Chapter 32 – Gang Regulations

After successfully starting his job, Su’en finally felt the gap between “professionals” and “non-professionals” clearly.

Moreover, this was only the difference in the enhancement of physical attributes and skills after starting the job. The real focus on improving the combat power of “professionals” was still on the “alchemy plant equipment”.

Although Su’en couldn’t see other people’s attribute panels, he could guess that his advanced rare profession “Puppeteer” using golden materials would definitely overpower other professionals of the same type.

This made him more “worried” about the direction of his future alchemy plant equipment.

Such good talent attributes felt like a waste to use ordinary plant equipment blueprints. Even the silver plant equipment “Thousand Killing Feather Wings” that Goethe, the officer of the guild, used, Su’en always felt somewhat unsatisfied.

His high agility attribute was a good match, but high skill and high mental power were a bit wasted.

Without much thought, after successfully starting his job, Su’en meditated in the hotel for a whole day.

He needed time to adapt to the skyrocketing attributes after starting the job.

The “Rune Puppet” brought a leap in his physical fitness. And for a long time in the future, this growth would continue in a decreasing form until the curse characteristics in the materials were completely digested.

During the whole “digestion” process, he would often hear whispers in his ears. It was the alchemy art that made the materials for the inheritance of the “Puppeteer” wanting to enlighten him. Perhaps during this process, he would comprehend more professional abilities.


At night, the fog that enveloped the entire city gradually thickened.

It was time for the work meeting.

Su’en woke up from meditation earlier than the scheduled time.

His thoughts returned to reality, and the unpleasant noises from the next room came over again.

He glanced at the terrible environment in the room, frowned, and muttered, “It looks like I need to find a long-term residence.”

He checked out and left the hotel.

Su’en arrived at the gathering place fifteen minutes earlier than the scheduled time.

Beside Green Street, in front of the abandoned building, a bonfire was burning in an iron bucket, and the flickering fire cast strange shadows on the wall.

However, something seemed off about the atmosphere today.

Captain Kay sat on the steps with a cold face, without a hint of a smile on his face. The veteran members didn’t joke around today either, as if they knew something was going to happen, they all stayed quietly.

Su’en walked to the side of the road and found a spot, imitating the casual posture of the veterans, and squatted there.

One by one, more people arrived, and some whispered to each other when they noticed that something was wrong with the atmosphere.

“What happened? Captain doesn’t look good…”

“Oh, the sniper who attacked us yesterday was found out. It’s an old man from the guild named Miller. He had a good relationship with Captain Kay, but…”

“Ah…you mean Captain Miller from Hongfan Street is the mole?”

“Shh, the captain is in a bad mood, don’t mention this.”


Su’en listened on the side and roughly understood the reason for Kay’s gloomy face.

But he wasn’t too surprised.

He had already guessed that there weren’t many sharpshooters who could accurately kill targets from that distance. If it was someone from within the Cross Society, they would probably be easily found out.

When Su’en heard about the suicide later, he also felt that things might not be that simple.

But he didn’t think too much about it. It was a headache for the high-level members of the guild.

Soon, everyone gathered.

Kay didn’t waste any words and said directly with a black face, “Those who didn’t show up for the guild’s operation yesterday, step forward!”

Although his voice wasn’t loud, everyone could hear the coldness in his tone.

The people looked at each other, and at this moment, two veteran members with pale faces stood up.

“Captain, it’s not that I didn’t want to… I drank too much yesterday and really didn’t hear the assembly…”

The bearded man wanted to explain something, but Kay interrupted him and said expressionlessly, “Joe, you are also an old member of the guild. You should be clear about the guild rules. Take care of it yourself…”


Upon hearing this, the bearded man’s face turned ugly.

But he also knew that there was no room for mercy in the guild rules. He gritted his teeth, picked up an axe not far away, and without hesitation, chopped off his left hand.


