Chapter 31 – Lost Coast

The waiting hall was noisy with the arrival of trains and the broadcast reminding passengers to check their tickets and board.


Lin Baici’s stomach growled.

He took out his phone and checked the time.

It was now 8:20 a.m., and there was still over an hour before the G1955 train departed.

“I should be early, but the train station has a large passenger flow, and there are naturally many people who lose things!”

Lin Baici guessed that it was a wallet or luggage, but he didn’t go to pick it up. After hesitating for a moment, he walked towards the restroom.

He was planning to put these items into the black altar bowl.

With all the bags combined, it weighed around fifty catties, which was not only heavy but also troublesome to carry.

“I shouldn’t be monitored, right?”

Lin Baici was worried that he would be monitored by the train station’s surveillance cameras when he entered the restroom with a bunch of things and came out with only a backpack.

But carrying it was too heavy, so Lin Baici decided to take a risk.

However, Lin Baici still played a little trick. Instead of finding a secluded restroom in a corner, he chose one with a large flow of people and walked in.

There were blue toilet balls in the urinal, and the smell was slightly pungent.

The floor was cleaned very well by the cleaning staff.

There were still quite a few people squatting on the toilet, and Lin Baici waited for a few minutes before there was a vacant spot.

He walked in, locked the door latch, and took out the black altar bowl from the blue backpack.

The bowl was flat and round, like a jade box for storing Go pieces. It was pure black, as if the night without a bright moon had solidified on it, with a circle of gold at the bottom and the mouth of the bowl.

“No matter how many times I look at it, it’s so beautiful!”

Lin Baici couldn’t help but wipe it, then brought the bowl to his mouth and muttered softly.

“Drink porridge!”

“Drink porridge!”

After Lin Baici finished reciting, a vortex-shaped halo appeared on the mouth of the bowl.

The “Grain Warehouse” had opened.

Lin Baici placed the suitcase in front of the bowl, and it sank into the halo like it was sinking into a lake, causing the halo to ripple with layers of golden ripples.

When Lin Baici put the handbag into it, he felt much lighter.

The weight of the black altar bowl didn’t increase even though it contained so many things.


Lin Baici was happy.

The backpack contained chargers, notebooks, wallets, umbrellas, tissues, and water bottles, all of which were commonly used and important items that he had to carry with him. However, they only weighed three or four catties, which was a light load.

After Lin Baici finished dealing with his luggage, he pretended to be nonchalant and walked out of the compartment, came to the sink, and washed his hands.

When he returned to the waiting hall and saw the passengers carrying so much luggage, he felt a sense of happiness.

The black altar bowl was indeed a necessary artifact for long-distance travel!


The hunger pangs were still there, indicating that the “Lost and Found” item had not been found by the owner yet.

Anyway, there was still time, so Lin Baici decided to go look for it.

Doing good deeds would accumulate good karma and make his next four years of college life a little more enjoyable.

Lin Baici hummed a tune and began to act.

After so many years, he had become quite proficient in finding “things.”

Hunger was like a radar.The hungrier he felt, the closer he was to the “lost item.” When he reached the point of salivating and needing to swallow, it meant that the “lost item” was nearby.

Lin Baici walked to the northwest corner of the waiting hall.

There were few people here, only a supermarket selling local specialties with two customers inside.

Lin Baici looked around.

The cleaner was very diligent and had cleaned the floor spotlessly. He didn’t see any wallets or phones.

Lin Baici also paid special attention to under the chairs, but there was nothing there.

“What are you looking for?”

A rough question suddenly sounded.

Lin Baici looked up and saw a man in his thirties staring at him with a large frown on his face.

The man had a flat top haircut and wore a suit. He held a cigarette in his left hand.

Lin Baici didn’t answer.

Who does this guy think he is?

I’m still a divine hunter!

The man in the suit took a puff of his cigarette and scrutinized Lin Baici, his face full of scrutiny, as if Lin Baici was a fugitive.

[This guy thinks he’s better than you. Can you tolerate that as a student? Teach him a lesson, kill him, and suggest feeding him to the dogs!]

The God of Gluttony spoke up, ready to fight and kill.

Lin Baici ignored the God of Gluttony and looked at the black suitcase next to the man in the suit. The hunger he felt seemed to have been caused by that suitcase.

What was inside?

“Hey, what are you looking at?”

The man in the suit had a companion, a young man in his twenties with a big nose. He saw Lin Baici staring at the suitcase and became annoyed.

Lin Baici turned and left.


The young man with the big nose stood up and watched Lin Baici’s back. “This guy came over suddenly and then left. Something’s not right. Should we interrogate him?”

