Chapter 29 – Black market

Captain Kay is a pretty good person. He probably doesn’t want Su’en to take the wrong path, so he explained it in detail.

However, Kay doesn’t know that Su’en’s awakened talent is not the D-level “Hawkeye”, but the S-level dual talent. He also doesn’t know that Su’en doesn’t want to advance to a normal profession, but already has a highly compatible golden employment material called “Rune Puppet” and wants to become a rare profession called “Puppeteer”.

Therefore, the career advice that is suitable for ordinary people is not suitable for Su’en.

Indeed, as Kay said, choosing alchemical implants requires a high compatibility between one’s profession and talent in order to achieve a combat power greater than the sum of its parts.

Choose body-enhancing implants for melee, agility-enhancing ones for assassins, and various enhancements to casting efficiency for mages…

But Su’en’s career path is focused on skill and agility growth, so alchemical implants are quite versatile, but it is difficult to find high compatibility.

From the current perspective, except for the Silver-tier “Thousand Kill Feather Wings” implants, which have relatively high compatibility, the other accessible Iron-tier implants are somewhat “wasting” his own attributes.

But he thought, what if there were more compatible ones?

Su’en didn’t dwell on this issue too much.

There is no need to hurry about the alchemical implant blueprint, as that is something he will face after becoming a professional.

First, he needs to prepare for his “employment”.

In addition to requiring exclusive employment materials, becoming a “professional” also requires some items to set up a transformation array. For example, magic crystals, star antimony, mercury salt… as well as various powdered metal media such as red copper and gold.


After a night of tossing and turning, the hustle and bustle of Green Street gradually subsided.

As the liveliest nightlife street in the southern district, the city wakes up in the early morning, becoming the night here.

It is worth mentioning that there is no sun or moon in the underground city. The distinction between day and night is marked by the mist and lights in the city.

When night falls, the mist permeates the entire city, and the light towers set up by the municipal office to save energy will be extinguished. During the day, the mist dissipates and the lights illuminate the streets.

6:55 in the morning.

The members of the Crossroads Association in Green Street are still in their peaceful dreams, while Su’en has already left.

Due to the operation of numerous steam boilers in the city’s factories and the burning of coal mines, the mist appears in a pale gray color, and the air is filled with a strong smell.

Five minutes before the city train departs, there are not many pedestrians on the street.

Su’en changed into a large black windbreaker, with a round-brimmed hat covering most of his face, and squeezed into the line of waiting passengers. A slight breeze blew into his collar, bringing a hint of coolness.

“Ding Ling Ling~”

After a crisp sound of a copper bell, a steam locomotive on tracks arrived with a “woo woo”.

Just like taking a bus in his previous life, Su’en followed suit and squeezed in.

Arrived at the station and got off.

The Bird Street in the North District is the intersection of the four districts, and the X-shaped intersection of the two major districts is also the boundary line of three factions. This place does not belong to the territory of the three major factions, and the North District Security Office cannot reach here. It is a “no-man’s-land” where various forces intertwine.

Under the crossroads, there is an inconspicuous alley leading to the underground called “Shadow Lane”.

In the underground, there is a black market for professionals named after this alley.

There are interconnected underground pipelines that connect to the complex sewer system of Old Lingdun. Even if they are besieged by a large army, the people inside can escape through the underground official network.

Therefore, due to the special geographical environment, this has gradually become the largest underground black market in the outer city.


“Shadow Lane” is the favorite place for wanderers and adventurers. They bring the harvest from hunting outside the city to sell here, including curse materials, alchemical scrolls, ores, rare cursed items… and many strange ancient alchemical products.

This is also the extraordinary market that professionals from the outer city like to visit, because there are many goods here that are not commonly seen or even unavailable in the market.

As long as you have money, those black market shopkeepers can always satisfy you.

Many shady things, such as stolen goods sold by thieves, and goods obtained through murder and robbery, can be found in certain inconspicuous shops in Shadow Lane.

