Chapter 8 – Old Zhou

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I fumbled my way into the herbal medicine shop.


Upon hearing me mention Blackie, Old Zhou immediately knew what was going on.


First, he took a flashlight to examine my eyelids and confirm the symptoms, then he asked me to sit and wait for a bit.


After a good half hour,


Old Zhou came over with something resembling a stick, lit it, and held it under my eyelids, saying, "Open your eyes wide and let the smoke get to them!"


My nose and eyes were streaming with tears from the smoke, but I had to endure and keep my eyes wide open.


After a few minutes of this,


Old Zhou brought over a basin of medicinal water: "Wash your eyes and see if it works!"


I hurriedly did as told and found that my eyes had indeed returned to normal!


Old Zhou looked to be in his sixties.


Wearing a pair of reading glasses and sporting a tuft of grey goatee, he had the look of a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.


"Thank you!"


I wiped my eyes dry: "How much do I owe you?"


Old Zhou said, "Since you're a friend of Blackie's, a hundred bucks will do!"


After paying, a question suddenly occurred to me!


I was about to continue the pursuit of Sun Jiao, did I need to use cow's tears again?


As I hesitated, Old Zhou said, "Young man, some things are better used sparingly, they can cause too much harm to the body!"




With that one sentence, Old Zhou helped me make up my mind.


I couldn't use the cow's tears anymore!


After all, I had been able to see Sun Jiao before without them.


And now, being on my own, even if I did see Sun Jiao, catching her was another matter entirely!


Better not to take the risk!


After confirming there was no problem with my eyes, I prepared to leave.




Just then, Old Zhou suddenly called out to me.


I asked, "Is there something else?"


Old Zhou said, "Young man, have you been feeling very weak lately?"




I scratched my head, puzzled: "What do you mean?"


Old Zhou chuckled: "Is your sex life with your girlfriend… still harmonious? Do you often feel powerless?"


So that's what he meant!


I shook my head blankly: "Broke up with my last girlfriend, it's been a long time… haven't done that!"


"No wonder you didn't notice!"


Old Zhou said, "Young man, you're quite weak, I suggest you replenish your Kidney Yang!(TL: In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, "肾阳" (Kidney Yang) refers to the Yang energy of the kidneys, which is commonly associated with reproductive health.) What if you get a girlfriend again and you don't satisfy her the first time, will there be a second time?"


Makes sense!


Worthy of a master!


I nodded vigorously: "Then let's replenish!"


Old Zhou took out a wooden medicine box from the drawer, opened it, and inside was a red pill, about the size of a quail egg!


"Vigor Pill!"


Old Zhou handed me the wooden box: "Compared to Western medicine, our advantage is that there are no side effects! And the Vigor Pill works fast, you can do it right after taking it, no need to wait forty minutes!"


"That's great!"


I took the wooden box, thinking about finding a temporary girlfriend to test its effectiveness!


"Two hundred per pill!"


Seeing that I accepted it, Old Zhou then quoted the price, probably afraid I'd find it too expensive!


Two hundred was indeed not cheap, but it wasn't unacceptable.


And compared to love, what's a little money!


The matter of the Vigor Pill could wait for another day!


There were more pressing matters at hand!


The day after tomorrow was the time for the transaction.


I had to carry out the second capture operation on Sun Jiao as soon as possible!


That night, armed with ghost-suppressing talismans and a wooden stick, I drove to Fangshan Cemetery.


The stick wasn't just any stick, it was made of peach wood!


I had searched online and read that ghosts are afraid of peach wood!


After last night's incident, Sun Jiao would surely be even more cautious!


Catching her would be as difficult as reaching the heavens!


The only chance might be during her date!


To catch her off guard and stick the talisman on her forehead!




Would Sun Jiao dare to go on a date tonight?




At ten o'clock at night.


The cemetery was deserted.


I got out of the car to relieve myself when I suddenly saw a tall and sturdy figure running towards me.


When he got closer, I realized it was the Archaeopteryx brother from the other day.


The one who gave me the fake cigarettes!


Seeing him, my heart lifted.


I remembered that Sun Jiao was quite afraid of Archaeopteryx brother; she had been scared away by him that day!


I guess he must have a strong yang energy!


The saying that ghosts are afraid of evil people might just be about this!


"Oh, it's you!"


Soon, Archaeopteryx also recognized me.


I nodded: "Bro, are you here for a date?"


Archaeopteryx smirked lewdly: "You know it!"


After finishing my business, I quietly followed Archaeopteryx to Sun Jiao's tombstone.


It was either a coincidence or Archaeopteryx had arranged it in advance!


There stood Sun Jiao in front of the tombstone, still dressed as before, looking around as if waiting for someone, exuding charm.


Archaeopteryx circled behind Sun Jiao, then suddenly rushed out, hugging her tightly from behind: "Jiao Jiao, I'm here!"


Sun Jiao trembled with fright.


Turning her head to see Archaeopteryx, she lost color and said, "Why… why is it you?"


Archaeopteryx said, "The pretty boy you were meeting with, I took care of him! Don't worry, I'm better than he was!"


"Let go of me…"


Sun Jiao struggled desperately, but she couldn't break free!


"Being so pretty, it would be a waste not to have some excitement!"


Saying this, Archaeopteryx took out a rope and tied Sun Jiao's hands and feet, then pushed her hard to the ground.


After doing all this, he began to undress.


Because he was fat and the T-shirt was too small, it was a bit of a struggle…


"Now's the time!"


I had been waiting for the opportunity.


And now, it had finally come!


I rushed forward with the peach wood stick and struck Archaeopteryx on the back of his head with a "bang"!


I used all my strength, fearing that I wouldn't knock him out with one blow!


With one strike, the peach wood stick broke in two!




Archaeopteryx brother fell too!


"It's you again?"


Seeing this, Sun Jiao furrowed her brows in anger and said, "I haven't settled the score with you for last night's incident, and you dare to come again! Tell me, what exactly do you want?"


"I'm sorry, Miss Sun!"


"People die for wealth, as birds die for food!"


"The other party offered a price I couldn't refuse!"


Facing such a beautiful female ghost, I did feel somewhat guilty.




Sun Jiao murmured, then her expression changed drastically: "Is it that evil Taoist? Does he want to buy me?"


I said, "I'm not sure about that, I only care about the money!"


With that, I took out the ghost-suppressing talisman.




"Please, don't!"


Sun Jiao pleaded as she struggled: "Once that evil Taoist buys me, my soul will scatter and I'll never be able to rest in peace! Please, spare my life, I will always remember your great kindness! Please!"




I squatted in front of Sun Jiao, not daring to look into her eyes, afraid that I would soften.


Because this woman was just too beautiful!


Enchanting and seductive!


The kind that just one glance could make a man lose control!


Sun Jiao continued to beg for mercy.


But when I placed the ghost-suppressing talisman on her forehead, her voice suddenly stopped, and her body became motionless.




I picked up Sun Jiao in a princess carry and left the cemetery.


By the time I got back to the rental room, it was already one o'clock in the morning.

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