Chapter 28 – Buddhist Sounds of the Sanskrit Language

The morning sun was just right.

The sound of an old lady playing mahjong drifted from under the two large banyan trees on the east side of the community.

Lin Baici took a notebook and looked at it carefully.

It was filled with words.

These were the current hot topics he had summarized while watching various website videos during his leisure time.

As long as the girl isn’t ugly, recording a video will get a good number of views.

Unfortunately, Lin Baici was a man, and naturally lacked that advantage.

Food videos were very popular, including cooking, eating contests, and exploring restaurants.

Because his mom was busy with work and often worked overtime, Lin Baici lived alone and could cook, but only for himself.

However, he wouldn’t look good on camera, and he didn’t have the spare money to buy various ingredients. Also, the old and rundown kitchen in his house was not suitable for filming.

As for eating contests, due to his love of food, Lin Baici could really eat, without needing to make himself vomit like some other video bloggers. However, the problem was that Lin Baici didn’t have the money to buy food.

Besides, he didn’t want to ruin his stomach.

Exploring restaurants was also not possible. Guangqing City was a food desert, with nothing good to explore other than street vendors selling chicken pots and snacks.

And exploring restaurants was really expensive!

As a poor student, Lin Baici couldn’t afford it.

Comedy videos were also a big category, but they required not only funny ideas, but also filming techniques, script design, and proper character gestures and expressions.

Lin Baici was good at Chinese, able to write beautiful copy, but that was his only strength.

“Give up!”

Lin Baici crossed out this category with his pen, mainly because he wasn’t good at being funny.

Similarly, street fitness was not possible.

Lin Baici had thin skin, and if he exercised in the park, once he was surrounded by old men and women, he would just die of embarrassment.

“What advantages do I have?”

Lin Baici pondered.

How about singing?

Every New Year’s Eve party during his three years of high school, Lin Baici always sang and received a good response.

His voice was very distinctive, like a stream flowing over pebbles in a mountain ravine, warm and cool, and he had plenty of lung capacity, able to hit high notes!

“It’s you!”

Lin Baici immediately opened NetEase Cloud Music and began selecting a song.

The Brightest Star in the Night Sky!

This song was good, with a nice melody and uplifting lyrics.

Lin Baici listened carefully once.

He had never studied vocal music and didn’t know how to read music, but with the help of the divine ear, after listening to it once, he could hum the melody correctly.

But that wasn’t enough!

All day long, Lin Baici didn’t even go to the bathroom, just kept playing and singing along to this song.

As the sun set, there was a sizzling sound next door as someone stir-fried vegetables.

Lin Baici felt he had practiced enough, found the accompaniment for this song, and began recording with his phone.

The brightest star in the night sky, can you hear,

The person looking up, the loneliness and sighs in their heart,

The song was 4 minutes and 12 seconds long, and was quickly recorded.

Lin Baici took a sip of water and listened to it once.

Compared to the original, because of the divine ear, he didn’t go off key and the lyrics were correct. It could be said that it was a good cover, but the problem was that it had no special features.”I’m dreaming if I think I can gain a million fans with these kinds of videos!”

“I need to add my personal style!”

Lin Baici pondered. He had no singing style or stage presence, only a slightly recognizable voice. He wasn’t sure if the audience would like it.

Wait a minute!

Why don’t I use my divine blessing to sing?

After eating the divine corpse, Lin Baici received two divine blessings. One of them was called “Buddhist Sounds of the Sanskrit Language”.

This divine blessing could fill the voice of a Divine Hunter with Zen, allowing them to speak words that would calm the mind, dispel fear, cut off three thousand worries, and make the listener clear and pure. Although it couldn’t lead to enlightenment, it would give a feeling of sudden enlightenment.

Lin Baici decided to try it out!

He replayed the accompaniment and activated the Buddhist Sounds of the Sanskrit Language.

This time, when he opened his mouth, his voice immediately became melodious, distant, and ethereal, like the chanting of morning prayers at Hanshan Temple, with the sound of bells and the scent of fish, conveying a sense of tranquility and inaction.

After finishing the song and a few minutes later, the neighbor suddenly shouted next door.

“Old Zhang, what are you doing? You burned the food!”

“Oh! Oh!”

The man looked at the burnt pan and hurriedly cleaned it up while listening curiously. “Wife, did you hear the song our neighbor just played?”

In this old neighborhood, the sound insulation was poor.

“No, why?”

“It was really good!” The man chuckled. “I think that between children, there is no grudge that lasts overnight. If your daughter wants to get married, let her. She doesn’t need a dowry. Why fight over such a small matter?”

“Are you stupid?”

The aunt retorted, “Eighteen thousand yuan, not a penny less!”

“Money is something that you can’t take with you when you die. Why make a family unhappy over it?”

After finishing, the man was spit on by his wife.

Normally, this couple would have started quarreling, but today, the man had no intention of arguing. After cleaning up the kitchen, he left while his wife was still cursing.

He drank a small glass of wine, watched the sunset, enjoyed the evening breeze, and watched the ebb and flow of the city’s crowds.

Life is not easy, one should be magnanimous!

Lin Baici didn’t know that the neighbor had changed his mind after listening to his song. He thought the finished product was great and had a personal touch, so he excitedly opened his computer, imported the video, and began editing.

