Chapter 51 – The Trial Team of the Inner City

Back on Green Street, Su’en began his regular nightlife.

At seven o’clock in the evening, the members of the Cross Society gathered punctually at the dilapidated building.

Then half an hour of patrol.

After finishing, Su’en went to the arena of the Crimson Stronghold as usual.

As expected, he would stay here for the whole night.

Recently, there seemed to be some changes in the inner city, and there were more professional death matches in the arena.

According to the rumors, several major financial conglomerates in the inner city were engaged in intense internal struggles due to conflicting interests. The participants in the arena were mostly outstanding professionals, bodyguards, retainers, or people with special identities. In any case, their backgrounds were not simple.

However, the turmoil in the inner city had nothing to do with Su’en, the little gangster.

On the contrary, he felt that the more chaotic it was, the better.

After all, these professionals from the inner city indeed had much deeper “knowledge” than the professionals from the outer city. During this period, Su’en had gained a lot of alchemical knowledge and mechanical knowledge from the bodies in the arena. These were benefits that the professionals from the outer city, who could only extract combat skills, could not compare with.

Today, the arena was as lively as ever.

But before Su’en could bet on a few matches, Captain Kay came over with a mysterious look on his face.

He said that he was going to take him to meet an important person.


“Captain, who exactly are we going to meet? You’re making it so mysterious.”

Su’en felt a bit regretful about being taken away halfway. There was a professional death match tonight.

If he missed it, he would miss out on a lot of experience.

“Hehe, of course it’s a good thing!”

Kay put his arm around Su’en’s shoulder and winked, “You can earn a lot of money, contribute to the gang, and have the opportunity to meet important people in the inner city. Let me tell you, as long as things go well, the benefits will be unimaginable.”

“Ah… What exactly is it?”

Looking at Kay’s excited expression, Su’en became more and more puzzled.

Meeting important people in the inner city?

For others, it might be a rare opportunity, but for Su’en, it might not necessarily be a good thing.

The identity of the original host was sensitive, and he didn’t want to have any contact with important people in the inner city until he figured out the situation, for fear of running into acquaintances.

At this moment, Kay looked at Su’en’s exaggerated smoky makeup and frowned, “Hey, brother, your outfit is getting stranger. The heavy metal style may be cool, but I don’t think it suits you…”

Pausing for a moment, he seemed to think of something and muttered, “I wonder if that important person will be influenced by your style and have a bad first impression…”

Su’en muttered in his heart, “It’s better if they don’t like it.”

He also understood that it seemed that an important person from the inner city had come and wanted to “interview” him. Then they could see if he was suitable for some conditions…

Earning money and getting to know important people?

Could it be that they were selecting gigolos?

This thought involuntarily popped into Su’en’s mind, making him feel a bit annoyed.

After all, he was still a member of the Cross Society and couldn’t refuse the captain’s tasks. So he followed him out.

Thinking about it, Kay shouldn’t be so unreliable.


As they walked, Su’en felt uneasy again. He quietly put on a pair of steel tooth braces, making his facial features even stranger. This was also a mainstream dark punk style, not considered too unconventional.

The two of them walked through the crowd and then left the gambling den, arriving at the back door guarded by someone, which led to the VIP rooms on the second floor of the gambling den.

But when they arrived here, Kay didn’t go in. He said, “Su’en, you go up by yourself. Qiantiao is already up there.”

Su’en was a little puzzled, “Aren’t you going?”

Kay rolled his eyes and said with a hint of resentment, “I just went there, but it seems like that important person didn’t pay attention to me…”


Su’en understood. So that was the case.

But he was also very surprised. Kay was not weak among the first-tier professionals in the Cross Society, and his character was also good. How could he not be chosen?

Even if they were selecting gigolos, Kay’s appearance was much better than his current punk style, right?

What kind of conditions did that “important person” want?

At this moment, Kay looked at Su’en, who was full of doubts, and finally revealed some information. He said, “Forget it, I originally wanted to give you a surprise.”

Pausing for a moment, he continued, “It’s not a difficult task. That important person wants to find a guide who has been to the Tubular Tower Dungeon. Only the two of us have survived before, so… well.”

So, he wasn’t chosen, and Su’en was called instead.

“The Tubular Tower Dungeon? As a guide?”

Su’en became even more puzzled. The important people from the inner city despised even coming to the outer city because it was dirty, so why would they go to a smelly and dangerous place like the dungeon?

