Chapter 9 – Can’t Tell Things Clearly

The ugly man looked impatient.

“Hurry up! If you keep dragging your feet, you’re asking for a beating!”

Mi Xiaojing could clearly feel the child trembling, and he was getting angry too.

“Can’t you speak properly?”

The ugly man immediately looked embarrassed and forced a smile, which made him even uglier. He said, “Come home with me!”

“You’re not my dad, I don’t have a dad!”

Zeng Li, the master, came over.

“What’s going on?”

The ugly man became furious and kicked out.

“I’ll beat you to death, you little brat!”

In his rage, not only did he kick the child, but he also hit Mi Xiaojing. Mi Xiaojing reached out and hit the ugly man’s heel, causing him to fly three meters and crash to the ground. Mi Xiaojing raised his hand.

“May the Evolutionary’s Ancestors bless you… What do you want?”

As a young master, he just waved his hand and a strong man flew out. The people from the Luo family were angry and surrounded Mi Xiaojing.

Master Zeng Li lightly uttered a word, “Clumsy!”

It was as if a thunderbolt had exploded in everyone’s ears, and they were all shaken. Master Zeng Li remained calm.

“What? Do you want to bully us?”

The head of the Luo family’s face changed drastically.

“Get out of here!”

The men and women of the Luo family immediately came to their senses. They were facing the Western Evolutionary Sect, and although their master was usually friendly and kind to the villagers, the Western Evolutionary Sect was not an ordinary sect. They had Evolutionary Immortality and if they were provoked, their master would not hesitate to take action.

Instantly, the Luo family’s arrogance was suppressed. Mi Xiaojing also understood why the village chief said they were overbearing. Once they were provoked, it would be a family affair. Unfortunately, they had provoked the Western Evolutionary Sect this time. For ordinary families, even those who practiced martial arts, it would be extremely troublesome to deal with such a large group of people.

Mi Xiaojing looked at the thin and weak child.

“If you don’t go home, where will you go?”

The child’s eyes flickered with confusion, but soon his expression became firm.

“I won’t go back, I… I’ll follow you!”

Everyone around was stunned by his words.

Mi Xiaojing pointed to himself.

“Follow me?” He was also dumbfounded.

After all, Mi Xiaojing was struggling to survive himself, how could he possibly take care of a child?

Master Zeng Li took a careful look at the child and shook his head. “You have no connection to Evolutionary Immortality.”

Mi Xiaojing was puzzled. This was different from his understanding.

“Why? Why is he not connected to Evolutionary Immortality?”

The child whispered, “If I go home, I’ll be beaten to death!”

The head of the Luo family became furious.

“Nonsense!”The child trembled in fear again. Mi Xiaojing didn’t know what was going on with this family, but seeing the bruises on the child’s body, he had a gut feeling that the child was telling the truth. Even if the ugly man couldn’t kill him, he would definitely leave him half-dead.

Master Zeng Li stood beside Mi Xiaojing.

“Regardless of whether there is a connection with the Evolutionary Sect, since the child wants to leave, our Western Expansion Sect will take him in. Mi Xiaojing, you will take care of him from now on! Since you protected this child, it is your responsibility.”

Mi Xiaojing was completely dumbfounded. Strictly speaking, he was also a child, just a big child. Taking care of a small child? But then he understood that by helping the child, he had already sown the cause, and taking care of him would be the effect.

As someone who had been influenced by the Evolutionary Sect since childhood and was a compassionate person, Mi Xiaojing could not refuse this request. If he didn’t accept it, the child would likely die. The principle of “saving one life is more meritorious than building a seven-story pagoda” was something he understood.

Mi Xiaojing nodded decisively. “Yes, Master Zeng Li, I will obey!”

The two of them decided without even asking the old man from the Luo family. If you wanted to talk about being domineering, the Evolutionary Sect was truly domineering.

After Zeng Li finished speaking, he looked at the old man from the Luo family. “Old man Luo, what do you think?”

The Luo family didn’t like this child to begin with. When they saw this result, the old man from the Luo family didn’t have much to say. Would he dare to offend the Western Expansion Sect? They relied on the Evolutionary Sect’s land to live. If they offended the landlord, even if they didn’t lose their tenancy, they could still be forced to exchange land. He couldn’t handle that.

The old man from the Luo family was extremely embarrassed. How could he not know how powerful they were?

“Listen to Master Zeng Li.”

Zeng Li nodded in satisfaction. “Alright, everyone can go about their business now.”

The ugly man walked up to the old man from the Luo family and grumbled, “Dad…you…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the old man from the Luo family slapped him in the face, causing his head to sway.

“Aren’t you embarrassed enough? Go home if you have something to say!”

This slap woke the ugly man up. He looked fearfully at Zeng Li before turning and leaving. In this world, not only were cultivators standing on the heads of mortals, but so were Evolutionary Immortals. It’s just that Evolutionary Immortals were compassionate, while Dao cultivators were fierce. Whether it was Evolutionary Immortals or Dao cultivators, mortals could not disrespect them.

The old man from the Luo family regretted bringing the child here. After quickly paying the rent, he bid farewell with his family and left. As for the child, they acted as if they didn’t see him, without any instructions, goodbyes, or even acknowledgment.

Mi Xiaojing bitterly smiled. He was already an orphan, but this child was even more pitiful. He had parents, grandparents, and siblings, yet they completely ignored him.

“This is unacceptable.”

Mi Xiaojing was angry. He couldn’t stand this kind of scum.Master Zeng Li watched as the Luo family left, and he happened to see the child. The child’s eyes were filled with hatred and anger, staring at the back of the Luo family as they left. Master Zeng couldn’t help but think, “This child has a deep resentment. Perhaps it can be somewhat resolved in the Western Evolutionary Sect, but to cultivate… it’s impossible!”

Mi Xiaojing squatted down.

“What’s your name?”

“I, I don’t have a name. They call me Big Head, sometimes Little Bastard… Freeloader…”

Mi Xiaojing was speechless for a moment, then he said, “You should be surnamed Luo. Hmm, let’s call you Luo Bo.” He glanced at the carrot that had fallen to the ground, and said irresponsibly.

The child agreed, “Okay, Carrot it is!”

“Not that carrot. Hmm, I’ll teach you how to write after you learn how to read.”


Because among all the people present, only Mi Xiaojing’s kindness made him feel comfortable, especially when Mi Xiaojing lifted the ugly man and threw him to the ground. He truly felt an incomparable sense of comfort and happiness.

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