Chapter 31 – A tragedy caused by a multimedia message


I almost forgot the important matter and turned around to say, “I’ve signed a nuptial contract with a female ghost, and I need the help of the two Daoist priests to dissolve it!”

Zhang Chenglong and Zhang Li both looked over my shoulder.

At that glance, both of them exclaimed “Eh” in surprise, clearly astonished.

I asked, “Is it difficult to handle?”

Zhang Chenglong said, “Indeed, it’s a bit tricky, but there must be a way! Young brother, you go down the mountain first, and let us discuss it!”

I wanted to ask when they could give me an answer.

But then I thought about it, considering their status, they wouldn’t stand me up, so I said, “Then I’ll leave it to the two Daoist priests!”

The matter with Lu Chenglun was put to rest.

Although my nuptial contract with the ghost had not yet been dissolved, there was at least a glimmer of hope.

On the way down the mountain, I was in high spirits!

However, when I reached the foot of the mountain, I suddenly remembered something and blurted out a curse!

Wen Rou asked, “What’s wrong?”

I said, “I gave the Golden Elixir to Zhang Li, but I forgot to ask for the golden gourd back!”

Hearing this, Wen Rou was first taken aback, then laughed so hard she trembled, “You really are a little money-grubber!”

I said, “But that’s a golden gourd, how many years would I have to drive a taxi to earn that back!”

Wen Rou said, “Consider it a loss to avoid disaster, after all, they charge for performing spells!”

I thought about it and agreed, though I still felt reluctant.

My shirt was torn by Zhao Chengkun, and I was bare-chested all the way.

And on my back, there were two eerie patterns!

On the way down the mountain, I got a lot of stares and points.

At the foot of the mountain, there were souvenir shops selling fans, bracelets, phone cases, and also T-shirts.

Wen Rou quickly bought one for me and said, “Put it on quickly, it’s embarrassing to walk with you!”

I said, “Are you tired of me already?”


Wen Rou blushed with shyness.

While we were flirting, a female tour guide came over and enthusiastically waved at us, “Hurry up, we’re just waiting for you two!”

Wen Rou and I quickly joined the group.

Yellow Hair and his two companions stood at attention and saluted, shouting in unison, “Hello, big brother, hello, sister-in-law!”

Everyone burst into laughter.

Wen Rou was speechless.

Looking at Xu Ming, his hair was almost smoking with jealousy!

After a day of fun, we returned to the hotel at dusk.

Wen Rou and I, like newlyweds, enjoyed a wonderful world for two in the room!

One battle, two battles.

After the third battle, Wen Rou finally gave in, curling up in my arms, shivering and begging for mercy.

I lit a cigarette, feeling as carefree as an immortal.

After catching my breath, Wen Rou suddenly looked up at me and said, “There’s something I don’t know if I should tell you now!”

I asked, “What is it?”

Wen Rou said, “This morning, when I saw Daoist Zhang Li, she read my fortune and wanted to take me as a disciple, to join Longhu Mountain.”

I was stunned for a moment and said, “That’s great news! What do you think?”

Wen Rou said, “I agreed to her, after all, I don’t want to go back to that home!”


I hugged her shoulders and said, “It’s okay to be a Daoist, you can have a Daoist partner, but it wouldn’t work if you were a nun!”

Wen Rou sighed and said, “I thought they would take you too, after all, Daoist Lu Chenglun mentioned it in his letter!”

I said, “Maybe I’m not talented enough, and they don’t think highly of me!”

Wen Rou said, “If they don’t take you, I… I don’t want to go either!”


I said, “This is an opportunity for you, seize it well! Once you’ve achieved something in your cultivation, I can openly be a kept man!”

“Get lost!”

Wen Rou got up and said, “I’m going to take a shower!”

I sighed and patted her back, saying, “It’s a pity I can’t join you now!”

“I don’t care for that!”

Wen Rou retorted coyly, her provoking demeanor almost made me want to start a fourth battle!

The forecast predicted rain in the afternoon, but it hadn’t come yet.

While Wen Rou was showering, the rain finally started pouring down heavily.

“Is it raining outside?”

Wen Rou asked from the bathroom.

I said, “Yes, why?”

Wen Rou said, “I left clothes hanging outside the window, can you help me bring them in? I need to wear them soon!”


I opened the curtains, took down the clothes, and brought them to the bathroom.

After the shower, Wen Rou changed into her clothes and was blow-drying her hair in front of the bathroom mirror.

I went over and saw her whole body was smooth and fair, like a freshly bloomed lotus.

Feeling moved, I couldn’t help but enter and hugged her from behind.

“Stop it!”

Wen Rou said, “I’m blow-drying my hair!”

I said, “You blow the top, I’ll blow the bottom!”


Wen Rou was startled with a shiver.

Just then, the phone outside rang.

Wen Rou hurriedly said, “Can you get my phone for me?”

I said, “Call me ‘husband’!”


“Dear little husband!”

Wen Rou cooed, “Now, can you get it for me?”

“Such a good girl!”

Reluctantly, I went out and brought her phone in.

Wen Rou held the hairdryer in her left hand and unlocked her phone with her right. Upon seeing it, her expression immediately changed.

Curious, I asked, “What’s wrong?”

“See for yourself!”

Wen Rou handed me the phone.

I took it and saw it was a multimedia message from a stranger.

The content was a photo.

It was the one Yellow Hair had secretly taken last night in the grove while I was sucking out the snake venom from Wen Rou!


I said, “No wonder we couldn’t find it at the time, someone had hidden it!”

Wen Rou frowned and said, “Who could it be? Are they trying to blackmail us?”

“Let’s find out!”

I casually composed a text message and sent it: What do you want?

Soon, the person replied: There’s a newsstand at the foot of the mountain, go there now! If I don’t see you in five minutes, I’ll send the photo to all your family and colleagues!

Wen Rou panicked and looked at me, “What do we do? If my parents see this photo, it would be so embarrassing!”

I said, “Let’s go, we have to deal with this sooner or later!”


Wen Rou lost interest in blow-drying her hair, rummaged through her bag, and said, “Luckily, I brought an umbrella!”

It was already eleven o’clock at night.

Outside, the rain was pouring down relentlessly, accompanied by flashes of lightning and thunder.

The umbrella was a bit small.

Afraid that the cross ban on my back would get wet, I could only hold Wen Rou close.

Finally, we arrived at the newsstand.

Looking left and right, there was not a soul in sight.

I dialed the person’s number directly.

Immediately, a ringtone sounded from behind the newsstand!

Wen Rou and I quickly went around and found a phone on the ground, but no one was there!

I bent down to pick up the phone.

Just then, the newsstand suddenly collapsed, crashing down towards Wen Rou and me!

“Be careful!”

In a moment of urgency, I didn’t think much, grabbed Wen Rou, and shielded her in my arms.

Then I heard a loud “bang” as the newsstand smashed heavily onto my back!


I cried out in pain, feeling as if my spine was about to break!

Wen Rou asked with concern, “How are you?”

“Not too bad!”

I gritted my teeth and said, “What about you?”

Wen Rou said, “I’m fine!”

Wen Rou was in my arms, but I couldn’t see her.

Because my entire body, including my head, was pinned down by the newsstand, I could only see two or three meters directly in front of me.

“Ha ha, you dog couple finally got what you deserved!”

In the midst of the rainstorm, a man approached, it was Wen Rou’s husband, Xu Ming.

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