Chapter 4 – Dragon in the Garden Startles

These peaches have scorpion legs and a mouth with cracked fangs, very terrifying, but the “saliva” dripping from the corners of their mouths emits a sweet smell that makes people want to take a lick.

[“It’s ugly, but it can be eaten!”]

Is ugliness the problem here?

Lin Baici hasn’t figured out what to do yet. The peach monsters paused for a moment and then took small steps towards Cui Feng.

“What the fuck is going on?”

Cui Feng wailed.

Feeling unlucky.


Lin Baici breathed a sigh of relief and only then did he realize that Jin Yingzhen was grabbing his jersey with one hand.

“Why didn’t you run?”

Being so close, those peach monsters might have eaten Jin Yingzhen along with him.

“If we have to run, we’ll run together!”

Jin Yingzhen had planned to shout at Lin Baici to run together. Anyway, they couldn’t just sit and wait for death. Who knew that those peach monsters would stop in front of him and then crawl away.

“Oppa, you’re really lucky!”

Jin Yingzhen became more determined to stay with Lin Baici.

This Oppa was handsome, calm, and had some luck. Following him, they might really be able to escape from this God’s Ruins.

“If we can’t come up with a solution, we’ll all die here!”

Lin Baici worried.

They couldn’t run away. The speed at which those peach monsters chased and bit the double-eyelid lady just now was unbelievable, comparable to that of a rabid dog.

“Eat me!”

“Eat me!”

The peach monsters surrounded Cui Feng, snarling with their teeth bared.


Cui Feng pulled out the machete hanging from his waist with his left hand, and held a torch in his right hand. He scratched the ground with force, just like lighting a match, and it made a hissing sound.

The torch actually lit up.

In the dim peach orchard, the torch’s light illuminated Cui Feng’s panicked face.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

Those peach monsters seemed to fear the torch and screamed, quickly retreating.

“It works!”

Cui Feng was overjoyed.

Everyone else was instantly encouraged.

They could survive!

“That torch is a Divine Taboo!”

Jin Yingzhen envied it.

An ordinary torch couldn’t be lit by scratching it on the ground.

“Isn’t this thing very dangerous?”

Lin Baici was puzzled.

“Generally speaking, after a Divine Taboo is sealed by a black coffin, it can be used. Although its power is weakened, it is safe!”

Jin Yingzhen explained in a low voice, “Of course, there are some Divine Taboos that are inherently less dangerous and can be used directly.”

Lin Baici suddenly understood why these people followed Cui Feng, because he had this torch.

“Xiba, this guy is also too lucky!”

Jin Yingzhen stared at Cui Feng and bit her little silver teeth.

So angry.

The peach monsters hesitated for more than ten seconds and then gave up on Cui Feng, crawling towards the lady in cheongsam.

“Cui ge! Cui ge! Help!”

The lady in cheongsam hurried towards Cui Feng.

“Fuck, stay away!”

Cui Feng was afraid of accidents and quickly stopped her, but the lady in cheongsam didn’t listen.

Fortunately, the peach monsters chased her for a while and then stopped, apparently fearing the torch, which made Cui Feng relieved.

Seeing this, everyone hurriedly ran towards Cui Feng, seeking refuge.

Jin Yingzhen had also wanted to go over, but when she saw that Lin Baici didn’t move, she withdrew her foot.

“Cui ge!”

The lady in cheongsam looked at Cui Feng pleasingly, “I’ll give you money, a hundred thousand.”

Cui Feng’s eyes lit up and he opened his mouth wide, “One million!”


The lady in cheongsam hesitated.”What? Is your life not worth a million?”

Cui Feng kicked the thigh of the cheongsam lady hard with his foot. “Then get lost!”

“I’ll pay! I’ll pay!”

The cheongsam lady forced a smile.


Cui Feng was happy.

He looked at the cheongsam lady and found that apart from a small belly, she hadn’t gained weight in other parts of her body. Moreover, the cheongsam dress with black stockings was quite charming.

“Here, hold this chopping knife for me!”

