Chapter 32 – A pair of embroidered shoes

Hearing that voice, Wen Rou and I snapped out of our trance.

It turned out that the person who found the cellphone in the woods was Xu Ming!

No wonder he was so insistent on Yellow Hair providing evidence, because he knew Yellow Hair couldn’t produce any!

Looking back, everything made sense, it’s just that no one had guessed it at the time!

Wen Rou said, “Xu Ming, all you want is money, right? Let him go, and all my money is yours!”


Xu Ming cursed, “You filthy whore, how many times have you cuckolded me?”

Wen Rou sneered, “Too many to count, but each one was better than you!”

Xu Ming, not angry but amused, retorted, “You really are shameless!”

After speaking, he crouched down, grabbed Wen Rou’s hair, and said, “You’ve been bossing me around like a dog, I’ve tolerated you for a long time! Now you’re acting all high and mighty!”

Wen Rou replied, “I don’t care if I live or die, I’ve long since become indifferent, just let Zhang Yuan go!”


Xu Ming delivered a slap, “Are you teaching me how to do things?”

Xu Ming had been plotting this for a long time, expecting him to release someone was like asking for the moon!

I had no hope either, and said, “Xu Ming, if you’re a man, just get it over with, stop dilly-dallying!”

“Go to hell!”

Xu Ming stood up and kicked me in the head, “You’re just playing with a woman I’ve had, what’s there to be so smug about?”

“You’ve had her?”

I laughed, “Everything on the outside is old, but everything inside is brand new! How about that, you’ve never experienced it, have you?”


Xu Ming was so angry he was jumping with rage.

I saw him shuffle his feet, and in a moment, he picked up a rock and said, “I’m going to smash your pretty face!”

Just as Xu Ming was about to bring the rock down.

Suddenly, a woman’s voice came from behind, “Hey!”


Xu Ming, startled, immediately turned around, wiping the rain off his face, and asked, “Who are you?”

The woman said, “Come here, and I’ll tell you!”

Her words seemed to carry a certain magic.

Xu Ming actually put the rock down and slowly walked over.


Xu Ming let out a scream.

He only screamed once before the sound abruptly stopped.

Then all that could be heard was the sound of gnawing on bones.

I strained to see what was happening in front of me, not knowing what had occurred.

The rain was too heavy, and my vision was blurred.

I could only vaguely see a pair of embroidered shoes…

Soon, Xu Ming fell down in front of Wen Rou and me.

His face was unrecognizable!

His body revealed chilling white bones, horrifying to behold!

After Xu Ming fell, the embroidered shoes walked over, and a ghostly voice said, “My dear husband, you’ve made it so hard for me to find you!”

I looked carefully at the embroidered shoes, I had definitely seen them somewhere before!

Hearing her voice, I was suddenly shocked, “You’re Granny Zheng!”

“Oh, you heartless man, you still remember me!”

Granny Zheng said, “But you know, others may call me Granny, but my dear husband need not! Just call me your wife!”

Honestly, just hearing that coquettish voice, I really wanted to call her ‘my little wife’!

But I knew she was a three-hundred-year-old demoness!

Who knows what kind of ghastly form she might take!

I said, “Can you please help us get out of here first?”

Granny Zheng replied, “Call me ‘wife’, and I’ll save you!”

Forget it!

I’m all in!

I mustered my courage and said, “Wife, please save us!”

“Alright, my dear husband!”

Granny Zheng prepared to lend a hand.

Just then, a thunderclap roared overhead.

Following that, a loud voice came from the mountainside, “What demon dares to commit violence on my Longhu Mountain? State your name!”

It was Zhang Chenglong’s voice!

Hearing this, Granny Zheng stopped her actions, muttering to herself, “That little Taoist is so annoying!”

Perhaps she was wary of the numerous people on Longhu Mountain.

Granny Zheng patted my head and said, “My dear husband, I’ll be going back first, we’ll catch up another day!”

After speaking, I saw a flash before my eyes, and the embroidered shoes disappeared.

Granny Zheng had just left when Zhang Chenglong arrived.

Wen Rou and I were finally saved.

At that moment, Zhang Li also arrived with several Taoist priests and asked, “Brother, what happened?”

Zhang Chenglong’s expression was grave as he said, “The Ghost Qi is heavy, we still don’t know who it is!”

“It’s Granny Zheng!”

I quickly reminded them.


Zhang Chenglong asked, “Are you sure?”


I nodded vigorously, “Even though I’ve never seen her face, her voice and those embroidered shoes, I will never forget!”

Hearing this, Zhang Chenglong walked behind me, lifted my T-shirt, and after a glance, said, “That’s right!”

Zhang Li asked, “Why?”

Zhang Chenglong explained, “The cross banishment was washed away by the heavy rain, Zheng Ruyan knew his whereabouts at all times!”

“Zheng Ruyan…”

I murmured the name, hearing Granny Zheng’s name for the first time.

After a while, Zhang Chenglong pointed to the unrecognizable corpse on the ground and asked, “Who is this?”

Wen Rou replied, “His name is Xu Ming, he came with us in the same car!”

Zhang Chenglong asked, “Why are the three of you here so late and in the rain?”

Wen Rou explained, “Xu Ming tricked Zhang Yuan and me here, wanting to harm us. It was Granny Zheng who suddenly appeared and killed Xu Ming!”


Zhang Chenglong was surprised, “Zheng Ruyan saved you?”


Wen Rou and I nodded simultaneously, although I didn’t want to admit this fact.

Zhang Chenglong patted my shoulder and said earnestly, “Humans and ghosts walk different paths, even if a female ghost saved you, it’s only to absorb your Yang Energy! Young man, don’t let this small favor blind you!”

“I understand!”

I nodded firmly, “Rest assured, Taoist priest, I will never share the sky with that female ghost!”

Zhang Chenglong said, “We’ve almost settled the matter of the marriage contract with the ghost, come find me on the mountain at noon tomorrow!”

“Thank you, Taoist priest!”

I was overjoyed!

The marriage contract had been suffocating me, and now it was finally going to be lifted!

Zhang Chenglong said, “If there’s nothing else, everyone can disperse!”


Wen Rou suddenly spoke up, “Now that Zhang Yuan has lost the cross banishment, what if Granny Zheng comes looking for him again?”

Zhang Chenglong replied, “Under Longhu Mountain, it’s not a place for her to act recklessly! Rest assured, if that female ghost dares to come again, we’ll make sure she won’t return!”

With Zhang Chenglong’s words, Wen Rou and I felt relieved and hurried back to the hotel.

Once in the room, Wen Rou urged, “Lie down quickly!”

I said, “Shouldn’t it be you lying down?”

“What are you thinking!”

Wen Rou spat, “I meant for you to lie down so I can check your back!”

“Ah… haha… I see!”

I laughed awkwardly, took off my T-shirt, and lay on the bed, “There shouldn’t be any serious damage!”

Wen Rou carefully checked and then took out an iodine swab to clean my wounds, “Luckily, they’re all superficial injuries!”

I asked, “What about you? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine!”

Wen Rou said softly, “You were very brave just now, I… didn’t misjudge you!”

I chuckled and hugged her as we lay there, “So how do you plan to repay me?”

Wen Rou replied, “Let’s talk about it when your wounds heal!”

“No way!”

I shook my head, “We need to talk about it now!”

Wen Rou said softly, “I’ve given myself to you, what more do you want me to do?”

I said, “Go buy a bottle of safflower oil tomorrow and apply it to your knees.”

Wen Rou was puzzled, “My knees aren’t injured, why do I need safflower oil?”

I replied, “You’ll need it tomorrow, better to prepare in advance!”

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