Chapter 30 – Inauguration ceremony

”In the “Shadow Alley” black market, there are many good things, and the treasures in various shops are dazzling.

But Su’en didn’t plan to stay long.

The black market has its own survival rules, and naturally there are “rats” living in the shadows. Before coming here, Kay specifically instructed Su’en. There are often wandering gangs near the black market, and they like to engage in such activities as killing and smuggling. Even the people from the three major gangs are not picky eaters.

Just bought tens of thousands of yuan worth of materials, and the money was already exposed.

For people from the outer city, this is already a fortune that can make people murderous.

Leaving the “Rosen’s Alchemy Shop”, passing by a bookstore, Su’en casually picked up a few introductory books on alchemy, “The Secret Book”, “Natural and Secret Things”, “Basic Alchemy Knowledge”…

In the outer city, knowledge is expensive. Except for antiques from the wilderness, all books come from the inner city, especially books about alchemy, which are even more expensive and belong to the category of luxury goods.

Although Su’en had extracted some alchemy knowledge from corpses before, it was scattered and not systematic at all.

He even lacked a lot of common knowledge.

He was well aware that in the future, if he wants to go further in the path of alchemy, his demand for knowledge will only increase.


Su’en left the black market and took a steam train back to Green Street.

He wanted to find a place where no one would disturb him to set up his alchemy array for his inauguration, but he found that the guild did not arrange accommodation for him.

Perhaps they thought it was unnecessary.

After all, for the majority of guild members, taverns and pleasure quarters are their “homes”. Even if accommodation is arranged, those guys would only spend a few days there each month.

In the end, Su’en found a hotel.

The walls were not soundproof, and there were strange noises coming from the neighboring rooms, rhythmic creaking of the wire bed, the moans of women, and the sound of a whip…

Su’en automatically blocked out these unpleasant sounds and frowned: “It’s really dirty…”

Looking around the room, the corners of the walls were damp and dilapidated, and there was a dusty white mattress on the shabby iron bed. There were some stains on the sheets that he didn’t know if they were blood or something else. Under the bed, a thick layer of old dust, cigarette butts, and hair piled up.

The room always had an indelible musty smell that rushed into his nose.

But it didn’t matter, Su’en didn’t plan to sleep here.

As an ordinary guild member, as long as he wasn’t stupid, he wouldn’t be so high-profile as to stay overnight in a super luxurious hotel. He just wanted to find a place where no one would disturb him and set up the transition ceremony.

He pushed the bed aside and swept the space under the bed clean with a broom, clearing a space with a diameter of about three meters.

Then he took out the alchemy materials he had purchased in the black market.

Using six pieces of white crystal as the pivot, he arranged a hexagram pattern. Then he mixed red copper powder and lizard powder in proportion, used the powder as ink, and drew a circular pattern. He then used a mercury salt solution to draw a serpent with a scale and a symbol of balance…

The alchemical conversion array needed for the inauguration was the most basic alchemical array, with simple runes and not complicated materials. As long as the specific materials and patterns were placed correctly, it could produce wonderful magical reactions.

Su’en carefully arranged it, and after about half an hour, he completed the entire array.

“Phew… a slightly more advanced basic alchemical array would cost tens of thousands. No wonder there are so few ‘old-school’ magic alchemists. It’s truly a profession that burns money…”

Su’en sighed slightly.

In his impression, ancient alchemists of the old school needed to arrange similar alchemical arrays every time they cast spells to convert elements.

Casting spells was, in fact, burning money.

There is a saying among alchemists: there is nothing that alchemy cannot do in this world; if there is, it means there is not enough money.

Without thinking too much about the past, it is worth paying any price to become stronger.

Su’en took out the wooden box containing the “Rune Puppet” without hesitation and opened it.

The most important thing to become a professional is the “inauguration material”.


The essence of the inauguration is actually to transfer the transcendent characteristics in the material to the human body through the transition ceremony.

There are various inauguration materials sold in the market, and they are not too expensive, with a market price of about a hundred thousand lisos.

Those materials are usually obtained by wilderness hunters who hunt and kill monsters in the underground caves, then extract materials with cursed characteristics from the monsters, and use specific magic patterns to create alchemical items.

Su’en now also knows that the materials sold on the market are all made of black iron.

But in reality, there are higher quality “silver materials”.

However, the silver-quality inauguration materials belong to “controlled goods” and can only be seen by the major merchants in the inner city, and they are also rare. They are monopolized by large families and conglomerates.

These are the best inauguration materials that the alchemists in Old Lingdun can produce.

But in reality, the best inauguration materials are not silver materials, but the “cursed objects” handed down from ancient times.

Those rare and hard-to-find materials are called “golden materials”.

Just like the golden-quality “Cursed Object – Rune Puppet” that Su’en obtained.

Because any inauguration material that can withstand the erosion of time is of extremely high quality. They are often left by the outstanding alchemists of ancient times and can awaken special abilities, making them rare professions.

For example, the mysterious series Puppeteer of Illusions.


“It’s been a long time since I felt this sense of anticipation…”

Su’en took out the Rune Puppet and a faint excitement appeared on his face.

The inauguration ceremony is not without risks. Failure means being affected by the curse characteristics in the inauguration material and suffering from abnormal backlash.

But for Su’en, he doesn’t need to worry about this problem.

The All-Knowing Eye has confirmed that the magic circle he drew can be used normally, and the compatibility between the inauguration item and his body is also high, so there is no reason for failure.

He stood in the center of the hexagram array, placed the puppet in the center of the serpent pattern, and then chanted a spell in his mouth: “Following the law of equivalent exchange of all things, praising the glory of the original Creator, witness the miracle of creation with alchemy…”

The spell was simple, not like the kind of spell that a magician would use to beg for power from a deity. It was just a short phrase like a motto.

It is said that it is not necessary to chant it.

Chanting such a phrase is just for more “ceremonial feeling”.

Because alchemists do not believe in any deities. In their eyes, even the so-called deities are just higher beings who have mastered certain higher laws, and they also have to follow the principle of equivalent exchange.

If they really believe in something, alchemists only believe in the “original Creator”, the one who created everything in the universe.

Su’en was not careless and followed the prescribed procedure.

Just as expected, when the spell fell, the conversion array lit up with a bright blue light.

The six white crystals gathered the magic power of the entire array, becoming brighter and brighter, and the mysterious power became stronger and stronger.

Su’en remained calm. He watched as the puppet doll on the ground melted into the light, gradually integrating into the hexagram array.

Then, the dazzling light like vines entwined around his body, and visible particles of light entered his skin.

That mysterious power gradually merged into his body.

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