Chapter 62 – The beautiful woman in the cave

Originally, Su’en thought it was just a simple trial guide task, but now he can see that there is something fishy about this trial.

After some simple recollection, Su’en has connected the limited clues in his mind.

Even if he doesn’t know the ins and outs of the matter, he can guess that it probably involves some grudges and power struggles among the wealthy families.

This is a premeditated “accident”.

The disappearance of the mentor and assistant for no reason is most likely an accident.

After all, if something happens to these young masters and misses from wealthy families, the mentors cannot escape blame.

Of course, Su’en, as a guide, will also be implicated.

It seems that the target of the mastermind behind the scenes is not Su’en, but probably these students. But for him, this is a bigger threat than the crisis he is facing.

If even second-tier professionals can be sent to the arena, then these wealthy families are definitely not easy to deal with. If something happens to these noble students, Su’en, a member of the lower-class gang in the outer city with no foundation, will definitely be the first to be buried.

By then, even the president of the Cross Society may not be able to save him.

“I thought it was an easy way to make money, but I didn’t expect to get involved in the power struggle of the wealthy families. This is troublesome.”

Su’en’s thoughts were racing in his mind, already thinking about his future path: “Could it be that after this, I have to change my identity again and join the ‘Steam Party’ or the ‘Cross Society’?”

Only by joining the gang will he know how powerful the three major gangs are in the outer city.

Once he betrays the Cross Society, he will be in big trouble with the gang, and then he will have nowhere to go in the entire outer city.

Unless it is absolutely necessary, Su’en does not plan to give up his current identity.

And in the blink of an eye, the students behind him have already run far away.

Su’en also breathed a sigh of relief.

At least he has saved his own people now, and even sacrificed himself, which can be considered as fulfilling his duty. If there are casualties, he can also explain himself, and the high-level members of the gang can also give an account to the inner city gold owners. It’s not in vain that he was recommended by Mrs. Filov in front of that person.

After all, before they came, everyone regarded this guide task as a great “opportunity”.

If used well, it is indeed an opportunity for these lower-class gang members to turn their lives around.


If he can help the female assistant, Su’en doesn’t mind using a few more bullets.

But obviously, the number of these strange moths is not something that a few guns can solve.

If Rosa, who attracts firepower, is gone, these moths will definitely chase after any living creature in the tunnel. Su’en doesn’t have the combat suit like those noble students, and his simple leather armor probably won’t last long.

He also thought that the assistant at the Black Tower Academy must have more means to save her life than he expected, so he has always maintained a safe distance.

Sure enough, as he expected.

At this time, when the female assistant saw Su’en taking action to alleviate the crisis, she also breathed a sigh of relief. Without any hesitation, she took out something like a grenade, twisted it fiercely, and threw it towards the entrance of the tunnel.

“A bomb?”

Su’en looked at the thing thrown at him by the woman and guessed that she might want to blow up the tunnel and completely block the path of these moths’ pursuit. But if it’s a bomb, it will probably blow him up too, and maybe even cause a large-scale collapse.

Su’en instinctively wanted to shoot down this thing in the air, but when he saw the female assistant rushing towards him, he knew that it was not as simple as a bomb.


Rosa shouted urgently while running.

Su’en’s reaction was not slow either. He turned his head and ran towards the depths of the tunnel.

And at this moment, he heard the “grenade” landing and heard the sound of gas leaking.

Looking again, white foam gushed out of the bottle, suddenly expanding thousands of times. In just a few seconds, it had the tendency to completely block the entrance of the tunnel.

The expanding foam behind them was like a tsunami, chasing after them as they ran. After two or three hundred meters, the foam stopped expanding, and they finally slowed down.

Su’en looked back at the foam that blocked the passage, somewhat surprised. This thing is much more reliable than a bomb, and it won’t cause a large-scale collapse. In his impression, although there were similar expanding materials in the chemical industry in his previous life, they could not achieve such a large volume expansion.

It was probably because the female assistant had consumed too much energy before, she was panting heavily, and her chest was rising and falling violently.

She looked at Su’en with interest in the foam and took the initiative to explain: “That’s the ‘Super Foam Expansion Bomb’, an alchemical product. It is currently in the experimental stage and cannot be seen on the market.”

Su’en showed a sudden realization: “Oh.”

No wonder he hadn’t heard of it before, it turned out to be a laboratory-level product.

The Black Tower Academy indeed has a lot of high-tech.

At this time, the female assistant glanced at Su’en, as if she remembered something, and said again, “Thank you for saving the students just now.”

She probably didn’t expect that the guide arranged by the academy, who was a local gang member, would turn out to be a hidden “firearms expert”.

