Chapter 72 – Good friend little fish person

Xu Daguan picked up a bag of tomato-flavored potato chips, tore it open, took out a handful and chewed loudly.

“How much does it cost to join this group of yours?”

Xu Daguan asked curiously.

“There is no specific amount, but it must be at least 100,000 yuan,” Qian Jiahui explained. “Or a large enough one-time reward!”

When Qian Jiahui was in his third year of high school, he broke up with his girlfriend and was bored. He happened to come across Hua Yueyu’s live broadcast.

He thought this female anchor was very beautiful and charismatic, so he sent 100 big rockets and was invited to join the group.

Liu Yu had been listening to his roommates chatting.

He wasn’t a fan of Hua Yueyu, but he occasionally glanced at her. Although the female anchor was cute, she had no curves and didn’t dance.

Liu Yu preferred those well-proportioned female idols who wore revealing clothes.

Now, when he heard Qian Jiahui say that fans wanted to join Hua Yueyu’s wealthy fans group and it would cost a lot of money, he was shocked. “Are you saying 100,000? RMB?”

“Are you using Vietnamese dong?” Qian Jiahui laughed.

“So much money? Are there any benefits in the group?” Liu Yu was a little excited and wanted to ask Qian Jiahui if he could get a few perks.

“Nothing special. What do you think Hua Yueyu is?” Qian Jiahui frowned.

Not to mention special perks, there weren’t even many personal photos. The advantage of joining the group was being able to @ Hua Yueyu and chat with everyone.


Liu Yu didn’t say anything, but he thought in his heart that Qian Jiahui was a fool.

Spending over 100,000 and not even seeing a single hair, who else but a fool would do that?


How could someone like him become a second-generation rich? The heavens are truly unfair.

“How much money have you given to Hua Yueyu in total?” Xu Daguan pondered, thinking about how to make Qian Er Dai become his benefactor.

“I haven’t kept count!” Qian Jiahui sighed. “I’m so bored, why do I care about this?”

“You’re amazing!” Xu Daguan admired, giving him a thumbs up. Look, this is a true wealthy person.

To others, tens of thousands of yuan were just peanuts.

Fang Mingyuan wasn’t interested in female anchors, but when he heard them discussing, he opened the Shark Live app and entered Hua Yueyu’s live broadcast.

He happened to see the special effects of the big rockets on the screen.

Three in a row.

“Old Qian, is this ‘Money Burns My Hands’ who just sent three big rockets you?” Fang Mingyuan, unlike Xu Daguan, didn’t even know Qian Jiahui’s birthday, so he called him Qian Ge.

“No.” Qian Jiahui felt annoyed when this was brought up. His surname was Qian, but he didn’t dare to be called Money Burns My Hands. “That’s Dream Chaser, it’s me!”

Liu Yu heard this ID and wanted to laugh.

What kind of Mary Sue nickname was this?

“You’ve given quite a lot in rewards!” Fang Mingyuan saw the ranking of this ‘Dream Chaser’. Although he didn’t make it into the top ten, he was still in the top thirty.

“It’s just average!” Qian Jiahui didn’t care about this. He rewarded purely based on his mood, as long as he was happy.

With a flick of his finger, he opened the page and recharged.

Let the rewards begin!

On Fang Mingyuan and Xu Daguan’s phone screens, the special effects of the big rockets immediately appeared, and they didn’t stop.

Ten in a row!

“Damn, it’s super popular! Qian Ge, you’re so rich!” Xu Daguan envied, almost crying. Ten big rockets, each costing 2,000 yuan, were sent out in the blink of an eye.

Fang Mingyuan turned his head and glanced at Qian Jiahui, gaining a new understanding of his roommate’s wealth. He casually rewarded 20,000 yuan, with the same casual attitude as spending a few bucks.

Liu Yu knew the price of super popular rewards. When he heard Xu Daguan say this, he was stunned and looked at Qian Jiahui in astonishment. Then he moved his mouth and muttered the word fool.

“Qian Ge, when I livestream tomorrow, come and support me!” Xu Daguan handed over the bag of potato chips. “Here, offer a bag of chips to Qian Ge, wishing you good health and a new bride every day!”

“Forget the bride, women are too troublesome. When you livestream tomorrow, remember to let me know so I can send a few rockets!” Qian Jiahui, being generous, would definitely support his roommate. It was his duty.

“Thank you, Qian Ge!” Xu Daguan was about to receive a sum of money and felt that he couldn’t be stingy either. He had to show off his wealth in front of his five new roommates.

Qian Jiahui really liked Hua Yueyu, so he decided to reward her with a big rocket.

After all, he thought this female anchor was good, and the reward was worth it.

After Xu Daguan finished the reward and the special effects appeared in the livestream, he immediately told Qian Jiahui, “Qian Ge, the one who sent Hua Yueyu two big rockets is me!”

“I guessed it!” Qian Jiahui nodded.

As for the topic of the livestream, Hu Wenwu didn’t understand much. He could only sit on the bed and listen silently.

But he had already confirmed that Hua Yueyu was the girl he had dinner with tonight. Because at the restaurant, the couple who were livestreaming called her Fish Sister, and that Fan Manager backed down because Hua Yueyu was famous.

“I hope Fish Sister uses this money to buy some high-end cosmetics and dress herself up beautifully for everyone’s livestream.” Xu Daguan teased.

