Chapter 20 – Experience in Creating Domain Cards

“Anyway, besides practicing and studying disposable cards, I don’t have much else to do. It’s better to take on this task. Besides relaxing and improving my combat abilities, I can also kill two birds with one stone. Why not?”

With this in mind, he asked, “So, what are you willing to exchange for my time?”

Upon hearing this, Ginger Tea couldn’t help but show a happy expression. She quickly opened her tea-colored backpack and took out a notebook. Then, she carefully reached into the inner layer of the bag and took out a bottle of spiritual power potion.

Although combat training was essentially a mutually beneficial activity, she didn’t skimp on what she gave to Chronicle. She also wanted to take this opportunity to establish a good relationship with him, as even the class teacher had high hopes for him.

“You’re too polite,” Chronicle said with a smile. He casually took the notebook handed to him and flipped through it. He discovered that it was actually a copy.

The notebook contained some insights about card crafting in the field, many of which he had never seen in textbooks. However, Chronicle was knowledgeable and instantly recognized the value of this notebook.

Seeing his slightly surprised expression, Ginger Tea couldn’t help but smile. She felt that her goal had been achieved and said softly, “This is my dad’s notebook from when he was in school. He now works at Land of Peach University.”

“So, it’s your uncle’s manuscript… It’s really precious,” Chronicle said, somewhat amazed by Ginger Tea’s generosity. However, he had no intention of returning it.

He had previously pondered the question of why Card Craftsmen became stronger with each generation and came to the conclusion that besides the accumulation of knowledge and resources, experiences and insights like these could also help the younger generation of card crafting families avoid many detours.

And this was exactly what he lacked!

However, Card Craftsmen were known for valuing knowledge as their lifeblood. Even though these insights into card crafting were not as valuable as mythical knowledge, they were still highly cherished by them.

This meant that he couldn’t obtain this information through conventional means such as online searches or library books. He could only choose to work hard to get into a prestigious school or find a master.

But now, Ginger Tea easily took out such a precious thing, showing him a path he had never imagined before.

“Make friends,” Chronicle thought, and a handsome face gradually blossomed with a smile.

“I, Uncle, love making friends the most.”

Thinking this, he looked at Ginger Tea with a more sincere gaze. “Help me give my regards to your uncle. This notebook is very important to me.”

“As long as you can make use of it,” Ginger Tea said with a light smile. In her heart, she judged him as someone who wouldn’t miss any opportunity for personal gain.

She gradually figured out how to get along with this guy and decided that if she needed his help in the future, she would exchange it for a copy of her dad’s notebook.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but smirk.

Chronicle glanced at this girl who didn’t care about her father’s precious things. He thought that if her father found out about this today, he might break her two little legs.

But as the one benefiting, he naturally wouldn’t say anything.

After a light laugh, he carefully put away the spiritual power potion handed to him by Ginger Tea.

Finally, he said, “Have a pleasant cooperation,” and walked back to the dormitory building with light steps.

“What a fulfilling day.”

Returning to his well-lit and spacious single dormitory, Chronicle’s mood also became very good.

Thinking that he would participate in unified training the day after tomorrow, he pulled out a chair and sat at the desk.

On a piece of white paper, he organized the resources he had on hand.

First, in terms of money, he only had over 20,000 yuan until the subsidy for the Bronze Card Craftsmen arrived.

Next was the materials. Besides the valuable “North Yin Theater in Zhaonan County,” he had just received four materials to use for making zombies. He also had a green-quality card called “Crying Sorrow” and some copper coin materials for experiments.

As for other precious things, he only had the notebook that Ginger Tea had just given him and three bottles of spiritual power potions.

“Oh, right, I also have a house.”

Thinking of this, Chronicle quickly opened the computer in his dormitory and logged into the official real estate platform. He saw that the official staff had left several messages for him.

After a quick look, they were all polite messages without any important information. He then exited the chat interface and entered the platform page, only to see a few scattered house listings on the homepage.

Land of Peach City was indeed dangerous, and ordinary people didn’t want to stay here for long.

But from the situation on this website, it could be seen that not many people were willing to sell their houses here. The reason was simple.Living in such a world, it doesn’t really matter where you go. Is the Land of Peach dangerous, and other places safe? It’s better to keep a house as a fallback.

Moreover, despite all the drawbacks of living near the secret realm, it’s still a case of ‘the water near the pavilion gets the moon first’. If a card master seed emerges from the family in the future, they can be sent here to study, and the purchase of ghost materials will be cheaper.

In short, people in this world have a habit of having three burrows like a cunning rabbit, and they won’t choose to sell their houses unless they have to.

Fortunately, they have this habit, otherwise, it would be difficult to sell Chronicle’s house, which is both haunted and expensive.

Now, not long after the house was listed, several people have come to inquire.

He took a quick glance and typed rapidly on the keyboard, regardless of whether they believed it or not, he only spoke well of it.

Then he closed the computer and began to read the notes Ginger Tea had given him.

It must be said that Ginger Tea’s father, who can work in a university, was definitely a top student in his youth.

Not only was his handwriting neat and clear, but the content was also extremely detailed.

From material selection, to the various steps of creating domain cards, to how to design a card group with it as the core after the card is made, everything was recorded, and he even added his own insights.

Chronicle treasured it, studying the notes carefully until late at night, then lay back on the bed with sore eyes, quickly falling asleep.

When he woke up early the next morning, he first looked at his phone and found that Chen Yuan, who he hadn’t contacted for a few days, had sent him a message.

“Chronicle Brother, I also got a spot for the unified training! [Funny Panda Man.jpg]”

The message was sent at ten o’clock last night, when he was reading the notes and didn’t pay attention to his phone.

Seeing the message now, he casually replied “congratulations”, but was somewhat surprised in his heart.

Wei Ya had said before that the spots for this unified training were first reserved for the elite class, and only the best few in the key class would get the remaining spots.

The fact that Chen Yuan could get a spot meant that his strength was not bad now.

“This is interesting.”

Chronicle thought to himself, after a simple wash and packing his luggage, he put on his backpack and went downstairs.

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