Busy until 10 pm, Lin Baici finished the song and was about to upload it to Bilibili. He thought for a moment and decided to register a new account.

“A new account, a new beginning!”

Lin Baici rubbed his chin and looked at the screen. What nickname should he use?

“Gourmet God?”

No, he might as well call himself Lin the Hungry Man!

Fifteen minutes later, Lin Baici finished uploading the video.

He leaned back in his chair, satisfied and waiting for the moment when the video would become a hit.


His stomach growled.

Lin Baici cooked a bowl of instant noodles and went to sleep.

The next morning at 7 o’clock, Lin Baici got up on time.

After washing up, he put the soybeans that had been soaked overnight into the soy milk machine and went to the breakfast stall outside the community to buy three yuan worth of fried dough sticks.Returning home, he boiled water and cooked two eggs, then served a small dish of pickled vegetables made by his mother before opening his phone to check the video he posted last night.

The views were only 98, but there were 120 comments and over 10 messages.

“Is this considered good?” Lin Baici felt a bit discouraged after reading the comments.

“Is this a cover by the video blogger? The voice is unique, but not good!”

“It doesn’t have the same flavor as the original!”

“Isn’t this an inspirational song? Why does it sound like Buddhist scripture? It’s like being in a temple!”

Out of the 11 comments, five were from a user named “Hua Kai Qian Mo Li.”

“Clearly it’s an inspirational song, but after listening to you sing it, I feel like giving up and just lying down!”

“Actually, lying down isn’t bad either. Why bother living such a tiring life? In a few decades, when you’re sent to the crematorium, nothing will be left except ashes!”

“I’ve shared your video, hoping you can become one of the top 100 video bloggers!”

This Hua Kai Qian Mo Li user liked, donated, and collected the video with just one click.

“Does this count as the first fan?” Lin Baici replied with a thank you and lay on his bed, pondering the information revealed in the comments.

Click, click!

The sound of the door unlocking could be heard.

Mom was back!

Lin Baici immediately got up and walked to the kitchen with breakfast.

Looking at her son placing breakfast on the table, Lin Ma smiled and said with some emotion, “Once you go to college in Haijing, you won’t be able to taste your breakfast anymore!”

Lin Ma was in her forties, with some white hair due to her exhausting work, but she had a beautiful face that showed she must have been a beauty in her youth.

“I’ll try to save up a lot of money before I graduate from college and buy a big house in Haijing. Then we can settle down in that city!”

Before, Lin Baici wouldn’t dare to make such a big promise, but now, as a god hunter, he had the qualifications to do so.

Selling these four divine taboos now would be a waste. It would be better to use them to break into a God’s Ruins, collect some divine taboos and meteorites, and then sell them to Jin Yingzhen for a profit.

Lin Baici wasn’t afraid of the dangers in God’s Ruins, but he didn’t want to take any risks. If he died, who would take care of his mother?

And his mother would definitely be heartbroken and might even commit suicide. After all, he was her only motivation to live.

But seeing his mother’s haggard appearance, Lin Baici felt heartbroken.

“Okay, I’ll follow you to enjoy the good life!”

Lin Ma took a sip of soy milk and casually said it.

Haijing was a first-tier city, and a few dozen square meters of house would cost seven to eight million, which was so expensive that people dare not even think about it.

Even if her son had a yearly salary of a million and didn’t eat or drink, it would still take nearly ten years to save up.

After breakfast, Lin Baici asked his mother to go to bed quickly, washed the dishes, and returned to his room.

This time, he chose a popular folk song to cover and started singing.

In the evening, after recording the Ideal Three Decades, Lin Baici logged into his Lin Da Er Ren account and uploaded the video.

The first video had over 500 views, but the comments weren’t great.Most of the bullet comments and messages are saying that something feels off and strange.

Ding Dong!

It’s a WeChat message from Hua Yueyu.

Little Fish: Sister Fish is doing her rounds, holding her head with both hands, squatting against the wall!


Lin Baici smiled, a curve appearing at the corner of his mouth.

There was a sense of familiarity in Hua Yueyu’s words.

Lin Xiayue Moon Returns: Haven’t seen you in two days, and you’ve become a “sister” now?

Little Fish: It’s just a title, don’t mind it. I can even call you dad!


Lin Baici was confused, he didn’t know how to respond to this.

Little Fish: Dad, did you post the video? If you did, remember to send it to me!

Hua Yueyu was ready to mobilize her million fans to collect, repost and like Lin Baici’s video.

She was eager to repay him.


I, Little Fish, never owe anyone anything.

Thinking of his pitiful number of views, Lin Baici felt embarrassed to show it to Hua Yueyu.

Lin Xiayue Moon Returns: Thanks in advance!

Little Fish: We’re brothers for life, what’s there to thank?

The two chatted for a big half hour, and when Hua Yueyu was about to start her live broadcast, they ended the conversation.

During the conversation, it was Hua Yueyu who initiated most of the topics, which made Lin Baici feel flattered. If it were another girl, she would have ended the conversation with a “I’m going to take a shower”.

Ding Dong!

Just as Lin Baici put down his phone, he received another WeChat message.

Opening it, a pair of fair collarbones immediately entered his view.

Follow Xiong Da’s Adventure!

It was a selfie from Jin Yingzhen.

Ding Dong!

Christine Princess: Oppa, I couldn’t sleep on the second day we parted!

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