Chapter 2 – Vitality

The origin of Evolutionary Immortality is very mysterious. Thousands of years ago, there was once a Buddhist Sect in the Cultivation World. The people of the Buddhist Sect had a huge conflict with the Cultivators. After a shocking battle in the Wilderness, the Buddhist Sect disappeared completely. After a few hundred years, Evolutionary Immortality appeared in the Cultivation World.


There are many similarities between the practices of Evolutionary Immortality and the Buddhist Sect, and the Cultivators are hostile towards the Buddhist Sect. Evolutionary Immortality is often caught in the middle of these conflicts. This is why Luo Mei and her husband cannot bear to send their child to Evolutionary Immortality.


Furthermore, Evolutionary Immortality relies solely on the power of mantras for cultivation, which is far inferior to the Cultivators. This is unbearable for the proud couple.


What makes Luo Mei most helpless is that many in Evolutionary Immortality practice asceticism. They are not high and mighty Cultivators, and they like to establish their sects in places where mortals live. Their living conditions are extremely simple. In the Cultivation World, Evolutionary Immortality is nicknamed the Beg Sect, or the Beggar Sect.


When all eight demon spirits and one hundred and eight fierce ghosts were consumed, the couple looked at each other and smiled bitterly. Although Luo Mei's face was smiling bitterly, tears were falling from her eyes.


"My…my…my son going to the Evolutionary Sect, to practice Evolutionary Immortality? I…"


Mi Youran was also unwilling, rubbing his hands vigorously.


"I'll calculate it again!"


Luo Mei shook her head and wept. She had already accepted Mi Youran's calculations in her heart.


"Forget it…sob…I can't bear it! Even if it means my son can keep his life, I'll accept it even if we have to leave…"


Mi Youran felt miserable. In fact, he understood that when they fought for the treasure of the Evolutionary Sect, although they did not kill anyone, they injured countless experts in the Evolutionary Community. One of them was even a super expert with the Evolutionary Dragon Throne, who was also injured by the couple.


The Evolutionary Community is the most causality-oriented, so their son has to bear the consequences. According to the calculations, if their son cultivates, his chances of survival are really small, whether they are with him or not. But if he practices Evolutionary Immortality in the Evolutionary Sect, he can find a chance to survive.


The couple are both experts in Daoism, and they understand this principle very well. It's just that Luo Mei loves her son too much, which makes her lose her mind. Once she regains her senses, she understands that her son must take this path, and there is no other way.


She really can't bear it. With Luo Mei's high cultivation level, her aptitude is among the best in the Cultivation World. But once it involves her only son, she loses her mind. All her reason and intelligence go to waste.


Mi Youran is different. He is more concerned about his son's future.


"As long as our son can survive, any price is worth paying!"


Luo Mei loses her mind for a moment and hits Mi Youran, shouting, "That's my son! I don't want him to suffer. I don't want him to leave…I'd rather pay the price myself than have my son pay it!"


Mi Youran can only let his wife vent her anger. Fortunately, although Luo Mei is furious, she knows she cannot use her cultivation level to attack. But even without using her cultivation level, she still beats Mi Youran black and blue because he doesn't defend himself with his cultivation level, wanting his wife to calm down.After being beaten up, Luo Mei regained her senses and immediately regretted it. She pulled on Mi Youran's sleeve and said, "You fool, why didn't you dodge?"


Mi Youran reached out and hugged Luo Mei. "I understand, don't worry, I'm here." Although he was not good at comforting people, Luo Mei was still comforted by him.


Luo Mei was at her wits' end. Within two years, she had to send her child away as early as possible and could not have any contact with her husband, otherwise it would harm the child. This made her very difficult to accept, especially once she let go, she couldn't even see her child, which made her extremely frustrated.


Mi Youran had been calculating all along. He had to find the best place to ensure that his son would be adopted and would not be in danger. This kind of deduction was a brain-burning activity that even his cultivation level in the combined period could not handle. He had to rely on his wife to help.


Needless to say, Luo Mei was also doing her best to find the best solution. Her husband's calculations were extremely important, just like before when they acted, her husband would calculate. The reason why the couple could reach such a cultivation level and roam the cultivation world was that Mi Youran was proficient in Yi Jing and Ba Gua.


Finally, Mi Youran looked up. "I found it! I found a suitable place!"




The bleak autumn wind swept across the mountains, and the earth was dyed with brilliant colors. Golden, deep brown, and bright red, mixed with mottled remnants of green, were layered and rendered, as if the forest and the earth had put on colorful new clothes.


As the wind passed, red, yellow, and brown leaves floated down, piling up a thick layer of golden color on the ground.


The sunlight shone through the branches and fell on the ground, dotted with faint golden spots, revealing a hint of warmth.


The mountain wind swept through the treetops, making a rustling sound and startling a group of ravens that cawed and circled in the air.


In the evening, the sound of the evening drum faintly came from the Western Expansion Sect, along with the chanting of mantras and the clanging of bells, which echoed back and forth in the valley. The curling smoke rose from the sect.


It was a peaceful and serene autumn.


Behind the Western Expansion Sect was the famous Xishan Mountain, and at the foot of the mountain was an endless maple forest. In the autumn, the maple forest was a sea of red, and the maple leaves, under the setting sun, looked like leaping flames, unusually bright and eye-catching.


A white-clad young man walked out of the picturesque maple forest.


The scene was extremely beautiful, but upon closer inspection, the young man looked a bit disheveled. His hair, tied into a bun, was a bit messy, and his white clothes were actually patched together, with all the coarse cloth patches washed white and the original colors long gone. The patched clothes had also torn in several places, leaving traces of tearing.


The white-clad young man was Mi Xiaojing, an evolutionary immortal of the Western Evolutionary Sect. He still had lingering fears in his eyes, as he had just encountered a lone wolf on the mountain. Even though he was an evolutionary immortal, he was still scared.On the western mountain, there were wolves. This was not a new thing. In the past, winter was the time when wolf packs were active because they couldn't find much food and had to search and attack everywhere. However, in autumn, there were few wolf attacks on humans because food was always abundant in autumn. Wolves were always very smart, and they wouldn't attack humans unless they had no other choice.


But this time, Mi Xiaojing encountered a lone wolf, and it was a hungry lone wolf. So he had to face it alone. The wolf was so hungry that it didn't care about anything else and its only thought was to eat the fresh meat in front of it.

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