The sharp axe instantly severed his wrist, and his severed hand fell to the ground, blood splattering.

Joe was covered in cold sweat, looked at Kay, and lowered his head. “Captain, I was wrong.”

Kay still didn’t say anything and glanced at another person. “Duan, what about you?”


The other thin man with a rooster comb hairstyle was pale with fear, but he still walked out tremblingly.

Not everyone could cut off their own hand without blinking. This guy was still scared and stuttered, “Captain, I… I can’t do it…”

As soon as he finished speaking, a cold light flashed, and another severed hand fell to the ground.

A scream of howling ghosts and wolves echoed through the building.


Su’en and the gang witnessed a bloody scene of the guild’s execution, but this was a common small episode.

The discipline of the gang was loose, but once the guild rules were violated, there was no room for mercy.

However, losing an arm was not a big problem in this world. The most basic mechanical prosthetic arm only cost about ten to twenty thousand yuan. But those two unlucky guys didn’t participate in yesterday’s mission and didn’t receive any rewards. They would probably have to live with a severed hand for a long time.

At seven o’clock in the evening, Kay led everyone to patrol three blocks of Green Street on schedule.

Half an hour later, they finished work.

The veterans went to drink or find women, and the crowd dispersed.

Su’en sat next to the octagonal cage of the Crimson Fortress and began his night of gambling.

Perhaps as a gambler who didn’t care about winning or losing, Su’en won two consecutive rounds.

But the bets were not big, only one thousand yuan per bet.

Originally, he wanted to follow yesterday’s strategy and evenly bet on either the red or blue side for all the matches tonight to save the trouble of betting each time.

This kind of betting method definitely wouldn’t make him rich, but according to probability, he wouldn’t lose too much either.

Su’en didn’t come for gambling anyway, so he didn’t mind.

But just as he was about to bet like yesterday, a bold female voice came from behind him, seeming to ask him something.

Turning around, it was unexpectedly a green-haired woman with four long knives hanging from her waist, exuding a heroic aura.

She walked straight to Su’en’s side and leaned on the railing. Seeing her serious expression, she seemed to be more interested in the gambling arena because it was closer to the octagonal cage.

“Boss Qian?!”

Su’en found this person very familiar, and when he saw the fierce tattoo on her exposed arm, he immediately recognized her. Wasn’t this the Cross Society’s officer, “Four-Armed Asura” Qian Tiao?

Although she wasn’t wearing the sexy and revealing red leather armor from yesterday, today she wore a loose dress similar to a kimono, which couldn’t hide her towering figure.

Qian Tiao seemed slightly surprised by Su’en’s address, raised an eyebrow, and looked at him, “Oh…a newcomer?”

Su’en nodded, “Yes.”

Thinking that she probably didn’t mind being called that because of the “Cross” symbol on his clothes.

Qian Tiao didn’t seem to care about the address, she said, “You’re the same as Little Kay, just call me Sister Qian.”

Su’en nodded, “Okay, Sister Qian.”

But in his heart, he wondered why this officer came to the arena.

Qian Tiao’s gaze returned to the octagonal cage, and she seemed to have a fanatic obsession with gambling.

It seemed that she really came here specifically for gambling.

She asked again, “You seem to have good luck…who do you think will win the next round?”

“I can’t be sure either…”

Su’en knew that his two red tickets in his hand already exposed the fact that he had won two consecutive rounds.

But his betting was just a cover, he was only here to “harvest” the fragments of memories from the corpses. He didn’t really have a preference for either side.

Qian Tiao found his hesitant answer unsatisfactory and raised her eyebrows, “Then which side are you planning to bet on?”

“Red…blue side.”

Su’en felt that if he continued to bet on the red side, it would give people a feeling of perfunctoriness, so he changed to the blue side.

But unexpectedly, as soon as Qian Tiao heard this, she waved her hand to call the betting lady and shouted loudly, “Come, bet ten thousand on the blue side.”

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