Chapter 1 – Card Age

Land of Peach City.

Happy Home Community.

At the end of summer, a lingering drizzle persisted.

In a small room, an old desk lamp silently dispelled the darkness.

Chronicle sat in front of his desk, his handsome face illuminated pale by the computer screen.

#Penguin Group’s ten-year masterpiece “Peak of Card Craftsmen” shockingly released! Free trial, no need for in-game purchases!#

#Diamond-level Card Craftsman Hu Wei secluded for half a year, successfully crafted a red-quality card – “Sitting and Forgetting Dao”!#

#S12 Battle Card Craftsman Competition “Silent Lamb” team 3:0 defeated the strong enemy “LJT”, smoothly advanced to the finals!#

#Land of Peach’s secret realm lost control again, the Card Craftsman Alliance issued a level one crisis warning, citizens are advised to avoid going out at night!#

“Is this a transmigration?”

Looking at the hot news on the browser homepage, Chronicle’s gaze flickered slightly.

He was originally a web novel writer, who had been struggling for many years. With the support of his readers, he finally topped the new book list on a certain platform. However, while he was out celebrating, he was hit by a sudden dump truck and thrown several meters away. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself in this room.

“Isn’t it the end of the year yet? The dump truck reincarnation squad has started to meet their targets?”

Chronicle casually made a comment, then began to sort out the information in his mind.

According to his memory, this place was called Blue Star, a world dominated by cards.

Card Craftsmen, who control card battles through meditation and accumulation of spiritual power, were the mainstream of the era.

People’s lives have also become extremely convenient due to the existence of cards.

Regrettably, this world was not peaceful.

Initially, the historical trajectory here was roughly the same as that of Earth.

Until a few hundred years ago, a Transcendent world called “Great Scenery” collided and merged with this world at a level beyond human comprehension.

The resulting cracks spread all over the world, from which countless monsters emerged, sweeping away people’s lives like a wild wind.

Fortunately, the human race never lacked “destiny”.

A man surnamed Ye, while being chased by a beast, fell into a crack. Instead of dying, he entered a “secret realm” formed by the world fragments of Blue Star and Great Scenery, and found several cards with unfathomable divine power, gaining the strength to resist the monsters.

The era of cards officially began from this point.

“No wonder he’s from the Ye family, a true protagonist.”

Chronicle sincerely sighed, but he was very clear in his heart: this “protagonist” did not lead people to victory.

To this day, the war between humans and monsters shows no sign of ending, and in some areas, it is even escalating.

To replenish new forces, every summer, the Card Craftsman Alliance conducts qualification exams for all second-year high school students, selecting students with relevant talents for a year of intensive training.

And Chronicle’s identity in this life was a trainee Card Craftsman who had successfully passed the exam and was about to enter his third year of high school.

Thinking of this, Chronicle couldn’t help but cast his gaze on a few books piled next to his computer:

“Mythology Frontier 2021 Combined Edition”

“Top Scholar’s Handwritten Notes – Card Crafting Chapter”

“The Way of Card Craftsman Cultivation: From Beginner to Bald”

All the books had been flipped to the edge, silently indicating the hard work the owner of the books had put into “card crafting”.

Card Craftsmen, as the name suggests, were a group capable of creating cards.

Although various types of cards had entered thousands of households over the centuries, the only ways to obtain cards that could truly be used for battle were either randomly unearthed from secret realms or crafted by Card Craftsmen.

However, Card Craftsmen couldn’t create cards out of thin air. They needed to use drawing pens, spirit liquid, card crafting materials, blank cards, and go through complex processes such as determining the true name, adding stories, and drawing the card face, in order to trigger the world’s laws and achieve functions such as summoning and battling.

This required a person to have not only a high level of cultivation talent, knowledge accumulation, logical thinking, but also a good sense of aesthetics.

Therefore, the number of Card Craftsmen was not large.

Due to the importance and irreplaceability of their work, this professional group enjoyed a high social status. They could regularly receive various resources and benefits provided by the Card Craftsman Alliance, making it a coveted profession for many young people.

“The future World aristocracy.”

Chronicle positioned his identity, then frowned: according to his memory, this path seemed not easy to walk.

“Talent, resources, and all that are fine, but what really determines how far a Card Craftsman can go… is the most inconspicuous ‘story addition’ or ‘knowledge accumulation’?”

As he delved deeper into his memory, Chronicle gradually showed a look of realization:

It turned out that the cultural heritage of this world had a very serious gap due to the world collision, the arrival of the secret realm, and the invasion of monsters. Even with hundreds of years of research accumulation, people’s understanding of mythology was just a drop in the ocean.

Although Card Craftsmen could use their own brains to create a logically rigorous and background-reasonable story for card crafting.

However, the cards created in this way, under the same quality and star level, were far less powerful than the cards crafted based on the real legends of gods, ghosts, immortals, and heroes that had been passed down in history.

This was undoubtedly unbearable for those Card Craftsmen who had high self-requirements.

Therefore, even if they have to pay the price of their lives, they would still venture into one high-risk secret realm after another, just to catch a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg of ancient mythology.

Thinking of this, Chronicle couldn’t help but feel a surge of excitement.

As a web novel author, what he had in abundance were all kinds of mythological stories and strange tales.

Knowledge, a hurdle that seemed insurmountable to other Card Craftsmen, simply did not exist for him.

“Cards… Transcendent…”

Looking at the top Card Craftsman poster on the wall of the cabin, Chronicle felt a long-lost surge of strength. However, he didn’t let the heat of the moment cloud his judgment, and quickly thought:

Although his predecessor had successfully passed the assessment and obtained the card-making qualification certificate, he had not yet created his first battle card in his professional career.

Therefore, he could only be considered a “trainee Card Craftsman”, not much stronger than those “Card Printers” on the market who were responsible for printing life-use cards.

The reason he had been hesitant to make a card was that Card Craftsmen receive a special blessing during their first battle card creation, not only greatly increasing the success rate of card creation, but often also “performing beyond expectations”.

The card created in this way can largely reflect a person’s card-making talent.

His predecessor also held the idea of making a big splash at the start of school, which led to his constant indecision, even affecting his eating and sleeping, and then… he was taken over.

“I need to think about it carefully.”

Chronicle had no intention of “playing dumb to catch the wise”.

If there is a food chain in the world of cards, then Card Craftsmen undoubtedly stand at the top.

The weight of this profession cannot even be fully explained by the term “World aristocracy”.

The respect and protection for Card Craftsmen is not only the policy of the Card Craftsman Alliance, but also a rule universally accepted by the whole world.

This status is reflected in many aspects, at least in the early and middle stages, he doesn’t have to worry too much about his safety.

And in the later stages, if he, who has exclusive access to the treasure trove of Chinese mythology, hasn’t created a set of cards that can save his life, then he really deserves to die…

In short…

Just do it!

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