Chapter 52 – Just took a quick glance at your legs

It was probably because she was going to meet an important person in the inner city that Qiantiao dressed quite formally today.


She didn't have her usual street thug look, with one arm bare and the intimidating big tattoo on her arm exposed. Today, she was wearing a red, green, and blue mixed-color battle kimono, giving off a homely vibe.


Su'en looked at her with a hint of surprise, feeling that something was off.


The loose overlapping robe had a white collar, without any bandages to bind it, making it even more heavy and profound, catching one's eye.


Her dressing style was as bold as ever.


She had lost some of her bossy social aura and gained a bit of sexiness.


Perhaps Su'en didn't expect Qiantiao to have this side.


Of course, don't look at the four murderous long swords hanging from her waist, she still had a bit of the charm of a gentle wife.


Qiantiao looked at Su'en, who easily dealt with the assassin in the corridor, squinting her eyes and seeming very satisfied with his performance.


Listening to her tone when speaking to the people in the room, it seemed like she was saying, "See, the person I introduced, isn't he good?"


"Come, let me introduce you, Lady Filov…"


Qiantiao greeted Su'en, casually putting her arm around his shoulder, and whispered, "This is the patron of our Cross Society, behave well."


If it weren't for Kay telling him the purpose of this trip beforehand, Su'en would have found the phrase "behave well" quite strange.


Su'en felt his arm being enveloped in tenderness, unable to refuse, and nodded, "Hmm."


He was also curious about what the patron behind the Cross Society would look like.




It was not a secret that the three major gangs in the outer city were supported by major corporations in the inner city.


It could also be said that it was because of the support of these corporations that the three major gangs existed.


Many times, the conflicts between the gangs were actually competitions between corporations.


Qiantiao led Su'en into the VIP private room, and then introduced him to the patron sitting on the sofa, saying, "This is Su'en, he has excellent marksmanship."


Su'en glanced over and immediately identified the main person. Although there were other people in the room, the woman sitting on the sofa had a very special aura, making it easy to guess that she was the "Lady Filov."


The gothic-style black one-piece short skirt reflected a high-quality pure black under the lights, which was a high-end fabric that could be seen at a glance. The silk strapless top outlined her figure perfectly, and the appropriate hollow lace revealed her cleavage, standing proudly.


The embroidered hem of the pencil skirt was finely crafted, and the skirt had a high slit, almost reaching the root of the thigh, revealing her long and beautiful legs, captivating the eyes. The cold expression matched her graceful figure, sexy yet with a hint of aloofness. She was a woman who made people's desires surge but dared not defile, with a conflicting style of coldness and desire.


She sat on the sofa so casually, but the feeling she gave was like a queen sitting on a throne.


Su'en only took a glance and then lowered his gaze, saying, "Hello, Lady Filov."


He didn't dare to look directly at her, partly out of courtesy, and partly afraid of running into acquaintances of the original host and being recognized.


But in that moment of avoiding eye contact, the woman in the black dress on the sofa raised an eyebrow slightly.


Qiantiao, who was beside her, naturally knew the criteria for selecting candidates by the patron, and seeing Su'en's calmness, a slightly proud smile appeared on her face. "How about it, I told you he's good, right?"


Su'en found the phrase "he's good" quite intriguing, as if he had just gone through a test.


Obviously, the woman in the black dress was not familiar with the original host. Su'en felt that there were eyes scrutinizing him, but there was no trace of anything unusual.


As long as they didn't know each other, it was fine.


After a few moments of silence, the woman in the black dress finally spoke, in a cold and emotionless tone, "Hmm… it's you."


Then, she said without any emotion, "Alright, you can leave now."


Her lofty tone made Su'en, as a transmigrator, feel that this woman was arrogant, but he remained unaffected.


Being cold was the normal attitude.


As the behind-the-scenes patron of a gang, it was already good enough for her to look at a small gang member directly.


In the entire Cross Society, besides Su'en, there probably wasn't anyone else who could personally meet this ordinary gang member.


The concept of social hierarchy in this world was strong, and people from the outer city naturally felt inferior to those from the inner city, let alone someone from the upper class like the woman in front of them.


This was also why Kay, even though he wasn't chosen, was so excited just by meeting her briefly.


Su'en didn't say anything and turned to leave.