Famous guns, swords, high-level potions, alchemical bullets, steam machinery, alchemical blueprints, and even military-modified prosthetics that only nobles can enjoy… and top-secret intelligence.

Everything is available here.


Shady things are always hidden in dark corners.

There is only one dim gas lamp every ten meters, and the light is dim.

Su’en walked through a long underground passage, probably going underground for one or two hundred meters, before coming to a huge underground crevice.

“Shadow Lane” is not a flat street, but a three-dimensional complex of buildings.

Ancient sewer pipes are neatly arranged on the rock walls, and the end of the pipes leads to the endless darkness deep underground. People have built steel-framed small shops using the pipes. Just like Su’en’s previous life’s “Hanging Monastery”, they rely on various crude steel structure stairs and bridges for passage.

Su’en stood at the intersection of the street that leads to the district, looking at the pitch-black abyss in front of him, with a pensive look in his eyes.

Without delay, he went straight to the market street.

Stepping on the steel road surface, making a clanging sound.

Probably because it was still early, Shadow Lane, which had just opened, didn’t have many customers.

Su’en looked around.

Most of these shops are only a few square meters in size, with some materials hanging at the entrance, indicating what the shop sells. Occasionally, some shops would write a small sign with charcoal and hang it at the entrance, such as “Black Witch’s Alchemical Materials Shop”, “Starry Bookstore”, “Giant Mechanical Shop”…

Interestingly, Su’en actually saw his “missing person notice” in the street bulletin board, or more precisely, the notice of the original owner.

Although it is not a wanted warrant, the photo states that providing clues can earn a reward of 100,000 miles. This is already the reward price for a B-level wanted criminal.

Very tempting.

This is a bulletin board posting information about buying materials, with half of the space filled with various information about buying materials, and the secret code for the trading address is left behind.

Only those who frequently frequent the black market know what those secret codes represent.

On the other side, there is a section for information brokers to exchange intelligence. Like a small advertisement area in a newspaper, it is densely filled with various “missing person notices”, bounties, and trading codes.

And the A-level wanted criminal “Shadow Scorpion” Abelk, who died in the arena yesterday, is also among them. However, a red cross has been drawn on his photo at this moment.

Su’en only glanced at it and didn’t pay much attention.

The wanted person on the list is the brown-haired youth Feek Leka, what does it have to do with the bald Su’en?

Appearance comes from the heart, and with a new soul in his body, both temperament and facial features have become increasingly different from the original owner.

He doesn’t think that just with this photo, bounty hunters will find him.


“Shadow Lane” is not only home to fixed shops, but there are also some antique dealers claiming to be wilderness hunters on the narrow roadsides.

They casually spread a piece of cloth and put a few things on it, claiming that they are ancient treasures found in certain ruins.

This gives Su’en the feeling of visiting the Panjiayuan Antique Market in his previous life. Various strange and odd things look impressive, but when seen through the All-Knowing Eye, they are all “fake”!

Although he has the “All-Knowing Eye”, Su’en doesn’t think he can pick up any bargains. He didn’t waste time identifying those fakes one by one.

Transcendent items have a very special energy fluctuation, especially curse materials, even a layman can feel that they are not simple.

Moreover, alchemists are very knowledgeable professionals. It can be said that almost every hunting team has an “appraiser” who is proficient in archaeology and mysticism.

One person may overlook something, but if everyone overlooks it, the probability is almost zero.

There are good things in the black market, but they come at a corresponding price. Instead of going to various shops to look for bargains, it is more likely to attract attention.

“Shadow Lane” has good things, but they are definitely expensive. You don’t need to scavenge on your own, just ask the store owner directly, and they will mysteriously bring out the good things that are not displayed on the counter.

After all, his wanted notice is still hanging on the wall, and Su’en has no intention of wandering around in the market.

His purpose for coming to the black market this time is to buy some materials for “employment”.