Cui Feng thought the torch was enough, so he handed the chopping knife to the cheongsam lady. After she took it, he pinched her butt.

The cheongsam lady dared not speak up.

“Xiao Cui, since this torch can scare off these monsters, let’s leave here quickly!” Sima Mu urged.

“No hurry!”

Cui Feng looked around at the people beside him. “A million each, and I’ll take you out!”

No one expected Cui Feng to ask for money at this time, and the atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

“I…I don’t have that much money!”

Ma Xiaowang looked at Cui Feng pitifully. “Can I give it to you after I graduate and start working?”

This young girl had an average appearance and was wearing a light blue dress. She looked like a pure girl next door, but her voice revealed that she had had an abortion and a serious gynecological disease.

“Don’t be afraid!”

Wang Kun saw his girlfriend begging others in a low voice and felt heartbroken. “I will definitely protect you!”

“Shut up, did I allow you to speak?”

Cui Feng kicked Wang Kun’s abdomen, making him stagger backwards.

Wang Kun was very angry and wanted to fight back, but was stopped by Sima Mu.

Cui Feng had wanted to say that if she didn’t have the money, she could be his girlfriend, but when he caught sight of Jin Yingzhen standing nearby, he suddenly found this college girl in a dress dull.

This one is more beautiful.

Damn it, I never dared to think about this kind of woman before.

“Hey, do you want to go together?”

Cui Feng tried to strike up a conversation.

Jin Yingzhen could feel Cui Feng’s malice towards her. With the high emotional intelligence she had developed from following her mother’s exercise since childhood, she could treat this young man like a dog, but…

I refuse!

Jin Yingzhen hugged Lin Baici’s arm and didn’t even bother to look at Cui Feng.

“Fuck! You chose this yourself! Don’t regret it!”

Cui Feng was furious. “Let’s go!”

“Yes! Yes! Let’s hurry and leave!”

The cheongsam lady was so scared that she clung tightly to Cui Feng.

“Don’t you regret it?”

Lin Baici was surprised that Jin Yingzhen had chosen him.

“No choice, I’m a lookism, so I chose you. By the way, I haven’t had plastic surgery!”

This was what Jin Yingzhen was most proud of.

Since elementary school, she had often been stopped by talent scouts when she went shopping. If it weren’t for her mother’s objection, she would have entered the entertainment industry long ago.

When those peach monsters saw that Cui Feng and the others were leaving, they immediately became agitated, but because they were afraid of the torch, they did not dare to approach.

“Haha, we’re safe!”

Cui Feng was very pleased and turned to look at Lin Baici and Jin Yingzhen. “You can stay here and wait for death!”

“Cui ge, don’t waste time talking to them, let’s escape!” The cheongsam lady followed Cui Feng and kept begging.

“Are you teaching me how to do things?”

Cui Feng glared at the cheongsam lady and suddenly his brain went blank, like a nerve had snapped. He fiercely poked the cheongsam lady’s chest with the torch.

Boom!The cheongsam aunt was like a straw man soaked in gasoline, and she instantly ignited, burning into a human-shaped torch.

Everyone was shocked by this sudden scene.


The cheongsam aunt screamed in pain, her body visibly burned into charcoal, and just over ten seconds later, she fell to the ground and turned into a pile of ashes, completely dead.

“Cui Feng, what are you doing?”

The sun hat aunt was both shocked and angry.

“I…I don’t know!”

Cui Feng was sweating profusely, looking dazed. Why did I light the cheongsam aunt on fire? But it feels so good to burn things!

Thinking this way, Cui Feng extended the torch towards the big aunt with the golden bracelet on her right.

The aunt dodged, but was still touched by the flames, and then she was ignited like a lighter.


Everyone was scared and quickly retreated.

“Are you crazy?”

The sun hat aunt questioned.

“He’s not crazy, the rule contamination of the torch has started to take effect!” Sima Mu was frustrated and spitting blood.

Couldn’t he have held on a little longer and contaminated everyone after they escaped from the peach blossom garden? Now it’s all over!


