Chapter 5 – Please call me the Gourmet God!

The old auntie was stunned. She couldn’t believe that the big guy dared to hold the torch after burning two people.

He’s too bold!

In the next moment, the old auntie was overjoyed and quickly followed.

“If I can leave here alive, I’ll give you an immortal card and worship you as my ancestor.”

“Wow, awesome!”

Sima Mu was amazed by Lin Baici’s courage.

You’re a real man!

Although Sima Mu’s left hand was wrapped in a bandage and supported by a splint, it didn’t affect his running at all. Moreover, he was quite clever, staying five steps away from Lin Baici and not getting too close.

Obviously, he was afraid of being burned to death.

“Should… should I take over?”

Jin Yingzhen suggested.

The longer the use of the divine taboo, the greater the probability of being contaminated by the rules. Changing people might reduce the contamination.

“No need!”

Lin Baici not only ran but also lit nearby peach trees on fire. He was also vigilant. If he felt uncomfortable or had any thoughts, he would immediately throw away the torch.

So far, everything was normal.

But Jin Yingzhen’s words made Lin Baici trust her a little more.

“Don’t run!”

“Don’t run!”

“Come and eat me!”

“Come and eat me!”

The peach monsters chased after them at a rapid speed. Some of the bolder ones even charged towards the survivors.


The old auntie screamed in pain as her right calf was bitten.

Lin Baici swung the torch made of pine wood even harder, forcing the monsters back. “Hold on, we’re almost out!”

The Moon Cave Gate of the Bodhi Peach Garden was already visible, just over forty meters away.

At this moment, when these people were about to escape, the peach trees, which looked horrifying and seemed to be possessed, suddenly twisted together.

Rustling sounds of branches and leaves were like a curse, making people shudder.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

More peach monsters fell down, grew four legs, and ran wildly towards Lin Baici and his group.

In front of the people, some peach monsters had already gathered.

“Fight your way out!”

Sima Mu clenched his sickle and looked fierce.


The monsters rushed forward like a tsunami, wanting to swallow everything.

“Don’t be afraid!”

Just as Sima Mu was about to cheer Lin Baici on, he saw him charge out first, swinging the torch like a brush, painting a chaotic picture.

Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!

The flames touched some of the monsters, instantly igniting them. The scattered sparks were also terrifying. Even if they landed on the monsters, they would ignite them.

The wind blew, and ashes floated down.

Lin Baici rushed out of the Moon Cave Gate and immediately turned around to look.

Sima Mu was the second, and Jin Yingzhen was the third.

The old auntie was old and had less stamina, so she fell behind.

“Save me!”

The old auntie cried.

Lin Baici took a big step, quickly started running, and rushed back into the Moon Cave Gate. He grabbed the old auntie’s arm and threw her back with all his strength.

The monsters were coming.

Lin Baici waved the torch made of pine wood, forcing them back, and then left the peach garden.The ignited peach trees were now burning fiercely, like a large bonfire, and had even ignited the nearby trees.

The fire was swirling.

The peach monsters gathered in front of the Moon Cave, shouting “come and eat me”, but they did not come out. Even the monsters that had bitten Sima Mu and the others had left on their own.


Jin Yingzhen looked at Lin Baici with admiration, “Oppa, you are my superhero!”


The old lady’s legs gave out and she fell to the ground. She clasped her hands together and kept bowing to Lin Baici.

“Thank you! Thank you!”

The old lady’s light makeup was now washed away by tears.

All five of her mahjong friends were dead. So now, she was full of gratitude towards Lin Baici.

“That aunt didn’t come out!”

Jin Yingzhen was disappointed.

The last aunt was only more than ten meters away from the Moon Cave, but she was unlucky and was bitten by a peach monster on the neck, and died on the spot.


Sima Mu looked at the wound on his body and spat out a mouthful of saliva. He then walked over to Lin Baici and hugged his shoulders tightly. “Uncle owes you a life.”

“You’re exaggerating!”

Lin Baici smiled slightly.

“Oppa, put out the torch quickly, it’s too dangerous,” Jin Yingzhen said, staring at the torch warily.


Although Lin Baici didn’t feel any discomfort, he didn’t dare to hold it up all the time. But how could he extinguish it? Lin Baici remembered that when Cui Feng and the others died, the torch went out when it was thrown away, so he threw the torch away.

In less than ten seconds, the torch went out.

Jin Yingzhen was impressed.

“Oppa, you react so quickly!”

If it were her, she would never have thought of throwing the torch to extinguish the flame.

“Yes, yes, this torch is too dangerous, throw it away quickly…”

The old lady said halfway through, but saw the big guy pick up the torch again, which made her gasp in shock.

“Young man, you don’t have to take the risk of carrying it!”

The old lady was concerned.

“It’s okay!”

This thing was excellent for starting fires and could be used as a weapon. Lin Baici was prepared to use it for self-defense. He then looked at the peach orchard where the fire was getting bigger and bigger, frowned, and complained in his heart.

“Hey, foodie, is this the way you were talking about? I almost died, you know?”

