Chapter 34 – Sword Array Start

The most powerful alchemist in the Sword Heart Sect was Chen Shouyi. The other three Nascent Soul masters present were only alchemists. Mu Chentian, the Sect Leader, was adept at formation and talismans. The Azure Descent Immortal Maiden was skilled in scheming and deduction. Yu Hong was skilled in refining tools. Mu Hengyuan was knowledgeable in all areas but not proficient in any, like a jack-of-all-trades. Chen Shouyi was the best alchemist in the Sword Heart Sect, despite only being a Foundation Establishment cultivator. However, it was too difficult for him to refine pills for Nascent Soul cultivators. Even as a master alchemist, he was one realm short of being able to do so.

Yu Hong coughed and said, “Mu Junior Brother, come and refine the Profit and Loss Pill.”

Mu Hengyuan replied helplessly, “The success rate is too low, and we don’t have enough spirit herbs in reserve for Nascent Soul pills. Let Chen Shouyi refine the pills, and I’ll assist him. There might be a glimmer of hope.”

The Azure Descent Immortal Maiden said, “It’s difficult! The difference in realms is not easy to make up for, but we must try. If all else fails, I’ll go to the Tianyuan Market and see if I can find the Profit and Loss Pill.”

Mu Hengyuan said, “We need to strengthen the power of the Grass-Benevolence Hall and unearth more high-level alchemists. This is a lesson for us. If we had a Nascent Soul alchemist, the problem would have been solved long ago, and we wouldn’t have to close the mountain gate.”

Sect Leader Mo Chentian said, “Alright, I order the closure of the Sect and the activation of the protective sword formation to prepare for the worst.”

Yu Hong and Mu Hengyuan nodded.

Yu Hong said, “This is good. Close the mountain gate and find an excuse for the Sword Heart Sect to go into seclusion. No visitors will be allowed. This will buy us some time.”

Sect Leader Mo Chentian stood up.

“That’s the plan. First, close the mountain gate, then seek the Profit and Loss Pill. Regardless, we must protect the Sect, and Yu Senior Brother’s pill is also important. We can’t afford to lose either. Let’s act immediately.”

When the alarm bell for the mountain gate closure rang, all the disciples of the Sword Heart Sect were shocked. The bell had not rung for decades, and when it did, it meant something big had happened.

The alarm bell rang.

“Something’s wrong!”

“What’s that sound?”

“It’s the alarm bell of the Sword Heart Sect. Once it rings, the mountain gate will be closed! ”

Mu Xiaoyin said nervously.

Mi Xiaojing didn’t know the rules of the Sword Heart Sect. When he was in the Western Evolutionary Sect, there wasn’t much to it. When the Western Expansion Sect was attacked, there were no protective formations, and the attackers entered without being detected. The difference in defensive capabilities was like night and day, and it was no wonder that the Western Expansion Sect was destroyed.

“What should we do?”

“It’s none of our business. However, once the mountain gate is closed, the outer areas will be abandoned. Only the mountain with its nine peaks in the Sect is safe. Other places can be destroyed by enemies at any time…”

Mi Xiaojing suddenly remembered that many people from the Western Expansion Sect were taken to the outer areas, and only a few stayed in the Sword Heart Sect’s mountain with its nine peaks. Among them was his junior brother Zhang Ke.

When Zhang Ke and another person were taken to the pill refining room, Mi Xiaojing knew that the room belonged to the Grass-Benevolence Hall, but he did not see Zhang Ke or the other person when he visited the hall.

Even if the Sword Heart Sect was in chaos or destroyed, Mi Xiaojing would only be happy, not sad. If the Sword Heart Sect was destroyed, he would only think it was retribution, and would not have any other regrets.Mi Xiaojing knew that he couldn’t change any situation, whether good or bad. He could only endure it and stay in this place, slowly increasing his strength. That was his ultimate goal.

Then, Mi Xiaojing witnessed a scene that he would never forget in his lifetime.

On the mountain where the sect’s main hall was located, a yellow pillar of light rose up into the sky, surrounded by nine towering peaks. Nine huge sword shadows rose up from each peak.

The sword shadow that rose up from Qingmu Peak, where Mi Xiaojing was, was green. He felt the spiritual qi around his body rush into the sword shadow like a riot, and in an instant, the surrounding spiritual qi disappeared.

Nine sword shadows and one pillar of light.

This scene lasted for seven or eight seconds, followed by a loud thunderous sound. The nine sword shadows suddenly turned into countless virtual swords several meters long and quickly moved in the air. In a moment, the sky was filled with swords.

Brilliant rays of light were dazzling, and Mi Xiaojing had to squint his eyes. The sound of wind and thunder was deafening, and the sword light was like a rainbow of seven colors, making people dizzy. The huge sword formation brought a strong pressure, making even cultivators feel insignificant.

The first thing Mi Xiaojing felt was fear, followed by a sense of insignificance. Under the envelopment of the sword formation, he felt a sense of fear that he had nowhere to escape. He knew that this was just the formation opening, and it wasn’t even aimed at him yet. “What a terrifying sword formation…”

“It’s not that bad!” Mu Xiaoyin, who was not a cultivator, didn’t feel much threat. The only thing she felt was the beauty of the sword light cutting across the sky, which was colorful and magnificent.

After the noisy sky calmed down, the blue sky and white clouds were still the same as usual, but Mi Xiaojing knew that once the mountain guarding formation was activated, the entire sky and ground would be sealed off, and no cultivator would be able to fly in. Once the formation was triggered, the entire formation’s attack would be unleashed.

Mi Xiaojing couldn’t imagine who could withstand such an attack.

Mu Xiaoyin hurriedly left because she knew that Chen Shouyi would look for her. She was in charge of Chen Shouyi’s daily life, and she couldn’t leave if something happened.

Mi Xiaojing returned to the cave where he lived and used a talisman to seal the entrance to prevent the spiritual qi of the spiritual spring from dissipating. The sword formation had just started and had already sucked all the spiritual qi from the mountain, which meant that most of the places where one could cultivate on the mountain were near the spiritual spring. The spiritual qi in other places was already extremely thin and would take a long time to recover.

He got the talisman from Mu Xiaoyin, and it was a very simple sealing talisman.

Mi Xiaojing went to the spiritual spring, where Luo Bo was still cultivating. Since he started cultivating, he had entered the Qi Condensation stage in a few days. Coupled with the benefits he received from eating a Scarlet Zhu Fruit at the beginning of his cultivation, his progress was much faster.

Since the spiritual qi in his body had not dissipated, it was easy for him to enter the Qi Condensation stage. Once he successfully condensed his qi, it would be easy for him to enter the world of cultivation. These days, he had successfully transformed his spiritual qi into true qi. In fact, Mu Xiaoyin was stuck at this stage and couldn’t even enter the world of cultivation.

Luo Bo was already at the threshold, and as long as he persisted for one day, he could enter the Foundation Building stage.

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