Chapter 47 – Niu Chuang, the cow who daydreams, and the green zombie who ascends in status

"You sure talk a lot…" Chronicle muttered, settling back into the coffin, "You're really showing off."


"Um, classmate…"


Suddenly, someone spoke up. Chronicle lifted his head to see a girl in a Second High School uniform.


"Is Shen Fei okay?"


Seemingly worried that her voice would be heard by the Fusion Faction, she spoke softly, using her psychic energy to mask her words.


"Don't worry." Chronicle patted the cedar coffin beneath him, "My little brother Zongzi really likes this red-haired guy."


The next moment, the sound of claws scratching at the coffin lid from the inside could be heard.


Accompanying it was Shen Fei's faint cursing, which quickly turned into a half-dead "Ouch".


"See, I told you he's fine." Chronicle patted the coffin again.


Zhao Wenying nodded uncertainly, then sighed softly.


To be honest, having grown up in a sheltered environment, she was somewhat fearful of this "villainous peer" who had just overpowered her and the others.


But as the class president of Second High School's elite class, she couldn't just ignore a classmate being dragged into a coffin.


Fortunately, since he was fine, she could relax.






Seeing the girl jump at his sudden words, Chronicle pursed his lips and asked, "Any news from outside?"


"Not yet."


Zhao Wenying shook her phone, "I tried contacting Teacher Su and Teacher Wang, as well as the staff in charge of our training at Second High School, but no one has responded yet."


At this point, she looked at Chronicle timidly, "Classmate, do you think this could be another test from the training program?"


"Possibly." Chronicle responded with a light laugh, but thought to himself, "I'm afraid this test is designed just for me."


Sensing something, he looked through the crowd at the Fusion Faction members who were standing still, and after a moment of contemplation, he asked, "Do you have any psychic energy potions?"


"Uh, yes, the school gave us some before the training." Zhao Wenying answered quickly after a moment of confusion.


"That's good, each of you take one and recover as quickly as possible."


Hearing Chronicle's instructions, Zhao Wenying nodded repeatedly.


"Also, give me one."




Looking at the psychic energy potion she had just opened, Zhao Wenying blinked and handed it over.


Chronicle took it, lifted his mask slightly to reveal his mouth and chin, and downed the potion in one gulp.


Then, he casually tossed the bottle aside and began to recover with the help of the potion.


Perhaps because the potion was given to him by someone else, he didn't feel any side effects, and his condition was better than ever.


"Tastes good too."


He smacked his lips and gave his assessment.


With the intention of weakening the opponent, he waved his hand and called over a few brothers who had "clear stupidity" in their eyes to question them again.


Then he had the Green Zombie drag them into the coffin, reducing the enemy's strength without a fight.


Meanwhile, Niu Chuang in the crowd couldn't help but frown, "Big brother has called so many people for questioning, but he hasn't called me. He doesn't think my language skills are poor, does he?"


Looking at the dwindling crowd, he felt anxious for the first time in his life.


Little did he know, those "lucky" brothers in his eyes were currently getting up close and personal with a zombie.


A large group of people crammed into a coffin, unable to make a sound, it was a rather unsightly scene.


He was spared because of his large size and the space he occupied.


"Zongzi is really having a feast today."


Feeling the Green Zombie's condition improving, Chronicle couldn't help but smile.


Suddenly, a flash of insight crossed his mind, and he began to understand why the core principle of "card upgrading" was considered a "secret" by some.


The huge chain of benefits was only part of the reason.


The most important thing was that the background stories of the cards were wildly imaginative, and the logic of upgrading varied.


Cards like Seven Brothers, which followed the "ghost-catching" upgrade path and were full of "positive energy", were in the minority.


More Card Craftsmen, in pursuit of power, liked to add some "perverted" elements to the background stories of their cards, which led to horrifying upgrade paths for the resulting cards.


Simply put, if a Card Craftsman printed a card like "Sadako" or other urban horror stories, the upgrade logic would likely involve "spreading influence" or "cursing and killing people".


"If these people knew the secret of card upgrading, the existing balance would likely be broken, and the consequences would be unimaginable."


Feeling the "comfortable" emotions fed back by the Green Zombie, Chronicle thought to himself, "Zongzi is only sucking a little blood from each person, that shouldn't count as 'evil'… right?"


With that thought, he turned his gaze to the remaining Fusion Faction members, his eyes flickering slightly.


"How's your recovery?" he asked.


"Almost there." A bespectacled boy from First High School replied.


"Good, I'll use a speech technique to lower their guard, you follow my signal, move in together, and try to take them down in one go."


Hearing Chronicle's plan, everyone nodded silently.


Thanks to the superior education system of the Card Craftsman Alliance, there wasn't a single "weak link" among them.


Although they were all unwilling to admit that they had been easily defeated by a peer, they were able to unite against a common enemy.


After exchanging glances, they naturally spread out, dragging their chains, trying to encircle the Fusion Faction members.


However, the remaining few, although not very powerful, were seasoned veterans who had escaped the Alliance's pursuit with their "seniors" many times.


Seeing the change in the elite students' positions, they immediately retreated quickly.


While summoning their card spirits, they shouted loudly, "Seniors, these students…"


Before they could finish, someone grabbed the shoulder of this Fusion Faction member, "Don't panic, stand your ground."


It was a very soothing male voice, with a calming charm.


Chronicle instinctively turned his head, only to see a clean and chubby middle-aged man looking at him with a smile.


The moment their eyes met, he felt like he was being stared at by a hungry beast in the jungle, and he shivered involuntarily.


"How can the same face have such a different temperament?"The harmless, somewhat foolish face of Bai Ziliang surfaced in Chronicle's mind, prompting him to quickly assume a defensive stance.


Bai Longfei, a wanted criminal in the alliance, possessed a solid platinum-level strength.


"Could it be that Lao Fan and Old Su have really been – taken down?"


Chronicle subconsciously thought, but then he saw the familiar one-eyed strange birds flocking together, transforming into a black cloud rushing towards him. His eyes lit up:


Su Wen is coming!


Sure enough, the next moment, a familiar figure appeared before his eyes.


"Halfway through the fight, why did you run away?"


Worried that his acting skills were not good enough and would give him away, Su Wen spoke to Bai Longfei, who was not far away, with his back to Chronicle.

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