Chapter 71 – Campus Ghost Stories

“Family, this is my dorm room, 906. It looks very neat!”

Xu Daguan took out his phone and walked into the dorm room, turning the phone 180 degrees to show the environment to his fans.

Fang Mingyuan saw this and felt a little unhappy.

Does this guy not care about other people’s privacy?

What if I’m doing needlework? I’ll be embarrassed!

“Hey, I’m Xu Daguan, you can call me Big Official. Do you want to say hello to my fans?”

Xu Daguan glanced at Fang Mingyuan.

“Please don’t film me!”

Fang Mingyuan reminded him, moving aside a bit. He didn’t want to be on camera.

“Oh, don’t worry, I respect personal privacy!”

Xu Daguan laughed.

He knew that some people were naturally introverted and didn’t like to show their faces.

I have to say, the live streaming industry is really picky,

And I,

Have entered this industry.


Xu Daguan felt satisfied. Seeing three bunk beds, with only one bed without bedding, he knew that the other roommates had arrived. “Where are the roommates? Did they go out to see the senior sisters?”

“I don’t know!”

Fang Mingyuan was scrolling through his phone.

“I saw it this afternoon. The quality of the senior sisters in our science and engineering university is not that high. When you have time, you can go to Haijing Normal University. There are many girls there.”

Xu Daguan was a chatterbox.

He took out a phone stand and stuck it on the table, then put his phone on it, live streaming while packing his luggage.

People can die, but the live stream must go on.

Lin Baici and Huawenwu returned to the dorm room and saw Xu Daguan eating takeout and chatting with his fans.


Xu Daguan heard the sound of the door opening, looked up, and saw Lin Baici’s face.


Why is it this guy?

Xu Daguan looked disappointed. He hadn’t forgotten that when he reported and signed in this afternoon, the beautiful senior sister ignored him and lied about having a headache from heatstroke. She said it was just a coincidence that she was going to the boys’ dormitory to drop him off.

Many fans heard about it, and it made him lose face.

Lin Baici was also annoyed.

Why is it this smelly guy?

Guishen said he had athlete’s foot and liked to collect JK-themed movies. That’s not a big problem, but he was also a frequent customer of roadside hair salons, and even more terrifyingly, he liked to take secret photos.

Lin Baici looked at the phone.

The new roommate was obviously live streaming and didn’t care about other people’s privacy at all.

“Hello, I’m Huawenwu!”

Huawenwu took the initiative to greet.

“Hello, Xu Daguan, you can call me Big Official. I’m a Shark Platform anchor!”

Xu Daguan shook hands with Huawenwu.

Looking at his appearance, dress, and manners, it was clear that he was from the countryside. He didn’t know his personality yet, but for now, he seemed like an honest person who wouldn’t even notice if his wife was cheating on him.


Assuming he can find a wife.

Xu Daguan thought about whether Huawenwu could increase his popularity. He looked at Lin Baici and smiled, extending his hand. “Hello, handsome, with you, our dorm room will shine.”

Xu Daguan praised Lin Baici, lowering his guard.

This kid is really good-looking. If used well, he can create some buzz.

[A scheming dog, in its eyes, the value of making friends depends on whether they can bring it popularity!]


Lin Baici also smiled, showing his eight white teeth, giving people a good impression.

One must be cunning, even if they want the other person to move out immediately, they can’t show any expression.

Lin Baici washed his hands and face, changed into slippers, and stood on the balcony to look at the night view of the campus.

Not long after, Liu Yu and Qian Jiahui came back one after another.

Xu Daguan quickly greeted the two.

“One mama’s boy, one rich second generation!”

Xu Daguan looked at people with a discerning eye. “Qian, judging from your accent, you seem to be from Beijing?”


Qian Jiahui lay on the bed, leaning against the blanket, boredly looking at WeChat messages, all from his ex-girlfriends.

So annoying!

“Isn’t it good to go to Beijing? Why did you come to Haijing?”

Xu Daguan struck up a conversation.

“Beijing is too close to home!”

Qian Jiahui’s reason stunned Huawenwu. He wanted to go to college near his home.

“Haha, that’s a good reason!”

Xu Daguan laughed. “Family, let me tell you, we have a young and wealthy handsome guy in our dormitory. Do you want to take a look?”

“Ladies, cover your eyes first. I’m afraid you’ll fall in love with him and forget about me, Big Official.”

Xu Daguan’s voice was loud, not talking to Qian Jiahui, but praising him.

If it were in middle school or high school, Qian Jiahui would be the most handsome guy in the dormitory, but now, there was also Lin Baici on the balcony.

So Qian Jiahui didn’t react. What if Xu Daguan was talking about the other guy?

Fang Mingyuan looked at Qian Jiahui and then glanced at Lin Baici. The two were equally good-looking, but in terms of physique, Qian Jiahui fell short. He was short and thin, looking like a weakling.

Fang Mingyuan could take on six guys like him.

“Are you live streaming?”

Liu Yu looked at Xu Daguan’s phone, frowning. “Can you turn it off?”

“Huh? Does it bother you?”

