Chapter 33 – See a person, send a message

Qian Tiao threw a thick stack of green banknotes accurately into the tray of the girl, without looking back.


Looking at her swift movements, she was definitely a regular at the casino.


But even though the salary of a cadre in the Cross Society was not low, ten thousand yuan was still a considerable bet.


Su'en's eyelids twitched slightly, hoping that the boss wouldn't blame him if he lost.


In order to not make people suspect that he was not just a gambler, he also bought a thousand blue squares.






The bell rang, and the match began.


One charge, and the two gladiators collided in the octagonal cage, starting an intense fight.


Perhaps due to luck, the blue side with serious injuries narrowly won this round.


"Wow~ You won! Your luck is really good!"


Qian Tiao exclaimed, in high spirits.


After winning money, she turned her head and looked at Su'en again, asking, "Which side do you think will win the next round?"




Su'en didn't care about winning or losing.


He didn't understand betting, he just bought whatever he thought of.


But now, with a boss from a gang by his side, sincerely asking him, he couldn't just brush it off.


In order to make himself appear more like a gambler, he thought for a moment and said a mystical phrase, "If red wins, then blue will win next… I guess?"




Qian Tiao blinked and nodded, looking like she thought it made sense.


After winning a round just now, even though the casino took a cut, she still had eighteen thousand yuan.


After hearing Su'en's words, she directly told the betting girl to put all the money she had just won on the blue side, boldly saying, "Let's bet on the blue side together."




Su'en felt that something was off. This boss seemed to have a gambling addiction.


After hesitating for a moment, he also agreed, "I'll bet a thousand too."


If it weren't for the intimidating tattoos and the four long knives at her waist, who would have thought that this woman with a glint in her eyes while gambling was a member of a gang.


Glancing sideways, Su'en cautiously sized her up for a moment. If he didn't know that this boss was a ruthless professional, he would have thought that Qian Tiao had attractive features and a great figure, with a sexy mature woman vibe.


But… she was actually a killer.


Can't afford to provoke, can't afford to provoke.


Su'en retracted his gaze.






The bell rang again, and another gambling match began.


This time, it was a fierce battle with no clear winner. The two gladiators in the octagonal cage fought with all their strength, bringing a fierce and bloody battle to the gamblers.


The gambling booth was filled with the cheering and shouting of the gamblers.


And Qian Tiao, like an anxious coach, shouted and gave instructions to the gladiators in the arena, just like any ordinary gambler.


"Oh, take him down, Blue Knight!"


"Hey, buddy, use the 'Guillotine' and strangle him, strangle him!"


"Damn, what a stupid move, pursue the advantage!"




Qian Tiao was like a coach who cared deeply, shouting while also giving instructions to the gladiators in the arena.


Su'en listened with a mix of laughter and tears, not knowing if this counted as cheating. As a skilled fighter, her guidance was enough to change the outcome of the gambling.


However, Su'en's attention was no longer on who would win or lose, but rather on carefully observing the movements of the two gladiators in the arena.


Unlike before, at this moment, as long as he focused on the punches and kicks of the gladiators, he would notice that their movements had become slower. This allowed his gaze to clearly capture every detail.


It was like watching a slow-motion video.


"It's not an illusion. There has been some change in my left eye…"


Su'en murmured to himself, confirming his previous speculation.


Since his successful job induction, he had noticed that his "All-Knowing Eye" had gradually changed.


Not only could he see farther, but he could also see more details.


It was like a fly flying by. Before, he could only see a black shadow, but now he could clearly see the frequency of the fly's transparent wings vibrating.


Looking at this match again, every move of the gladiators was within his sight. Su'en confirmed that because of the awakening of his profession, his talent had also improved.


"S-grade talent, it's not that simple indeed."


Su'en confirmed that the talent "Talent S-018 All-Knowing Eye" was not just for identifying items, it had many other undeveloped abilities.


This new ability of "Dynamic Capture" was one of them.


Su'en's mind wandered a bit, and just at this moment, a powerful arm suddenly and roughly wrapped around his neck. He had just realized it and instinctively moved to draw his gun, but then he thought of something and instantly relaxed.


Then, Su'en bumped into something warm and soft, feeling like waves crashing.


"Haha! I won again!"


Hearing Qian Tiao's excited voice in his ear, Su'en realized what had happened.


But he was also amazed. Was this the strength of a cadre?


He was extremely agile now, with a super-fast reaction speed that allowed him to dodge crossbow arrows. But just now, he almost didn't react in time.


