Chapter 26 – Chronicle, why are you here?

After quickly adjusting his emotions, he was about to command Osiris to continue the pursuit when the sound of a door opening came from behind him.


He turned around and saw Luyouyou, wearing a cute bear pajamas, walking out of the bedroom with sleepy eyes.


Then she yawned repeatedly and shook her head as she passed by him.


Just as he thought that this girl was still half asleep and hadn't noticed him at all.


She suddenly turned her head and stared at him with her glasses: "Chronicle, what are you doing here?"


At the same time, in the bedroom.


Luyouyou was awakened by the cold wind and opened her eyes in a daze.


After fully waking up, she couldn't help but pat her head in annoyance.


She had planned to stay up all night, still remembering what Wei Ya said about "showing dominance".


But the moment she touched the bed, she fell into a deep sleep as if she had been hit by a sleeping spell, and was quickly engulfed by drowsiness.


When she opened her eyes again, it was now.




She let out a sigh, shook her head, and drove away the drowsiness that came over her again.


She propped herself up with her arms and wanted to check the defense card that was posted on the door earlier, but she saw a tall figure standing by the door, staring at her.


"Oh my."


She exclaimed and instinctively summoned a card with a blue border.


In the next moment, a tall figure wearing a wedding dress and a veil appeared by her bedside.


With a height of nearly eight feet, it was almost touching the ceiling.


The appearance of this figure undoubtedly gave Luyouyou a great sense of security.


So, under the protection of the "Eight-Foot Bride", she boldly approached the door wearing her rabbit slippers.


When she walked a certain distance, she was surprised to find that the tall figure was actually Chronicle!


"Chronicle, what are you doing here?"


She couldn't help but speak and reached out to touch Chronicle, but there was no sensation.


Just as she was surprised, a bone-chilling coldness came through her fingertips.


In pain, she quickly took a few steps back.


But the Eight-Foot Bride reached out a pure white hand and placed it on her shoulder.


A majestic energy instantly surged out, easily dispelling the extremely cold chill.


Rubbing her slightly painful wrist, Luyouyou's face no longer had its usual gentleness.


The Eight-Foot Bride seemed to sense her current mood and swiftly slapped "Chronicle" with a speed that didn't match her figure.


Wherever she passed, the air mourned.


A crimson blood handprint appeared on the facing wall.


But Chronicle, who had always been "silent", had no reaction at all.


After about half a minute, he stiffly turned his head and glanced at Luyouyou.


Then, like an old TV with a fallen antenna, his figure flickered a few times and disappeared completely into the air.


"Not a ghost?"


Luyouyou frowned and subconsciously reached out to touch the strange sachet with a mysterious pattern on her waist.


She was indeed very obedient. After receiving Wei Ya's suggestion to tease Chronicle, she stayed up all night to make this equipment card.


Although its function was not strong, it was more than enough to resist some low-quality evil spirits.


It must have had its protection, otherwise she wouldn't have been able to sleep peacefully for half the night.


"Then why did I wake up?"


Remembering the bone-chilling coldness that penetrated her bones when she first woke up, this time she didn't act rashly, but controlled the Eight-Foot Bride to turn the doorknob.


But accidentally using too much force, she directly twisted the doorknob off.


But the door still opened.


She turned her head to look outside and saw Chronicle squatting not far from her with a puzzled expression, so she subconsciously said again, "Chronicle, what are you doing here?"


Then she realized and picked up the sachet, ready to take action.


But at this moment, Chronicle looked up.


Looking at Luyouyou standing at the door, his first reaction was also to take action.


Seeing the lifelike expression on the other party's face, he knew that she was a real person without a doubt.


So he quickly explained the ins and outs of the situation to her.


Of course, he wouldn't foolishly tell her that he came to "stock up", but made some artistic modifications without changing the essence of the matter.


"Ah, you mean, you were also attacked by an evil spirit just now, and you used a lot of effort to deal with it, but you were worried about us and rushed over without even resting?" Luyouyou widened her beautiful eyes, and her slightly youthful delicate face was filled with gratitude.


Chronicle felt a little embarrassed and nodded.


He swore to the heavens that he had simply described the situation.


Words like "used a lot of effort" and "didn't even rest" were all made up by Luyouyou.


But since she believed him so much, it saved him a lot of explanation.


Thinking of the scene where she was about to attack him as soon as she saw him, he pondered for a moment and asked, "Did you see a shadow that looked exactly like me just now?"


"Yes." Luyouyou nodded.


"Was it unable to be attacked and would disappear on its own over time?" Chronicle asked again."Correct." Lu Youyou nodded again, then realized something was off, and couldn't help but ask, "But how did you know?"


As she spoke, she reached for the sachet hanging around her waist.


"That's because… I encountered the same situation as you."


Chronicle explained somewhat helplessly.


He felt that the girl in front of him seemed a bit dim-witted.


However, judging by her alertness, he guessed that even if he didn't show up, she could probably handle the two specters in the house on her own.


"I see."


Lu Youyou responded somewhat shyly, feeling that she might have been a bit overly sensitive.


Seeing her like this, Chronicle didn't say anything more.


Time was of the essence.


After several battles, his already limited mental power had been depleted by nearly half.


If they kept chatting like this, and Osiris suddenly reverted back to his card state, his money-making plan would be ruined.


With this in mind, he decisively turned around and headed straight for the bathroom in Lu Youyou's house with Osiris.


Based on the category, he believed that the training provider had arranged for each trainee to deal with two ghost types, one green and one white.


Generally speaking, low-quality specters like these only have one representative ability.


Take the hair-combing specter they just encountered as an example.


Chronicle had noticed that its hair was quite peculiar.


The "illusion" that both he and Lu Youyou had encountered was likely the ability of the other ghost.


As for where that creature was hiding now…


Looking at the somewhat dirty mirror in front of him, Chronicle stopped brainstorming and turned to look at Osiris.


He then allocated some of his remaining mental power to him.


An interesting skill from his card panel flashed through his mind:


【Borrowing Path】: Consumes a certain amount of mental power to summon four ghost messengers in 【Night Walk】 state. If they encounter ghost-type units of lower quality than themselves during their journey, they can force them to join the team; at the same time, they inflict continuous special damage on the obstructers, with a high probability of triggering the 【Soul Departure】 effect.

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