Chapter 3 – Mi Xiaojing and the Wolf

Although the lone wolf was fierce, it was much better than a pack of wolves. After all, there was only one wolf. If a pack of wolves came, Xiaojing would cry.


This lone wolf had a large frame but was skinny, with bloodthirsty eyes. It was already hungry and how could it give up on staring at the meaty Xiaojing?


Although Xiaojing was an Evolutionary Immortality disciple, he had never fought with humans or wolves before, and was naturally extremely nervous. He was already at the stage of "Yuan Jue" in Evolutionary Immortality and had his own means.


However, Xiaojing was too nervous and only shouted loudly while holding the hoe, trying to scare away the lone wolf.


The lone wolf revealed its white fangs, snarling and drooling, with drops of saliva slipping from its teeth. It made a growling sound in its throat, and its two wolf eyes gleamed with excitement.




The lone wolf suddenly let out a roar and leaped forward like lightning with its hind legs.


Xiaojing suddenly threw away the hoe in his hand and raised his palm, spitting out a word in horror: "Stop!"


In mid-air, the lone wolf was hit hard by the invisible hammer of the word "Stop" that came out of Xiaojing's mouth. This attack was not aimed at the body but the soul of the lone wolf.


Although the lone wolf was stunned by the attack of Xiaojing's word, its inertia was still there, and its whole body slammed into Xiaojing, with its front paws also landing on Xiaojing's shoulders.


Xiaojing was obviously also frightened, staring blankly at the lone wolf.


There was no fierceness in the lone wolf's eyes anymore, and its eyes seemed to be spinning in circles. It was knocked out by the word "Stop."


Xiaojing lifted up suddenly, and the lone wolf slid down weakly, whimpering.


Similarly, Xiaojing also went weak and sat down on the base of the big tree.


"I'm scared to death…Evolutionary's Ancestors bless me, Evolutionary…that blessing…"


The lone wolf suddenly became fierce, biting Xiaojing's arm hard. Xiaojing screamed in fright.


"Waaah, you bit me…you bit me…my flesh is not tasty…ah! Huh, it doesn't hurt?" His mind was in a mess.


If Xiaojing carefully observed his arm, he would have found faint golden Spirit Script characters flashing under his skin. However, his arm was now in the wolf's mouth, and he couldn't notice anything.


In panic, Xiaojing used his hand to pry open the wolf's mouth.


"You bad wolf! You cunning and treacherous scoundrel!"


He dragged the wolf and swung it hard, slamming it against the big tree.


The lone wolf was also furious. According to its experience, when it bit down, wouldn't there be sweet blood and tender meat? Why couldn't it bite down? Why couldn't it bite down? The wolf went crazy.


After several consecutive strikes, the lone wolf howled in pain, and its mouth finally loosened.Mi Xiaojing immediately grabbed the wolf's neck with both hands and pressed its body tightly. At this moment, Mi Xiaojing didn't know what to do. The lone wolf's four claws kept scratching and digging on the ground, leaving four small pits in no time.


In fact, with Mi Xiaojing's evolutionary cultivation strength, killing a wolf was very easy. He was already at the level of Perception in the Evolutionary Immortality stage, equivalent to the later stage of Qi cultivation of a cultivator. Not to mention one wolf, he could even fight a group of wolves. However, he was only thirteen years old and had no combat experience, which made him panic like this.


Pressing the wolf's head hard and pressing down with his whole body, Mi Xiaojing exerted all his strength.


"Wolf, don't eat me. I'll let you go… okay? May Evolutionary's Ancestors bless me. Wolf, I haven't violated any killing precepts. Don't make me violate them…"


The lone wolf howled in pain, and Mi Xiaojing was almost choking it to death.


Mi Xiaojing continued to talk with the lone wolf while pinching its neck with both hands.


"Wolf, Master said that we should influence the evil people in the world. If evil people can be influenced, can't a wolf be influenced too? May Evolutionary's Ancestors bless me… Wolf, will you be influenced?"


The lone wolf struggled desperately. If it could cry, it would have cried its heart out. It was already struggling to breathe, let alone eat people. Moreover, it couldn't understand what Mi Xiaojing was saying.


Hearing the lone wolf's continuous howling, Mi Xiaojing continued to talk.


"Oh… you must have repented, right? Okay, if you repent, I'll let you go… Remember, don't eat people in the future!" He said, loosening his hands.


The lone wolf felt its neck loosen, and it quickly crawled to the side and ran towards the forest, looking at Mi Xiaojing with terror and fear in its eyes. It let out a low howl and was almost scared to death!


Mi Xiaojing had a solemn expression on his face, and he folded his hands together.


"May Evolutionary's Ancestors be merciful. I have influenced a hungry wolf!"


Mi Xiaojing lowered his head.


"Wow, my patchwork clothes! This stupid wolf, lone wolf, damn wolf! You owe me my patchwork clothes! If I had known, I wouldn't have let you go… Ah…"


Mi Xiaojing only had three sets of clothes to replace, all of which were these patchwork clothes that he wore all year round. They had been washed so many times that they had turned white, and there were patches on top of patches. But because the coarse cloth was strong, he could still wear them for a while, but now they had been torn apart by the wolf's claws.


Mi Xiaojing called out a few times and then reflected on himself.


"Ah, I almost became angry again. Calm down, I need to calm down!"


Finally, Mi Xiaojing calmed down. He looked at the sky and realized that it was already afternoon. It would probably be evening by the time he returned to the Western Evolutionary Sect. He then picked up his backpack and the small hoe and slowly walked down the mountain.Walking out of the maple forest, Mi Xiaojing saw the Western Evolutionary Sect in the distance, with smoke rising from its chimneys. He could already smell the faint fragrance of food and couldn't help but quicken his pace towards the sect.


This area was within the sphere of influence of the Evolutionary Sect, and the Western Evolutionary Sect had control over this piece of land. It was not an ordinary sect, but an evolutionary sect that practiced Evolutionary Immortality. Although it was a small force, it had its own territory.


Like the cultivation sects, the Evolutionary Sect also had a very broad mass base in this world.


There were countless cultivation sects with various schools and practices, and the Evolutionary Sect was no exception, with various sects and forces practicing different types of Evolutionary Immortality. The Western Evolutionary Sect was a sect that leaned towards the ascetic school of Evolutionary Immortality.

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