Chapter 9 – Melee

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Looking at such a beauty, I'm a bit worried.


Where should I hide her?


First of all, she can't leave my sight, otherwise I'll feel uneasy.


Moreover, if someone comes to my house, she can't be discovered!


After much thought, the safest place is still the bed!


If someone comes, just cover her with the quilt!


I placed Sun Jiao on the bed.


After taking a shower, I also lay down.


My bed is very small, a single bed, only 1.2 meters wide.


Lying with two people, our bodies inevitably touch.


Although the talisman covered half of Sun Jiao's face, this kind of half-concealed feeling, tempting yet forbidding, seemed to shroud her in a layer of mist, making one want to unveil it and discover the truth!


I turned off the light and tried to fall asleep.


As soon as I closed my eyes, Sun Jiao's beautiful image immediately appeared in my mind, lingering.


After tossing and turning for half an hour.


In the darkness, I suddenly sat up.


Such a beautiful woman is about to be sold!


It's a bit of a pity to sell her just like that!




Ever since my last girlfriend dumped me, it's been years since I've touched a woman!


And now, as soon as this thought emerged, it was like a flood that couldn't be stopped!


Sun Jiao's body was somewhat cold.


But her skin was exceptionally smooth, and it felt good to the touch.


I tried to control myself, control, and control again!


"I'm sorry, Miss Sun!"


"I can't control myself!"




A minute later.


The room quieted down.


I looked at the mess on the bed, and a great sense of defeat welled up inside me!


One minute!


Excluding the foreplay, there were actually only a few seconds left!


So damn embarrassing!


I took a deep breath and sneaked a peek at Sun Jiao.


Although she was still silent and motionless, I always felt like she was mocking me, as if saying, "Is that all?"


"This is unbearable!"


Suddenly, I remembered that I had a treasure!


The Vigor Pill!


Old Zhou said that not only does it have no side effects, but it also takes effect immediately after ingestion!


If not now, then when?


I quickly opened the drawer, found the wooden box, and swallowed the Vigor Pill!


As soon as the pill went down, I immediately felt burning hot!


It was as if my body was filled with endless strength!


"Miss Sun, here I come again!"


With the help of the Vigor Pill, this time I finally regained my vigor!


For a full hour!




I let out a long sigh of relief!


Unexpectedly, I blew too hard!


With a "whoosh," the ghost-suppressing talisman on Sun Jiao's forehead was actually blown away by me!


For a moment, Sun Jiao and I looked at each other!


I looked at her, she looked at me, and time seemed to stand still!


"Not good!"


Realizing what had happened, I thought it was bad and reached out to pick up the talisman.


But Sun Jiao also came to her senses.


She pressed one hand on my wrist and the other hand choked my neck, her expression full of shame and anger: "I'll kill you!"


Sun Jiao was very strong!


Soon, I couldn't breathe, and I felt like my neck was about to break!


Just then!


Suddenly, there was a noise in the corridor.


Followed by a "bang," it seemed like someone had broken in!


Sun Jiao and I both turned our heads.


Standing at the bedroom door was a tall and burly man, bare-chested with tattoos of dragons and tigers, it was none other than the Archaeopteryx brother who I had knocked out with a stick!


At that moment, Sun Jiao and I were embracing each other naked.


If you didn't look closely, you couldn't tell whether we were fighting for our lives or wrestling in the flesh!


"What a pair of shameless dogs!"


"I'll kill you both!"


With that, Archaeopteryx charged in fiercely.


Sun Jiao was very afraid of him.


Seeing this, she immediately let me go and tried to escape through the window.


But Archaeopteryx was very fast, he grabbed her ankle and dragged her down from the window.


Then the two of them fought together!


Sun Jiao let out screams from time to time.


With each scream, a puff of black smoke rose from her body!


Soon, Sun Jiao was defeated, curled up in the corner of the wall, trembling with fear, seemingly without any strength to resist.




"Damn woman, I'll deal with you properly later!"


Archaeopteryx spat, then turned to look at me, grinding his teeth with rage: "Damn it, a lousy taxi driver dares to play with my goddess! I'll tear you apart!"


With that, he walked towards me…


After "battling" with Sun Jiao twice, my body was almost emptied.


Then I was choked by Sun Jiao and almost suffocated, and now my head was still buzzing!


By the time I recovered, Archaeopteryx was already upon me!


At that moment, Sun Jiao suddenly moved.


She leaped up and tightly hooked Archaeopteryx's neck from behind, flipping him to the ground.


However, Archaeopteryx was too strong!


It looked like Sun Jiao couldn't hold on for long!


After a stalemate for a moment, Sun Jiao suddenly looked at me with pleading eyes and shouted, "The talisman! That talisman!"




I looked around, picked up the ghost-suppressing talisman from the bed, but didn't understand what Sun Jiao meant.


"Stick it on him!"


"Put the talisman on his body!"


"Otherwise, we'll both die!"


Sun Jiao was frantic.


The ghost-suppressing talisman… stick it on Archaeopteryx?


I was stunned at first, then I finally understood!


No wonder the cigarettes Archaeopteryx gave me had long been discontinued!


No wonder Sun Jiao was so afraid of him!


Bro Archaeopteryx is also a ghost!


I quickly jumped out of bed, holding the ghost-suppressing talisman, and pressed it hard against Archaeopteryx's forehead!




With the talisman down, Archaeopteryx indeed stopped struggling.


But I don't know if it was because Archaeopteryx's cultivation was too deep, or because the ghost-suppressing talisman had been used too many times and its power had diminished, although the talisman still worked, Archaeopteryx's body was still twitching non-stop, as if he might break free from this restraint at any moment!


"What should we do?"


I looked at Archaeopteryx, then at Sun Jiao.


Sun Jiao thought for a moment and said, "Go find a rooster!" (TL: In Chinese, 鸡 (rooster) also means whore. )




I looked troubled: "Miss Sun, although I just hurt you, it was because you are too beautiful! I am a gentleman and never solicit prostitutes!"


"What nonsense!"


Sun Jiao probably didn't hear clearly what I was saying, and with her hands pressing on Archaeopteryx's body, she ordered, "I told you to find a rooster and bring it here, only this way can we kill him completely!"




I finally understood her meaning and hurriedly put on my clothes and went downstairs.


The community where I rent is a resettlement housing area.


Many aunties on the first floor have built chicken coops and raise chickens for eggs.


When I got downstairs, I opened a chicken coop nearby and grabbed one.


In every flock of hens, there is usually one rooster.


At night, the rooster sleeps on the outside, responsible for protecting the hens.


So, the first one I grabbed was definitely a rooster!


I held the chicken by the neck and returned to the third floor.


By this time, Sun Jiao had already dressed.


As for Brother Archaeopteryx, he was tied to a chair by her, his body still twitching non-stop and getting more and more violent!


"What now?"


Holding the rooster, I didn't know what to do.


Rooster blood is a substance that wards off evil!


Sun Jiao dared not get close and could only direct from a distance: "Kill the chicken and let its blood, make him drink it!"

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