Su'en sighed in his heart and felt a little dizzy from hitting something warm and soft…


Qian Tiao let go of Su'en and laughed, "Hahaha, luckily your luck is good, otherwise I would have lost my last bit of salary and would have to rely on my brothers in the gang for support for the next half month."




Upon hearing this, Su'en's expression slightly froze.


This… Qian Tiao, a gang member, only had ten thousand yuan in her pocket?


She bet her entire fortune on a single bet?


Indeed, in any world, gamblers have nothing.




Su'en thought that Qian Tiao would stop after winning tens of thousands of yuan, but unexpectedly, she spoke again, "Hey, who do you think will win the next round?"


At this moment, there was a strange green light flickering in Qian Tiao's eyes as she looked at Su'en, full of excitement and enthusiasm…


Su'en had already won two rounds in a row. No, including the previous two rounds, he had won four rounds in a row.


He bet small amounts, so winning or losing didn't matter to him.


But now that he knew this was Qian Tiao's entire fortune, Su'en felt a bit pressured.


He asked, "Are you still going to gamble?"


"Why not?"


Qian Tiao asked back and then shouted, "I've been out of the city for a few months, it's been so boring… I need to have some fun tonight."


Pausing for a moment, she explained seriously, "Besides, not increasing bets in gambling is soulless! Good luck without increasing bets, when will you get rich?"


This gambling rhyme, one after another… Su'en's head was spinning.


Saying that, Qian Tiao didn't care about how Su'en felt and directly told the betting girl, "Come, bet all of that on the red side!"




Su'en looked at it, his forehead twitching.


Betting everything… this woman was really daring.


Well, if she loses, the world will be peaceful again.




However, things didn't go as planned.


Perhaps it was fate playing tricks, but Su'en guessed correctly again.


This time, the red side defeated the blue side after a fierce battle.


And then, the dramatic scene continued.


Qian Tiao would ask Su'en after every bet, and Su'en would casually say one, and she would bet everything…


An amateur gambler dared to speak, and a fierce woman dared to bet.


In this way, this strange duo gradually became the focus of the entire gambling booth.


In the next match,


They won;


In the next match,


They won again…


No matter what Su'en guessed, he would win just by saying it!


Familiar scenes repeated mysteriously and strangely…


In the end, the two of them actually guessed correctly for eight consecutive rounds!


Qian Tiao's initial ten thousand yuan capital turned into an astonishing two million yuan in cash every time she bet everything.


Even Su'en, seeing such a large pile of cash for the first time, was amazed.


A pile of green banknotes, like a small mountain, constantly stimulated people's nerves, directly driving the gamblers in the casino crazy!


Su'en originally didn't want to attract so much attention, but it seemed like his luck was a bit too extraordinary.


But fortunately, after the eighth round, he breathed a sigh of relief. Because the final round of the gladiatorial match had also ended.


Finally, he no longer had to worry about guessing the winner for this gang boss.




"Hahaha, Goethe's gambling secret is indeed useful. If I have bad luck, I'll just follow someone with good luck; otherwise, I'll find a loser and bet against them!"


"Your name is Su'en, right? From now on, you're under me, Qian Tiao. If anyone bullies you, just mention my name!"




After winning money, the boss was in a good mood.


Su'en decisively refused her suggestion to continue gambling upstairs and planned to slip away.


But at this moment, Kay, covered in blood, approached them.


"Qian Tiao, why didn't you inform me when you arrived?"


"Oh, why are you so bloody?"


"I just had a conflict with a few guys who didn't know any better. They were probably from the 'Steam Party'."


"Oh? Where are they?"


"Dead, dumped in the sewer. They were just small characters, not worth making a big fuss over."




Qian Tiao listened to Kay's words, pouted, and it seemed like the hungry and thirsty long knife at her waist calmed down.


But today, she won money and was in a good mood, so she waved her hand and said, "Let's go, I'll treat you guys to a drink."


Su'en, as the hero who won the money, naturally couldn't refuse and reluctantly followed her to the tavern.


As they walked, Kay chatted with Qian Tiao.


"Qian Tiao, why did you come to Green Street? Hehe, is it because you want me to arrange something for you?"


"You brat, I came for business, okay?"


"What business?"


"To meet someone, and also to deliver a message to you."


"Oh… what's the message?"


"Yesterday, one of the attackers who raided the headquarters of the gang escaped. He took something very important from the warehouse. We chased him all the way, but his trail disappeared in the streets near Green Street. The boss doesn't want that thing and the 'Forbidden Item' to be taken away, so he wants you to be more vigilant…"


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