Chapter 38 – Cool it down scientifically


“Young people are always so straightforward!”

Miss Zhao said, “So… shall we sign the contract now?”


We went downstairs and signed the contract in the car, just for a month, and paid five hundred yuan, with the deposit waived!

The contract listed names and ID numbers.

Miss Zhao’s name is Zhao Yao, the same age as me, just two months older.

At the same age of 26, she has bought an apartment and drives a Porsche.

As for me, I’m a complete mess!

Sigh… better not to talk about it!

After pressing my fingerprint, Zhao Yao said, “Actually, I don’t really need the money. I just want someone to live there for a while to see if any problems arise! I’m quite straightforward, so don’t take it the wrong way!”

“No problem!”

I said, “We each have our needs!”

Zhao Yao added, “Try not to cook in the room, in case the smell of cooking oil becomes too strong and hard to remove later!”


I replied, “I can’t cook anyway!”

Zhao Yao then asked, “By the way, what do you do for work?”

I was about to say I drove a taxi.

But then I thought, since I don’t even have a car anymore, what’s the point? So I changed my answer on the fly: “I’m looking for a job!”

“Alright then, I wish you find a job soon!”

Zhao Yao handed me the keys and drove off.

Back in the room, I tidied up a bit and lay down on the bed.

The room was indeed very hot.

But with both the air conditioning and the fan on, it was much better.

I guess Zhao Yao is too pampered to endure any discomfort, that’s why she couldn’t stand it!

Renting this room was really a stroke of luck!

With the housing situation settled, next was the job.

I spent the whole afternoon browsing job sites.

I made over a dozen calls, scheduled seven or eight meetings, but none seemed reliable.

Before I knew it, it was dark.

I was about to go downstairs for dinner when my phone rang again.

Thinking it was an HR from one of the jobs, I quickly answered.

“Hello, are you the owner of car 0527?”

A man’s voice came through the phone, sounding unfriendly.

0527 was the license plate number of the taxi!

“Yes, that’s me!”

I said, “What’s the matter?”

“Of course there’s a matter!”

The man said, “Your car is blocking my garage door. Come down and move it!”


I was stunned.

Wasn’t the car at Zheng Mansion?

Who was this person?

I asked, “May I know which community you live in?”

The man replied impatiently, “Are you drunk? I’m from Nanyuan Second Village!”

Nanyuan Second Village was where I used to rent.

There was indeed a garage downstairs with a “No Parking” sign on the rolling door!

But how could my car be there?

“Alright, I’ll be right there!”

Regardless, I had to check it out first.

If I could get the car back, I could continue driving a taxi!

I took a taxi to Nanyuan Second Village.

When I arrived at the building where I used to rent, sure enough, I saw the taxi parked in front of someone’s garage door!

“Lucky day!”

“Today is really a day of double happiness!”

I quickly moved the car to a spot where it wouldn’t cause any trouble, then lit a cigarette…

As I was trying to make sense of it all.

Suddenly, a woman’s voice came from behind: “You finally came!”

“Holy shit!”

I jumped in fright!

Turning around, I saw Sun Jiao sitting in the back!

No wonder the car felt so chilly!

I suddenly realized, “So it was you who drove the car here?”


Sun Jiao said, “What else?”

I replied, “At least you have some conscience!”

Sun Jiao said, “It’s not about conscience. Granny Zheng asked me to give it to you!”


I asked puzzled, “Why?”

Sun Jiao shook her head blankly.

I said, “I’ve already done what I promised you before, so we’re even now!”

“I know!”

Sun Jiao said softly, “I came to deliver the car, not to trouble you!”

I made small talk, “How have you been lately?”

“Not bad!”

Sun Jiao said, “I’ve gotten to know Granny Zheng. Sometimes when there’s a gathering at Zheng Mansion, she invites me too!”

“That’s good!”

I said, “It’s just a pity she’s an old lady! If she were half as beautiful as you, I might have succumbed to her!”

“Old lady?”

Sun Jiao looked at me in surprise.

“Yeah! What’s up?”

I was a bit confused.

Sun Jiao seemed to want to say something but hesitated for a moment and didn’t speak. Finally, she said, “I’d better not meddle in your affairs with Granny Zheng!”

Seeing that Sun Jiao didn’t seem to want to leave, I said, “I just moved to a new place today, I don’t live around here anymore. How about I take you to see my new place? In case something comes up, you’ll know where to find me!”


Sun Jiao said, “Let’s go have a look!”

I was already used to seeing female ghosts by now.

Especially beautiful ones!

So I was quite happy, driving Sun Jiao away from Nanyuan Second Village, saying, “The room is a bit hot, you coming over is perfect, you can help me cool it down scientifically!”

Sun Jiao pouted and said, “I thought you had good intentions, turns out you just want to use me! Hmph!”

Watching her act coquettishly, I felt a stir in my heart, shamefully moved!

Soon, we arrived back at Wancheng Apartments.

Once inside the room, Sun Jiao looked around and marveled, “It’s really hot! Very comfortable!”


I asked curiously, “Aren’t female ghosts supposed to like cold places?”

“Not at all!”

Sun Jiao said, “This room has a strong Yang Energy, which helps us cultivate!”

I asked, “Places with lots of people also have strong Yang Energy, and so does being under the sun. What’s the difference?”

Sun Jiao thought for a moment and said, “Places with lots of people not only have strong Yang Energy but also negative energy. Ghosts fear evil people, and it’s the negative energy from evil people that they fear!”

“What about under the sun?”

I asked again.

Sun Jiao said, “Although we like Yang Energy, we can’t stand direct sunlight! I can’t explain it clearly myself. If you’re really curious, I can take you on a journey, and you can experience it yourself!”

“No, thanks!”

I shook my head vigorously, frightened.

Sun Jiao laughed, “Just kidding, I wouldn’t dare touch you now!”

I asked, “Why do you say that?”

Sun Jiao said, “You belong to Granny Zheng, I wouldn’t dare touch you even if I had ten times the courage!”

Speaking of that old lady, my feelings were mixed.

I used to fear her.

But she had saved my life!

And that night at the wake, she didn’t do anything excessive and even kowtowed to my grandfather.


What a sin!

It seemed that Sun Jiao really liked it here.

Before I knew it, it was ten o’clock at night, and she was still not leaving.

I joked, “Beautiful lady, why don’t you stay here for the night?”

Sun Jiao said, “I’d like to, but I’m afraid Granny Zheng would get jealous if she found out!”

With that, she stood up and said, “It’s getting late, I should head back!”

I said, “Actually, you could stay. If you don’t tell and I don’t tell, how would Granny Zheng know?”


“I’d like to live a few more days!”


After Sun Jiao left, the temperature in the room immediately rose.

I took a shower and prepared to go to bed.

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