Xu Daguan cursed in his heart but smiled on his face.

“Please pay attention to our privacy. You’re live streaming, and everything in the dorm room is exposed!”

Liu Yu complained.

He looked average and had quite a few pimples on his face, so he didn’t want strangers to see him.

And for some reason, he didn’t like watching Xu Daguan interact with his fans.


Xu Daguan looked at his phone. “Family, I’m going to have a heart-to-heart talk with my new roommates to build a better relationship. I’m ending the live stream for now. See you tomorrow!”


After Xu Daguan turned off the live stream, he looked at Liu Yu. “Satisfied?”


Liu Yu nodded, put on his slippers, and picked up a bottle of mineral water, taking a few sips.

There was no atmosphere for chatting in the dorm room.

“Let me tell you, there have been some scary rumors at our school recently!”

Xu Daguan couldn’t stop talking.

“What rumors?”

Qian Jiahui asked casually.

“I heard that someone saw a dog with a human face on campus.”

Xu Daguan, being a live streamer, knew how to attract attention.

“What is that?”

Qian Jiahui was puzzled.

The others also looked at Xu Daguan.

“A dog with a human face, it has a human face on its body!” Xu Daguan chuckled. “I heard it has a beautiful woman’s face!”

“How beautiful?”

Liu Yu followed up.

“Beautiful enough that her body is a dog, and you wouldn’t care.”

Xu Daguan exaggerated.

“What breed of dog?”

Qian Jiahui was curious.

“You should ask if it’s male or female.”

Xu Daguan gave Qian Jiahui a knowing look.


Qian Jiahui laughed. “Lin Baici, stop standing on the balcony and come join the conversation!”

Lin Baici returned to the dorm room and took out the snacks he didn’t finish on the train, placing them on the table. “Let’s eat and chat!”

“I have some too!”

Fang Mingyuan also put his snacks on the table.

“Do you want to order takeout and get another case of beer?”

Qian Jiahui suggested.

“Qian, it’s the first day of college registration. Are you going wild already? What if the dorm supervisor catches us?”

Xu Daguan teased.

“Don’t drink. It’s not good if someone sees us!”

Liu Yu stopped him. He didn’t want to get in trouble right after starting college.

“Let’s continue talking about that dog. It seems to have bitten more than ten students recently. They were all bitten on their way back to the dormitory after studying in the teaching building at night!”

Xu Daguan had learned a lot today.

“Is that it? Anything else?”

Qian Jiahui found it not exciting enough.

“In the past half month, two students in our school have died. It is said that their internal organs were hollowed out, so there are fewer people moving around the school at night recently.”

Xu Daguan’s words made Liu Yu frowned.

He hated disgusting topics like this.

“What do you mean by hollowed out internal organs?”

Qian Jiahui didn’t believe this kind of rumor. It was too exaggerated. He lowered his head and looked at his phone, realizing that someone in the group said that Huayueyu was live streaming.

Qian Jiahui opened Shark Platform and asked casually, “Do you guys like watching live streams?”

“Is the live stream you’re talking about serious?”

Xu Daguan said, and his phone screen lit up with a notification.

It was sent by Shark Platform,

‘The anchor you follow, Huayueyu, is live streaming.’

“Nonsense, what’s the point of watching something that’s not serious?”

Qian Jiahui was speechless. Wasn’t it more fun to play reality shows in hotels?

“You don’t know what it’s like to be hungry when you’re full!”

Xu Daguan sighed.

Qian Jiahui, with his Hermès outfit worth tens of thousands, plus his face, how could he possibly lack a girlfriend?

“I only watch game live streams!”

Fang Mingyuan didn’t like female anchors dancing.

Liu Yu pursed his lips, feeling unhappy. What’s with the fake seriousness?

I don’t believe there’s anyone who doesn’t like watching Korean girls dancing.

Liu Yu not only watched, but also saved the videos.

“I’ve been obsessed with Huayueyu recently. Let me tell you, her little tiger teeth are amazing!”

Xu Daguan put on a wireless earphone and opened Huayueyu’s live stream.


Huawenwu heard this familiar name and was stunned. He looked at Lin Baici and wondered if it was the girl who had dinner with them tonight.

“I know this female streamer, she’s popular!”

Liu Yu looked at Xu Daguan. “You’re also a Shark Platform anchor, have you seen Huayueyu’s bare face? Is she beautiful?”

“She doesn’t use beauty filters!”

Qian Jiahui interjected.

“With the advanced beauty filter technology now, can you tell if she’s using it or not?”

Liu Yu didn’t believe it.

Xu Daguan didn’t want to discuss this topic. “Huayueyu originally announced that she wouldn’t stream today, but she started streaming again. I wonder why?”

“Her friend started college today, and she went to welcome her. She probably started streaming after the gathering ended.”

Qian Jiahui explained.


Xu Daguan looked puzzled. “How do you know?”

“Somebody said it in the group!”

Qian Jiahui casually explained, but Xu Daguan instantly understood. Qian Jiahui must be in Huayueyu’s wealthy fan group.

As a rich second generation, he must know more about the streamer’s activities than ordinary fans.

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