Chapter 27 – Strange new student who transferred schools

The spring has not yet passed, and even the cold river cannot resist the high enthusiasm of a group of high school students for the holiday barbecue party.

【Template fusion degree: 93%】

After taking a sip of fruit beer, David stared at the frozen river in the distance.

A few days ago, after he turned Tina into a vegetable, they returned home.

Father Jonathan stood at the door with a shotgun, worriedly looking out, and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw both of his sons safely return. He blamed David for why he had to chase after them.

To prevent his parents from worrying, Clark took the initiative to say that he knocked the person unconscious and left them in front of the town police station.

Subsequently, the police found the transferred one hundred thousand dollars in Tina’s school locker.

But due to lack of evidence and Tina’s unconsciousness, she was temporarily treated as a suspect and kept in the hospital.

Clark was unusually angry with David that day and didn’t speak to him for a few days.

Although David felt embarrassed to let Clark take the blame again, he didn’t think it was a big deal.

“Now the Kryptonian who keeps saying that he can’t cross that line will eventually break the neck of his last fellow with his own hands.”

Clark was not so stubborn and rigid, but he was too young now and idealized everything in the world.

By the bonfire, David clenched his hand, as if the high-density alloy muscles were twisting together, comparable to the power of a volcanic eruption.

The Thanos template gave him very powerful strength.

“But it’s still not enough.”

Even the complete Superman has encountered life-threatening dangers many times in this dangerous world, and the Earth has also faced countless crises of almost being destroyed.

Even the complete destruction of the Earth has happened.

Looking up at the sky, David’s eyes seemed to see the universe beyond the blue sky.

Although he fused with the Thanos template, he didn’t have the ambition to dominate the universe, or the arrogance to take on any responsibility for the safety of the universe.

He only had one goal in his heart for the time being.

“To constantly improve my strength to ensure that no matter what happens, I can protect myself and my family.”

This goal is simple to say but extremely difficult to achieve.

Therefore, he would not miss the opportunity to gain emotional points.

“I hope the next template is a powerful template no less than Thanos.”

Due to the unprecedented events that happened during this period of time, coupled with Clark’s rapidly growing strength as he gradually matured, the emotional points provided were also increasing, and the fusion of templates was very fast. The next template should not be far away.

David’s eyes flashed with anticipation, and he quietly took another sip of wine, silently praying.

“It would be best if it comes with some superpowers that don’t need to be used by the body.”

In this way, if something similar to the past few days happens again, he doesn’t have to hide it from his parents and make them worry.

In the distance, there was suddenly a slight commotion.

A lively and wise figure walked into the party, like a silver moonlight shining in the dark night, capturing everyone’s attention.

Many boys, holding grilled steaks, stood up like bees and butterflies discovering flowers, competing to invite her to sit with them, and a few almost started fighting.


The girl was confident and composed, not afraid at all, politely refusing one by one.

The attention of the four people was also drawn to her.

“Who is that? She looks like Lana.”

Clark turned his head and asked the others in confusion. Such a beautiful girl, but he had no impression of her.

“Is this the excuse you made for yourself before you fell in love with someone else?”

David looked at the girl he had never seen in school before and said lightly.

“I really think so.” Clark argued in a muffled voice.

“I can’t see any resemblance, Clark.” Chloe agreed with David’s opinion, her tone not very natural, “Except for the black hair, there are almost no similarities in facial features and temperament.”

“She is a new student who just transferred to our high school in the small town. I remember her name is Kara.”

Looking at that figure, Pete’s eyes were fixed, as if his soul had been hooked away.

“Maybe, my youth is officially starting today!”

“Looking at her adventurous and explorer-like temperament, I think she might not like a man who is shorter than her.”

Sitting on the edge of the party, Chloe, who was not approached by anyone, felt a bit unhappy.

“Chloe, I seem to smell a sour smell.”

Being mentioned about his most fatal shortcoming, Pete gritted his teeth and turned his head, feeling angry. He just developed late.

Just as he finished speaking, the beautiful figure not far away seemed to look over here.

“Look, she’s looking over here.”

Tall figure, skin closer to healthy wheat color, black hair tied into a braid behind, facial features with a hint of mixed-race beauty, wearing indigenous jewelry on her neck, exuding a primitive and vibrant beauty.

Pete coughed excitedly, adjusted his sitting posture, no longer peeking at the other party, pretending to have a very story-like and profound appearance while grilling meat, trying to attract her attention in a different way.

But a few seconds later, when he turned his head to look, Kara had already sat down with a few girls, chatting and starting the barbecue, as if she hadn’t noticed this side at all.

He immediately deflated like a punctured balloon.

【Curiosity +0.04, confusion +0.03, friendliness +0.02, vigilance +0.02… from Kara】

David’s action of drinking fruit beer paused, squinted his eyes and looked at that figure.”A superpower user?”

In this small town, this wasn’t too surprising.

But why would they be friendly and cautious towards me, and then become cautious after getting close? Isn’t this too contradictory?

This series of emotional changes was puzzling.

Clark didn’t look at Kara like the other three, but gloomily looked at Lana in the distance.

Far away on a rock, Whitney was leaning close to Lana, who was roasting meat on her own.

Whitney had to say several sentences before Lana would occasionally respond. There was no joy in her eyes, only a hint of sadness.

But the fact that the separated couple could still sit together and chat said a lot.

For example, Clark, who had been angry for a few days, if he was still as angry as he was at the beginning, he wouldn’t have deliberately said that he wasn’t cold at all when teased by Chloe and Pete about him and David.

Sizzle, sizzle!

A few stones were piled up, and the flames were roasting the grill on top. Clark retracted his gaze, flipping the beef on the grill intermittently, and glanced at David next to him.

Tina was turned into a vegetable by her younger brother, and he was undoubtedly a bit angry about what his brother had done.

But he had to admit that when Tina turned into his mother, Martha, he also felt a surge of uncontrollable anger rising in his heart.

“Especially when I think back to Tina wanting to kill my mother, I can’t muster much sympathy for her.”

Clark was more worried about his younger brother, and also worried about himself. Given the current situation, would he be changed by his brother before he could get his brother back on track, slowly getting used to this cold behavior.

“Clark, don’t just watch.”

Pete nudged his friend, making faces, interrupting Clark’s thoughts.

“Whitney is making a strong move over there, wanting to reconcile with Lana, and you’re just sitting here like a coward?”


Clark was indeed a bit shy.

He couldn’t compete with Whitney for Lana when Whitney was around.

Seeing his appearance, Pete shook his head secretly.

“Lana has been volunteering at the old age home in town for the past two weeks.”

David suddenly said, “Tomorrow is the weekend, and Whitney has to train with the football team.”

“Clark, have you completed your thirty hours of community service?”

As he spoke, he turned his head to look at Clark.

The school required each student to complete thirty hours of community service each semester to cultivate students’ awareness of giving back to society.

Clark’s eyes lit up, immediately realizing this was a great opportunity for him.

“Thank… thank you, David.”

He said, a little embarrassed.

His younger brother was always smarter than him and had good ideas.

“You’re welcome.” David took a sip of his fruit beer.

“Think about it, you’ve taken the blame for me twice, you’re acting like a real big brother, how could I not return the favor.”

“…” Clark.

“What blame?” Chloe asked curiously from the side.

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