Qiantiao seemed afraid that Su'en would misunderstand something, so she gave him a smiling glance, probably meaning to say that he had performed well and that the patron had no ill intentions.


Su'en nodded slightly and walked out of the private room.




After Su'en left, Qiantiao immediately broke the formal atmosphere of the meeting between superiors and subordinates in the VIP private room.Qian Tiao seemed to be quite familiar with the woman in the black dress. She unabashedly sat across from her and said, "See, the people I recommend are always good, right? Su'en's marksmanship has reached the level of a 'firearms expert', and his crisis awareness is strong. He's not your average professional. Of course, Kay was also pretty good before…"


"That's indeed true."


With no outsiders around, the coldness on the woman in the black dress's face eased.


She looked at Qian Tiao and explained somewhat helplessly, "Kay was acceptable, but he's too young and lacks steadiness."


Qian Tiao knew what she was referring to. Feeling a bit indignant for her own people, she retorted, "So what if he looked at your legs a bit more…"


Hearing this, the woman in the black dress gave Qian Tiao a glance and lazily said, "It's always better to be more careful. After all, those young masters and misses are not easy to serve. If the person we choose causes trouble, it will be a big problem for your Cross Society."




Qian Tiao shrugged noncommittally.


But at least they had chosen someone, and she had understood the task assigned by the president.


She unabashedly glanced at the woman in the black dress's beautiful legs again and said in a low voice, "I knew Su'en would satisfy you. After all, a person who can control his bets when gambling, how could he be disturbed by your beauty?"


Hearing this, the woman in the black dress shook her head with a wry smile.


Her old friend was good in all aspects, but she was a bit blunt when it came to matters between men and women.


Clearly, the woman in the black dress understood human nature better. She had read a lot from Su'en's gaze. He had desires but could restrain them, such people live longer.


But she didn't explain further.


At this moment, she looked at Qian Tiao, a cunning smile flashed across her face, and she deliberately asked, "But, are you sure that Su'en likes women?"


"Eh… right!"


Upon hearing this, Qian Tiao was taken aback, as if she had discovered something, "I'm really not sure about that."


If he liked men and was not moved by women, wouldn't that be too normal?


But the young masters in the city were all fair and tender, wouldn't that be a problem?




Su'en left the private room and went downstairs, where he ran into Kay who was still waiting.


Kay asked expectantly, "Brother, how did it go? Did that lady choose you?"


Su'en frowned and thought, "I'm not sure."


He should have been chosen, but the woman in the black dress gave him a strange feeling, not like an ordinary noblewoman.


At this moment, Kay leaned in mysteriously and said in a tone that all men would understand, "Hehe, isn't Lady Philo beautiful?"


"Of course."


Hearing this, Su'en's expression became a bit strange, and he suddenly realized why this guy wasn't chosen.


If you're talking about beauty, that woman's figure and looks were impeccable.


But lust should be appropriate.


In any world, no woman in a high position of power is simple, and it's not just about appearance.


His intuition told him that the woman in the black dress was very cunning.


When the name of the sponsor was mentioned, Kay showed a fascinated expression and sighed, "The big shots in the inner city really have a different temperament…"


He stopped halfway through his sentence, probably feeling it was inappropriate, and swallowed the rest of his words.


Su'en was a bit curious and asked, "Captain, do you know what that big shot does in the inner city?"


Kay frowned and thought, "Who knows… But I heard that she lives alone now. Um… I also heard that she has business dealings with many big tycoons in the inner city, but I don't know what she does."


"Oh, I see…"


Upon hearing this, Su'en became curious.


Living alone and being called a lady, could she be a widow?


Since she's a sponsor, there should be some big consortium backing her.


But this one, seems a bit wild…


A socialite of high society?


Or the spokesperson for some real big shots behind the scenes?




But before the two could say more, footsteps sounded from the stairs.


Turning their heads, they saw Qian Tiao.


The gambling-addicted young woman seemed to be in a good mood. She waved her hand and said, "Kay, Su'en, let's go, I'm treating you guys to a hot spring."


"Ah… hot spring?"


Upon hearing this, Kay's expression instantly became strange, as if he had recalled some not-so-good memories.


Su'en was also curious, why did this boss suddenly invite them to a hot spring?


Qian Tiao glanced at Su'en, her eyes slightly strange, but she didn't explain further.

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