Chapter 33 – Teach

Mu Xiaoyin was dumbfounded as she watched the two men run away in fear. She didn’t understand why Mi Xiaojing shouted “get lost” and they ran away without a fight.

But this didn’t stop Mu Xiaoyin from cheering and clapping her hands. “Junior Brother is amazing… so amazing!” Her anger dissipated instantly.

Chen Zhong and Chen Er Gou stumbled out and collapsed at the bamboo pavilion at the intersection. Chen Zhong held his head, feeling dizzy and disoriented, while Chen Er Gou gasped for air. “What kind of attack was that… I feel terrible… urgh…” He vomited all over Chen Zhong.

Chen Zhong was furious and wiped Chen Er Gou’s clothes while scolding him. “You bastard! Do you want to die? You stink… urgh!”

But before he could finish, Chen Zhong also vomited and sprayed Chen Er Gou.

After struggling for a while, the two finally regained their senses. Chen Zhong gritted his teeth and said, “I won’t spare him!”

Chen Er Gou nodded repeatedly and said, “Yes, yes!”

Chen Zhong said, “Let’s go and discuss it. Even if we can’t kill him, we’ll make him suffer!” The two supported each other and left while cursing.

Meanwhile, Mi Xiaojing, Mu Xiaoyin, and Luo Bo were happily eating the red Zhu fruit in the room.

There were only six of them, and Luo Bo only ate one. It wasn’t that he wasn’t allowed to eat more, but his body couldn’t handle the spiritual qi in the fruit.

Mu Xiaoyin ate two and didn’t dare to eat more. The remaining three were all eaten by Mi Xiaojing.

The fruit couldn’t be stored for too long, either it had to be processed as alchemy material or eaten quickly, otherwise it would quickly wither.

Mu Xiaoyin was a little worried and said, “Junior Brother, be careful of those two in the future. They are so bad…”

Mi Xiaojing nodded. After this incident, he recognized Mu Xiaoyin as his senior sister, even though she was just an ordinary mortal.

“Sister, why don’t you cultivate?”

“Ah, I can’t absorb spiritual qi. I can’t even take the first step…” Mu Xiaoyin was clearly frustrated. “The old man tried many methods, but I just can’t absorb spiritual qi. Without spiritual qi, I can’t cultivate… By the way, Junior Brother, why did you scare them away with just two words?”

She couldn’t understand the methods of evolutionary immortality.

Mi Xiaojing had an idea. If Mu Xiaoyin couldn’t cultivate, maybe she could ascend. He didn’t know if it would work or not.

“Sister, do you want to learn… a method that can defeat the enemy with just one word?”

“Sure, Junior Brother, teach me!”

Mu Xiaoyin was still a child. In the cultivation world, people in their teens were still considered minors, and she didn’t understand the mysteries of cultivation. Mi Xiaojing found it amusing that he, who was originally an ascender, was teaching her, a cultivator, the true words.

“Okay, I’ll teach you…”Luo Bo said, “Xiao Mi gege, I want to cultivate…” He had no interest in Evolutionary Immortality, but after witnessing the Western Expansion Sect’s destruction, he was envious of the cultivators’ combat techniques, so he asked to cultivate without hesitation.

Mi Xiaojing thought for a moment. In fact, he had wanted Luo Bo to cultivate for a long time, but Evolutionary Immortality required literacy before cultivation. Since Luo Bo wanted to cultivate, they didn’t need to consider Evolutionary Immortality. The conditions here were excellent, and with the help of spiritual springs, he believed it would be a great help to Luo Bo.

Mi Xiaojing was also in a good mood and began to teach the two of them.


Heart Sect.

Yu Hong sat on a rush cushion in the main hall of the main peak, coughing from time to time. Due to the severe injuries he suffered when escaping from the desert, even though he had returned to the sect, his injuries had not improved and were even showing signs of deterioration.

Four people sat in the hall, all of them the highest level of the Heart Sect, each of them a late-stage Yuan Ying ancestor.

The sect leader of the Heart Sect, Mo Chentian, sat with a gloomy expression. On his left was the sect’s grand elder, Azure Descent Immortal Maiden, a mid-stage Yuan Ying expert, a beautiful woman who liked to wear white clothes and had a cold face. On his right was an old man with a skinny figure and a similarly gloomy face, the other grand elder of the sect, Mu Hengyuan, a mid-stage Yuan Ying expert.

These four late-stage Yuan Ying experts were the top-level members of the sect. All matters of the Heart Sect were decided by these four people. Among them, Yu Hong had the highest status because he was a late-stage Yuan Ying expert, while the sect leader Mo Chentian had the lowest status, as he was only a mid-stage Yuan Ying expert.

Mo Chentian said, “Senior Brother Yu, according to what you said, the Vast Gold Sect is finished… Will they blame us?”

Yu Hong sighed and coughed a few times before saying, “Originally, they wouldn’t, but I went to the Vast Gold Sect to capture a demonic spirit before. They might suspect me, but there is no obvious evidence.”

Mu Hengyuan said, “The entire Vast Gold Sect was destroyed by the volcanic magma. Their grand elder has already issued a statement that regardless of who did it, the Vast Gold Sect will never give up until the culprit is found. Although they don’t know who did it yet, it is a great threat to our Heart Sect. Shouldn’t we take the initiative and completely destroy them?”

“Cough, cough… don’t be hasty. This matter needs to be clarified, and it’s impossible to do so in just a few years. I also know their grand elder. His strength is not much different from mine, and he is also a late-stage Yuan Ying expert. It’s just that… cough, my injuries are too severe. I need to avoid trouble for now and wait until I recover. Then I won’t be afraid of them.”

Mo Chentian smiled bitterly and said, “It’s not Senior Brother Yu’s fault. Who knew that demonic spirit would be so stubborn and would rather die than submit? Ah, let’s talk about this later. The most important thing now is to help Senior Brother Yu recover as soon as possible. The sect needs to work together and refine healing pills quickly.”

Azure Descent Immortal Maiden said, “We have the mountain gate and the mountain protection formation. Even if they know, what can they do? A group of cultivators without a mountain gate is like a group of stray dogs! There’s no need to be afraid of them!”The words were spoken with great vigor, and the other several Nascent Soul old monsters all showed a slight smile.

Yu Hong was gratified and said, “Junior Sister sees through it. Anyway, they are all a group of losers… Haha, cough… cough… cough…” He spat out a mouthful of blood, his expression slightly eased. After taking a Spirit Pill, he felt very depressed. The injury had already penetrated his Nascent Soul, and to cure it, he needed a specific Spirit Pill.

The Loss and Gain Pill!

Yu Hong knew that only the Loss and Gain Pill was the specific Spirit Pill for his injury, but who could refine this pill?

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