Chapter 39 – The best way to protect secrets

Flange saw David approaching and desperately tried to escape, but he couldn’t get away no matter how hard he tried.

“Help, help!”

He tried to shout, but his voice only traveled a short distance. In this abandoned suburban factory, there would be no one coming to his aid.

David walked closer step by step, his footsteps echoing like the tolling of a funeral bell in Flange’s heart, filling him with fear.

“Listen, imprisoning and harming a detective is a federal crime!”

Flange swallowed and said.

As a seventeen-year-old high school student, he might have acted impulsively. He wanted to persuade and intimidate David to give up his irrational actions.


David swiftly knocked Flange, who was tied to a chair, to the ground, forcefully straightened his head, and placed a wet towel over his face.

“Water torture, one of the most inhumane punishments in human history since the Middle Ages.”

His voice was calm and steady, with a chilling cruelty hidden within.

“I like this kind of punishment. It’s simple, efficient, and bloodless.”

“No… No!”

Realizing what was about to happen, Flange panicked and screamed.

He tried to struggle, but David’s hand was like a pair of iron pliers, unmoving and unyielding.


David held a bucket of water weighing dozens of pounds with one hand, pouring it slowly and steadily, rushing into Flange’s mouth and nose beneath the towel.

“Help… Help…”

Flange’s pleas were drowned out by the rushing water, choking and unable to speak.

He wanted to breathe, but the soaked towel pressed tightly against his face, cutting off his oxygen supply.

In less than thirty seconds, as the oxygen in his blood rapidly depleted, the agonizing suffocation began. Veins bulged on his neck, and his legs twitched and convulsed like a strangled rabbit.

“Take a deep breath. Dizziness is normal.”

It was at this moment that the interrogation truly began, as David kindly reminded him.

Lack of oxygen caused uncontrollable breathing and swallowing, allowing a large amount of water to choke Flange’s stomach, lungs, and bronchi, intensifying his suffering and suffocation. He desperately mumbled, unable to utter a complete word before being submerged in water.

A horrifying scream echoed in the abandoned factory.

“From the Spanish Inquisition to modern intelligence organizations, eighty percent of those who have experienced water torture have yielded.”

“I hope you’re not part of the remaining twenty percent, Jax Flange.”

There was a hint of hope in his tone.

“Because the rest are victims who were accidentally tortured to death by the executioner.”

“Ugh… Ugh…”

Intense pain and fear overwhelmed Flange’s body and mind, destroying his already fragile will. Just thirty seconds after experiencing the pain of suffocation, he began to try various methods to convey his willingness to confess.

But he couldn’t speak, his hands and feet were bound. Even though he desperately wanted to confess, he was still subjected to torture in order to make him confess.

In darkness and suffocation, he endured two excruciatingly long minutes of agony.

Flange’s consciousness gradually blurred, and his limbs began to twitch abnormally.

“That’s enough. It won’t look good if we continue.”

David put down the bucket.

After enduring water torture for a long time, people often lose control of their bladder and bowels.


The towel was removed from his face, and Flange, with tears and snot streaming down his face, saw the light again. Like a fish that had just reached the shore, he instinctively greedily breathed in the air. It took him more than ten seconds for his pupils to focus, as if he had just circled the gates of hell. His face was pale, and his body trembled in fear as he looked at David, as if he wanted to say something.

“Oh, right!”

Seeing his expression, David raised an eyebrow, his face smiling as if he had just remembered something.

“I forgot to tell you in advance how to inform me if you want to confess.”

Flange couldn’t see any trace of realization on David’s face. He looked at him as if he were staring at a terrifying monster, his eyes wide open with fear, and his teeth chattering.

“It took quite a while. You should tell me now, I want to know.”

David picked up the chair, his smile fading, and spoke slowly.

“Or, would you like to go for another round?”

“I… I’ll talk!”

Like being electrocuted, Flange hastily begged for mercy. If he wasn’t bound to the chair, he would probably be kneeling on the ground, repeatedly kowtowing, willing to give up everything just to avoid experiencing the pain he had just endured.


The spacebar was pressed, and the scheduled email was canceled and deleted. David looked up at the terrified Flange, closed his notebook.

“Thanks for cooperating.”

“You… You’re not an ordinary person either.” Flange, huddled and holding his body, trembled as he spoke.

“What did you say?”

David seemed to have not heard clearly.

“Just now, your hand was like a pair of iron pliers, abnormally strong. You held my face, and no matter how I struggled, I couldn’t move a muscle.”

Recalling the excruciating pain when his cheekbone was about to be crushed, Flange now fully understood. He stared at David as if he were looking at a terrifying monster, his eyes wide open.”Why is Clark so wary of his brother’s actions? Clark had promised him, but then disappeared. There’s only one explanation.

“You’re a monster, even stronger than your brother!”

“I don’t like the word ‘monster’.”

David stepped in front of him, looking down at him, his shadow looming over him.

“I just have a few tricks to deal with Clark.”

“What… what are you going to do?”

Sitting in the chair, Flange’s heart was gripped by a hand made of fear, a strong sense of unease. He regretted provoking the other party.

“Let me go, please!”

“Sorry, the best way to keep a secret is – dead men tell no tales!”

David flicked a fifty-cent coin like a bullet, easily piercing his head and embedding it in the brick wall behind him, stained with blood.

Flange’s eyes were wide open, he fell backwards with the chair, stirring up a cloud of dust.

“Even though you lost, I’ll still give you these fifty cents.”

“Did you kill him, David?”

After school in the afternoon, in the attic of the warehouse.

After waking up at noon, he kicked the Kryptonite into the sewer. Clark couldn’t find Flange’s figure after searching around the town at noon and after school. He stormed up in anger.

David calmly looked at the night outside, “Yes.”

“He was a detective!” Clark was taken aback by his brother’s easy admission.

“I cleaned up very well.”

He had no principle of not killing. He didn’t kill those with abilities before, just for the maximum emotional impact. But this Flange was just an ordinary person, useless to keep alive.

The body was buried under the cement floor of the abandoned factory, no one would find it.

“What I mean is, he might not have committed any serious crimes.”

Clark said in a deep voice.

That detective who threatened people so skillfully was unlikely to be a good cop.

But perhaps he hadn’t seriously violated the law, otherwise he might have been discovered and put in jail while working at the police station.

“Your naivety is laughable, my brother.”

David had anticipated that he would think this way and shook his head.

He turned the laptop on the attic table around and pressed the play button.

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