Chapter 48 – Add charcoal! Add charcoal! Add charcoal!

【The red mud in the muddy pond has the effect of isolating high temperatures. It cannot be cooked when used to make beggar’s chicken.】

Lin Baici raised his eyebrows when he heard this.

He knew that beggar’s chicken was a dish made by cleaning and peeling a chicken, brushing it with oil and seasoning, wrapping it in lotus leaves and yellow mud, and then roasting it in a fire.

Lin Baici immediately thought of Song Li’s death and rushed towards the muddy pond.


Lin Baici flew and dove into the muddy pond, then began rolling around and getting covered in mud.

Not satisfied with just that, he started grabbing the red mud and smearing it all over his body, preparing to apply a layer.

“What are you doing, Lin Ge?”

18D was stunned.

Lin Baici couldn’t have gone crazy, right?

“What are you waiting for? Come and smear mud on your body. The thicker, the better!”

Lin Baici urged.

No wonder the Gourmet God asked him to choose the cellar furnace closest to the muddy pond. This was the reason.

Xia Hongyao ran to the edge of the platform, took a leap, and jumped into the muddy pond. After rolling around a few times, she grabbed a handful of red mud and smeared it on her face.

This girl with a high ponytail was very pretty. Normally, girls would be very repulsed by this kind of image-damaging behavior, but Xia Hongyao was having a great time.

Just like a Siberian Husky!


In terms of intelligence, Xia Hongyao was only slightly smarter than a Siberian Husky, right?

Ma Yuan saw this scene and made up his mind.

Follow him!

With Lin Baici’s meticulous thinking and caution, how could he take risks?

Even if he did take risks, he must have some confidence!

Follow him!

He would definitely win!

Ma Yuan picked up a mud figure and ran towards the muddy pond, rolling around like a wild boar and covering his body with mud.

The mud figure monster looked at the four people and then focused on Lin Baici. It sneered and asked, “Is there any apprentice who wants to come forward?”

The glasses-wearing man looked at his wife’s body, looked at her bulging belly, endured and endured, but couldn’t hold back anymore.


The glasses-wearing man roared and rushed towards the mud figure monster.

He was crazy.

The mud figure monster stood there motionless. When the glasses-wearing man ran over, its big hand casually waved and hit the glasses-wearing man’s head.


The glasses-wearing man’s head shattered, and blood, brain matter, and bone fragments splattered out in a radial pattern.


The body fell to the ground.

“Is there anyone else who wants to challenge me?”

The mud figure monster asked, casually shaking off the flesh and blood on its hand.

Killing a person was easier than swatting a fly.

No one answered. When the mud figure monster’s gaze swept over, they all lowered their heads and dared not look at it.

“What a useless bunch of waste. You can’t even seize the opportunity. This kind of ingredient is too low-end. Even dogs won’t eat it!”

The Gourmet God sneered.”The first batch of apprentices is too small, not enough. Since you are unwilling, I will pick for you!”

The mud monster pointed randomly.

“You! You! You!”

It pointed at six people, just enough to make up ten people.

Lin Baici looked and recognized one of them, the middle-aged woman who played videos on Douyin out loud on the train.

“Hey, this flight attendant is pretty, too bad she’s going to be roasted to charcoal!”

The Food God expressed regret.

“Otherwise, steam her, she’ll be delicious!”

Among the six people was a woman in her twenties wearing a red skirt and a white short-sleeved shirt with a red vest on top. Her black stockings were torn and covered in mud, and she had lost one of her black low-heeled leather shoes. This was the uniform of a high-speed train attendant!

“Quick, go to the mud pit and cover yourselves in mud!” Xia Hongyao urged.

“Hurry up and choose a cellar. The assessment will begin in ten seconds!” The mud monster urged and began counting down.

The six people didn’t have time to react. No matter how unwilling they were, they could only pick up the mud and hastily find a cellar.

“Choose the one closest to the mud pit.” Lin Baici shouted, but no one listened.

The mud monster’s countdown was fast, making them panicked, like helpless lambs being chased by hungry wolves. They all chose the cellar closest to them.

“All ten of you, listen to my explanation and strictly follow it.” The mud monster warned, “I’ll only say it once!”

The six people didn’t have time to react and listened intently. Even Lin Baici’s nerves were tense, and he perked up his ears.

“Hehe!” Lin Baici smirked. He had a good memory, and as long as you said it once, he could remember it for at least three years.

“Open the cellar!”

“The mud people go into the furnace!”

Without the passengers having to do it themselves, as the mud monster declared, the mud people they had made moved by themselves, walked to the cellar, and then jumped in.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

The charcoal in the furnace began to burn. The charcoal was all about the size of a palm, an inch thick, and very uniform in shape.

“Fan to increase the temperature!”

After the mud monster shouted the fourth sentence, it closed its mouth. The passengers stared at it, muttering the four steps. Lin Baici observed the condition of the cellar.

Didn’t it say to fan to increase the temperature?

Why isn’t anything happening?

In the next moment, Lin Baici understood that he needed to operate it himself at this step. He immediately squatted at the mouth of the furnace, gripped the handle of the blower with his right hand, and pulled it hard.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Air blew into the furnace, and the flames inside immediately surged. The charcoal burned even more vigorously.

