Chapter 47 – Mass layoff

“Don’t say goodbye so early!”

Ma Yuan widened his eyes, staring at the clay figures walking towards the furnace. There was still hope before the final moment.


Song Li chuckled and turned to look at Lin Baici, but she found him calm and not at all like someone who was about to die.

Something’s not right!

Why wasn’t he afraid?

Could it be that if someone’s clay figure moved, they would die?

So he was confident?

Song Li thought of this possibility and immediately broke out in a cold sweat.

“Lin Baici, aren’t you afraid? That monster said ‘into the furnace’, and according to the steps of making clay figures, there must be a drying step. Your clay figures haven’t moved, you’re doomed, think of a way quickly!”

Song Li muttered.

“You can attack that clay figure monster now, kill it, and maybe there’s a chance to survive.”

Lin Baici suggested.



I’m afraid the gods will be too bored with such a simple game and won’t be able to kill me!

The clay figures made by these tourists walked to the nearest furnace, then jumped into the furnace with a leap.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The lid of the furnace immediately closed.


The voice of the clay figure monster was melodious, with a strange tone, like a shaman of a primitive tribe chanting spells to exorcise and communicate with spirits.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The pile of firewood in the furnace below immediately ignited.

The orange flames rose and swayed, like a female demon dancing.

The noisy sounds on the platform gradually subsided, and the tourists stared at the furnace one by one.

The programmer with dark circles was intelligent and good at planning before acting. He believed that even if this step was qualified, the next steps were still full of danger, so he began to urge those failed tourists.

“Your lives are already counting down. If you want to survive now, you have to unite and fight that clay figure monster to the death!”

The programmer persuaded the tourists around him, asking them to fight desperately. Even if they couldn’t win, they could probe the weaknesses of the clay figure monster.

These people hesitated.

To be honest, if it weren’t for the fact that the fat man was slapped to death by the clay figure monster, showing terrifying killing power, they would have started earlier.

The programmer saw that these people were cowardly and afraid of death, shook his head disappointedly, and then walked quickly towards Lin Baici, ready to talk to him.

At this critical moment, this boy was bold enough to take the lead. These failures should dare to take a chance.

However, after the programmer took more than ten steps, he suddenly felt hot all over, sweating, and then feverish, like accidentally touching the stove while eating barbecue.

“What’s going on? Are tourists not allowed to move around?”

The programmer frowned and looked around, then was horrified to find that he wasn’t the only one with a problem.

“Why do I feel so hot?”

“So hot! What’s going on?”

“Damn, what’s wrong again?”

The tourists were clamoring, and some women screamed in agony.


Ma Yuan’s expression brightened.

He was indeed a divine hunter, reacting quickly. He noticed that the people who were shouting and complaining about the heat were the tourists who had jumped into the furnace with clay figures.

Song Li couldn’t handle it anymore. She felt so hot, like being in a sauna, sweating like crazy, and her clothes were soaked in just over ten seconds.

Then her body began to burn, with a burning sensation like being roasted by a red-hot charcoal.

“Baici, look at her…”On 18D’s face, there was only terror.

Not only Song Li, but also many of the passengers’ skin turned red, as if they had been burned by hot charcoal, with blisters popping up.

“Brother Lin, save me, I don’t want to die!”

Struggling, Song Li rushed towards Lin Baici, seeking help.

As tears flowed from her eyes, they evaporated with a hissing sound before even reaching her face, due to the intense heat.

Ma Yuan stepped forward and kicked Song Li’s thigh.



Song Li screamed in agony, fell to the ground, and couldn’t get up, writhing in pain.

“Save me! Please!”

Song Li’s skin visibly dehydrated, wrinkled, and turned black, like a lamb skewered on a barbecue grill.

On the mud platform, every passenger who entered the kiln was roasted by the flames, writhing in pain.

“Why is it me who’s wrong?”

The programmer roared in agony, heartbroken.

He thought Lin Baici was the loser, but he himself was the pitiful clown.

“If you want to survive, attack that clay monster!”

Xia Hongyao shouted.

Ten or so passengers, in this desperate situation, stumbled towards the clay monster, but even more people ran towards the kiln, trying to retrieve their own clay figures.

But the kiln was too hot, and the flames too intense.

When they put their hands on the opening, with a sizzle, their palms were immediately burned.

The smell of burning fat and flesh began to waft over the red mud pond, pungent and nauseating.

“Lin…Brother Lin…”

Song Li’s voice was hoarse, her once fair and smooth skin now burnt black and wrinkled, unrecognizable from her previous beauty.

Because her body was too hot, even the riveted high heels on her feet had melted, sticking to her flesh.


Lin Baici sighed and stared at the clay monster.

It stood in the middle of the mud platform, inhaling the pungent smell in the air, then showing a look of enjoyment.

“Brother Lin, we passed!”

18D exclaimed excitedly, punching the air.

