Chapter 30 – Listen to the gospel of God

Haijing Academy of Fine Arts, Building B, third floor art room.

The night outside the window was quiet, and the light from the energy-saving lamp was somewhat pale. Combined with the various colors of paint on the walls, the classroom had an atmosphere of a horror movie.

A tall girl sat in front of the drawing board.

Her black long hair was wrapped in a scarf into a big bun, tied behind her head to avoid getting paint on it. With a sweep of her bristle oil paintbrush, she splashed a turbulent, surging blue torrent onto the drawing board.

This torrent spun and roiled, forming a crazy nebula, like a demon’s big mouth, ready to devour the entire city under the night sky.

The girl was painting Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” which was already ninety percent similar, except for that breath…


The girl suddenly dropped the oil paintbrush and started staring at the ceiling in a daze.

Her pitch-black pupils were like a dead pool, without any ripples.

After a while, the girl picked up her Huawei phone lying next to her and opened Bilibili.

The phone was very old, causing the interface to be a bit laggy.

That guy named Lin Dae Ren wouldn’t really give up, would he?

The girl worried and clicked on her follow list.

There was only one video blogger inside, lonely like an abandoned stray dog.

Has he updated?

The girl’s eyes brightened, and she immediately clicked on the video.


It’s actually the Heart Sutra?

Without earphones, a male voice as pure as a clear stream began to echo in the art room.

This chanting was not solemn or serious, like a refined and easy-going friend, softly recounting some interesting anecdotes he encountered on his journey for the sutras.

The girl listened quietly.

The Heart Sutra was not long and ended quickly.

The girl didn’t move and slowly savored it. After about ten minutes, she clicked on replay.

In the morning, the golden dawn sprinkled on the campus like a layer of gold.

Approaching the start of the semester, some senior students had already returned to school early, busy rushing their graduation works.

Li Jing got up early, bought a pancake and ran to the art room. If she didn’t finish her work quickly, it would be hard to find a job.


What’s this?


And it sounds so nice!

Li Jing climbed up to the third floor and heard the chanting. She walked quickly to the front of the 302 art room and found that the door was not locked!


Li Jing pushed open the door, like a hamster, sticking her head into the classroom and taking a glance.

“Shen Xin? You came early!”

Li Jing knew this girl.

Or rather, as a painting genius who had held an exhibition in Paris in her sophomore year, there was no one in Haijing Academy of Fine Arts who didn’t know her.

It was said that the principal begged her to stay.

Disturbed by the noise, Shen Xin frowned slightly.”Shen… Shen classmate, can I ask you some questions?”

Seizing the opportunity, Li Jing quickly took out her unfinished painting and asked Shen Xin for guidance.

“Your technique is excellent, but it lacks soul!”

Shen Xin glanced at Li Jing’s modified “Madonna of the Sistine” and said, “If you only want to find a good job, then choose a work that can best showcase your painting skills!”

“For example, Kramskoy’s ‘Portrait of an Unknown Woman’.”

Li Jing was surprised. She didn’t expect that Shen Xin would guess her thoughts just by looking at her work.

When she applied to the Haijing Academy of Fine Arts, she was very ambitious and prepared to create her own style. But now?


She just wants to draw character portraits for those game companies, the kind that can sell for tens of thousands of yuan.

“Thank you! Thank you!”

Li Jing quickly thanked her with a meek attitude.

Shen Xin packed up her painting board, organized her paints and brushes, untied her scarf, and her waist-length black hair flowed down like a waterfall.

Shen Xin lowered her head and opened the comment section.

After scanning it, she began to leave comments.

Hua Kai Qian Mo Li: Congratulations on finding your own path!

Hua Kai Qian Mo Li: The fish will eventually find the sea where it can swim freely, and the bird will fly to the sky where it can spread its wings.

I’m glad you didn’t give up!

Hua Kai Qian Mo Li: Keep going, hungry person!

Shen Xin put away her phone and prepared to leave.

“Shen classmate…”

Li Jing couldn’t help but speak again.

Shen Xin stopped and turned her head, making a nasal sound.


“That… that…”

Feeling a bit uneasy under the gaze of such a genius, Li Jing asked, “Can you tell me the name of the Buddhist music you were listening to just now? I think it’s very beautiful!”

Li Jing swallowed her saliva.

How did this girl have such great courage?

“Search for ‘Lin Da Hungry Man’ on Bilibili.”

Shen Xin finished speaking, and a faint smile finally appeared on her expressionless face.

In Shuishui City, Shiwanshangyuan Community, Building 12.

A fat guy was frantically typing on his keyboard!

“Sh*t, heal, heal, do you even know how to play? F*ck!”

Riven died, and the screen turned black and white.

The fat guy immediately pounded the keyboard, cursing his teammates one by one.

“Did you eat sh*t? Why is your mouth so stinky?”

“You stupid piece of sh*t!”

“F*ck off!”

The teammates were not polite either and immediately fought back.

The fat guy became even more excited, ready to show off his hand speed cultivated over 18 years of being single and engage in a war of words.


The computer screen went black, out of power.

The fat guy was stunned for a moment, then burst into tears.”My love is gone, I can’t win the game, and now I want to curse someone. Even the power company is against me. Do you believe I won’t pay the electricity bill next month?”

The fat guy’s surname is Zhang and his name is Jing. He graduated from high school this year and felt that he might not have a chance in the future, so he confessed to the goddess he had been secretly in love with for three years.