Because most of what the mysterious voice said was related to food, Lin Baici decided to call it “foodie”.

[Please call me the God of Food!]

“I also called you handsome guy!”

Lin Baici was speechless. The other party didn’t even like the word “foodie”.

Speaking of which, he was so hungry!

His stomach was cramping.

[Mature peaches are very delicious. It’s a pity that you burned them. What a waste!]

The God of Food complained.

“Even if I, Lin Baici, starve to death outside, I won’t eat the long-legged peaches!”

The mist had dissipated quite a bit.

Waiting to die was definitely not an option, so Lin Baici was ready to continue exploring. With this pine torch, the safety factor had increased a bit.

“Let’s go. If we don’t find the divine remains, we’ll all die here!”Jin Yingzhen glanced at Sima Mu’s bandaged left hand and then at the elderly woman wearing a sun hat who was clearly not physically fit.

Useless new teammates.

They had to rely on Lin Oppa!

The mist cleared a bit, but the terrain had completely changed, and they couldn’t find the way out of the Dragon Zen Temple.

Of course, even if they found it, they couldn’t leave.

As Jin Yingzhen had said, as long as the divine corpse was not removed and the mist was not dispersed, this place would forever be a maze.

After passing through a corridor, the four of them came to a dormitory.

The low tiled houses were connected together, like a big snake sleeping on the ground.

“Shall we go to the abbot’s meditation room and see?”

Jin Yingzhen suggested.


Lin Baici didn’t know where to go anyway, so he decided to follow this Korean girl’s lead.


Sima Mu pushed open the door of a dormitory.

The sudden sound startled the elderly woman.

“What are you doing?”

The woman, Xu Xiu, was a local from Guangqing.

“Just checking if anyone’s inside!”

Sima Mu was bold.

“Don’t mess around and listen to Baici’s orders!”

Xu Xiu only trusted Lin Baici now.

After leaving the dormitory and passing through a pavilion with a “Cleansing the Heart Pavilion” plaque, they entered a courtyard through a flower gate.

The courtyard wasn’t very big, but it had a rockery, a pond, and various flowers and plants. A mulberry tree stood in front of the gate like a loyal old servant.

“Hollow Iron Goddess, boil with boiling water, and it will emit a unique fragrance. After drinking it, you will lose your emotions and become an empty person for several tens of minutes!”

“What is this? Tea?”

Lin Baici looked around and his gaze fell on a plant in the corner of the wall that looked like a tea tree.

This must be what the Gourmet God was talking about.

“Drink a cup of clear tea, taste the ups and downs of life, and observe the myriad of worlds!”

Lin Baici didn’t like tea and ignored it.

“What? What? Is there really someone who doesn’t want this tea? After drinking it, you will lose interest in poetry, distant places, dreams, and women, and go directly into the sage’s time.”

“Tired? Destroy it quickly!”

Lin Baici raised his eyebrows and walked towards the tea tree in the corner of the wall.

“What’s wrong?”

Sima Mu was looking into the main room, where there seemed to be someone.

Jin Yingzhen, who had followed Lin Baici over, was shocked to see the leaves on the tea tree: “These leaves are actually in the shape of Guanyin?”

The tea leaves were emerald green and the size of a fingernail. Each leaf was shaped like Guanyin sitting on a lotus flower, which was very magical and had no traces of artificial pruning.

Lin Baici reached out and picked a large handful.

“Is it dangerous?”

Xu Xiu also wanted to pick some.

She often drank tea, and now that she smelled the fragrance of the tea leaves, her panicked emotions eased slightly.

This should be a good thing.

“I don’t know!”

Lin Baici still didn’t fully trust the Gourmet God’s food reviews.

After all, different species had different perceptions of food.

Lin Baici collected a large amount of tea leaves and put them in the backpack he had picked up.

Jin Yingzhen and Xu Xiu followed suit and collected some as well.”What are you guys doing?”

After Sima Mu finished speaking, he looked at Lin Baici and the others and suddenly froze: “Baici, Xu Xiu, your… your necks!”

“What’s wrong with our necks?” Xu Xiu reached out to touch his neck.

Huh? There seems to be something there?

Lin Baici looked at the old lady and his face changed. There was a thick vine wrapped around her neck, like a noose.

Jin Yingzhen next to her also had a vine around her neck.

“Quick, get away from that tea tree!” Sima Mu urged, feeling lucky that he didn’t touch anything.

“What… what should we do?” Xu Xiu tried to pull the vine, but it was too strong to move.

Is this thing going to strangle me to death?

“Sima Mu, you also have it on your neck!” Lin Baici touched the vine on his neck and guessed that it had nothing to do with the tea tree. They must have encountered the divine taboo again.

“What?” Sima Mu was dumbfounded and quickly touched his neck. When he found something there, he instantly lost his spirit.

“This is too difficult!” Jin Yingzhen felt hopeless.

They couldn’t find the divine corpse and would surely die from radiation. But in the process of searching, they might also fall into the rules pollution of the divine taboo and lose their lives.

“Let’s go to the meditation room!” Lin Baici guessed that the problem should be inside.

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