Chapter 39 – I open the Governor Vessel

After taking a shower, I returned just as my phone rang.

It was a message from Wen Rou.

Picking it up, I felt a wave of disappointment wash over me.

Wen Rou said that Zhang Li had instructed her to focus on her cultivation at Longhu Mountain and to avoid contact with the outside world.

As for the photo I sent the other day, Wen Rou confirmed for me that it was indeed a Golden Elixir and that it could be consumed directly!

Beneficial to the body and harmless!

Relieved by this message, I took out the Golden Elixir, examining it from all angles, but I didn’t eat it right away.

If something went wrong, there was no one to call emergency services for me now!

Better to wait until tomorrow, in daylight, and find a place with people around before eating it!

The next morning.

I woke up drenched in sweat.

I have to say, this house is still hot!

After a quick shower, I grabbed the Golden Elixir and headed to Mingyue Lake Park near the apartment.

I didn’t know if the Golden Elixir would taste bitter.

Not daring to chew, I swallowed it whole with half a bottle of mineral water!

As soon as the Golden Elixir entered my stomach, I immediately felt a change in my body!


So hot!

Burning hot!

Looking down at myself, my skin was a bright red, as if I could catch fire at any moment!

Especially around my chest, front and back, it felt like two fierce flames were burning!

And those two flames were about to merge!

“No good!”

“I can’t take it anymore!”

I ran to the lake’s edge and leaped in with a dive!

“Look, someone’s jumped into the lake!”

“Must be a wild swimming enthusiast!”

“Not sure, let’s see if he swims up or floats up!”

“Right! If he swims up, call the city management, if he floats up, contact the crematorium!”

“Ha ha, you’re so mean!”

At that moment, I was submerged in the depths of the lake.

Only then did my body feel a bit more comfortable.

It was strange!

I was at least ten meters from the shore and at the bottom of the lake, over three meters deep.

Yet I could hear the people on the shore talking as if they were right beside me!

Opening my eyes, I was even more astonished!

The water of Mingyue Lake wasn’t very clear, but I could see the fish and aquatic plants clearly!

It seemed that after eating the Golden Elixir, both my hearing and vision had improved!

As for other beneficial effects, I was still soaking in the water and hadn’t had the chance to verify…

The two fierce flames in my chest continued to burn, drawing closer.

Finally, they merged into one!

In an instant!

My body shook violently!

I felt my blood boiling, and my body was filled with endless strength!

“Could it be…”

I suddenly remembered the nameless book I had seen in Zhao Chengkun’s Taoist temple.

The path of those two flames almost matched the Governor and Conception vessels!

And now the two flames had merged!

“Could it be that I’ve actually opened the Governor and Conception vessels?”

Bubble, bubble…

Soon, the water around me began to boil!

The fish, frightened, kept their distance, leaping out of the water one after another.

This process lasted a full ten minutes.

Finally, my body and emotions gradually calmed down, and then I surfaced.

Looking back, I saw quite a crowd had gathered on the shore, all pointing and discussing animatedly.

I didn’t want to become a public figure!

So I quickly swam towards the opposite shore of Mingyue Lake.

There were no parking spaces there, and few people.

I looked up and saw, to be exact, two people.

An old man fishing.

And a man in a black suit with sunglasses.

I continued swimming towards the opposite shore.

The man in the suit suddenly noticed me, his face wary, and he stepped in front of the old fisherman, whispering, “Be careful, Eighth Master, this person appears out of nowhere and is aggressive. He might be up to no good!”

At this point, I was still dozens of meters away from them.

However, their conversation did not escape my ears!

The old man glanced at me and said, “If it’s fortune, it will come; if it’s disaster, it can’t be avoided!”

When I was about ten meters away, the man in the suit clenched his fists, watching me intently, sweat beads falling from his forehead, as if he was very nervous.

I, on the other hand, felt nothing.

Reaching the shore, I wiped my face, shook the water from my hair, and then walked away.

After I had gone quite a distance, the man in the suit behind me let out a long sigh of relief and said, “Eighth Master, that person was very strange. Somehow, he seemed to exert a strong pressure.”

The old man said, “The new waves of the Yangtze River push the old waves forward. The younger generation is to be feared!”

Leaving Mingyue Lake Park, I returned to the apartment.

On the way, I noticed a strange phenomenon.

Everyone had an aura around them, either clear or murky, and a very few had a dark shade.

“Could this be the so-called ‘Aura-Viewing Technique’ from that book?”

The nameless book contained five subjects: Aura-Viewing Technique, Feng Shui Formations, Talismans, Acupuncture, and the Seventy-Two Yin-Yang Hands!

I had almost forgotten all about these things!

Now that I had opened the Governor and Conception vessels, I quickly recalled them in my mind.

If I could really learn the contents of the book, making money in the future would be too easy!

Arriving at the entrance of the residential area, I planned to buy some yellow paper and a brush to practice drawing talismans.

The other four subjects were hard to verify, so I could start with this one!

But when I reached into my pocket, I was stunned!

After paying the rent, I had a little over a thousand yuan.

I foolishly exchanged it all for cash yesterday and put it in my pocket!

Now when I reached into my pocket, it was empty!

It must have been lost while swimming!

“Damn it!”

I cursed myself for being so careless!

Now all I had left was a single coin!

Just enough to buy a lighter!

Luckily, there was still fuel in the car, enough for over two hundred kilometers, so I could earn some living expenses first.

After changing into clean clothes, I continued with my old job.

After a day of driving a taxi, I made three hundred and seventy yuan.

Just as I was about to finish for the day, I happened to pass by Fangshan Cemetery.

An idea struck me!

Why not bring Sun Jiao back with me!

For one, it could cool down the house.

Moreover, I could use her to practice my talisman drawing skills and see if they were effective!

However, I couldn’t tell her that, or she would definitely refuse!

I had to find an excuse to trick her into coming…

I parked the car at the entrance and walked into the cemetery.

Using the Aura-Viewing Technique, I saw that the cemetery was filled with black auras, thick and thin, with ghosts floating everywhere!

I went straight to Sun Jiao’s tombstone, cleared my throat, and called out, “Miss Sun?”

Soon, Sun Jiao appeared, clearly surprised to see me, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

I said, “Remember the evil Daoist across the river who wanted to catch you? He’s stirring again!”

Sun Jiao asked, “How do you know?”

I replied, “I have a friend in the south of the Yangtze River, he’s well-informed!”

Sun Jiao thought for a moment and said, “It’s not that fat black guy from last time, is it?”

I said, “Who it is doesn’t matter! What’s important is that we strike back! He wants to catch you, and he tricked me last time. We must take revenge!”

Sun Jiao looked at me disdainfully and said, “Just you… and me?”

I said, “Just the two of us definitely isn’t enough, but don’t I have a ghost queen wife backing me up?”

“You mean Granny Zheng?”

Sun Jiao’s eyes lit up, and she said with anticipation, “Granny Zheng is involved too?”

“Of course!”

I nodded vigorously: “Otherwise, why would I come to find you?”

Sun Jiao said, “Tell me, what’s your plan this time? I promise to cooperate with you fully!”

Pretending to check the time, I said, “It’s too late now. How about this, you come home with me, and we’ll talk slowly!”


Sun Jiao didn’t have the slightest doubt, probably never imagining that I would dare to bluff and deceive under Granny Zheng’s name!

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