toxins. Do not look directly into its eyes, as it will evoke your most primal desires. Although it is deadly, its body is also fragile.

“There is another group of mutated spider monsters near the sewer?”

Seeing the corpse, Su’en frowned.

Poisonous and skilled in mental control… this thing doesn’t seem easy to deal with.

The appearance of several of them means that there may be more in the depths of the cave.

As he was about to reach the location of the sickle, a new monster suddenly appeared. Should he go or not?

Suddenly, he thought of the eerie human face pattern on the spider’s abdomen, and a flash of insight came to his mind: “Could it be that the student who saw the ‘fruit body woman’ before was controlled by this spider monster?”

In other words, it wasn’t that he saw a “fruit body woman,” but that he was mentally controlled?

Thinking of this, Su’en felt that the monster’s ability was a bit strange.

He looked around the sewer pipes and gradually formed a three-dimensional map in his mind.

“Hmm… calculating the distance, this seems to be directly below Green Street Sewer. So, the cases of missing people are also caused by the spider monsters here?”

Upon careful consideration, everything matched up.

The case was solved, that’s how it was!


But reality did not give Su’en much time to think. Just at this moment, there was suddenly an abnormal movement from deep within the cave.

“Bia Ji, Bia Ji, Bia Ji…”

Hearing the wet and rapid running sound, Su’en immediately guessed that it must be the big black dog that had transformed from the previous deformed worms!

“They’re not dead yet?”

Su’en was also somewhat surprised.

Upon hearing the noise, he didn’t waste any time and quickly retreated, trying to find a corner to hide from the pursuit of the “Rena” classmate who was being chased by the monsters.

She was like a time bomb now, whoever was close to her would be unlucky.

He didn’t want to provoke this deadly trouble.

He even thought that if she was killed by the black dogs, maybe he could take the opportunity to search her body.

Not long after hearing the noise, Su’en saw a agile figure running out from the darkness. Behind her were seven or eight fierce big black dogs.

“Beastification talent [C-011-Catwoman]?”

Seeing the agile running on all fours, Su’en immediately thought of this talent.

Looking at the familiar liquid-like leather suit, although he couldn’t see her face clearly, wasn’t she “Rena”?

No wonder she could survive until now. This talent was one of the few talents that excelled in agility.

Although she wasn’t good at fighting, she was excellent at running.

In just a moment, Su’en saw three more black dogs appear out of nowhere and block her path. But Rena was like an agile black cat, skillfully avoiding the attacks of the black dogs.

Seven or eight black dogs turned into ten, and the situation became increasingly worse.

And looking at her violently heaving chest, the intense and continuous consumption, she was probably at her limit.


Su’en had no intention of meddling in other people’s affairs, and he couldn’t do anything about the black dogs anyway.

He even thought that if this woman dared to lead the monsters over, he wouldn’t mind shooting her in the leg.

But obviously, Rena also saw the guide who appeared inexplicably in the corridor.

What Su’en didn’t expect was that she not only didn’t have the intention to lead trouble to him, but instead shouted a reminder: “Be careful! Avoid me!”

Before the words fell, she probably felt that it was too late to dodge. The dozen or so dogs had almost blocked the entire passage. Even if he passed by, the corrosive gas emitted would cause Su’en, who didn’t have protective combat gear, to suffer greatly.

Knowing that she couldn’t escape, Rena apparently didn’t want to involve others anymore. At this moment, she bit her silver teeth and suddenly changed direction, not rushing towards Su’en, but choosing another vertical well passage that required even more physical strength and rushed into it.

Then, the dozen or so black dogs followed suit and disappeared into the passage.

Watching this scene, Su’en relaxed his grip on the gun, somewhat surprised: “These young masters and misses from the inner city’s wealthy families are not all like Jack, selfish and naive…”

However, he didn’t dwell on it.

Su’en watched the figure running past and felt no emotional fluctuations.

An unfamiliar noble lady who caused him to have to “run away,” it was already good enough that she didn’t push him into the well.

It was probably impossible to pick up the corpse now. He walked out of the hiding corridor and planned to continue forward and get the sickle first.

But just at this moment, his ears twitched and he retreated: “Huh, why did she come back?”

The footsteps that had gradually gone away suddenly returned!

Su’en hadn’t figured it out yet, but he already heard Rena’s desperate and anxious shout in the corridor, even though he couldn’t see her: “Mr. Su’en, please help me deliver this thing to my Aunt Qiantiao, please!”


Hearing his own name, Su’en’s gaze froze, filled with astonishment.

This… Rena actually knew his name?

