Chapter 3 – Apprentice Card Craftsman

"What's going on?"


As the birds gradually disappeared from sight, Chronicle keenly sensed something unusual.


As the recognized "best tool bird" in the delivery industry, the Courier Falcon was extremely sensitive to supernatural dangers and was known for its stable state.


To make it behave so anxiously… could there be something happening nearby?


While Chronicle was guessing, his phone suddenly vibrated and several messages popped up, all from the "Happiness Home Community Owners Group".


Among various comforting words, there was only one valuable sentence: "Tonight, the main city area of Land of Peach will implement a curfew policy. Please find a safe place and stay alert. If there is an emergency during this period, you can call for help at any time."


As soon as the information came out, the group exploded.


Chronicle was also shocked.


He really didn't expect to encounter such a big "surprise" right after arriving.


Thinking about the "Land of Peach Secret Realm out of control again" mentioned in the news, the "not so peaceful" mentioned by the teacher, and the tragic scene of his parents drowning in the ghost tide while trying to save others, he couldn't help but feel a chill down his neck.


Fortunately, he had experienced life and death before, so he wasn't scared out of his wits. He quickly calmed down, quickly displayed his mental power, and explored the entire room.


After confirming that there was nothing wrong at home, he retrieved the disposable defense cards he had accumulated for years based on his memory.


A total of fifteen cards.


They were posted on the ceiling, floor, and walls of each room, finally giving him a sense of security.


"These defense energy cards were prepared by the Card Craftsman Association for citizens who do not have self-protection abilities. They can withstand the ghost tide, and even during a phone call, they can hold on. As an apprentice Card Craftsman, as long as I make a call for help, I will definitely be the first to receive rescue."




Chronicle lined up the four newly acquired material cards and took out the card drawing pen and other card-making tools, placing them beside him.


"It's better to rely on oneself than to rely on others. If things really go wrong, the card craftsmen in the city will be too busy to take care of themselves. It's better to make the cards while it's still daylight. In case of any trouble, with Osiris here, I'll have a way to deal with it."


With this in mind, Chronicle tidied up and took defensive measures, then closed his eyes and sat cross-legged on the bed.


Listening to the sound of rain outside the window, his mind gradually emptied.


At this moment, his Bronze-level mental power emitted waves like the tide, lifting his consciousness to an infinite and ethereal space.


This was the sea of consciousness that existed in the human spiritual world, unrestricted by any factors.


All the work related to card-making, strengthening, and repairing was carried out here.


"Misty clouds, vast stars."


Seeing this scene for the first time, Chronicle couldn't help but take a deep breath. He waved his hand and let the blank card merge into the void.


He then suspended the four "gold-swallowing behemoths" – Ghost in the Rafters, Rotten Intestine Bailiff, White Linen Pole, and Ghost Shackles – in mid-air.


"The first step in card-making is to determine the true name."


Chronicle said to himself as he took the card drawing pen and wrote the three characters "Osiris" in the void, flowing like clouds and water.


As soon as the characters were written, the four material cards instantly emitted a faint fluorescence.


However, as time passed, this light showed a tendency to dim, so Chronicle continued to write and added information to it:


"Osiris, real name Xie Bian, a former local bailiff, has known his sworn brother Fan Wujiu since childhood and treats him like a brother."


"One day, the two of them were going to a certain place for official business. When they reached Nantai Bridge, it started pouring rain. Xie Bian asked Fan Wujiu to wait for a while, while he went back home to get an umbrella."


"Unexpectedly, as soon as he left, a heavy rain poured down, and the rising river swallowed Fan Wujiu, who was unwilling to break the appointment. When Xie Bian hurried back, Fan Wujiu had already disappeared. In despair, he chose to hang himself by Nantai Bridge and follow his sworn brother."


"Yan Wang rewarded these two brothers for their trust and righteousness and appointed them as Soul Reapers, specializing in guiding and collecting souls, later known as Osiris."


After writing this, Chronicle took a short break.


Throughout the process, it seemed that he only wrote about two hundred words.


But in fact, his understanding of Osiris, including the controversies and details between various mythological versions, had all been integrated into the blank card through the medium of the card drawing pen.


And because Osiris and Yan Wang were mythological figures that had existed in this world, there was a certain "review mechanism" that directly "approved" it.


Almost in the instant he stopped writing, the lines of text displayed a golden color.


But Chronicle was very clear in his heart that it was not yet time to relax.


Dipping the pen in some spiritual fluid, he began to draw the card face.


Before crossing over, besides writing, he occasionally took on some art commission work to make a living, so his composition aesthetics were not off track.


Coupled with the solid foundation he had built by spending money on the art studio and the state of his first card-making attempt, the exquisite and gorgeous Osiris card was quickly completed.


"With my level, even if I go to the art academy, there's no way I'll fail."


Looking at the finished product in front of him, Chronicle couldn't help but feel a sense of accomplishment.


The overall tone of the design was dark, with a background of a valley filled with blood-red flowers.Wearing a high hat that reads "Fortune at First Sight", with a long crimson tongue sticking out but a friendly smile on his face, Osiris, also known as Xie Bi'an, hovered in mid-air, looking down at the mortals who had mistakenly entered the underworld, panicking. With a mourning stick in his hand, he pointed out their way back.


Without diminishing its eerie nature, this touch of kindness from the god of the underworld added a different flavor to the whole picture, which was more in line with the gentle and steady character of Seven Brothers.


"Not bad."


Chronicle couldn't help but praise again, then he began the final step of card crafting – engraving the card back.


This step seemed simple, but it was crucial to determine the type of card and required a lot of skill.


No matter what type of card you want to create, whether it's a summoning card that can call upon gods, demons, or fairies, a skill card that is imaginative, or an equipment card that is versatile, you need to engrave corresponding patterns on the back of the card to ensure the normal flow of spiritual power.


It goes without saying what the type of the "Osiris" card is.


Without thinking, Chronicle relied on muscle memory, and soon, he had completed the circuit pattern of the summoning card.


Then he waited quietly. After an unknown amount of time, the sea of consciousness finally began to surge…


Card creation successful!




Before Chronicle could catch his breath, everything in front of him suddenly began to change, like the sea turning into mulberry fields.


In the misty world, a figure appeared out of nowhere, tall and thin, smiling before speaking.


From a bird's-eye view, Chronicle watched him interact with the villagers in a friendly manner, feeling the strong incense of the human world.


The only pity was that the figure known as "younger brother" was always shrouded in shadows, making him seem very unreal.


Not until the scene flashed to the storm did his image gradually become fuller in Xie Bi'an's painful memories.


At one point, Chronicle even felt the humid air from the storm surge into his nostrils, with the sound of wind and thunder in his ears.


Then, a burst of boisterous laughter rang out, pulling him out of that immersive experience.


Chronicle instinctively looked over, feeling a moment of dizziness. By the time he came to his senses, Xie Bi'an had become Osiris.

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