“No need. He probably lost something and came to look for it. It has nothing to do with the ‘Lost Coast’!”

The man in the suit, named Ma Yuan, watched Lin Baici’s back and took another puff of his cigarette. “He’s just an ordinary student. Don’t worry about him. Let’s focus on our target. He’s carrying an A-level divine taboo with a pollution intensity of 5.0. Our operation must be flawless!”

After seeing the black suitcase, Lin Baici’s hunger decreased significantly. This confirmed that the divine taboo was inside.

If it were something valuable like gold or antiques, even if the man in the suit had stolen them, Lin Baici wouldn’t have felt hungry.

“I wonder if those two are wild divine hunters or official ones?”

Lin Baici found the A12 ticket gate.

There were many people sitting in the four rows of seats nearby.

Haijing was a super first-tier city, and many people from Guangqing went there to work, so this train was very popular.

Lin Baici wanted to find a seat.

There was a young woman in her twenties who was very eye-catching.

She wore a denim mini skirt that showed off her two white legs. She had a pair of beige studded high heels on her feet and wore a backless camisole on her upper body.

Next to her left hand was a small red suitcase.

The men around her couldn’t help but steal glances at her and feast their eyes.”I advise you not to sit next to her, she has HIV!”


Lin Baici had no intention of sitting next to that woman, but the words of the Gourmet God still surprised him.

“Don’t you know about this? AIDS, understand?”

The Gourmet God explained.

“No, I know what HIV is, I mean that woman looks very healthy!”

Lin Baici was surprised. If he only looked at her appearance, he would never have thought that she had such a contagious disease.

“What’s the use of appearances?”

The Gourmet God thought Lin Baici was naive. “Eyes cannot see the truth.”

The young woman was bored, scrolling through her phone. When she saw Lin Baici, her eyes suddenly lit up.

What a handsome guy!

His face still had a youthful innocence. He must be a college student, right?

But the young woman couldn’t be sure because he didn’t have any large luggage, just a backpack, too easy.


What’s this guy doing?

The young woman’s arched eyebrows wrinkled slightly.

She was confident in her appearance and figure, and most men didn’t have the courage to approach her, but they would walk by and steal a few glances.

But this big man just bypassed her.


Am I a plague?

The young woman was unhappy, but when she thought of her own situation, her face suddenly stiffened.

Is he studying medicine?

Can he tell that I have HIV?


I’ve only been infected with this disease for less than five months, and there are no obvious symptoms on my body yet.

Lin Baici found a seat and sat down, observing the passengers waiting for the train.

Because the Gourmet God would make comments.

“A man with a bad temper who often beats his wife. He’s currently hungover and had his wallet stolen when he entered the station. You’d better stay away from him and be careful not to be cheated!”

That was a man in his thirties, balding, with swollen eyes, and he didn’t look like he had slept yet.

“A hardworking and optimistic woman. Don’t be fooled by her plain and shabby clothes. Her son has been admitted to Peking University and she’s a good mother who has given her child love and everything!”

The Gourmet God was talking about a woman with two snake skin bags beside her, filled with bedding.

She has been working in Haijing for more than ten years to earn money for her son’s marriage and house.

Although tired,

But very happy.

Now she just hopes her son will get married soon and give her a big fat grandson.

“My mom is also very good!”

Lin Baici thought of his mother and his motivation to make money increased.

“A man who has kidney and heart disease due to overwork. He hasn’t realized it yet. If he doesn’t get treated soon, the best treatment period will be over!”

That was a man in his thirties with heavy dark circles.

He had a Huawei laptop on his leg and was typing code, occasionally yawning and taking a sip of coffee from the cup beside him.

“Are these situations accurate?”

Although he asked, Lin Baici felt that they should be correct.

The Gourmet God was too disdainful to answer such a boring question.The train station is truly a place that reflects the diversity of life. Some people are full of energy and have high hopes for the future, while others have been worn down by the hardships of life and only want to earn a few coins to support their families.

Some people are willing to sacrifice everything for love, while others indulge in massages and foot rubs every day.

Everyone has their own struggles and joys.

Lin Baici listened for a while, then lowered his head to read a novel to pass the time.

Ding dong.

Lin Baici received a WeChat message.

Little Fish: Where are you?

Hua Yueyu knew from her chat with Lin Baici yesterday that he was reporting for school today. She had already taken a leave of absence and was preparing to go to Haijing University of Science and Technology to help Lin Baici with various enrollment procedures and familiarize him with the dormitory and campus environment.

Of course, the most important thing was to have a welcoming feast.

As a senior sister, it was her responsibility to make her junior brother feel at home.

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