Chapter 38 – Fusion Faction

"Your financial situation isn't great right now, is it?"


At this moment, Su Wen, who had been hesitating for a while, finally got to the point.


Upon hearing this, Chronicle's spirit instantly perked up.


He knew that another opportunity to make money was coming.


So, he nodded slightly.


Seeing his nonchalant demeanor, Su Wen continued, "I assume you've already learned some things about the training from your teachers."


"For instance…" Su Wen took a sip of his coarse tea and leisurely said, "The results of this training will directly affect the resource allocation of all the high schools for the next year."


"In other words, if Third High School comes out on top in this training, you, as the school's top seed, will be the biggest beneficiary…"


At this point, he glanced at Chronicle's reaction before continuing, "Am I right?"


Chronicle was silent for a moment, then softly said, "You're right."


"Good, let's be more straightforward then. The students in this surveillance footage are your upcoming rivals."


As Su Wen spoke, he pointed at the surveillance screen and said with a hint of intrigue, "If… I give you an opportunity to not only strike a heavy blow to your opponents in advance but also make some extra money, would you be willing to do it?"


"I would." Chronicle answered straightforwardly.


Feeling his own inadequacy, he was eager to seize every opportunity to make money and build his deck.


Su Wen, who didn't understand the details, was taken aback.


He thought he would have to persuade him a lot to get his agreement.


Unexpectedly, the kids these days were so… straightforward and bold…


"Alright, as long as you're willing." Su Wen smacked his lips and said, "Let me explain the situation to you."


After clearing his throat, he continued, "First of all, everything that happened last night was a show of force prepared by us, the training organizers, for you. On average, one white and one green per person. There's not much to say about that."


"The important thing is, there was only one final boss prepared, and it's gone now…"


"The Meat Mountain Monster?" Chronicle smacked his lips.


"That's right." Su Wen nodded with a hint of helplessness, then asked, "So, I'm planning to ask you to take its place as the 'boss' to knock some sense into those kids who are getting a bit too cocky."


"But we're all the same age…"


Chronicle's face was full of "difficulty": "One or two would be fine, but with so many top students, even if I use swarm tactics, they could overwhelm me…"


Su Wen, however, was very keen to detect his hidden meaning and didn't say much. With a wave of his hand, he simply said, "I'll pay more!"


Chronicle, who was impoverished, was won over by his generosity and didn't say anything more.


He took the job!


It was just swarm tactics, who couldn't do that.


If worst comes to worst, he could ask Seven Brothers to open the "Borrowing Path" again, summoning the evil spirits in their house for a round of Ghosts Crossing the Border and Night Parade of One Hundred Demons.


Even if he couldn't win, he could teach them a lesson.


"The only problem is my mental power level. I'm afraid I won't be able to hold up for even a few seconds with such a big event as the 'Night Parade of One Hundred Demons'."


Chronicle thought to himself, showing a troubled expression.


Su Wen, who was standing next to him, noticed this and probably guessed his thoughts.


Without saying anything, he directly took out two bottles of mental power potions from the drawer and handed them to him.


At this point, what else could Chronicle say?


Just do it!


Seeing his full fighting spirit, Su Wen couldn't help but nod in satisfaction.


He then turned and walked towards the depths of the tent. When he came back, he was holding a light-proof black cloth bag.


Chronicle took it and saw that it contained a set of dark-colored uniform:


A faceless mask, a pure black assault jacket, a pair of drapey Kyushu pants, a blood-red lining, and a pair of specially made tactical boots.


His first impression of this uniform was "flashy".


"It's not something a decent person would wear." Chronicle couldn't help but comment in his mind.


He was past the age of being a teenager, and wearing this kind of "obvious villain" clothes was somewhat embarrassing.


But thinking about the need to make money, he pursed his lips, found a partition, tried it on, and surprisingly, it fit quite well.


"Not bad, not bad."


When he came out of the partition, Su Wen couldn't help but praise him when he saw his appearance, "I didn't expect you to have the physique to be a villain."


Hearing this, Chronicle suppressed the urge to retort and changed the subject, "If I'm not mistaken, this should be the uniform of the Fusion Faction, right?"


"Yes." Su Wen nodded, the joy on his face slightly receded, becoming somewhat serious.


The Fusion Faction, officially known as the World Fusion School, was founded by a highly influential scholar a hundred years ago.He believed that the advent of the secret realm and cards was a manifestation of the world's fusion and evolution, and people should actively guide and accelerate this process.


As for the various monsters and demons that appeared in this process, they were the "selection" before evolution.


And he believed: only the real "strong" have the right to enter the new era.


From this, he proposed the slogan of "survival of the fittest".


With this as a starting point, he used his own strength and influence to recruit a large number of experts, trying to open the entrance to the secret realm and accelerate the fusion of the card world and the grand world.


The Card Master Alliance naturally would not allow such a serious threat to public safety to happen, and directly defined this group of people as "top criminals".


And they organized forces several times, trying to annihilate them.


But every time they were wiped out, it wouldn't be long before this so-called "Fusion Faction" would rise from the ashes again.


It was as if an invisible hand was silently pushing everything behind the scenes.


Or perhaps, someone was acting under their name to achieve their unspeakable goals.


In any case, a hundred years have passed, and this organization has developed into a major concern for the Alliance.


"Kill the Fusion Faction on sight" has become a consensus among the professional card masters of the Alliance.


Chronicle could probably guess the meaning of the suit Su Wen gave him.


It was nothing more than wanting him to pretend to be a member of the Fusion Faction and have a clash with the top students from other schools.


"This Mr. Su… has quite some ideas."


Chronicle muttered to himself, suddenly remembered something, and said, "By the way, teacher, there are some materials here that I can't use, and I can't go to the association to redeem them during the training period, could you…"


"Just say it, do you want to exchange it for money, or for other materials?" Su Wen waved his hand and said.


Upon hearing this, Chronicle immediately took out a green ghost material card from the card box that he probably wouldn't use, "Could you help me exchange it for an item material with the 'Yin Gathering' attribute?"


"Sure." Su Wen agreed without hesitation.


He took the material and left the tent. In a short while, he hurried back with a few cards, "Here are a few, take your pick?"


"Hundred Ghosts Black Pattern Stone, Human Face Pagoda Tree, Peach Mountain Cold Pool Water…"


Chronicle looked at them and finally picked up the green item material named "Yin Gathering Cypress Wood".


— This thing is perfect for making a decent coffin for his own Green Zombie with the "Yin Absorption" trait!


"This one will do." He said softly.

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