Kay had told him before that “Rosen’s Alchemical Shop” has a good reputation and good quality items.

He walked for a few minutes and found that inconspicuous little shop in the market corner.

A quaint copper bell hung at the entrance of the shop, and the narrow door had to be touched when entering.

With a jingle, the shopkeeper knew that a customer had arrived.

The shop was very small, with glass counters on three sides, and the walls were filled with small grid cabinets. Even the air was filled with many displayed material samples hanging from ropes.

Listening to the bell, an old man with glasses who was organizing the materials appeared behind the counter, saying, “Dear customer, what materials do you need to purchase?”

Su’en glanced at him and without hesitation, took out the material list and said, “I want six pieces of white quartz, thirty grams…”

But as soon as he started, the old man looked surprised, as if he had misheard, “You want white quartz?”

Su’en asked, “What’s wrong? Don’t you have it in your store?”

The old man explained, “No, esteemed customer, I didn’t mean anything else. I mean, advancing as a ‘professional’ doesn’t require high-purity quartz. Ordinary yellow quartz is enough.”

The shopkeeper sells alchemical materials, so he naturally knows that buying quartz is most likely for setting up an alchemical transformation array for employment.

In his shop, he sells dozens of units of quartz every month, and more than 95% of people buy impure yellow quartz. Only a few buy higher purity blue quartz.

As for high-purity white quartz? No one in the outer city needs such advanced materials.

Not only are they expensive, but it is a waste to use such high-level materials to set up a normal employment transformation array.

So he assumed that the customer in front of him made a “slip of the tongue”.

“Thank you for your kind suggestion, but I’m sure I need six pieces of white quartz.”

Su’en said in a deep voice.

It’s not that he is ignorant, on the contrary, he now knows a lot about alchemy. He knows that he must have this kind of material.

In the case of a normal employment ceremony, impure yellow quartz is indeed sufficient.

But the “Rune Puppet” employment material he has reached the gold level, so he needs to set up a transformation array of the same high level to have a chance to successfully advance.

“Oh, I see…”

The old man glanced at him and didn’t say much.

He took out something from his personal storage ring and introduced, “Coincidentally, I received a few pieces from a group of wilderness hunters yesterday. I originally planned to sell them to the big merchants in the inner city, but I can sell them to you now. However, the price is not cheap. The six pieces in total will cost 12,000 miles.”

Su’en looked at the six palm-sized crystal clear white quartz on the tray and nodded in satisfaction.

Although he doesn’t have the ability to judge purity, the All-Knowing Eye has revealed the name of this thing as “high-purity white quartz”.

The old man asked again, “What else do you need?”

“Snowflake star antimony, fifteen grams. Mercury salt liquid of at least grade IV quality, eighty milliliters. Eight portions of refined red copper powder. Two hundred grams of lizard powder from at least thirty years ago. Green glow crystals…”

Su’en didn’t hide anything and directly reported the list of materials he needed.

He was well aware that there was no need to conceal his intentions.

The merchants here have sold too many materials and are extremely shrewd. Once you open your mouth, they can actually guess what you want.

If you really go to different shops to buy, the likelihood of being targeted will be even higher.

“All these are very high-level materials… If you go to other shops, you may not be able to gather them all at once. Fortunately, I still have some stock in my shop.”

The old man muttered to himself, apparently guessing that the customer in front of him was planning to set up a very high-level transformation array.

However, as a professional merchant, he would not inquire about the customer’s secrets. This is the rule of the black market.

He didn’t hesitate either and took out various materials one by one, weighing them on the scale, and then quoted the price, “A total of 42,000 miles.”

Listening to the price, Su’en took out the bonus that hadn’t been heated yet and said, “This is the money, please count it.”

Just a few hours ago, Kay had told him that when he himself advanced, he spent 8,000 miles to buy array materials.

And now, Su’en has spent five times that amount.

However, the good news is that everything is ready, and he can now advance.

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