Chapter 5 – High-tech and cruel stuff

In addition to the Taoist bun, Blackie also prepared two short iron shovels, which he placed in the trunk.

He said that if the female ghost didn’t dare to show up, we’d dig up her grave and leave her homeless!

I said, “Three hundred bucks just for these two crappy things?”


Blackie retorted, “This is called a Luoyang Shovel[1], it’s professional!”

Once we were ready, we set off in the car.

On the road, I curiously asked, “Blackie, is trafficking female ghosts really that profitable? If so, we could make a career out of this!”

Blackie pondered for a moment and replied, “There are plenty of female ghosts, but not all of them have buyers! It depends on the breed, just like buying dogs, some are expensive, some are cheap!”

I asked again, “What do people buy them for?”

Blackie gave a mysteriously profound look, “Better not to pry into underworld business, it’s no good for you!”

I figured he probably didn’t know himself!

Finally, we arrived at Fangshan Cemetery.

I parked the car by the roadside.

Just as I was about to get out, Blackie grabbed me and took out a bottle of gray eye drops, first applying two drops to himself, then handing it to me.

What’s this?

Blackie blinked uncomfortably and said, “Bull’s tears, they let you see ghosts!

I said, “I didn’t use it the last two times, and I still saw her, didn’t I?”

“That’s different!”

Blackie explained, “Maybe she let you see her on purpose, or maybe you’re lacking in Yang Energy!”

In the time it took to say those words, Blackie’s eyes had already become red and swollen.

I frowned and said, “Bull’s tears shouldn’t be this color, what kind of high-tech or cruel stuff is this?”

Blackie impatiently said, “Just use it, and I’ll tell you! Bro Yuan, we’ve come this far, why are you still hesitating!”

I thought about it and decided to just go for it, applying two drops.

Damn, the moment the drops touched my eyes, they stung like fire, and everything became a blur!

At that moment, I heard Blackie beside me say, “Just bull’s tears won’t work, it’s mixed with aged bone ash!


After a few minutes, my eyes finally felt a bit better.

I checked in the sun visor mirror, and thankfully, my eyes weren’t as red anymore, at least not as bad as Blackie’s!

I looked outside and asked, “Can we start now?”

“Wait a bit longer!”

Blackie checked the time, “Forty minutes after the bull’s tears, the effect peaks!”

“How long will it last?”

“After forty minutes, the effect will steadily decline, usually lasting around twenty-four hours!”

“Got it!”

I had an epiphany, thinking it was like Viagra!


When the time came, Blackie and I took our shovels and entered the graveyard.

I have to say, the high-tech and cruel stuff really worked!

Along the way, we saw quite a few ghosts!

However, they were different from Sun Jiao.

Sun Jiao looked just like a living person, as if she had flesh and blood, thoughts, and consciousness.

The other ghosts around us were like soulless zombies, drifting aimlessly.

“No wonder only Sun Jiao is worth money!”

“Turns out there are different levels of ghosts!”

Besides seeing ghosts, I discovered another amazing effect of the bull’s tears!

X-ray vision!

Of course, it couldn’t see through everything, like the ground or stones.

But the fact that Blackie likes to wear Mickey Mouse underwear, that’s not going to be a secret anymore!

As we approached the tombstone, we slowed down.

Crouching and moving slowly.

Lucky us!

In front of Sun Jiao’s tombstone stood a man and a woman.

The woman was Sun Jiao, dressed exactly as she had been the previous two times.

The man was someone new.

This time it was a pretty handsome young guy with a fair face!

What surprised me was that the young guy actually had a gun at his waist!

Of course, I wouldn’t have seen the gun normally, since it was hidden, but thanks to the high-tech and cruel stuff!

“Why is there a gun?

I muttered softly.

Blackie thought for a moment and said, “Could it be a prop? The bathhouse I went to last time had handcuffs and guns, but you had to pay extra for those! (TL: Chinese bathhouse sometimes have sexual services,so there will be handcuffs and guns :)) )”

“Must be!”

I felt Blackie’s analysis made sense and whispered, “Do we make a move now?”

“Wait, let’s see how things unfold!”

Blackie was patient.

I said, “If we wait any longer, they’ll go in, and it’ll be troublesome to dig them up!”

Blackie replied, “If we act now, what if that young guy causes trouble?”

I pointed to the shovel in his hand and said, “I’ll grab Sun Jiao, you knock that young guy out first, then we’ll stick the talisman on Sun Jiao!”

“Sounds good!”

With that, Blackie charged forward with his shovel.

“Damn, just like that!”

I couldn’t fall behind, so I rushed straight towards Sun Jiao!

It was so sudden.

Sun Jiao and the young guy were both stunned!

I took the opportunity to grab Sun Jiao from behind!

Even though I knew she was a ghost and her body was somewhat cold, I had to admit, it felt pretty good!

Soon, Sun Jiao came to her senses and started to struggle.

She was strong.

With a shake of her body, she almost threw me off!

Suddenly, I remembered what Blackie had said before we left, and I quickly reached for two key points on her front!

Unexpectedly, this move actually worked!

Sun Jiao let out a “yelp,” and her body immediately went limp.

Meanwhile, Blackie knocked the young guy out with a shovel blow to the head.

He was a bit ruthless, cracking the young guy’s skull open, but it didn’t seem too serious.

“Quick, the talisman!”

I held Sun Jiao tight, ecstatic as if five million was beckoning to me.

Blackie pulled out two talismans, one in each hand.

He looked down, then pressed the one in his right hand towards me!

Just then!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

In the pitch-black graveyard, suddenly, a dozen white lights flashed!

Then, many dark figures rushed out from behind the nearby tombstones.


“Hands up!”


Blackie and I exchanged glances, sensing trouble!

It seemed that the young guy on the ground was probably with them!

We had knocked out the police!

Thinking about it, it made sense.

Sun Jiao had harmed so many men.

With so many people missing, the police would definitely investigate and then trace it back here…

But now wasn’t the time to think about that.

The priority was how to escape!

“Blackie, what do we do?”

I held Sun Jiao, at a loss.

Blackie glanced at me and said, “Bro Yuan, hold on, I’ll find a way to get you out!”

With that, he slapped the talisman in his left hand onto his forehead!


Something miraculous happened.

Blackie, who had just been standing in front of me, suddenly vanished into thin air!

“Damn it!”

I was stunned!

That bastard Blackie!

There was only one ghost-suppressing talisman!

The other was a damn invisibility talisman!

After Blackie disappeared, it was Sun Jiao’s turn.

I felt a tremor in my arms, and a puff of white smoke appeared before my eyes.

When the smoke cleared, and I looked again, Sun Jiao was gone.

All that was left in my arms were her clothes.

And a pair of crystal high heels scattered on the ground…

At that moment, the police closed in.

Thirteen people, thirteen guns.

Without exception, all aimed at me.

1. Luoyang Shovel: A simple, effective tool used in Chinese archaeology, named after Luoyang, China. It’s a long metal rod with a shovel-like end, used to drill into soil and extract core samples.[Picture] 

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