Cui Feng wanted to explain that he didn’t do it on purpose, but suddenly a strong impulse arose in his mind. Wouldn’t it feel even better if I burned myself?

This thought startled Cui Feng, and he wanted to throw away the torch, but his right hand held it even tighter.

“Sima Mu, help me!”

Cui Feng shouted and put the torch on his hair.


Cui Feng was on fire.

Everyone was horrified to see this.

In an instant, Cui Feng turned into a pile of ashes, and the torch fell to the ground and was extinguished.

“Wang Kun, go pick up the torch and lead everyone out!”

Sima Mu urged.

“Why don’t you go?”

Wang Kun was indignant. Do you think I’m stupid?

Without the deterrent of the torch, the peach monsters crawled over again.

Dozens of them rushed towards Ma Xiao.

“Eat me!”

“Eat me!”

Ma Xiao trembled with fear, grabbing Wang Kun’s clothes tightly. “I don’t want to die!”

Wang Kun gritted his teeth and decided to fight.

“Xiao Xiao, I’ll pick up the torch and protect you while we run out!”

Wang Kun ran towards the torch, picked it up, and then, imitating Cui Feng, he swiped it hard on the ground.


The torch was lit.

The peach monsters immediately retreated with their scorpion legs, not wanting to be burned to death.

“Be careful.”

Ma Xiao shouted, not daring to get too close to Wang Kun, afraid of being burned to death by him.

Wang Kun ran more than ten meters and suddenly lit his shirt with the torch.


He was burning like a candle.

“Wang Kun!”

Ma Xiao was desperate. What will I do if you die?

Hold on a little longer!

She didn’t actually like Wang Kun, but his father was the vice-principal of the school, and Ma Xiao promised to accept his confession in order to stay in the school after graduation.

In less than three minutes, four people had died, leaving Lin Baici completely stunned.

The divine taboo was too terrifying!

“Good riddance!”

Jin Yingzhen saw Cui Feng die and wanted to applaud. At least this annoying guy died in front of her.

“Eat me!”

“Eat me!”

Ma Xiao didn’t dare to eat the peach monsters and suddenly ran towards the Moon Hole Gate, but she didn’t run far before the peach monsters caught up to her and began to bite her frantically.

Her screams were piercing.The female college student was rolling on the ground in pain.

“When using this torch, how can I avoid being burned to death?”

Lin Baici was ready to take a risk.

There was no time to hesitate. He might be the next one to eat the peaches.

“I don’t know!”

Jin Yingzhen could tell what Lin Baici was thinking and quickly tried to stop him. “Don’t do anything reckless. You’ll die!”

Ignoring her, Lin Baici stared at the torch.

【The pine torch emits a pine scent when burning. It can ignite anything and turn it into ashes in a short time.】

【Everyone who sees this torch wants to play with it. But as they play, they will have the impulse to burn themselves or others!】

【But don’t be afraid. Pick it up and use it to start a fire for cooking. It’s a great kitchen tool!】

The mysterious voice repeated three times in Lin Baici’s mind.

“I don’t have to be afraid? What does that mean?”

Lin Baici asked, “Will I not be contaminated?”

The voice didn’t answer, but Lin Baici guessed that was what it meant.

Jin Yingzhen had said that the ruins had radiation from the divine remains, which could cause symptoms like dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. But he hadn’t had any reaction so far.

After the peach monster finished eating Ma Xiao’s peaches, they went to rest, and another group emerged in front of the old lady with the sun hat.

“Hmph, these monsters even know how to line up for food!”

The old lady mocked herself.

Lin Baici didn’t want to delay any longer. What if something else happened?

“Follow me closely!”

Lin Baici said and quickly started running towards the torch.


Jin Yingzhen was anxious.

Lin Baici picked up the torch, exerted all his strength, and swept it across the gravel path.


The torch ignited, dispersing the mist with its light, like the spreading dawn.

“Follow me and run!”

Lin Baici rushed out with big strides, waving the torch.

The flickering flames and the trailing blaze were like a running dragon, scattering the peach monsters all over the orchard!

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