But before he could say anything, he saw the goddess and the school heartthrob coming out of a hotel.

At that moment, Zhang Jing felt that his life was shattered and meaningless.

“Xiao Jing, what are you crying for? Xiao Pi came to see you!”

Zhang Jing’s mother gasped for breath.

“Tell him I’m dead!”

Zhang Jing jumped onto the bed, and the nearly 200-pound weight made the bed creak.

“What are you doing, man?”

A skinny boy who looked like a monkey pushed open the bedroom door. “You’ve been holed up at home for half a month. What’s wrong, practicing immortality?”

“Pi Zi, my love is dead!”

Zhang Jing’s eyes were full of tears.

Li Piwang was Zhang Jing’s childhood friend, and Zhang Jing wasn’t afraid to make a fool of himself in front of him.

“Forget it, when has your love ever been alive?”

Li Piwang pressed the power button on his computer twice and found that it was out of power. “What good are women? They only affect my sword-pulling speed!”

Zhang Jing lay back on the bed, feeling exhausted!

It would have been better if he had been rejected by the goddess, but the problem was that he had seen them coming out of the hotel.

The blow was too big!

He felt like a victim in a comic book.

Seeing Zhang Jing like this, Li Piwang knew that he had been hit hard this time. He sighed, opened Bilibili, and sent him a link.

“Listen to this!”

“What is it?”

Zhang Jing clicked on the link, which took him to Bilibili.

“Buddhist scripture!”

Li Piwang watched videos of girls dancing before going to bed every day. But last night, he accidentally heard this Buddhist scripture, and he lost interest in the girls.

He was so scared that he thought he was useless.

“Now even if Sakyamuni himself sings the Buddhist scripture to me, it won’t work!”

Zhang Jing chuckled and clicked play.

As soon as the chanting began, just the first sentence caught Zhang Jing’s ear.

It felt so good!

The previously restless, anxious and angry emotions were suddenly extinguished like a flame mountain drenched in ice and snow.

After listening to it, there was only peace in Zhang Jing’s heart.

He even put his hands together and muttered “Amitabha.”

“How do you feel?”

The phone rang, and Li Piwang turned on his computer, ready to conquer the Valoran continent!

“I want to become a monk!”

Zhang Jing told the truth. He now had an impulse to become a monk with no attachments to the mortal world.

“Haha, I felt the same way when I just listened to it!”

Li Piwang skillfully opened a folder and found a video. “This chanting is very skillful. It’s probably from some high monk in a temple.”Zhang Jing originally wanted to ask if there were still high monks around, but he closed his mouth when he remembered the chanting full of Zen. After savoring it for a few minutes, Zhang Jing suddenly spoke up, “Pizi, want to go on a trip to Shaolin Temple with me?”

“It’s almost time for school to start, why go to Shaolin Temple?” Li Piwang thought his friend was crazy.

“To listen to the sutras, worship Buddha, and ask…” Zhang Jing originally wanted to say “for marriage”, but suddenly felt that it didn’t matter without a woman.

“Don’t be a corpse, hurry up and get up, let’s go together!” Li Piwang urged.

“No interest!” Zhang Jing listened to the scripture again, liked it, threw in some coins, collected it, and left a comment.

Zhang San Ritian: Master Lin, is there an MP3 version? Can I download it?

Zhang Jing wanted to download this scripture to his player and listen to it when he was annoyed. He looked and saw that many people were requesting downloads. “Lin Dae-ren? That name doesn’t sound like a high monk!” Zhang Jing followed him and then changed it to a special follow.

On September 3rd, at 6 o’clock in the morning, outside the Guangqing High-speed Railway Station.

“Mom, you can go back now! Just drop me off here!” Lin Baici carried a lot of luggage and got out of the taxi.

“I’ll wait for you to get on the train before I go back!” Lin’s mother originally wanted to accompany Lin Baici to report to the university, but her work was too busy, her boss didn’t approve her leave, and Lin Baici said he could handle it himself since he was already grown up, so Lin’s mother decided not to go.

But just before leaving, when she thought about her child going to live and study in a place more than a thousand miles away for four years, Lin’s mother became worried again.

“No need, I won’t get lost, and you don’t have a ticket, so you can’t come in anyway!” In addition to feeling sorry for his mother, Lin Baici also felt uncomfortable carrying so much luggage. He could have put it in the black altar bowl, but he didn’t dare to do it in front of his mother’s eyes, or she would ask too many questions. Then, he wouldn’t be able to keep the secret about the God’s Ruins in Long Chan Temple, and she would worry and forbid him from going there again. Lin Baici also planned to get a few more Divine Taboos and sell them for a fortune.

A mother worries about her son who is traveling far. Lin’s mother still couldn’t rest assured. She regretted not accompanying her son to the university.

“Mom, let me be independent and exercise myself!” Lin Baici persuaded her. “You can’t take care of me for the rest of your life, can you?”

Lin’s mother was finally convinced. “Then be careful, keep your wallet and phone safe, don’t lose them!”

“Okay!” Lin Baici lined up and spent half an hour passing through security. He saw his mother still outside the high-speed railway station and waved to her through the glass.”Mom, go back!”

Lin Baici sent a WeChat message.

He knew that his mother wouldn’t leave until she saw his back, so he took the elevator to the second floor waiting hall.

The hall was bustling with many students who were about to travel far away.

Lin Baici looked around and was about to find the A12 ticket gate when a sudden hunger struck him.

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