Ma Yuan and Xia Hongyao realized what was happening and quickly pulled the blower.

“Lin Ge, are you sure this step is correct?” 18D worried, and wanted to wait and see if the mud monster had any new orders.

“Not sure.”Lin Baici didn’t want to speak too soon, what if he was wrong?

The other six people also began to work.

However, the flight attendant was obviously a city girl and had never seen a bellows, which was only found in remote rural areas. She was holding it, looking confused.

Fortunately, she adapted quickly and began to pull the bellows hard after seeing how Lin Baici and the others were using it.

“Add charcoal!”

The clay monster ordered.

There were many black pieces of charcoal piled up next to the cellar, and everyone immediately grabbed a piece and threw it into the furnace.

Some black charcoal ash stuck to their hands, but no one cared about these minor details.

“How much should we add?”

18D threw seven or eight pieces at once and then looked up to ask Lin Baici when he saw that the clay monster didn’t say anything.

“I don’t know!”

Lin Baici only added one piece of charcoal.

Although he didn’t understand how to make clay figures, this kind of work was similar to firing porcelain and should have strict requirements for firepower. Therefore, he didn’t rashly add more charcoal.

He was also waiting for the God of Food to comment, but the mysterious voice didn’t sound.

“There were ten pieces of charcoal in the furnace at the beginning. Why don’t we add ten more?”

Ma Yuan suggested.

The ten passengers didn’t need to worry because the clay monster spoke again.

“Add three pieces of charcoal!”

Very clear instructions.

Everyone immediately threw in two more pieces of charcoal.

However, 18D, the TikTok aunt, and two other passengers were dumbfounded. They had just thrown in several pieces of charcoal.

“Lin Ge, what should I do?”

18D cried anxiously.

“Add three more pieces, it should be okay, right?”

The TikTok aunt cursed with a trembling voice.

“Do you think it’s possible?”

Ma Yuan was speechless. It was obvious that if they didn’t follow the clay monster’s instructions, they wouldn’t be able to make the clay figure.

“What should we do then?”

The TikTok aunt cried anxiously.

“Dig out the charcoal!”

Lin Baici’s expression was serious.


The TikTok aunt and 18D immediately looked around, but they didn’t see any tools to dig out the charcoal from the furnace.

“There are no fire sticks or shovels on this red clay platform?”

18D complained.

There wasn’t even a blade of grass on the red clay platform, let alone other vegetation. It wasn’t even possible to break off a tree branch to use as a fire stick.

“With your hands!”

Lin Baici knew that this answer was cruel, but it was the only way.


18D, the TikTok aunt, and the two other passengers who added more charcoal were stunned.

Use their hands?

They looked at the furnace, where the flames were roaring. If they put their hands in, would they still have hands left?

“We have no tools, we can only use our hands, and there isn’t much time left for you to hesitate!”

Ma Yuan followed up, “Because you added more charcoal, the size of the fire is different from others, which will definitely cause problems with the clay figure!”

The four people looked panicked.

“Lin Ge…”18D looked at Lin Baici with a pleading face, “Think of a way!”

“There’s no way!”

Lin Baici shook his head.

“Damn, why didn’t this guy explain clearly when he said to add charcoal just now?”

Douyin’s aunt cursed, but it was of no use.

“Did I tell you to stop fanning?”

The mudman monster questioned.

Everyone was shocked and hurriedly pulled the bellows.

“Add charcoal!”

“Three pieces!”

The mudman monster spoke again.

Lin Baici and the others quickly grabbed the charcoal and threw it into the furnace.

“I… I just added six pieces just now, so I don’t need to take out the charcoal this time, right?”

Douyin’s aunt was overjoyed.

18D’s face was pale, he had to take out one piece to match the number the mudman monster said!

【Four self-righteous fools, at this time, they can’t hesitate at all. Now they are too late to remedy, the difference in firepower has caused the success rate of the mudman coming out of the furnace to drop to 70%!】

The God of Gluttony mocked.

Seventy percent seemed not too low!

But you have to know that the process of firing has just begun, and who knows how many steps there are behind!

“If you want to live, follow the instructions of this monster strictly, 18D, you’d better hurry up and take out the extra charcoal!”

Lin Baici warned.

18D looked at the furnace that was turned orange by the flames, but couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“Add charcoal!”

The mudman monster spoke again.

“Add charcoal!”

“Add charcoal!”

Within a quarter of an hour, the mudman monster called out to add charcoal three times, and never let them stop fanning. So Lin Baici and the others worked hard to pull the bellows.

After absorbing the meteorite and the divine corpse in Longchan Temple, Lin Baici’s physique had increased, and he could bear this kind of physical work. Xia Hongyao and Ma Yuan also had no problem, but the others were a bit miserable.

Especially the delicate flight attendant and Douyin’s aunt, both of them took turns pulling the bellows, but their arms were still sore and extremely uncomfortable.

“If this were a square dance competition, I could win first place!”

Douyin’s aunt was depressed.

Just when everyone was about to give up, new instructions came.

“Lower the firepower!”

18D cried, like a student who found out that he couldn’t even do the simplest bonus questions on the final exam.

“How to lower it? We can’t just pull out the charcoal from the furnace, can we?”

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