Chapter 61 – The gun skills shocked the audience

“Ah! Damn it, my battle suit has been pierced by something. Ah… my arm is numb!”

“Everyone be careful, the mouthparts of that monster are highly toxic, it’s a neurotoxin!”

“How could my battle suit be pierced? Oh my god, the mouthparts of those monsters are too sharp…”


Suddenly, screams came from the crowd.

Su’en looked at the figure that fell among the group of monsters and frowned, “Is the battle suit damaged?”

Yes, the mouthparts of this monster have armor-piercing abilities. The acid from earlier also corroded the runes on the battle suit. If the energy is not replaced in time, it will weaken the defense and it’s not surprising that it was pierced.

He looked at the panicked students who relied too much on their battle suits and thought to himself, “They rely too much on their battle suits, resulting in poor crisis response capabilities.”

In fact, he had noticed this problem before. Those students relied on their battle suits and hardly dodged the monsters’ attacks.

But what about continuous attacks at a high frequency?

Now they encountered a swarm of armor-piercing moths. The battle suits had long endured the high-frequency attacks that they couldn’t handle, and finally, they were pierced.


At this moment, Su’en looked at the female assistant teacher beside him and noticed something. He couldn’t bear to watch any longer and shouted, “The monsters are sensitive to light, stop creating more light sources!”

Indeed, she was an assistant teacher, with much more combat experience than the students.

After hearing this, the students stopped using spells that would create strong light sources, and even the sound of gunfire quieted down.


This reminder came a bit too late, there were already too many monsters.

Moreover, the students gathered together, and as long as they attacked, they would inevitably create some flashes of light.

Before long, the battle suit of the second student was pierced.

A scream that made people’s scalp tingle.

“Ah… my battle suit has been pierced too, damn it, my legs are paralyzed!”

The worst thing on the battlefield was not casualties or death, but serious injuries.

One seriously injured person meant that at least two healthy team members would be burdened. With the appearance of the injured, the already chaotic student team became even worse.

Su’en looked at the increasingly dire situation in the distance and suddenly felt that things seemed to have exceeded his expectations.

The unexpected happened too quickly.

“Teacher Rosa, I don’t want to continue the trial, I want to go home, I don’t want to die here…”

“Ah, I’ve been stung again, my heart and lungs are… paralyzed… I can’t breathe…”

“Quick, inject him with the antidote!”


Finally, the worst situation occurred.

The first student with a critical life-threatening injury appeared. If not treated in time, he would probably die here.

Su’en frowned and looked around, “Is it really the case that the mentors won’t intervene?”


“Damn it!”

Rosa, who was not far from Su’en, cursed without hesitation. She quickly formed more than ten wizard seals with her hands.

Before the words fell, the alchemy array under her feet lit up, “Planting Art·Unseal!”

Su’en watched as this female assistant teacher almost instantly unsealed the planting art, and he was greatly surprised, “She forms the seals so quickly!”

She was definitely the fastest person he had seen in unsealing the planting art!

And it didn’t end there.

After unsealing the planting art, Rosa’s body suddenly emitted a faint blue cold flame. She once again changed the wizard seals in her hands, and her momentum suddenly changed. She softly chanted, “Alchemy Secret Technique·Unhindered!”

In the next moment, Su’en saw the cold flame on her body condense into two illusory giant arms, floating behind her.

“What kind of alchemy is this?”

Su’en watched with curiosity. From a short distance away, he could clearly feel the chilling intent emanating from those cold eyes.

At this moment, Rosa charged towards the students.

“She’s actually a melee class practitioner?”

Su’en didn’t expect that this seemingly gentle and soft female assistant teacher would fight in close combat.

And what surprised him even more was yet to come.

Those cold flame fists swung without a gap, instantly forming a whirlwind of flames, burning down a large number of moths.

“Is this her ability to inflict double damage on monsters?”

Su’en was seeing this ability for the first time, which subverted some of his fixed impressions of traditional alchemists.

He thought that they could only cast spells, but it turned out they could also engage in close combat.

Being able to be an assistant teacher at the Black Tower Alchemy Academy was indeed not simple.


Because of Rosa’s intervention, the crisis situation for the students improved significantly.

However, because her technique also attracted the moths, after killing one wave, another wave came rushing in.

At this moment, Rosa shouted, “Extinguish the light sources! You all go first!”

It turned out that she wanted to attract the swarm of monsters herself and let the students escape.

The students didn’t dare to delay after hearing this and quickly ran towards the passage where Su’en was hiding.

At this moment, Su’en finally realized what was wrong.

If this was a trial, it seemed that the level of danger had far exceeded expectations.”This is not right… There are already multiple severely injured people, and the hidden mentor is still not ready to take action?”

Su’en had no doubt that these inexperienced students, running around in panic, were likely to be wiped out in the underground cave.

That assistant, Rosa, alone cannot stop this group of strange moths.

Do they still find the trial not difficult enough?

Do a few people have to die to scare these students before the mentor behind the scenes will take action?

But as Su’en looked at the anxious face of the assistant, Rosa, he felt that something was increasingly wrong.

And at this moment, a deadly crisis appeared again.

Charlie, the chubby boy running at the back of the student group, felt a slight sting on his back and immediately realized something. His face turned pale in an instant.

He didn’t care about his image anymore and suddenly shouted, “Brother Su’en, help!”


Hearing the cry, Su’en hesitated for a moment, but his hands had already decisively reached for the gun at his waist.

There are still a small number of moths chasing them, and there is no sign of the mentor appearing. If he doesn’t take action now, Charlie’s group will likely be the first to have casualties.