Hu Wenwu couldn’t help but glance at Xu Daguan when he heard this.

Tonight, Hua Yueyu treated them to a meal that cost over a thousand yuan.

“By the way, since you’re in Hua Yueyu’s group, do you have her personal WeChat?” Xu Daguan wanted to ask for one.

“No!” Qian Jiahui shook his head. “Hua Yueyu said she doesn’t add friends!”

“Even if you reward over 100,000?” Xu Daguan was shocked.

“No!” Qian Jiahui shrugged. “The top-ranked tycoon, Money Burns My Hands, couldn’t add Hua Yueyu on WeChat, and even caused a group exit incident!”

“It seems like you need to spend a few million to win over Hua Yueyu!” Xu Daguan sighed. “But she is really beautiful and interesting!”

“Exactly, not only does she have a beautiful appearance, but also a unique personality!” Qian Jiahui had tried to add her as a friend a few times, but Hua Yueyu rejected him.

Hu Wenwu lowered his head and looked at his old, laggy phone. He opened WeChat.

Besides his mother and two male classmates, there weren’t many people in there.

The nickname of Hua Yueyu was Little Fish, and she was the first girl he added as a friend since he got this phone in his third year of high school and applied for WeChat.

“Bai Ci, which anchor do you like?” Qian Jiahui noticed that Lin Baici was lying on the bed and hadn’t said anything.

In his opinion, among all the roommates, Lin Baici and Fang Mingyuan left the best impression on him. That Hu Wenwu, they probably wouldn’t get along.

Xu Daguan’s behavior was like those little brothers who followed him in high school. As for Liu Yu?

He was too self-centered, speaking only when he wanted to and not respecting others.

“I don’t have a favorite female anchor!” Lin Baici didn’t lie, including Hua Yueyu.

“Then what are your hobbies?” Qian Jiahui changed his posture to lie more comfortably.

“Definitely fitness!” Fang Mingyuan interjected. “I feel like his physical fitness is better than mine, even though I’m a sports specialist!”

Lin Baici wanted to say that he never worked out. His hobby was making videos and being a video blogger. However, recently, he had become slightly interested in God’s Ruins.

The topic quickly shifted to personal hobbies.

Ding dong.

A message came on WeChat.

Little Fish: Xiaobai, several wealthy bosses just rewarded me. I think the scale of the feast can be raised, and we can find more dragons.

Lin Xia Dai Yue: Don’t spend recklessly, save the money as a dowry.

Little Fish: My goal is to earn one billion before I turn thirty, achieve financial freedom, and then enjoy life. Marriage?

Sorry, not considering it!

Lin Xia Dai Yue: Keep it up.

Little Fish: You’re the Dream Hunter now. You will definitely not lack money in the future. If I haven’t earned one billion by the time I’m thirty, can you make up for me?

Followed by an evil smiley face emoji.

Lin Xia Dai Yue: No problem.

Little Fish: Yeah! I saved the screenshot as evidence. I feel like I can just lie down now and wait for thirty years to come and get one billion from you.

Lin Xia Dai Yue: Rich lady, I’m currently poorer than you.

Little Fish: It’s okay, I’ll support you first.

After sending this message, Hua Yueyu’s mouth curled up. I actually want to support you, but I’m afraid that Miss Capitalist will compete with me.


If it’s about wealth, who can surpass Jin Yingzhen!

All the money she earned from livestreaming for eight or nine hours a day was hard-earned, unlike those big capitalists like Jin Yingzhen who lived off the blood of others.

A moment of silence for the Korean people!

Lin Baici sent a big smiley face emoji. Hua Yueyu was really interesting, like a happy fruit. No wonder her livestream style was loved by so many people.

Ding dong!

A new message arrived, from Princess of Christ Mountain.

Lin Baici clicked on it and, as expected, it was no surprise. Xiong Da was appearing, shining brightly.

This time, it was a fitness photo of Jin Yingzhen wearing tight yoga pants.

Princess of Christ Mountain: Oppa, do you think I did the camel pose beautifully?

Lin Xia Dai Yue: I don’t understand yoga.

Lin Baici honestly replied.

Princess of Christ Mountain: It’s okay, I’ll teach you in the future.

Princess of Christ Mountain: Oppa, have you arrived at school?

Lin Xia Dai Yue: Yes, I have.

Princess of Christ Mountain: Got it, rest early.

Then there was a voice message.

Lin Baici casually clicked play.

Aniang hei, chu mu sai yao.

Lin Baici didn’t know what it meant.

Xu Daguan heard this and immediately smirked, teasing Lin Baici, “I didn’t expect you to look so upright but also enjoy watching Korean girls dance!”

Xu Daguan didn’t even think that Lin Baici knew a Korean girl, he thought he was watching a livestream.

Liu Yu muttered, “Concealed pervert!”

Lin Baici couldn’t be bothered to explain and was ready to change the topic. Suddenly, a notification message appeared on his phone.

It was from the Origin Forum.

Lin Baici’s spirits lifted and he immediately clicked on the forum and logged into his account.

In the upper right corner, next to his nickname, there was a red +1 on the envelope icon.

This meant that there was a new message.

Lin Baici immediately clicked on it.

It was a message from the official Origin Forum.

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