Kay explained, “I heard from Qiantiao that some noble students from the ‘Black Tower Alchemy Academy’ in the inner city have a graduation trial. Those precious young masters and ladies definitely can’t risk their lives going outside the city to hunt for resources, so they can only find a place with monsters in the city to go through the motions. The distorted monsters in the inner city have all been cleared, so they can only go to the outer city. I don’t know where they heard that there are monsters in the Tubular Tower, so they need a local expert as a guide and to handle some negotiations…”

“That’s it?”

Su’en finally understood after hearing this. So that was the case.

“You can rest assured, you don’t need to fight at all in the Tubular Tower. The noble students are accompanied by second-tier professionals as their mentors. You know, the professionals in the inner city are very strong, especially those who can be mentors at the ‘Black Tower Alchemy Academy.’ They are definitely not weaker than our cadres…”

As Kay said this, he seemed to be a bit resentful that he wasn’t chosen by the big shot.He pursed his lips and continued, “So, you just need to follow them, there’s no need for you to lift a finger. Just lead the way for them and make sure the residents of the Tube Building don’t disturb those young nobles.”

“I see…”

Upon hearing this, Su’en finally understood completely.

An inner city trial team was going to the Tube Building to kill monsters for their graduation trial, and they needed a local guide?


If it was just guiding, Su’en would definitely try to get out of this task.

He didn’t want to run into people the original owner knew.

But hearing the address of the Tube Building made Su’en hesitate.

Because he immediately thought of the sealed weapon, the scythe, still deep in the tunnel.

After the battle at the Tube Building, Su’en realized the terror of the underground monsters. He estimated that without second-order strength, he had no confidence in retrieving the sealed weapon alive from the depths of the tunnel.

What if this group of people went down for the trial and, by some twist of fate, found the place where the scythe had fallen? Wouldn’t he be wasting a great opportunity?

Now he also understood the value of the sealed weapon.

During this time, he had specifically inquired about the legend related to the “Night Black Scythe of Shub-Niggurath”.

He was quite shocked when he understood it.

That black scythe was a super weapon that could slash open spatial rifts!

Nothing could withstand it, nothing could resist it.

Even the toughest armor would be split in two under that scythe.

So, that group who attacked the headquarters was able to easily break open the door of the treasury with this scythe.

Although the scythe must have its unknown negative “cursed characteristics”, Su’en felt that if he could really get such a divine weapon, it would definitely be a life-saving weapon.

If he encountered a powerful enemy and couldn’t beat them, at least he would have some confidence to die together.


“Maybe I can follow this group of people, and then use their high-end combat power to clear the monsters in the tunnel, to achieve my goal of retrieving the item?”

At this time, Su’en quickly weighed the pros and cons in his mind.

If he was to guide them to the cave tunnel, he was indeed the most suitable for this task.

After all, he had a real map in his mind!

Without much thought, Kay urged him, “Su’en, you should go up, don’t keep that big shot waiting too long.”


Su’en nodded, regardless of his decision, he had to go up and meet the big shot from the inner city.

Maybe, they wouldn’t even like him?

He walked up the stairs to the second floor private room, then down a quiet corridor with luxurious floor mats.

Although there was no one, the moment Su’en stepped into the corridor, he felt as if there was a gaze watching him.

This was not an illusion, but a warning of danger brought by high perception.

“An assassin?”

Su’en suddenly became alert, his hands quietly reaching for his gun.

Just then, a cold dagger silently pressed against his neck from behind.

In that instant, Su’en’s combat experience allowed him to make the most timely response. His super-fast nerve reaction speed allowed him to make a pre-judged evasive action before the dagger could cut his throat.

Then, with a swift elbow strike, he hit the attacker’s abdomen.

The assassin grunted, and in the moment he curled up, a fire gun was already pressed against his chin.

However, Su’en didn’t pull the trigger.

If it were anywhere else, this guy’s head would have been blown off.

Because Su’en remembered Kay’s words, he was more cautious. Since there were executives here, the attack was somewhat intriguing.

A test?

Sure enough, at that moment, a familiar voice sounded from not far away, “I told you he’s good, but you had to test him…”

This was obviously not addressed to Su’en, but to the person in the room.

After saying that, the woman called out to Su’en from a distance, smiling, “Come, let me introduce you to someone.”


Seeing this gambling-addicted woman, Su’en raised an eyebrow and finally let out a sigh of relief.

He naturally holstered his gun and walked over.

Entering the private room, he saw a very cool woman.

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