After all, he had taken the money, so he still had some sense of obligation.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang…”

In that instant, Su’en suddenly drew both guns and fired nearly twenty bullets in a very short amount of time.

But his actions immediately drew a shout from the leading students, “Are you an idiot? Don’t shoot! The light will attract those moths…”

But before they finished speaking, they heard a series of heavy objects falling to the ground.

The expressions of the students instantly froze: How… is this possible?

Charlie had already given up hope.

He shouted for help without caring about his image because he had already felt the piercing sensation of the moth’s mouthparts stabbing his back.

He thought he was going to die.

But suddenly, he realized that the piercing sensation disappeared?

When he looked again, he found that more than twenty moth corpses had fallen around him. And on the head of each moth, there was a bullet hole.

Looking at this scene in front of him, and then at Su’en not far away holding a gun, Charlie immediately realized what had happened. He finally felt the sensation of his frightened soul returning to his body.

After a moment of daze, a look of joy after surviving a disaster appeared on his face. “Brother Su’en, save me!”


The student who had scolded Su’en for shooting looked at how easily Su’en killed so many moths and saved Charlie and his classmates, and instantly felt a burning sensation on his face.

They were all just focused on running, and no one noticed that Charlie and his group had already fallen into danger.

But unable to resist his pride, that person still weakly muttered, “Don’t shoot randomly, the fire might…”

Su’en didn’t give this group of people a chance to waste time with their complaints. He pressed the magazine release button and quickly changed the magazine with both hands. At the same time, he said, “If you want to shoot, it’s best to use regular submachine gun bullets.”

There was no time to hide his clumsiness. He had to shoot to save people.

He didn’t explain in detail why he used regular bullets. If they couldn’t figure it out, it would make these proud elites look foolish.

There was no need to use alchemical bullets to deal with these monsters!

The rate of fire and power of a firearm were often inversely proportional. Alchemical bullets had greater power, but slower rate of fire, and the resulting flash and noise were also greater.

For dealing with these numerous and fragile moths, firearms with a fast rate of fire and fewer bullets were completely sufficient.

With less noise and a fleeting light source, the attraction to those moths was very limited.

As long as the shots were accurate, the efficiency was higher than alchemical bullets, and it was safer.

Just like what was happening right now.

While everyone was still staring at the ground covered in moth corpses without reacting, Su’en had already swiftly changed the magazine and pulled the trigger again.

In the next instant, he gave these students a textbook-like demonstration of practical shooting.

Both guns raised, index fingers quickly pulling the triggers.

Dah, dah, dah… The sound of gunfire was dense like raindrops, but it had a fast and steady rhythm. This was completely different from the panicked shooting rhythm of the students.

Su’en seemed to aim aimlessly, but with each gunshot, at least one moth corpse fell from the air, and sometimes even two or three…

The targets of his bullets seemed to be not just a single point, but a line.

Throughout the shooting process, no one saw Su’en show any signs of panic. He remained calm and almost numb, calmly pulling the trigger, as if he calculated the precise timing and trajectory of each monster’s attack.

The firearms in his hands seemed to have eyes, always accurately dealing with the approaching moths, hitting each monster’s head with a single shot.

With just his two guns, he blocked the group of moths chasing after the twenty students who were fleeing in panic.

After three rounds of magazines were emptied, the ground was already densely covered with hundreds of moth corpses.

At this moment, all the students were dumbfounded…

Su’en’s marksmanship was shocking!


Charlie, the chubby boy, was already stunned.Having narrowly escaped death, he didn’t hide his excitement at all, “Wow…my information was indeed correct, brother, you are the top gunman of the Cross Society!”

His smug expression seemed to be showing off to the students around him: See, I was right, wasn’t I? Are you still laughing at me now?

The students on the side were whispering to each other.

“He’s so strong! I noticed he used at least seven advanced firearm techniques just now, precise trajectory calculation, moving target lock-on, attack prediction, quick reloading, simultaneous multi-target attack…”

“This…he must be a ‘firearm expert’.”

“But…isn’t Jack also a ‘firearm expert’? Why does it feel like there’s such a big difference? Seeing this guy, I even feel like I’m seeing our firearms instructor, Master Punk. He always hits the target…”

“I didn’t expect there to be such a skilled gunman in the outer city. This guide, he must be a famous veteran gunman from the outer city…”


Listening to the whispers in his ear, Su’en felt a headache coming on.

These students were really clueless. Assistant Rosa risked her life to attract most of the moth monsters for them, and he himself had just killed the ones that had slipped through the net and chased after them.

Now that they could finally catch their breath, these guys actually stopped running?

Su’en didn’t want to be dragged down, so he said expressionlessly, “You guys go first, find a place to hide, and extinguish all light sources!”

Upon hearing this, the students finally realized that the crisis was not over.

Then, they really ran…

Although Charlie was a coward, he still had some sense of loyalty.

At the critical moment, when everyone else had fled, he was the only one who asked in a panic, “Brother, is there anything I can do for you?”

Su’en thought for a moment and said, “Leave some bullets for me, you go first!”


Charlie didn’t waste any time, he took out several fine firearms and a pile of bullets from his storage ring, “Brother, take care!”


Su’en nodded, holding two guns, he stood at the entrance of the tunnel.

It wasn’t that he was selfless and willing to sacrifice himself for others.

But with this group of burdens, he would be safer running alone.

Now that Assistant Daniel had disappeared without a trace, the second-order instructor was nowhere to be found, and there were inexplicably falling bugs… All these abnormal situations indicated that something had happened in the cave.

Although Su’en didn’t understand what had happened, his intuition told him that perhaps bigger trouble was waiting for them.

Following these students would only increase the danger!

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