Chapter 54 – Xie Wenyuan’s rhetoric

"Eh, there's something about Chronicle Brother here, tell us more."


Ginger Tea nudged Yao Yuan in the group chat, followed by a [Cat Eating Melon] emoji.


However, Yao Yuan didn't immediately respond, but first sent a private message to Chronicle: "Chronicle Brother, can I talk about what happened last night?"


"Of course."


Chronicle responded quickly, not surprised:


As the president of the Third High School student council, Yao Yuan had a wide network of contacts and had friends in all the major card crafting colleges in the city, all of whom were top students.


After what happened last night, it was only natural for students from other schools to try to learn more about him, the "villain peer", through their connections.


What he was more curious about was how he was perceived by outsiders.


"Well, who cares what they think of me." Chronicle shook his head and said, "They can't beat me anyway."


Then he returned to the group chat, just in time to see Yao Yuan saying: "Just like our welcome ceremony has the boss [Meat Mountain Trick], the training side also found Chronicle Brother as their 'final enemy'."


"But we're all classmates, how could the teachers let Chronicle face so many people at once?" Lu Youyou asked in the group chat.


"Yeah, those guys are not easy to deal with. Although Chronicle… is indeed stronger than us, it's still very dangerous to face so many at once." Li Baitian echoed.


"The situation is not as you think."


Before Yao Yuan could answer, Chronicle said in the group chat: "Those guys are not united at all, some ran away before the fight even started. Plus those who were 'eliminated' at the beginning, I didn't actually have to deal with that many people."


"That's still dangerous enough!"


Although Chronicle's answer was casual, everyone knew the value of such a group fight.


They couldn't help but sigh, the gap between them and Chronicle seemed to be even bigger than they thought.


"Is this what a genius is?"


In her room, Lu Youyou, who had just changed into her pajamas and was preparing to rest, saw the messages in the group chat and couldn't help but sigh.


It had only been a few days, but she felt that she was understanding less and less about this "old classmate".


"I thought that after the level of [Eight Feet Bride] increased, the gap between our strengths would decrease a bit. But now…"


Lu Youyou sighed softly, murmuring to herself: "His strength has probably increased again in a short time."


"Could it be… his card also leveled up that day?"


Thinking this, she couldn't help but look at the [Eight Feet Bride] silently guarding her side.


Despite not having experienced any significant battles or absorbed resources rich in ghost energy, the card's level had jumped from two stars to three stars overnight.


This was her biggest secret.


Thinking back to the card background story she had polished for days, and everything that happened that night, she felt like she was on the verge of understanding something.


But she wasn't quite sure.


"I'll call grandma tomorrow, if it's really like that, I'll ask Chronicle for help, and try to upgrade [Eight Feet Bride] to four stars during the training period."


"This way, I'll have a reason to improve his financial situation, and also have more competitiveness in the competition for the competition slots later."


Thinking back to the night when Chronicle was running around collecting materials, she couldn't help but shake her head:


"If such a genius is hindered by 'money', an insignificant thing, it would be a regret for the whole Land of Peach, and even the entire Qing Mountain Province."


Thinking this, she couldn't help but look up at the bright moon outside the window, her angelic temperament becoming more pronounced.


Of course, Chronicle had no idea about her thoughts.


If he did, he would probably say: he doesn't need a reason for a subsidy. Just give him the money, there's no need to protect his pride.


A man with money is a man, a man without money is hard.


In the eyes of most card craftsmen, money, which is the least important thing, becomes the biggest limitation for him.


But for the profession of card craftsman, money is just a medium, the real important thing is the material itself.


And when these things can only be obtained by the card craftsman himself venturing into the secret realm, the so-called "wealth" loses its meaning.


This is also one of the reasons why Chronicle didn't choose to "exchange stories for money":


Although he always feels a sense of crisis in his heart, it's more about being prepared for the worst.


The situation in this world is not particularly bad, it's not worth it to exchange "knowledge", a priceless treasure, for some small money just for a temporary advantage.


More importantly, in this process, he might be targeted by some evil card craftsmen and accidentally become a "card slave".


Then he would be locked in a small dark room, and if he didn't write tens of thousands of words of stories a day, he wouldn't be fed, which was a pitiful thought.


Back to the point, Chronicle is very short of money now, but he won't work hard just to make money, the means of obtaining money are actually very limited.


Fortunately, there are always people who think for him.


"Little Angel" Lu Youyou is one, and Xie Wenyuan, who he just met today, is another.



At this time, in the surveillance tent.


The card craftsmen in charge of this training were busy rewriting the training plan.


There were occasional intense discussions, all in the hope of better and more effectively cultivating talents for the alliance.


This was undoubtedly a very good atmosphere.

For some reason, Xie Wenyuan, who had been busy all day and only found time to enter the tent at this moment, frowned when he saw this scene.


"Old Xie, you're finally here."


Seeing him come in, Fan Lei, whose hair had turned a bit whiter, hurriedly greeted him with a big smile.


Xie Wenyuan's expression remained unchanged, saying, "The formal training is going to start tomorrow, why isn't the plan ready yet?"


"It was ready." Fan Lei patted the back of the chair, indicating Xie Wenyuan to sit down, and patiently explained, "But too many things have happened these days, everyone thinks that the original plan is somewhat inappropriate, so we decided to make some changes…"


As he spoke, as if suddenly thinking of something, he asked, "Have you seen Xiao Ji?"


"I have." Xie Wenyuan unscrewed the thermos cup he carried with him and took a sip of boiled water.


"What did he say?" Fan Lei asked somewhat nervously.


"What else could he say, he expressed understanding." Xie Wenyuan put the cup aside, "But it's obvious that he's still a bit upset."


Hearing this, Fan Lei couldn't help but sigh heavily, "It's all my fault, I was confused for a moment and insisted on testing that child… Old Xie, do you think I should retire? I feel like my reactions are getting slower year by year. Not only do I often make decisions that I can't understand myself, but I also keep forgetting things…"


Hearing this, Xie Wenyuan's hand paused imperceptibly, and then he comforted:


"Don't overthink it, the affairs of the Land of Peach are complicated, you're just too tired.


Besides, the idea of testing the child was decided by both of us, you can't bear the responsibility alone.


I apologized to him this morning, the child is very sensible, he expressed understanding, it seems that he won't hold a grudge because of this.


You must not mention this matter again in the future, if you feel guilty, find an opportunity to compensate the child.


Don't keep a long face all day because of this, it's annoying for him to see you like this. Just consider this matter completely over, and do what you have to do.


I'll take care of guiding him in the future."


"That would be a great help… Old Xie…"

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