Chapter 10 – Poor Master

Since he was born, the one who has beaten him the hardest in the Luo family is the ugly man, who is his so-called father, of course, he has never recognized the ugly man as his father.

As for others, including Master Zeng Li, they were all ignored by Luo Bo.

Mi Xiaojing supported Luo Bo.

“Master, give me a packet of medicine.”

“It’s not too serious, just rest for a few days.”

Mi Xiaojing smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“Master, come and see for yourself.”

Master Zeng Li came to Luo Bo’s side, and Mi Xiaojing lifted his tattered clothes. Master Zeng Li couldn’t help but gasp.

“This family… how can they be so cruel!”

The injuries on Luo Bo’s body shocked Master Zeng Li. It takes a lot of cruelty to beat someone like this. It’s a miracle that this child wasn’t beaten to death.

The village chief’s face also changed as he watched from the side. The people in Fenglin Village are generally simple and honest. He shook his head and said, “I didn’t expect old Luo to be so cruel. This is his grandson!”

“It’s because of the people in the family that they are so cruel. Anyway, since we have left the child behind, let’s just leave it at that.” Master Zeng Li took out a small bottle and poured out a pill the size of a silkworm pupa. After thinking for a moment, he poured out another one and said, “Can you use it?”

Mi Xiaojing’s eyes lit up with surprise. This pill is a good thing.

“I can use it. One pill is taken internally, and the other is used to wash the wound with hot water.”

Master Zeng Li nodded in agreement.

“Yes, it’s best to let the child eat his fill first, otherwise he won’t be able to handle the medicine bath.”

The village chief was very insightful. He said, “And there’s leftover steamed buns and cornbread. I’ll have my wife make them.”

“Boil more hot water.” Mi Xiaojing picked up Luo Bo and said, “I’ll take you to eat.”

Luo Bo nodded hard, but his face was stiff. He had never smiled in his life.

After a full meal, fortunately, Mi Xiaojing had some experience and didn’t let Luo Bo eat too much. It was obvious that the little guy was starving. If he had let him eat as much as he wanted, he would have choked to death.

After the meal, the village chief’s wife had already boiled a large wooden tub of hot water. Mi Xiaojing gave Luo Bo a pill, then soaked him in the hot water, and put another pill in the water. This medicine can be taken internally and externally, and its effect is extremely effective. It is a famous medicine in the Western Evolutionary Sect.

After Luo Bo entered the wooden tub, his tense spirit relaxed, and his wrinkled brow stretched out. The medicine spread out, making him feel much better, and the severe pain was gone.

After a while, the little guy fell asleep. Mi Xiaojing was on the side, adding hot water from time to time. This time, the healing process required enough time to allow the medicine to soak into the body.

This medicine is indeed a secret medicine of the Western Evolutionary Sect. After this healing, Mi Xiaojing can be sure that Luo Bo’s body will not have any hidden injuries.

After soaking for three hours and adding hot water several times, it was finally time. Mi Xiaojing lifted Luo Bo, who was very light, and carried him to the kang. He wiped him down with a coarse cloth. During the process, Luo Bo glanced at Mi Xiaojing drowsily, then fell asleep peacefully.This is probably the most peaceful moment in Luo Bo’s life.

Mi Xiaojing poured out the medicine in the wooden bucket and then sat on the kang to start his evening practice.

After saving Luo Bo, Mi Xiaojing discovered that the effect of his practice was significantly better than usual, which surprised him when he woke up in the morning. However, he was still young and didn’t know the reason behind it.

As usual, he got up in the morning, washed up a bit, then punched the Yan hand twice in the yard, and climbed onto the roof to absorb the Qianyang purple aura facing the rising sun.

Practice is ultimately a process of accumulation, and it takes time to steadily grow.

However, Mi Xiaojing was a bit different because he had the Evolutionary Banner with the treasure of the Mantra Banner. This thing was affecting him anytime and anywhere, making his practice speed quite fast. The most important thing was that Mi Xiaojing had a strong evolutionary nature due to the influence of the Mantra Banner, making his evolutionary aptitude very good.

Back in the room, Luo Bo had already sat up, but he was staring blankly at the corner of the wall.

Mi Xiaojing walked over and sat on the edge of the kang.

“Little guy, still hurting?”

“No, thank you, brother!”

Luo Bo tried to move the corners of his mouth, as if he wanted to smile, but he had never smiled before, so the smile was very stiff.

Mi Xiaojing patted his head.

“From now on, follow me. My name is Mi Xiaojing.”

“Xiao Mi Brother.”

Mi Xiaojing didn’t know why, but when he saw Luo Bo, he felt like he was looking at his own shadow, a lonely person. Even though Luo Bo still had a family and relatives, he was not as good as himself, and he was even more lonely.

“I have an old patched cloth here. Wear it for now.”

He took out the patched cloth he was going to replace and gave it to Luo Bo to wear.

Compared to Mi Xiaojing, Luo Bo’s figure was too weak, looking like a five or six-year-old child. In fact, Luo Bo was almost ten years old. When he put on the patched cloth, the hem of the cloth fell to the ground.

“I’ll fix it when we get back. It’s a bit too big.”

Luo Bo nodded hard and said, “Okay.”

When Mi Xiaojing went out, Luo Bo sat quietly on the kang. He had never felt so peaceful before, as if he really had a brother who loved him.

The rent collection was coming to an end, and Mi Xiaojing followed Master Zeng Li to arrange the food for the trip back to the Western Evolutionary Sect.

Eight large carts were basically full. As a rent collector, Mi Xiaojing also received some offerings for himself.

A small bag of white rice, about twenty pounds, a bag of millet, two strings of red dried peppers, two strings of garlic, and a few pounds of soybeans, mung beans, and red beans, which were all in small quantities.

Since the caravan didn’t come, Mi Xiaojing directly exchanged his mountain goods for salt, coarse cloth, needles and thread, two jars of vegetable oil made by the village chief’s wife, and two pairs of cloth shoes made by the village chief’s aunt. Mountain goods were not valuable here, and the things that could be exchanged were extremely limited, but even so, Mi Xiaojing was satisfied.Vegetable oil is not just for eating, but for the oil lamp at night. Without oil, there would be no light at night. This little bit of oil is Mi Xiaojing’s treasure.

The master of Western Expansion Sect is very poor, extremely poor. Even Mi Xiaojing, who has already reached the final stage of the Yuanjie period, and is a core member of the sect, is also extremely poor. It can be said that they lack food and clothing, which is completely different from the cultivators in the Cultivation World.

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