And, listening to the rest of her words, Qiantiao was actually her aunt?!

What’s going on?

The gang members from the outer city actually have relatives from the inner city’s wealthy families. Could this be another melodramatic plot of a wealthy family?

Su’en felt that this sentence contained a lot of information.In the moment of his astonishment, the catwoman had already torn off a crystal necklace from her neck and tossed it over.

Then, this woman, as swift as the wind, led a pack of vicious dogs away…

Su’en looked at the necklace that had fallen not far from his feet, his expression suddenly becoming somewhat strange.

Did Rena know she was going to die, so she left her belongings behind?

Just because of her mention of “auntie”, Su’en felt he should send her belongings to Chiantiao.


Obviously, this necklace was not simple.

But out of caution, Su’en didn’t immediately pick up the necklace, but instinctively avoided it as if avoiding a plague.

Seeing that the dogs had no intention of chasing after the necklace, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

This meant that this thing did not have the “specific scent” that attracted the mutated monsters to pursue relentlessly.

“Huh…specific scent?”

Su’en looked at the figure running away, and suddenly, a light bulb went off in his head.

He found a turning point in the situation!

And… he also found the key to breaking the situation!

In this instant, Su’en’s thoughts were racing.

Since Chiantiao was Rena’s aunt, then Chiantiao’s influence in the inner city must be extraordinary.

Correspondingly, as someone under Chiantiao’s protection, Su’en was not a completely manipulable tool.

The premise was… that Rena didn’t die!

A hundred Jacks dead would not be as important as this one Rena!

Suddenly obtaining this important information, Su’en quickly deduced various possibilities in his mind.

At this moment,

If he watched Rena being chased to death by the dogs, Su’en would indeed save a lot of trouble now, but the identity of “Su’en” must die, and there would be endless troubles in the future;

If she didn’t die, Su’en might take some risks now, but the situation would have more room for maneuver.

After quickly weighing the pros and cons, he thought the best choice was to let Rena live!


But… this group of “transforming bugs” that could infinitely resurrect, merge and split couldn’t be killed at all.

Even a second-order powerhouse might not be able to save her, how could he save her?

In a split second, Su’en’s thoughts were running at high speed, and all the means he could use to save his life flashed through his mind.

Suddenly, he thought of something and shouted urgently at the figure that was about to disappear at the end of the corridor: “Run towards the third corridor on the left, circle back after a detour!”

He thought of a way that might give this woman a chance to survive.

But whether it would work or not, it depended on her own fate!

After Su’en shouted this sentence, he also chose another corridor to run through.

He installed directional blasting explosives on the rock wall, then pulled them up with a wire, and then hid in the distance.

Soon, he saw the catwoman running back in a disheveled state.

At the brink of death, Rena had no choice but to follow Su’en’s guidance and instinctively circled back.

Su’en shouted urgently again: “There’s a detonation wire on the ground, be careful to avoid it.”

Upon hearing this, Rena saw the marked detonation wire not far away on the ground. Instead of being happy, she frowned.

Collapsing the corridor couldn’t stop these liquid monsters, they had tried it before!

It’s nice that this guide has a heart to save people, but the method is wrong!

Rena had no choice but to jump over the wire, ran a few steps, and a loud explosion sounded behind her.

The “rumbling” sound echoed, and the shock wave sent sand and stones flying.

The rubble collapsed instantly, blocking the corridor.

But at this moment, visible to the naked eye, some black droplets quickly overflowed from the cracks, and in an instant, the black dogs reformed again.

Rena rushed to Su’en’s side, no longer holding any hope of survival. She didn’t stop, and anxiously said: “You go on your own, don’t worry about me! Remember to give the stuff to my aunt…”

I appreciate your kindness, but you can’t save me!

As she spoke, she didn’t notice that Su’en had calmly lit something that looked like a “smoke cake” in his hand, and a pungent smell was quickly filling the entire corridor.

Now is not the time to babble, Su’en directly interrupted the other party’s babble, and ordered sternly: “Stop talking, take off your clothes quickly!”

“You don’t worry about me, hurry…”

Rena instinctively thought that the other party still wanted to save her, but she had already killed Teacher Rosa, and she didn’t want to drag others down.

She was about to turn around and leave, but her brain only reacted at this moment that her ears seemed to have received some strange words.

Take off clothes?

The moment she realized this, her body seemed to be under a spell, frozen in place.

Time seemed to stand still.

She thought she had heard wrong, her body was still moving forward due to inertia, but her gaze instinctively turned to stare at Su’en, her face full of question marks: “???”

We’re running for our lives, dude, what are you thinking?

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