Chapter 25 – Start with you, Martha

Father Jonathan called the police close to dusk.

The town police came and took statements. The town sheriff, Bob, was Jonathan’s high school classmate.

“Bob, have you caught the killer?” Jonathan asked.

“We unfortunately found Catherine’s body in her antique shop, but we didn’t find the money. The killer may have taken it,” Bob replied.

Facing his old classmate and the person who provided the clue, Bob did not refuse to reveal more information.

“We staked out the place for a long time, but the killer may have escaped. We haven’t found any suspicious people in town. Catherine’s daughter, Tina, has mysteriously disappeared. We suspect that she may have been killed as well.”

“After the forensic examination, Catherine’s body had already been dead for a while. The person your wife, Martha, encountered should not have been Catherine.”

Bob furrowed his brow, recalling the mysterious bank robbery, muttering to himself.

“Do those secret agents who can disguise themselves really exist?”

Jonathan couldn’t say anything and sent Bob away. He sighed and said to his wife and children.

“It’s bad news. The police came up empty-handed.”

“This may also be a good thing.”

Martha worriedly said, “Tina has special abilities. Even a gun can’t subdue her. If Bob and the others really encounter her, they will be in danger.”

David and Clark were not surprised. They didn’t expect the police to be able to capture Tina.


The sun set, the starry sky covered the heavens, darkness enveloped the farm, and the cold wind blew, causing the wheat fields to sway.

Under the bright lights, David and Clark stood on either side of the house’s entrance.

If Tina were to attack, she would target them first without a doubt.

Even if she tried to sneak up from behind, she couldn’t escape David’s exceptional hearing.

“It would be best if she came for revenge tonight.”

David looked into the distance, his voice sounding like the howling cold wind at the door, filled with a chilling intent.

Tina had to pretend to live a normal life as Catherine to avoid attracting the attention of the police. She hadn’t shown up in town for half a day, so she probably knew that something had happened. It wasn’t difficult to guess who had reported it.

There is a saying that it takes a thousand days to catch a thief, but there is no way to guard against a thief for a thousand days.

“According to the forensic inference, Aunt Catherine may have fallen down the stairs and died from a head injury…”

Clark tried to use his super vision to scan the surroundings while hesitating.

“What do you want to say?”

David could tell that he hadn’t finished speaking.

Turning his head to look at their parents sitting in the living room, Clark’s face showed a hint of reluctance as he lowered his voice.

“When Tina attacks our parents, the cold feeling transmitted through my brother’s body will be even stronger than when he faced Greg, who died in his hands last time.”

He didn’t want David to have blood on his hands again, preventing him from turning back.

“What about after that?”

Although it was a recurring question, Clark persistently persuaded him. David crossed his arms and didn’t get angry.

“I have already figured out a solution.”

Clark raised an eyebrow, his expression slightly smug. “How to subdue the bad guys without worrying about them revealing my identity and abilities.”


David was a little surprised.

He saw Clark take out a blue knitted hood from his pocket. After making sure that there was no one around, he quickly put it on his head, covering his entire face, with only his eyes exposed.

“Can you still recognize me, David?”

Clark deliberately lowered his voice, speaking in a deep tone.

“Are you going to be a bank robber?”

David raised an eyebrow.

The Kryptonian finally moved his brain and thought of using a hood to hide his identity, just like the bank robbers, except he didn’t have a gun in his hand.

“I got the inspiration from a comic book.”

Clark, who was being teased, was not discouraged. He had found a solution to the problem that had been bothering him and said seriously.

“I can’t prevent Greg and the others from revealing my abilities, but I can make them think that an unknown person subdued them! So, don’t intervene later, so as not to let our parents discover your abnormality.”

Clark thought that this problem was solved, and his younger brother no longer had a reason to turn people into vegetables or kill them to silence them.

But the naive Kryptonian didn’t know that David had other motives for doing so.


While Clark was persuading David, a slender and delicate figure with black hair walked towards them from a distance. She hugged herself, her face red from the cold, looking like a pitiful person who had just had a big fight with her parents and ran away from home, seeking a safe haven. She hesitated as she approached.

“Clark, David, why are you standing outside?”


Clark turned his head and saw the person he had a crush on suddenly appearing at the door, extremely surprised.

“Wait, how did you recognize me?”

He touched his face, clearly wearing a hood.

“Your clothes, height—most importantly, you were standing next to David.”

In the cold wind, Lana’s eyes were red as if she had just cried, her voice slightly hoarse and low.

Clark was stunned for a moment, forgetting about this.

“What happened? Why do you look like this, Lana?”

Seeing tears in the eyes of the person he had a crush on, his expression changed.

While looking at David, who was next to Lana, Clark secretly gave a thumbs-up.”Clark, Aunt Martha thinks I should give Whitney another chance. We had a fight, and I have nowhere to go. Can I come over to your place?”

‘Lana’ seemed on the verge of tears as she spoke, about to step forward.


Clark extended his hand, spotting a green skeleton. He said angrily, “Don’t try to fool me, you’re not Lana!”

“What are you talking about, Clark? If I’m not Lana, then who am I?”

‘Lana’ looked confused and wronged.

David’s eyes turned cold, ready to take action at any moment.

“Tina, it’s not too late to turn yourself in.”

Seeing the woman he secretly loved looking at him with tearful eyes, Clark felt as if he was in a dream. He bit his lip to regain his composure and spoke in a deep voice.

Inside the house, Jonathan and Martha noticed their two sons blocking ‘Lana’ at the door. Jonathan picked up his shotgun protectively, shielding his wife behind him.

“You’ve ruined my life.

I wanted to let your family die one by one at the hands of those closest to them, filled with shock, confusion, and pain.”

Having her identity exposed, Tina’s pupils contracted. She glanced at the brothers outside and the couple inside the house. Her voice was sharp, as if it came from hell.

Her skin and bones morphed, returning to her original appearance.

“How did you recognize me?”

She had considered that the Kent family might know someone could disguise themselves as others, but why could Clark recognize her at a glance?

“Was Aunt Catherine’s death an accident or your doing?”

Clark didn’t answer, instead stepping forward to press the question.

“Having my identity exposed may have taken some of the fun out of it, but it won’t stop me from killing you.

Starting with you, Martha!”

Mentioning her mother’s death, an angry Tina looked past the two men, her gaze fixed on Martha. She stomped on the grass, ready to leap into the house and kill Martha.

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