If it weren’t for the person in front of her, she would have been overwhelmed by herself.

Su’en nodded in response and said politely, “It’s what I should do.”

After thinking for a moment, he spoke again, “If it’s convenient, I would like to ask, did something unexpected happen during this trial?”

In principle, as a guide, he is not qualified to ask anything about the trial.

But now, the situation is obviously not right.The female assistant thought for a moment, then spoke seriously without evasion, “Assistant Daniel and Professor August seem to have encountered some problems. We need to find the students now and end this trial immediately!”


Upon hearing this, Su’en realized that something unexpected had indeed happened.

However, ending the trial now was also good news for him.

At least no students had died.

He, as a guide, hadn’t completely failed in his duties.

But… it seemed that the current situation was such that they couldn’t end the trial just because they wanted to.


Without saying much, the two of them retraced their steps.

However, after walking for a while, when they reached a crossroad, Su’en discovered an unexpected situation.

The traces at the scene showed that the group of students didn’t return the way they came, but chose another path at this crossroad, running deeper underground.

Clearly, something was wrong.

Su’en and the female assistant exchanged a glance, both guessing what might have happened.

“Be careful, there might be monsters.”


The students didn’t choose to return the same way, there was only one explanation, something forced them not to dare to return the same way!

Moreover, there were some strange battle traces left at this crossroad.

Some black, oil-like viscous fluid was left in various places in the tunnel.

Su’en used his All-knowing Eye to identify it, showing that it was a trace left by a mutated creature.

【Mutated Amoeba Debris】

Explanation: This is a part of a slime amoeba’s body; its main body has the characteristics of splitting, transforming, merging, and strong corrosive toxins, and its vitality is extremely tenacious; it has almost no sensory system, but it is very sensitive to certain specific smells;

“Did we really encounter a monster?”

Su’en looked at the black viscous fluid, his eyebrows furrowed.

Encountering another unknown monster didn’t surprise him, but… why didn’t they encounter it when they came, but the students encountered it when they returned?

Moreover, even if the mutated monsters are “strange”, the students’ abilities should be able to handle them.

Judging from the traces at the scene, it seemed that the students had no resistance and were driven deeper underground?

Su’en found this puzzling.

Looking at the introduction of “very sensitive to certain specific smells”, his eyes narrowed slightly, sensing that something was wrong.


The female assistant didn’t recognize the origin of the black viscous fluid, but she also guessed that the situation was urgent. She urgently shouted at Su’en, “The students must be in danger, let’s go check it out!”

Su’en nodded and followed her.

As the two of them descended, the fragments of the route in Su’en’s mind became more and more blurred. He vaguely remembered that this had already exceeded the territory of the previous zombie-type mutated monsters.

The mutated monsters in the underground cave were not just one or two types, they also had a complete food chain.

Su’en didn’t know what kind of monsters were in the direction they were heading deeper underground, but judging from the memories of the monsters he had harvested before, there seemed to be a very terrifying group of mutated monsters hidden.

Fortunately, not long after, they finally found the group of students hiding in a cave.

“Oh my God, Teacher Rosa, you’re finally here!”

The students saw Su’en and Rosa, and like seeing a lifesaver, they all gathered around.

Before Assistant Rosa could ask, the students started talking about their experiences.

“Teacher Rosa, it was terrifying! We encountered several black dogs that we couldn’t kill…”

“Yes, those black dogs chased us madly. No matter how we attacked, it was useless. When we smashed their bodies, the black viscous fluid would quickly gather and resurrect. Even if we burned them with fire, their size only shrank a little, we couldn’t kill them…”

“Moreover, those smaller black dogs would merge with each other and then transform into a larger monster…”


Listening to the students, Su’en understood that the oil-like traces he saw earlier were fragments of the “black dogs’” bodies.

Su’en carefully looked at the students, apart from some corrosive injuries on their bodies, there didn’t seem to be any fatal injuries.

Wait… weren’t there twenty students? Why was one missing?

Assistant Rosa obviously also noticed something wrong. One of the four five-person teams was missing a person. She asked, “Where’s Kome?”

“He… he’s gone.”


Rosa looked surprised. How could such a big living person just disappear?

At this time, a student named Brown said, “Just now… Kome told me he saw a very beautiful woman in the tunnel. I didn’t take it seriously. Then when I turned around, he was gone.”

Rosa thought an enemy had arrived and asked seriously, “What woman?”

“A… a naked woman!”


As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere suddenly became strange.

There were plenty of monsters in this cave, but where would a beautiful naked woman come from?

Su’en, who was standing by, felt very familiar when he heard this, as if he had heard it somewhere before.

A very beautiful woman?

Suddenly, he thought of something.

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