Chapter 6 -Actually, I also know a little bit of magic

Leading the group was a young female police officer with a stunning figure, her uniform stretched taut across her body.

She stepped forward, expertly handcuffed me, and demanded sharply, “Where are the man and woman from just now?”

I gazed at her delicate features, unsure of how to respond.


The policewoman followed up with an elbow strike, leaving me dizzy and disoriented.

Grimacing in pain and feeling guilty, I said, “If I told you I was here to fix the plumbing, would you believe me?”

“Take him away!”

She kicked me again and waved her hand, “Xiao Wang, keep watch at the door. Everyone else, spread out and search thoroughly!”


Two hours later.

The police interrogating me had been switched out three times.

Finally, that young female officer with a fiery personality and figure walked in.

She leaned on the table, looking at me with ill intent.

She might have underestimated her own bust size.

Her pair almost poked me!

My x-ray vision was still active, allowing me not only to see her exterior but also what lay beneath!

But now was not the time for romantic distractions.

I shifted my gaze and noticed the name badge on her uniform.

Name: Yang Rong.

Badge number: 0.  (TL: In Chinese police stations, the smaller the police number, the higher the status.)

I must say, for her young age, this policewoman had quite the… presence!

Especially those deep eyes, captivating, yet I dared not look directly into them.

I felt a wave of oppression and swallowed hard, saying, “Officer, could you please step back a bit? I… I get dizzy around… milk!

“Stop with your slick talk!”

Yang Rong slammed the table, “Confess and you’ll be treated leniently, resist and you’ll be dealt with severely! Speak!”

I closed my eyes, remaining silent.

Yang Rong snorted coldly, “I warn you, we have already gathered a substantial amount of evidence and facts! I’m giving you a chance to earn some merit, don’t be ungrateful!”

Although it was my first time in a police station, I had seen enough TV and movies to know.

When a cop says something like that, it means they’ve got no evidence!

After all, it was a female ghost’s doing, coming and going without a trace, what evidence could they possibly have?

As for Blackie and me…

At most, it was assaulting an officer.

No, that was Blackie.

I was just there to fix the plumbing.

Even Jesus would say the same!

Seeing that I was unyielding, Yang Rong decided to wait me out.

She told her colleagues to rest and brewed herself a pot of pickled cabbage.

I knew very well.

As long as I didn’t confess to anything, I’d be released in no more than 48 hours.


That pickled cabbage smelled damn good!

Why hadn’t I noticed before!

After taking a couple of bites, Yang Rong bit down with her pearly teeth and paused, looking at me with a half-smile, “Want some?”

I nodded subconsciously.

Yang Rong said, “Then talk, it’s only to your benefit, no harm!”

I have to admit, I can’t keep my mouth shut.

Looking at her bulging uniform, I said with a mischievous grin, “Even if I don’t eat for two days, I won’t starve! But if you’re planning to use your charms, I might consider it!”


Yang Rong was so angry she gritted her teeth, and it looked like… she was about to get physical again!

Luckily, someone came in at that moment.

It was a young, pretty-faced man.

His head was wrapped in a bandage.

Turns out, he was the one Blackie had knocked out!

Yang Rong glanced back and asked, “Xiao Wei, are you alright?”

“I’m fine!”

The pretty-faced man shook his head, then handed two forms to Yang Rong, “Sis, I’ve pulled up their information!”


Yang Rong took the forms, “Go rest, I’ve got this!”


The pretty-faced man said, “But sis, go easy this time! The last tough guy you dealt with ended up on oxygen and is still in the ICU!”


I sneered inwardly.

They were putting on a show for me!

After the pretty-faced man left, Yang Rong carefully examined the forms.

After a while, she put them down and said earnestly, “Zhang Yuan, you’re a college graduate, how did you end up like this?”

I shrugged, “These days, a college degree isn’t worth much. Without connections, I might as well be moving bricks on a construction site!”

“Resigned to your fate!”

“Lacking ambition!”

“Tell me, what exactly is your relationship with Xu Hui?”

“And that woman! Who among you three is the mastermind and who are the accomplices?”

Xu Hui?

Honestly, I’ve known him for three or four years, and only now do I learn Blackie’s real name!

Yang Rong continued to probe, “We’ve sent someone to notify your parents in the countryside. Speak now, and it might still be in time…”

Hearing this, my heart tightened!

The image of two stooped figures flashed through my mind.

I had always been the pride of my parents!

The first college student in the village!

The so-called “child of someone else’s family”!

Ever since I got into college, my parents walked with their backs straight!

If they saw their son in such a state now, how heartbroken they would be!

My dad has a weak heart.

My mom has trouble with her legs.

If they fell ill from the shock, not even five hundred million would be enough to make up for it!

Thinking of my parents, my eyes reddened.

Yang Rong noticed the change in me and said persuasively, “Come on, college student, tell us what you know! Maybe you’re not in too much trouble, and we won’t have to notify your family!”

I pondered for a long while, looked into Yang Rong’s eyes, and finally sighed, “I can tell the truth, but I’m afraid you won’t believe it!”

Hearing this, Yang Rong knew she had succeeded in swaying me.

She quickly sat down, grabbed paper and pen.

I organized my thoughts.

And then began to recount the tale.

Starting with buying a car to run a taxi service.

Then encountering the female ghost, Sun Jiao.

And then Blackie returned, and we went to the graveyard together…

I didn’t lie in my story, just omitted the motive for our trip.

In case we could continue the business after getting out!

Yang Rong was listening intently at first.

But when she heard Sun Jiao was a ghost, she clearly became impatient.

When I finished, Yang Rong scoffed, “According to your logic, knowing that Sun Jiao is a ghost, why would you two dare to provoke her?”

I said, “Blackie is a Taoist priest, you must have seen his Taoist bun! We were acting in the name of justice, eliminating harm for the people!”


“I’m almost moved!”

“Too bad, I’m not a fool!”

Yang Rong shook her head, muttering to herself, “Looks like we’ll have to bring his parents here after all!”


I blurted out, “I’ve told you everything I know, why bother notifying my family! If I wanted to deceive you, I could have made up a much more believable story, but I didn’t, because the truth is the truth!”

I was very emotional.

My wrists bore deep marks from the handcuffs.

As I spoke passionately, some of my spit even landed on Yang Rong’s face.

Seeing Yang Rong silent, I continued, “Just now, all thirteen of you saw that Blackie could disappear into thin air because he’s a Taoist priest, he knows magic! As for the female ghost, becoming invisible is naturally within her capabilities!”

Yang Rong’s gaze wavered, seemingly conflicted.

After a long moment, her eyes filled with doubt as she looked at me, “If Xu Hui is a Taoist priest and Sun Jiao is a ghost, what about you? How could you, an ordinary person, dare to go there?”


“Actually, I know a little bit of magic too!”

I looked at Yang Rong’s proud figure, and a bold idea suddenly sprang to mind.

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