If Song Li and the others had died, didn’t it mean that the makers of the clay figures left behind were qualified?

Dying Song Li heard this and a huge sense of regret and remorse filled her chest like wild weeds.

I hate it!

Why didn’t I listen to that student?

If I carved a crying face, I could survive!

“Wife! Wife!”

The man with glasses jumped anxiously, wanting to hug his pregnant wife, but her body was like a burning charcoal, too hot.


The pregnant woman curled up in pain, tears streaming down her face.

She felt so sorry for the unborn child in her belly.

Why did this little life have to suffer like this?

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll go kill that monster!”

The man with glasses gritted his teeth, his face full of ferocity and killing intent. The only way he could think of to save his wife and child was to kill that clay monster.

“Don’t go!”

The pregnant woman reached out to pull her husband’s pants, but was afraid of burning him and withdrew her hand.

“Don’t go, try your best to survive!”

The pregnant woman pleaded.

Because she knew that if her husband went, he would be dead for sure.

“Eat God, is there any way to save them?”

Lin Baici clenched his fists.


The answer from the Eat God was concise and to the point.This is rule contamination, a supernatural force that cannot be violated by human power. If you want to survive, you must follow the rules of the divine taboo.

The high temperature roasting of the clay figures in the kiln will be reflected on the creator.

So a few minutes later…

The programmer died!

The pregnant woman died!

Song Li also died!

In addition to them, there were also 478 tourists who had made mistakes in their expressions and were burned alive.

Their bodies were completely dehydrated, charred, and shrunk, like burnt charcoal, with a strong smell of burnt odor emanating from their bodies.

Yuck! Yuck!

Someone couldn’t stand this gruesome scene and bent over to vomit.

“Brother Lin, yuck…”

18D tried to speak, but ended up vomiting the lunch he had eaten.

Lin Baici also felt a little uncomfortable.

“When you join the Security Bureau and start breaking the God’s Ruins and sealing the divine taboo, you will see even more terrifying death scenes than this!”

Ma Yuan patted Lin Baici’s shoulder.

“There are still 288 people left!”

Xia Hongyao counted the number of people.

With so many people dead, the earth platform suddenly became much quieter.

The clay monster didn’t even glance at those bodies with its eyes, and announced loudly, “Congratulations, everyone, your clay sculptures are qualified. Next step, baking and fixing!”

Ma Yuan heard the word “qualified” and excitedly patted Lin Baici’s back.

“My team members are pretty good, right?”

Xia Hongyao boasted, very proud.

“Is there any apprentice willing to step forward and be the first batch of candidates?”

The clay monster asked.

The tourists looked around, but no one spoke up.

The first group of people to go up would probably have a slim chance of survival.

Lin Baici was also waiting, wanting to figure out what to do in this step before thinking of a way to pass it, but the Devouring God spoke.

[Sign up and step forward, this batch has the highest chance of survival!]

After hearing this, Lin Baici immediately raised his hand.

“I’ll participate!”


The tourists all looked over, with surprise, confusion, but not a single look of stupidity.

Because Lin Baici’s previous performance was excellent, helping many people pass the body sculpting step.

This kind of person…

Can’t possibly do something stupid.

“Little Lin, did you find something?”

Xia Hongyao was curious and asked in a low voice.

In her opinion, Lin Baici’s reasoning ability was strong, and he must have found some key points through some clues.

Ma Yuan and 18D looked at Lin Baici, waiting for an explanation.

“I didn’t find anything, I just thought that the first group might get some preferential treatment?”

Lin Baici casually made up a reason.

“You’re very good!”

The clay monster grinned, but it looked like it was about to eat someone: “Please take your clay figure and go to a kiln nearby!”

[Choose a kiln closest to the clay pit!]

The Devouring God reminded.

“If anyone trusts me, follow me!”

Lin Baici shouted loudly.

Everyone looked at each other.

Xia Hongyao picked up her clay figure and followed Lin Baici.

“Don’t be reckless, the best way to deal with this is to wait for the first wave of people to go up and see what this level is about.”

Ma Yuan advised.

According to the rules summarized by the Hunter’s Circle, the first wave of people to go up in rule contamination are almost all cannon fodder, mainly used to collect information.

“I trust him!”Xia Hongyao was very confident in Lin Baici’s intelligence: “Moreover, he is my reserve team member, and I can’t let him take risks alone!”

Lin Baici was shocked: “Reserve team member?”


Xia Hongyao smiled brightly, and after sealing the Divine Taboo item and going to Haijing, she would call her sister to get Lin Baici a spot for admission without examination.

Such a talented newcomer only appears once every ten years, right?

I must get him!

Ma Yuan was conflicted, should I go or not?

Without any hesitation, 18D picked up the clay figure and followed.

Although he hadn’t spent much time with Lin Baici, the other party was not only outstanding but also had incredible luck. Every choice they made was right!

As long as he sticks to such a strong person,

he can survive!

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